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  • FreezeDownFreezeDown193,453
    02 Nov 2011 04 Nov 2011
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    Ok this is my first review so take it easy on me please.

    Now to start off I have owned/played every sonic game out just about, Yes and I agree with most other people sonic has been through some rough times. But the beauty of this game is it takes the best moments of some of the best games and put it in one for Sonic's 20Th Birthday. That being said there are flaws to this game.

    Gameplay= 9/10
    For me the gameplay couldn't have been better. There are a few issues with jumping but thats about it. The sense of speed as modern sonic is at its peak. The good ole classic gameplay from sonic 1 to sonic and knuckles for Classic sonic is all there. In all honesty I really love the gameplay of this game and say its best of any sonic game to date.

    Any sonic fan playing this game will instantly remember and enjoy all the classic songs, remixed versions and enjoy the little ping when picking up a ring. All the classic jumping sounds, spin dash, and check point sounds are all there. The music is not only for whatever level your playing, you can switch what piece of music you listen for each level and unlock music as you play, AKA Sonic boom from sonic CD or just head to sonics room, and play your favorites.

    Lets be honest most sonic games really don't have the best graphics in the world. Really till Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360, they were "ok" to "awful" and recently with Sonic unleashed and Sonic Colors the graphics have kept improving. This game however takes it up. Pretty much as good as sonic is ever going to look, Cutscene, and Gameplay wise. Seeing classic Sonic in these graphics is a treat in its own.


    At first when I wrote this review I had the story to 1 out of 10 but after playing a bit more and seeing I rushed the review a tad, I thought I needed to rewirte this part. I however still find this story lacking very much. I thought it was a great idea having Classic sonic being teleported to the future. What I didn't like was the amount of cheesey lines, and the overall lack of emotion. I think I would be a little more frightend then they were if I was in a time stopped limbo. Besides that it wasn't as bad as I said before. I do wish there had been more to it, and more levels added but maybe we'll see some DLC in the future.

    Length=3/10(story) to 8/10(Replay/Challenges)

    The story in this game is anywhere from 2 - 5 hours. It really depends on, how good you are at the game, how long you play it in one sitting, and if you choose to do anything extra before finishing the main story. Now as its not a lengthy Story the replay alone adds hours on end of High speed fun. Besides that tho you also get Challenge acts, which are different versions on each level with a specific goal that needs to be achieved before time runs out, dying, ect. Also in each level for each Sonic there are five Red Star Rings hidden. So that'll also add many hours again depending on how you play.


    The reason for this score in my opinion. I'm sure agree and disagree, I found the achievements very enjoyable. I haven't gotten them all yet, and to me still being an achievement hunter i'm glad because it adds play time. Not all are hard most are easy really, but there are still a few difficult ones also. Achievements such as, Beating each level, beating rivals and bosses while collecting all red star rings and all skills. To me this is a nice change for sonic games(retail) There still are the Get S Rank in all 1,3,7,12 and all levels but those are only a small amount of gamerscore not like sonic the hedgehog(06) Where those are very difficult achievements worth a good amount.


    I, being a Day one buyer, even pre ordered, personally do not regret a thing. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the overall story but the Gameplay Amount of challenge acts and replay value over weighs the story lacking. If you are a Sonic fan like me, who grew up with him, buy this game, if you like sonic but not to our level, give it a rent.

    I personally would love to see a multiplayer dlc added to this. Take racing and ring collecting and you have yourself a multiplayer. That or level dlc. I think this game was totally worth the money just really wished it was longer. If there is DLC then great, but if not I now own most of my favorite levels from most sonic games. To play again and again with excellent Graphics and gameplay.

    Now if I missed a topic or failed to mention something please let me know, I really would like honest but respectful feedback on my review.
  • Admiral ArcsineAdmiral Arcsine131,139
    04 Nov 2011
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    While the past hasn't been too kind to the blue blur, rest assured his 20th birthday expo is an arm and a leg above the train wreck that was Sonic 2006 and I can say with absolute confidence If you have EVER liked a Sonic game, you're going to like Sonic Generations.

    The classic Sonic stages are a complete nostalgia overload, from Sonic's animations to the level design this is the hedgehog many of us grew up with and have longed to see again. The physics feel right and the pace feels just like how it did in Sonic 2, with a focus on accurate platforming but with the proper dose of speed.

    Modern Sonic is for the first time in 10 years actually controllable, and it honestly left me feeling the game was way too easy because I could finally accurately control Sonic's speedy ass and upon mastery I dare say his stages are MORE fun than the classic Sonic stages as they really give you a solid sense of speed.

    If I had to fault this game on anything it would be the length, the 9 zones fly by very quickly and the average player will see the end of the game sooner rather than later. However there are a number of well thought out challenge stages for each zone (5 for each Sonic) and will tack on another 5ish hours of gameplay to the net total.

