Sonic Generations Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough Overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Sonic Generations, a celebration of the series' highlights throughout the years since the original game first released. To get the most out of the game, you might want to brush up on the series if you haven't already and play a bunch of the older games. If not, that's fine; the game makes you feel nostalgic regardless of whether or not you've played some of the original levels used for Generations.

Getting all of the achievements in this game is unusually easy, compared to the two other "Modern Sonic" games released before this one. Acquiring S Ranks is much easier than it has ever been in the series, and you'll probably finish everything in about 25 hours or so. You can do everything in whichever order you choose, with the most time-consuming thing being the collectibles, in the form of Red Star Rings. Even these aren't too much of a hassle to find, and you may even find some joy in collecting them.

I highly suggest reading the General Hints & Tips page instead of skipping over it, as there are some fairly important notes about S Ranks and other things that you should know before you put too much effort into some stages. Videos for anything you'd ever need to see to play the game are included in playlist links throughout the walkthrough. This includes S Ranks on boss battles and Challenge Acts, although those aren't necessary for any of the achievements.

Note: A previously-barred preorder DLC has now been listed for free now that this game is backwards compatible. It adds a Casino Night Zone pinball minigame to the beginning of the game.

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