Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Windows) Reviews

    25 Dec 2012
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    Microsoft Solitaire Collection breaks new ground for Xbox LIVE, being, I think, the first game that breaks the existing multiples system of gamerscore. Previously all games had been 50, 200, 400 or 1000G, with DLC providing an extra 250G for AAA releases or 50G for arcade titles. Minesweeper introduces a new 25G boundary, but it seems that Solitaire introduces a new, more random, 40G one.

    I’m sure Microsoft have their reasons for this but I cannot think of any. When releasing free Xbox LIVE games like Minesweeper and Sudoku on Windows Phone they kept to a simple 50G achievement system and it worked well, so it’s odd to see 25G and 40G games introduced even as they follow more or less the exact same system of achievements, medals and daily challenges. If anything, it’s the lack of consistency without apparent reasoning that is maddening.

    Nonetheless, as a package this solitaire collection is pretty good, certainly better than previous releases bundled with Windows. You can choose from five different types of solitaire to play. People will probably be most familiar with Freecell, but you can also play Klondike, Pyramid, Tripeaks and Spider.

    As with Minesweeper and Mahjong, there are daily challenges, which provide you with specific tasks to complete for ‘coins’, though there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do with the coins and they essentially act as a score. It shakes things up a little but again the achievements are pretty much an afterthought, with two of the three available unlocked for flipping over your first card and winning your first game.

    When a game finishes there is sometimes a random period of time where you cannot click anything and instead have to wait for the game to allow you to start again, or return to the home screen.

    In fact, all the free Microsoft titles have issues with connectivity, and if you are using an intermittent or mobile connection then your game will often hang because you keep getting logged out of your Xbox LIVE ID. Technically of course this shouldn’t be a problem but for whatever reason it often causes the game to hang, crash out and restart. Hopefully this can be fixed as not everyone has access to a perfect connection after all, and it shouldn’t require a solid internet connection just to play some basic games.

    As solitaire implementations go, this is as good as any other but of course there is a limit to what you can do with an age-old card game.

    Given the tradition of Microsoft including a version of Minesweeper and Solitaire in every edition of Windows, it’s fun to see it updated and it’s comfortably the most advanced and engaging version to date, but at the end of the day it’s solitaire, and if you didn’t like it before then you’re unlikely to do so now, even adorned with bells, whistles, a Live Tile that displays your progress in the daily challenges and achievements.

    Taken from my blog:
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    Alright guys, it's time for SOLITAIRE COLLECTION! Well, kind of disapointed they tossed Solitaire (Apparently called Klondike) into a bundle... It was good enough for it's own button.... Anyways it is similar to how it has always been. Just with a Metro Menu and what not.

    For those who want an actual review. Here you go.

    The Solitaire Collections gives you 5 games.

    Klondike: The classic Solitaire that everyone knows and loves.

    Spider: "In Spider, the goal is to remove all the cards from the table by creating "runs" of cards. Each run needs to be organized in descending order from king to ace." Essentially I have no idea how to play this game, or any other than Klondike.

    FreeCell: "The goal of FreeCell is to creat a stack of cards from low to high in each of the four foundation piles in the upper-right corner. Each pile can contain only one suit." So this one seems similar to Klondike asides from where you can not take cards back from the drop pile. As well there are 4 "Free Cells" where you can place a card.

    Pyramid: "The goal of Pyramid is to clear as many boards as possible by tapping any two cards that add up to 13." You have a deck and discard pile in addition to the "Pyramid". It is pretty fun I guess, a nice change at least.

    TriPeaks: "In TriPeaks, the goal is to clear as many boards as possible. Remove face up cards by tapping ones that are either one above or one below the top card in the discard pile at the bottom of the screen." So basically a more confusing version of Pyramid, also a nice change.

    All in all, you can kill a ton of time with the collection.


    Great now that we're done with that, some of you may be asking how to get this crazy stuff.
    Well I was wondering for half a day.
    Let me explain it to you.

    I assume you have a program to Virtualize Windows 8... You know like Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare.... or HyperV (...Assuming you're running Windows Server...)
    Virtual Box is free, so download that if you need it.

    Then download the Windows 8 Enterprise Eval.

    You may need to sign in.

    Scroll down make sure you meet the system requirements

    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
    Hard disk space: 20 GB
    Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

    Then choose the version of Windows 8 Enterprise you want to download.
    32-Bit or 64-Bit

    Wait for the .iso to finish downloading.

    Then start up your Virtualization program.

    And create a new virtual machine for Windows 8.
    Just stick with the defaults for the most, up the RAM to 2GB if you picked the 64-bit version.

    When you turn it on for the first time it should ask you to select the image or drive you want to use. Find your .iso for Windows 8 and select it.

    Continue the install as normal, make sure you select your region to be the same as your GamerTag.

    Once all is said and done, assuming you followed the step by step brilliant instructions. You are going to have a great time adapting to Windows 8. If you get lost hover over the very bottom left corner and it should bring up the side task bar thing (not sure of the technical name). Choose the Start menu, 4 rectangles. Find the Games tab, and fool around with logging in and what not.

    Now I had issues with geting the games to work, I typically had to click the game tile and then click explore game, in order for the option of Play Game to come up. Hopefully this doesn't happen for you.

    Anyways, once installed and ready, click the different tiles until one of them allows you to play the game.

    And Boom! You're good to go!
    Anyways, I will post this up on the others, see how much people hate or love this.
    Just comment and let me know what needs work and what not or if something isn't clear.