    Achievement wise this game is free money. It'll take the average player 15-20 hours to milk this thing with no real difficult chievos standing out. While on paper these might seem like grindy achievements it'll be a labour of love since the game is an absolute riot to play and you'll find yourself coming back to it even after 1000g.

    After all things said and done this the best Sonic game in 10years and you won't regret your time with it.
  • Daft ScotDaft Scot158,807
    05 Dec 2011
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    FIRST TIME REVIEWER ALERT! Take it easy on me, guys.

    I was fairly excited for this game before it was released. I'd heard a lot of good things about it and it seemed to be heading in the right direction. However, after the less-than-stellar offerings we've had from the hedgehog over the last few years, I was cautious not to let my hopes get too high. I decided to rent the game at first, just to test it out. And boy was I pleasantly surprised.

    This is, without a doubt, the best Sonic game in years. Gone are the days of Sonic 2006 and... werehogs... This is Sonic as he should be: High-octane, explosively fast FUN!


    The graphics are what you'd expect for the current generation of games. Everything looks crisp and lush, creating the best looking Sonic game to date.


    Sonic has a long-standing history of producing fantastic music and this game is no exception. Featuring remastered and remixed versions of songs from almost all of the previous entries in the series, any Sonic fan will immediately fall in love with this soundtrack.

    A lot of classic sound effects are employed to great effect here and only serve to increase the sense of nostalgia.

    The voice-acting in the game... well, it's pretty cheesy. But I've come to expect that in a Sonic game and really, for what it is, it's not bad.


    It's Sonic's birthday! All his friends are gathered around to celebrate when.... all hell breaks loose. A new villain in the series, the Time Eater, appears and kidnaps everyone at the party whilst distorting time and space. This results in Sonic from the past (short, fat "Classic" Sonic) teaming up with the present day hedgehog (taller, sleeker "Modern" Sonic) to rescue their friends and fix the space-time continuum.

    What story there is is OK. I preferred Sonic Adventure 1 and 2's storylines better, but this works alright. I just wish it was a little more in-depth.


    This is the most important element of any game and it's what makes Sonic Generations really stand out. Earlier games had issues with the camera or with Sonic being too fast for his own good. Generations has neither of these issues. Not once did I encounter a situation where the camera misbehaved. It can keep up with the action and Sonic is free to run as fast as he likes without fear.

    The controls are fluid and responsive, with everything working as it should.

    Due to the time distortions created by the Time Eater, you'll get to travel to re-imagined stages from the original Megadrive/Genesis days, through the Dreamcast era, all the way up to the most recent Sonic games. It's great to see old stages brought to life in HD!

    The most important thing for me here is that the game feels fun. It's really refreshing to just rocket through a level as modern Sonic, or indulge in some old-school platforming as classic Sonic. Good times.

    Re-play Value:

    The story is quite short and can be completed within a few hours, which is a shame as it's so much fun. However, you will recieve a rank for each stage depending on your performance, which drives you to keep playing until you get that S rank. There are also dozens of "challenge" missions which give the player various goals, e.g. Collect X amount of Rings in a certain time or Race against the A.I., which offer some nice variety. There is also a healthy amount of collectibles to find, which will keep you playing the story missions. All in all, the re-play value is fairly high for a game of this type.


    The acheivements are, for the most part, easy. Yet they never come across as boring or tacked-on. To break it down, you get achievements for:

    -Completing the Story
    -S Ranking all the Story missions
    -Completing all the Challenge stages
    -Finding all the collectibles.

    A simple, yet enjoyable 1000.


    If you're a Sonic fan, you MUST own this game. If the story was a little better and had a few more stages, I would consider this almost perfect, I can't praise it enough.

    As this was my first review, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section. Cheers! smile
  • Cobalt RobotCobalt Robot224,891
    07 Dec 2011 07 Dec 2011
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    Sonic Generations is a game of healing. It intends to salve over the wound that has been carved out by Classic Sonic fans and Modern Sonic fans. And it does not disappoint.

    Let's just delve right in, shall we?

    Graphics: 4.5/5
    Honestly, if gritty, photo-realistic, brown-and-gray is your thing, you may be expecting the wrong thing from a Sonic game. Generations is (I can't believe I'm about to use this cliché) lovingly crafted from bright, colorful polygons. It's not totally perfect -- FMV cutscenes seem to be strangely low quality for an HD game -- but it does what it needs to, and, let's be honest, bright, colorful and chipper graphics are exactly where Sonic needs to be.

