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9. Red Star Rings (Modern)

Modern Sonic's Red Star Rings are just about as easy to get as Classic Sonic's. Like before, if a text guide isn't cutting it for you, it should be a lot easier to see where you have to go instead of reading up on it.

Sonic Generations | Red Star Rings

Green Hill Zone

These rings will not appear until you beat Green Hill Zone (Act 2) for the first time.

At the start of the level, use your boost immediately and hang to the left side until you're launched upwards into the air. The first (1/5) Red Star Ring is hovering high above the ground, and might be hard to direct yourself into. This is actually the most troublesome of the five rings in this Act, so it's very easy to restart the level and try for it again. After continuing ahead, you'll grind on a rail and run through a giant corkscrew, leading to a checkpoint. Slow down here and jump to the thin ledge just above the main path, continuing to move slowly. Jump into the boost ring at the end of this path and use homing attacks on nearby enemies to reach the second (2/5) Red Star Ring sitting on top of a collapsible cliffside.

Once you enter the dark cave with the giant mechanical fish inside, stick to the right side as you approach the end of the rails' paths, because the next (3/5) Red Star Ring will be waiting on the right rail. After exiting the cave, avoid jumping and make sure you run underneath the upcoming grind rail; slow down if you want to, just to make sure you stay under it. This path will eventually take you to a small curving rail with a spring at the end of it, which will take you to another set of rails up ahead. Jump over a small spike trap here to get the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring, easily in plain sight. During the final stretch of the level, stay in the center "lane", and you'll get the last (5/5) Red Star Ring hiding behind three enemies, which are easily defeated by boosting through them.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Acceleration Skill, which increases your speed when you start to run.

Chemical Plant Zone

The very first (1/5) Red Star Ring will appear only a little while after the level starts. Once you curve around a platform that leads to two ramps, try to use the more colorful one on the left. This one will take you to the top of a structure that leads to the first RSR. If you use the ramp on the right, you can still jump from the rail that it sends you onto, and use a homing attack on the pulley that leads to the ring. Just at the top of the upwards slope past this first RSR is a checkpoint, and you'll want to slow down here and make sure you jump to the (2/5) Red Star Ring just at the start of the upper path. Once you have it, drop down to the lower path, because you won't be able to get the third RSR from the high path. This third (3/5) Red Star Ring should be in plain sight, just to the right of the first set of four yellow blocks that form diagonal patterns. Immediately after reaching the next checkpoint, you should enter a water tunnel, followed by a skydiving segment. You'll want to stay to the north as much as possible and line yourself up with a vertical trail of rings; the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring is waiting just at the end of said trail. Now continue through the level until you leave the main building that most of this level takes place in.

Once you use another crane or two to reach a small rooftop, which will have a few enemies and several chemical pipes on top of it, break open the glassy containers on the lowest "floor" of the roof to unveil some springs that send you skyward. Use these springs to latch onto the yellow rail above the roof, sending you straight into the final (5/5) Red Star Ring as well as the goal ring.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Smasher Bonus Skill, which gives you more boost towards your Boost Meter when you defeat enemies.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

Unlike in Act 1, you can get all five Red Star Rings in Sky Sanctuary Zone in one run if you're capable and careful enough. After using a boost ramp at the start of the level, jump to the square platform in the air just ahead and use it to pass through the orange boost rings even further ahead. Using these boost rings will launch you upwards, towards the first (1/5) Red Star Ring sitting on another square platform in front of you. Grab it and continue using the high path to reach three rainbow rings. Use the one on the left, which will send you straight into the second (2/5) Red Star Ring.

