Soldier of Fortune: Payback (AU)

Xbox 360

Soldier of Fortune: Payback (AU) Achievements

Most Earned

Speed Kills
Speed Kills22 (20)Killed 5 enemies in 5 seconds in any game mode.
Complete Al Qa’im
Complete Al Qa’im25 (20)Completed the Al Qa’im level on the hardest difficulty setting.
Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished80 (60)Completed the game on any difficulty setting.
Gung-ho (0)Have a 1 to 5 or worse Kill to Death ratio in a multiplayer match.

Least Earned

The Real Deal
The Real Deal264 (160)Complete the game without dying on Normal or Hard difficulty.
Hostest With The Mostest
Hostest With The Mostest16 (10)Host and complete 100 multiplayer matches.
No Mercy
No Mercy77 (50)Kill 1000 enemies throughout the campaign.
There Is No Blue Wire!
There Is No Blue Wire!31 (20)Disarm 15 bombs in Demolition mode.
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