    Audio: 5/5
    If a Sonic game (yes, even '06) always does one thing right, it's the music. Sonic Generations not only has a magnificent soundtrack of remixed classic tunes, it also has classic-style remixes of more recent tunes, and the original tunes and a whole bunch of other songs from Sonic's twenty-year history. You can change the audio of any level, challenge, rival fight or boss battle to match your current Sonic-based musical tastes. If that isn't spiffy, I don't know what is. The voice acting is actually decent, though perhaps not phenomenal. It's certainly a step in the right direction compared to some older Sonic games (Sonic Heroes, I'm looking at you!).

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    I'll be honest: I friggin' love Sonic. I love Classic Sonic, I love Modern Sonic. And both function as advertised. Though upgrades are plentiful for both Classic and Modern incarnations of our little blue speed devil, their base forms are exactly what you expect, exactly what you want, and exactly what they should be. The Modern Sonic levels were actually more enjoyable to me; boosting through Green Hill Zone and laying waste to robots aplenty got my adrenaline pumping. Classic Sonic is still fun, though, as platforming gets a satisfying return. That's not to say the gameplay is flawless, mind you. Classic Sonic has a little bit of an issue keeping momentum when rolling in a halfpipe, which, yeah, isn't that big of a deal, but it just doesn't feel the same as Sonic 1/2/3/&K. Also, I found that because Modern Sonic has both behind-the-back boosting sections and side-scrolling sections, my brain had a hard time coping with Classic Sonic. I would sometimes jump and then hit the B button in a not-entirely-thought-out attempt to do a stomp, much as I would during Modern Sonic's side-scrolling parts.
    Following that, there were a slew of challenges for both Sonics, though some of them felt more tedious than challenging. Unlockables were quite the treat as well, as many Sonic games have been quite barebones in the extras department. A whole catalog of tunes, some pieces of never-seen-before artwork, character biography blurbs and a collection of all of the game's cutscenes are all stored in a convenient lounge where Sonic can hang out. Ten bucks says there are even more unlockables that you have to get to by, oh, let's say, holding the Back button on your controller for five seconds while standing near the Movie collection.

    Story: 4/5
    Whoa whoa whoa! I know what you're thinking. Based on other reviews you've read, the story in Sonic Generations is a nonsense plot, tossed together as an excuse for two Sonics to get together and fool around in a variety of levels.


    And I love it.

    Corny dialogue, throwaway plots, and kicking robot butts? Sign me up. Remember when Sonic games' plots were "I was in that level, now I'm in this level?" As far as I'm concerned, simple is better, and absurd is perfect. Sure beats a realistic world where Sonic has to save a human princess and then kiss her, yeah? The banter between Sonic and Tails is amusing, too, when they make references to their past adventures through games like Sonic Colors.

    Replay Value: 3.5/5
    Depending on your desire for collectables, unlockable abilities, and just plain fun, you may be replaying this for a very long time. The only issue is how short the main game is. In fact, I would consider the short length the only downfall of this otherwise fantastic game. As of this writing, I have all but one achievement (to beat the final boss without getting hit), meaning I've collected everything, aced every level, and uploaded time attack scores to Xbox Live -- and this was with me taking huge breaks to play other games in between. Of course, the game is still awesome, but if you need a reason to keep playing (aside from just fun), this game may not keep you occupied for months.

    Achievements: 4/5
    Sure, it's not an extremely creative bunch. Collecting all the Red Star Rings, beating the game, and getting a perfect rank on every level will get you the vast majority of achievements. But they're not too tough. Other than one Red Star Ring that gave me issues (in Modern City Escape), I never once got frustrated, and, at the same time, very rarely uttered to myself, "Well that was a stupid thing to get an achievement for." There's virtually no grinding involved, unless you're really bad at the game and need lots of practise. A few tries of any given level is all it takes to remember where the shortcuts are, and man, does it ever feel good to get those S-ranks on the first try.

    Overall: 5/5
    Let's face it: There's no such thing as a perfect game. But as far as Sonic games go, Sonic Generations is getting dangerously close to being that one defining title that everyone talks about. And that's purely a good thing. The only sweeping negative comment that I could honestly make is that Sonic Generations is simply too short, and wanting more of it isn't really that much of a criticism. This is easily the best modern Sonic title, and is certainly on par, in terms of quality, with the older Sonic games. Some DLC is required to make the package more robust, which I will definitely download, regardless of achievements.

    If you grew up with Sonic, even if you were on the Mario side of the fence, this game is a must-have. If you're someone who doesn't know much about the nineties, and grew up on Modern Warfare, then maybe it's time you pick up a Sonic game and see what all us old fogies are talking about.
  • ryanlegend95ryanlegend95184,471
    06 Sep 2012 14 Nov 2012
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    Well it Sonic's 20th birthday and there is no better way to celebrate the blue mascot's lengthy appearance than a compilation of his history.