Whichever path you choose after this point, you should eventually enter a room with three Egg-Robos; one of these enemies will be up in the air near the center of the room, in front of a fountain with a (3/5) Red Star Ring on top of it. Perform a homing attack on it so you can reach it, then leave the room when you have it. After reaching another checkpoint gate, climb as high as you can with clouds so you pass through another orange boost ring above you. You should be able to jump from the last moving bar (the kind that you can hang onto as they move up and down) to the cloud to the left from here, giving you easy access to the boost ring. This will quickly send you towards another group of boost rings after you leave the grind rail; try to use them and hit the enemies ahead of them to get to the higher path here. If you pulled this off correctly, you should soon find two rainbow rings. Jump into the higher one, and you'll be sent to a few more Egg-Robos guarding the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring. Once you leave this dark room via the red orb at the end of it, pass through the checkpoint and jump onto the zipline. There's actually another zipline you can home onto with a properly timed attack; it might be a bit hard to pull off, but doing it right will give you the final (5/5) Red Star Ring. Finish the level, and you'll make sure these RSR's are safely added to your collection.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Gauge Rebooter Skill, refilling your Boost Gauge after you restart or die in a level.

Speed Highway Zone

This collection of Red Star Rings will require two playthroughs. At the start of the level, boost and then jump off right when the road starts to curve, and try to land on the yellow grind rail ahead. On top of it is the first (1/5) Red Star Ring. After running across a thin bridge between two buildings and being flung with a yellow construction piece, you'll be in a 2D portion of the level. Stick to the left side and use the moving platforms to reach a rainbow ring to jump through. Taking this route leads to a trail of rings that you can use to zip straight into the second (2/5) Red Star Ring. The next (3/5) Red Star Ring is going to appear during the downward-facing police chase. You're actually going to want to not boost here, so you can control your movement better. After the last set of mirrors to dodge, quickly move to the right, and you'll run directly into the ring. The last RSR of this run is somewhat of a pain to get, and shows up near the end of the Act. Past some police enemies is a pulley, and at the top of it are a few boosters. Use the one farthest to the left, because it's directly lined up with the rainbow ring above, and with it is the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring.

For the last Red Star Ring, play through the level again until you get to the end of the vertical police chase. On the floor, jump over the boosters and pass the checkpoint, but stay on the right side until you get to a blocked off path. Break through the wood with an attack or a boost, and follow this path until you reach another 2D section. As soon as you get to it, slow down and keep an eye out for a few walls you can jump between at the start of this portion of the level. Continuing on this path should take you to the final (5/5) Red Star Ring, resting on a rooftop.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Auto-Gauge Skill, which fills your Boost Gauge over time. Even if you don't tend to use Skills all that often, it'd be a crime not to equip this one just for the convenience it provides.

The Byway or the Highway

Get the Red Star Ring located on the shortcut route in SPEED HIGHWAY Act 2 and reach the goal.

The Byway or the Highway
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City Escape Zone

Like the previous level, you'll have to play through at least twice to get all five Red Star Rings. The first one is exceptionally frustrating to get, and is probably the worst one in the entire game. During the skateboard ride, you'll come across a set of two long ramps next to each other; ignore these and head further down the road. Just two corners past this will be another ramp on the right. Use the ramp to reach the two ramps on the roof ahead, and then pray that you can direct yourself mid-flight into the first (1/5) Red Star Ring. This personally took me way too many attempts for me to keep track of; hopefully you can get it much faster. After getting past the first bit of actual platforming, you'll be sent between an awning on the left, and some construction on the right. Stay on the ground and fight the enemies ahead after hitting the set of springs, and then continue moving on the ground; don't use the rainbow ring to the left here. In the small cave ahead, the second (2/5) Red Star Ring is going to be sitting at the bottom of the pulley on the other side. Grab it and make your way to the next bit of 2D platforming.

Take the high path by swinging off the pole at the right time. The rest of the high path leading up to the third (3/5) Red Star Ring should be easy enough to get across without any further guidance. The fourth RSR will appear during the GUN truck chase. About 2/3 into the chase, the two of you will make a pretty big leap. After this, you'll want to stick to the left until a higher level of the ground appears. You can jump directly onto it if you time it right, but that's fairly unlikely if you've never known about it before. If you miss the jump, just swing over to it as fast as you can, and stay in the center of this thin (and safe) path to nab the next (4/5) Red Star Ring.

