Sonic Generations Walkthrough

2. General Hints & Tips

There are two playstyles in this game; one of them belongs to Classic Sonic, which is just the traditional sidescrolling style seen in any of the 16-bit games in the Sonic series' beginnings, as well as titles like the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Mania. The other playstyle is nearly identical to that which was introduced in Sonic Unleashed; speed is finally a priority again after the more slow-paced Sonic Adventure era of games. Neither of these two types of gameplay take long to get used to.

Obtaining S Ranks is incredibly easy to do, especially compared to both Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Unleashed. You actually only have to get 18 S Ranks; this means getting an S Rank on all of the nine Zones' two Acts, and you won't have to get them on the 90 Challenge Acts and seven boss battles. All you have to do is get a good time, as well as carry a decent amount of rings with you as you finish the stage, which should give you an A Rank if you were good enough. A Perfect Bonus, awarded by not dying during the level, will turn that A into an S, so it's required for you to not lose any lives while trying to get those S Ranks.

There are also harder versions of boss battles that you can play, but these aren't necessary either. If you're interested in avatar items, though, all of them are unlocked by beating all of the bosses on both difficulties.

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