    Sonic may of had a crooked history but we still love him although he was close to becoming dead in his first xbox 360 appearance in 2006. The game was called Sonic the Hedgehog and it was a mess. That game actually lead the Sonic franchise to a downfall for the last few years.

    But now he is back in his latest title and this time the game is actually pretty good. (Sonic Unleashed was an exception)

    You take control over two Sonics. You heard me! Two Sonics! You play as modern Sonic in his 3D/2D adventure AND classic Sonic in his 2D side scroller adventure. Classic sonic plays like the second Sonic game. When I say second game. I mean the one on the Sega Megadrive or Sega Genesis depending on your region. (I'm British)

    External image

    Remember this? This is the birth place of our little blue mascot. Sonic was born in June 23rd 1991

    The reason why I said the second game and not the first is because you can spin dash and if you remember the first game (which is highly likely because it's been ported on so many consoles) you can't spin dash where is in the second one you can.

    Not only do you play two Sonics, you get to play old levels from the older games. You don't get to play every game but you do play the important titles. I'll list them.

    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    -Sonic and Knouckles
    -Sonic Adventure
    -Sonic Adventure 2 (My favorite)
    -Sonic Heroes
    -Sonic the Hedgehog next-gen(The bad one)
    -Sonic Unleashed
    -Sonic Colours (The only Sonic game that I haven't played)

    That's all the titles included in the game and you can only play one level from each one. The game is pretty much like "the best of" sort of thing.

    It's not a long game but it does have a lot of re-playability considering that there are challenges and a mother load of unlockables.

    Reviewing time!

    Like most Sonic games the graphics look stunning. Unfortunately the game doesn't look as good as Sonic Unleashed simply because it's highly pixelated. The game does look stunning in motion but when you stop and TRY to admire the view, the game looks last gen. At least the special effects and animations look cool and the motion capture isn't half bad. If the developers polished the ropey areas then the game would be more up to date. Not only does it look bland the frame rate does occasionally drop but it can be slightly improved by installing the game to your hard drive.

    I give the graphics score a 7/10

    The sound design is largely the same as it's previous game but that's because its a compilation of Sonic's old games so of course the sound effects are going to be re-used. Just in case you haven't noticed. The voice cast has been completely changed. You can instantly tell that Tails sounds different because he no longer sounds like a 5 year old girl. Even Sonic sounds different. He sounds a lot like the voice actor for Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5. The reason why that is, is because IT IS BEING VOICE ACTED BY THE GUY WHO DOES CHRIS REDFIELDS VOICE! It was a shock to me too. The best part of the voice cast change is that most of the Sonic characters don't sound annoying although saying that. Shadow the hedgehog no longer sounds cool. He sounds kinda gay with an added lisp. The soundtrack is amazing. There is so many songs from the previous titles that you can listen to. That means you'll listen to City Escape on the Sonic Adventure 2 level again. freaking sweet!

    I give the sound score a 9/10 (City Escape. YAY!)

    Gameplay (make that gameplays)
    Playing as two Sonics couldn't be any better. You have two gameplay styles and you play the old levels again in two different perspectives e.g. Playing the green hill level from the first ever Sonic game in either a 2D perspective or a 3D perspective. The classic Sonic sections are a lot of fun with great memorable moments. There is just nothing better than re-playing Chemical Plant from sonic the Hedgehog 2 in all its annoying purple water glory. The Modern Sonic sections are also a lot of fun but even though you are running at 200 mph you will have to at some point stop and do some platforming. The platforming in the classic Sonic sections are fine but the platforming in the modern Sonic sections feel a little rushed and obstructive. All I want to do in the modern sonic sections is to run really fast, listen to City Escape and homing attack on robotic enemies. NOT STOP AND DO A BIT OF SLOW PACED PLATFORMING! Despite that. Fighting old bosses like Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1 are a lot of fun but it can be pretty easy. The story side of things is pretty simple and predictive but it's a lot fun watching Both Sonics get along and teach each other new tricks. Their relationship is very unique.

    External image

    Ahh. Best friends. Sorry Tails.

    I give the gamplay score a 9/10

    -The relationship between both Sonics.
    -Re-visiting old levels
    -Listening to City Escape.

    -Pixelated garphics
    -Obstructive 3D platforming
    -Eternally listening to City Escape

    Overall I think that Sonic Team is starting to learn from their unforgivable mistakes and it wont be long until Sonic starts making a name for himself again and starts kicking Mario's sorry ass.

