Soldier of Fortune: Payback

Xbox 360

Soldier of Fortune: Payback Achievements

Most Earned

Quicker Than Diet And Exercise
Quicker Than Diet And Exercise20 (20)Performed a dismemberment at every point on the enemies' bodies.
Speed Kills
Speed Kills24 (20)Killed 5 enemies in 5 seconds in any game mode.
Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished79 (50)Completed the game on any difficulty setting.
Complete Al Qa’im
Complete Al Qa’im32 (20)Completed the Al Qa’im level on the hardest difficulty setting.

Least Earned

Hostest With The Mostest
Hostest With The Mostest35 (10)Hosted and completed 100 multiplayer matches.
Do It From Behind
Do It From Behind67 (20)Killed 50 opponents in Ranked Matches with a knife attack from behind.
Bullets Everywhere…
Bullets Everywhere…66 (20)Killed 10 opponents with a machine gun during a single Ranked Match - Team Elimination.
This Is My Rifle…
This Is My Rifle…66 (20)Killed the bomb carrier with an assault rifle 5 times in a single Ranked Match - Demolition.
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