    I give this game an overall score of 9/10
  • DJ KroniikZDJ KroniikZ65,783
    05 Jan 2012
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    This game is every sonic fan's dream come true. From beginning to end it appeases sonic fan's from every generation. basically you start off with a cutscene at Sonic's birthday party when all of a sudden something comes out of nowhere and takes Sonic and his friends to an alternate universe. Once there Sonic meets someone special, Sonic from the past! The two must team up in order to restore this world to the way it was.

    The story spans roughly 5-7 hours,but that's if you do the minimum requirements to complete the story, over 18 stages (9 per act). Now if you are a completionist, like I am, this game adds a few extra hours as it has you completing challenges in both acts and searching for red star rings, which unlock bonuses such as concept art and music. The one thing i do not like about the challenges though is the doppelganger races, in which you are to race against Sonic's double. If you actually watch Sonic's double race, it is ridiculous the things he can do and it definatly frustrated me to no end to see the other Sonic magically jump up to places that i have to wait for platforms for.

    The collectables and the little quirky extras that the Sonic Team put in are a real treat though and appeal to Sonic Fans of all generations. Whether you have been a fan since Day 1 from Sonic's days back on the Genesis or whether you started following him from his more modern titles, Everyone will have an "OMG I REMEMbER THAT!" moment. Each of the stages are from a different game of Sonic, from his original Green Hill zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, to City Escape from Sonic Unleashed 2 and beyond. The music is another thing that i was amazed by. memories poured back into me as i reminisced from the original scores of Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant and Sonic Boom. What they did was took 3 songs from each Sonic Game and put it on the disc, so if you followed Sonic at some point in your life, then a song will be there that you will most likely remember.

    Other than the fact the degree of difficulty of the final boss is extremely ramped up compared to the other bosses and the challenges seem unfair at times and will frustrate you to no end, this game is a great way to celebrate 20 years of Sonic by bringing back his best moments with his most memorable accomplices, Happy Birthday Sonic!
    22 May 2012
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    It's been 20 years since SEGA released Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive and to celebrate, they released Sonic Generations, a game that brings the series back to its roots. With a time traveling plot that brings both Sonics of old and new together for the first time, the blue hedgehogs must save the day by revisiting old locations from their previous games.

    The graphics and music are gorgeous. Tracks from every Sonic game are unlockable and playable in any stage as well as the sound test room. Crush 40 resume thier role as modern Sonic's supporting real-life band, remixing several old classic songs such as 'Escape from The City'. Original 16-bit tracks like 'Green Hill Zone' are also remixed to accompnay the earlier levels.

    Stages and bosses from previous games make a comeback, conceps reamaining the same but re-designed to fit Generation's mechanics. There's also rival battles which are like mini bosses against a few of Sonic's rivals, like Shadow for example. They're a cool idea but each fight is quite gimmicky and doesn't offer much challenge.

    There's plenty to do besides the main story missions. Each Sonic has 45 challenge mission which create unique ways to reach your goal, often utulising support from many of Sonic's supporting cast like Tails, Knuckles and Blaze the Cat. There's lots of collectables and unlockable skills which can be equipped to do things like increase your max speed or even let you turn super sonic after collecting 50 rings in a level.

    The game is well designed for the most part but you'll find yourself dying often due to cheap difficulty or bad level design. Like, after hitting a speed boost there'll be an enemy straight ahead but you're going so fast you can't see it before it's too late. Trial and error comes into play now and then and it's really frustrating when you can't help but feel like a victim due to unforseen circumstances, especially in the 2D areas.

    For any Sonic fan, Generations is essential and will be appreciated as it's a prime effort from SEGA to bring Sonic back to its roots. The perception of what makes a good Sonic game has differed per generation but Generations appeals to all ages with gameplay elements that reminisce with the old games as well as the newer ones. For a Sonic fan, it's not to be missed. For anyone else, it's a fun game but not as silky smooth as some platformers on the market.
  • BlazeFlareonBlazeFlareon461,681
    31 Aug 2014 06 Sep 2014
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    Please take note that this is my first review and I understand that it is very unorganized. I was rushed and I summed up the best I can in this review.

    Sonic Generations is a nostalgic trip through memory lane for people who had played the original and also brings things that both old and new players will love. The story starts with Sonic's friends throwing a party for Sonic's birthday (as this was released for the 20th anniversary of the Sonic Series). While the party goes on, a creature known as the Time Eater crashes the party. He "eats" Sonic and his friends and they are sent to pure white world. Sonic ends up meeting his younger self known as Classic Sonic. Now both of you must go through the Sonic timeline and save Sonic's friends. The game takes you through stages from previous Sonic games from Sonic 1's Green Hill, to Adventure 2's City Escape to Sonic Colors' Planet Wisp. There are two acts per stage, one you play as Classic and one as Modern. Each area has its own diversity and special assets like Planet Wisp has wisps to move around the level in a different way. Both versions of Sonic controls really well unlike previous installments (*cough* Sonic 06 *cough*). Classic is all about classic platforming while Modern is about speed and tricks. One thing that changes a lot of gameplay is that you unlocks skills based on how well you do in stages, collecting red rings, and completing challenges (which I will talk about in a bit). The graphics and sounds are one of the big things in the game. Each stage has their own music and sounds, which throws in another ball of nostalgia. And again each stage has a lot of things going on, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The graphics may not be the best but it's good to see your favorite stages very vibrant and in full HD. Also just to mention, the game is playable in 3D for those with 3D TVs (unlike me lol). The achievements can be easy or hard depending on you type of play. Other than the previously mentioned above things, there is a miscellaneous achievement for every stage like getting a red ring or destroy cars. Collecting Red Star Rings or the challenges will probably be the most difficult if you don't use a guide. Other than those, the achievement for killing the final boss without taking damage can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Other than that achievements are pretty basic and easy, but just take a bit to complete. Now for things I disliked. While playing I did experienced a few glitches like getting stuck in a wall or stuck in general. You can't understand whats going on if you go to fast and can quickly fall in a pit or get hit by an enemy. Also the Xbox Live feature is kinda bland. There are two modes, 30-Second Trial and Ranking Attack. 30-Second Trial is exactly what it sounds, get as far as you can can in 30 seconds. Ranking Attack is going through the stage as fast as you can and in the end, your time is put on the leaderboards. There are also achievements tied to this and you just have to go through every stage once in ranking and do a 30 second trial. I would have honestly like to see a racing mode so you can race against friends. The story is also very short and not very interesting. You can probably beat the game in about 3-4 hours and it is very predictable. There are no plot twists or any of the sort. Also your friends are so freaking annoying during the final boss and your can't do anything about that.

    Feel free to comment what you liked and disliked about this review.
  • b30118218b301182181,716,686
    16 Nov 2011
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    Publisher: SEGA
    Developer: Sonic Team
    Genre: Platformer
    Players: One
    Launch Date: 4th November 2011

    Since Sonic launched on the original Sega Mega Drive, it's no lie that the blue spiky hedgehog has had his fair share of ups and downs when it comes to games. With both Sega and the Sonic team deciding that to celebrate the spiky ones twentieth birthday, they would take some time out and rethink how they can reinvigorate the series whilst also staying true to what the fans plead for.

    The first answer was Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Part 1, a game that would continue the series of Sonic in his original 2D fashion, but keeping some elements that made the 3D sonic games over the years so fun, like the auto dash attack. The game was met with mixed response, it was praised for going back to the 2D roots but parts of the gameplay was panned especially with how many of the stages looked like cheap rip offs of old stages from past Sonic games.

    The next answer was that Sonics next outing would merge both 2D gameplay with 3D to make for an experience that would fit together seamlessly as we would be able to control modern day Sonic and the Sonic we remember from all those years ago.

    So how does Sonic Generations match up to the other games in the series, does this game break the mould that as been set by so many bad outings for our blue friend, or is his twentieth birthday going to be one he will want to cry over. Like always you're only going to find out by reading our in depth review where we dissect each area of the core gameplay and tell you everything you need to know.

    Gameplay - 8/10

    When it comes to gameplay the Sonic series of games has normally stayed true to its roots, with only a few games straying away from the norm and doing something completely different. Sonic Generations takes the old school platforming from the original 2D sonic and creates stages that recreate levels you may have found in the very early games in the series history.

    When playing the game in 2D you will be given the use of the old classic Sonic, pretty much all of his abilities ranging from Sonic 2 and 3 have been kept for use with this version of our hero. You will be able to use the spin attack and the spin dash. The only other notable movements or things this Sonic can do is either move forwards and backwards and cling onto different obstacles.

    Now if for some reason that doesn't take your fancy you will be glad to know that the game also features the 3D and modern version of Sonic, not only this but stages that are represented in the 2D area of the game, have been fully fleshed out and made into full on 3D landscapes also for the modern sonic to work his way through.

    The 3D Sonic comes with so many more features then the 2D version, with moves such as the spin dash attack that auto aims onto enemies and other objects such as springs. New moves include the ability to jump and stomp down on objects to get them to move down lower for you to move to the next area. The wall jump is also another new feature for the 3D modern Sonic that allows you to obviously jump from wall to wall to get to higher distances and continue your progress. There are numerous enhancements to the core gameplay for the modern Sonic, may of which will feel like they was unneeded but like the Mario series its good that they are always looking at new ways to play.

    The overall level design is well thought out, taking old classic levels from the 2D games and recreating them for the 3D era was a great touch, not only this though but the levels are also padded out to help extend the life of them. With the speeds that the game can run at and with how some of the old Mega Drive levels were quite short, this really does help.

    Whilst the games levels will normally average out at just a few minutes for the first set and near on ten minutes for the later levels it is fair to say that the game is quite lengthy, the game is split primarily into nine different worlds with four boss battles that you will have to work your way through to complete the game.

    Each world comes with two levels, one of which is from the 2D era of Sonic whilst the other as a more Modern 3D twist, once you complete both acts you will have in effect completed that world. There is incentive to go back and return to past levels in the game though with the addition of hidden stars that are located in either hard to reach spots, or areas that are off of the direct route the player may take.

    Once you have completed three worlds you will notice that the game will tell you that challenges have opened up, whilst many people would of normally have just left these until the game was over, Sonic Team decided that they would throw in a curveball by making you play and complete at least one of these in each of the three different worlds to unlock three different keys in which you can then use to take on the end of stage boss battle.

    When the challenges do open up they will come in numerous different ways with different sets of rules, and for each different version of Sonic, so are the challenges to boot. This means that if you want to complete all of the challenges the game has to offer, you're going to have to get used to controlling both versions of Sonic.

    Whilst taking on the challenges may be fun, something a little different is that hidden in each of sections of the game before the boss battles, you can take on rival challenges. These challenges will let Sonic take on one of his old nemesis, be it Shadow or one of the other two rivals, these add a nice little break from the core gameplay and if you are successful in beating the rivals you will be rewarded with a Chaos Emerald for your troubles.

    Once you have obtained three different keys you will be able to take on the boss battle for that area, again just like the rival battles these are a nice little break away from the standard platforming that the game is based all around in. Whilst some of the battles will be relatively easy to work through some will take some time to complete and possibly many retries.

    The game is single player only but this didn't stop the option of an Xbox Live tab appearing on the main menu of the game, what the option brings to you though is two different modes which are based around beating your friend's high scores and bettering yourself to keep getting to the number one spot. The two modes consist of getting through levels as quick as possible and getting as far as possible within thirty seconds. I'm not sure why these weren't just included in the single player of the game, but it is still nice to see they did get included, even if you have to go out of your way to play them.

    Whilst the game play works very similar to all of the other Sonic games, it's good to see that some variation as been added into the mix and with a campaign that will last you roughly four to six hours, your bound to get your fill of Sonic and once the game is over you still have plenty of options to keep you returning for more.

    Graphics - 8/10
    Sonic Generations to put it bluntly is bright and colourful with each of the different worlds perfectly rendered in glossy HD for their makeovers. With each of the colours levels having a different colour palette to the rest, it's great to see the graphics are so diverse and vibrant.

    Not only this though but the game runs at some really high speeds in both versions of the game be it 2D or 3D the speed that Sonic can travel at is amazing and as you see things fly past you, you will notice that there is no pop up or texture issues that arise whilst you play through the game. However unfortunately when the game tries to take on too much for it's own good there can be some slow down, but not enough to cripple the game to an almost stand still. The slowdown that does affect the game is only just barely noticeable and unless you're good at spotting slight issues, it's possible that you won't notice it.

    The in game cut scenes whilst looking colourful and bright like the rest of the game, are unfortunately poorly rendered and you will notice that no matter the screen size you play the game on, you will see that the characters will have issues and their will be quite a lot of pixilation in the background. It's such a shame to see this as I'm not sure why the Sonic Team decided to compress the video files until the point they came out as they did.

    The characters themselves in game are good looking though, with both variations of Sonic and Tails in the game, it is easy to compare them both and see the differences that both characters have had during the years. Not only this though but a large selection of both Sonic's friends and foes which are all rendered to look fantastic and as they should look.

    Apart from what as been stated though that is pretty much it as far as the graphic front goes on the game, with lots of diversity in levels and with the characters looking great it's hard to see why the development team decided to leave in some of the faults such as the poorly rendered movies or even the slow down. With a little more polish this could of easily have gotten a better score.

    Sound - 7/10
    The music in the game features both old classical renditions of past stages theme tunes, as well as remixed and more up beat and funky versions of the same songs. There are also a few new songs thrown in for good measure also. As with the music that occupies the game, the music itself seems to work really well for the type of stage that you are on, be it the happy green hill theme tune or the more relaxed songs from the skywalk stages, everything just seems to fit rather nicely.

    Unfortunately though I can't say I enjoyed all of the music choices that were put into the game, take for example one of the newer songs that features for one of the stages in both normal and remixed form. The song itself is pretty upbeat which goes well with the fast paced action that goes on for the stage, but the song itself also contains singing, and the singing is pretty dire to be fair, with it sounding like it came straight out of the mouth of a bad cover band for a well known group. To have to sit through four to five minutes of listening to the song I was happy when I eventually reached the end of the level for both acts to finish the world.

    Voice acting isn't that great either with many of the voices being primarily aimed at children, the way lines are said from each character comes off rather cheesy but I can see why it was done that way. It would have been a little nicer to have had a more grown up voice cast but worded still for family use so that all generations of gamers could have been pleased with what was on offer.

    Sound effects do the job well, with dash attacks sounding spot on and when you hit one of the metal springs you sound like your making Sonic bounce off of something nice and hard. With many different sound effects that are in game though, it's hard to point them all out and describe them, but you will be glad to know that some of the old effects make a return like the effect for when you collect and lose coins.

    Overall though the sound that is on offer helps restore past nostalgia from previous games and that is exactly something you want from a game that wanted to revisit classic stages and revamp them for today's modern age, especially for gamers who may have missed out on classics from the past.

    Difficulty - 7/10
    With all of the past Sonic games, this game is about as hard or as challenging as you want to make it for yourself, Levels will start off relatively easy and you will be most likely play the Green Hill zone first as that is normally everybody's favourite with it being colourful and easy to play through. As time progresses onwards though the difficulty will start to increase up until you complete the game.

    You will no doubt find yourself dying over and over again in some of the later levels especially the final stages of the game, not only do the levels steadily increase in difficulty though, so do the bosses as most will take some skill and time to complete meaning you better bring your Sonic A game with you for the later rounds.

    Challenges start to become ever more increasingly difficulty also as time goes on, with challenges that will start off as simple get to the finish line in x amount of time, will normally by the end turn into challenges that require you to not die or fail or even get hit by an obstacle or opponent. Whilst with a little practice they are more then doable you will soon become aggravated with the sheer difficulty of some challenges and the requirements they meet towards the end.

    Sometimes I felt like the old 2D version of Sonic was easier to work through as opposed to the 3D modern Sonic stages. Not because of the platforming aspects so much, but with how linear the levels were and knowing you could only die if you missed a platform, made it easier to deal with. When playing as the modern Sonic you have to take into account small things such as falling off the edges of the platforms and spin dash attacking off of the platform and falling to your death.

    It will easily come down to personal opinion though at the end of the day, both sets of Sonics are positives and negatives to how they handle in the later levels, but with practice nothing in the game is unbeatable.

    In the interest of fairness though I think it's good to mention the difficulty of finding the stars in the game, and again these can be easy enough to find with a little practice and possibly a guide if you really do get stuck. The stars don't get harder to find as the game goes on as some will normally just be placed right in front of your direct path to the finish line. With option multiple routes to take though you will find yourself playing stages over and over to find those hidden stars in routes you may not have found or taken previously.

    Achievements - 7/10
    When you first start playing Sonic Generations you will notice how giving the game is and how fast it will chuck achievements out at you for simply progressing or doing tasks you would normally have completed whilst playing the game.

    However whilst it is possible to pick up a good three fourths of the achievement list in a single play through, the gamerscore that you will receive in order for your hard work will no doubt still leave you with so much left to gain afterwards and this is simply put down to how grindy the rest of the list will probably be when you have finished.

    With the game featuring so many different collectibles and different ways of obtaining these collectibles, you will more then likely notice that it is these achievement's that you have left at the end of the game. Achievements such as for obtaining all of the secret red stars in both the old era Sonics world and the Modern Era World, this means your going to need to find ninety red stars in total over the nine different worlds.

    By collecting the stars you will also be picking up artwork which also goes towards the collectible side of things, and if that wasn't enough when working your way through one of the many in game challenges, once complete if you ring the bell and catch the note you will unlock even more secret extras.

    To top off the list though you have achievements for attaining S ranks in certain amounts of stages/levels, and the hardest achievement to get will be for getting an S rank on all stages which will mean you will need to complete a level really fast and with no mistakes allowed.

    Other then that though the rest of the achievements will come at a nice steady pace up until completion and will more then likely grab you just over five hundred gamer score.

    Overall this game does feel like a solid return to gaming for Sonic as it will please both old and new fans alike and with the mixture of ways to play and with how seamlessly they have been incorporated it's a nice blend of styles in which I hope they keep up the trend.

    The development team could always develop a second game if fans want it after the success of this title, and in all honestly the game does deserve a follow on because as nice as it is to play as a modern version of sonic for the umpteenth time its an even greater feeling to get back into the series old roots of style and play as the shorter, more chubbier Sonic that we have all loved since the very beginning.

    This should be a purchase for anybody who owns an Xbox 360 at some point, whether you like platformers or Sonic, it's hard to fault the game bar for a few minor details and the effort put into the finished product shows the time and love the team spent whilst creating it.

    Overall - 7.5/10 Great

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