The last (5/5) Red Star Ring is much easier to get, and appears just as close to the start of the level as the first one did. Remember that pair of two long ramps that you were supposed to skip before? You're going to want to use them this time, and the wire you end up on will take you straight into the last collectible of this Act.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Quick Slide Skill, allowing you to Quick Step when on a skateboard. If you're unfamiliar with the term, you've likely done a quick step by pressing cn_LB or cn_RB when running straight ahead, when the camera is facing Sonic's back.

Seaside Hill Zone

When the level starts, jump through the rainbow ring on the left side, and continue through the stony path to the ramp ahead. If you miss the rainbow ring, you can hit the spring leading up to the platform it's floating over and try again. After jumping over a little ledge and some stone cubes, you'll be able to home in on an enemy to the right, guarding a (1/5) Red Star Ring. Once you get to the next part of the Act, stay to the high path. There are multiple ways to do this, and I actually found it harder to use the lower path on accident, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. You'll know you're going the right way when you see another orange robot dancing at the top of a ledge. Jump up to it and defeat it, then attack the enemy to its left. Use the momentum from your attack to reach the (2/5) Red Star Ring in front of a wall jump panel, and then wall jump onwards. You should pass through a boost ring to easily get to the next checkpoint, but sometimes it just won't send you there. If it doesn't, it'll just take a few more seconds to use a pair of cannons to reach the checkpoint.

After another ramp, slow down and jump through the rainbow rings at the end of the next chunk of pathway. All three in the group will send you to the same place, so you don't need to worry about jumping in a specific one. Run to the end of the stony walkway by shifting into the different "lanes" when you have to, and use a pulley at the end of this little segment of platforming. After this is a green enemy followed by a spring; wait for it to have just attacked so you can safely engage it, then hit the spring to continue on. Boost as soon as you can here so you can get some more upward momentum, and get closer to the third (3/5) Red Star Ring. The three orange platforms between you and the RSR will collapse shortly after you jump on them, so you'll have to be quick about getting to it. You should be able to home in on the rail underneath the Red Star Ring from the second platform, though, so you can just do that. Traverse the grassy area at the end of this rail to reach a stony path curving to the right.

Stay on the higher path to get the next RSR easier. At the end of both of these paths are some signals that alternate the different events that happen at the end of the paths ahead; you're going to have to use the yellow go-kart paths, so choose one of those paths carefully as the signals alternate. The reasoning for staying on the higher path is that the lower path only has one yellow signal on at a time, where as the high one will always have two on. Go for a bit of karting, and you'll eventually spot a ramp on the left, followed by two sets of spike balls; the first will appear on the right, and the second will be on the left. Past this is another set of ramps, but you're going to want to stay to the left of those to ride a lower path down towards the next (4/5) Red Star Ring. After you pass this part of the level and are running on a wall, stay to the highest point you can so you fly through some boost rings at the end.

The path granted to you in the temple in front of you will start off with some wall jumping panels, along with two shifting stone pillars to the right. Jump on top of these pillars, and then jump again on top of another stone platform with some rings on it. Stay to the right ledge and wait for an electrical enemy to the right to use its attack before jumping into it, then use the height gained from your attack to reach the wall jump panel on the right. Once you use the booster at the start of the curved piece of rock to the left of the panel, you'll be sent up in the air; quickly jump to the ledge to the right, where another stone pillar will slowly be descending towards you. You'll have to be fast and jump underneath the next one, and a much larger moving piece to the right of that one, to reach a rail with a boost ring at the end of it. This boost will take you to another rail, but you're going to want to jump immediately as soon as you touch it, and then boost while in the air so you can get the distance necessary to reach the last (5/5) Red Star Ring. Now that you have it, you'll just have to finish the level.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Direct Jump Skill, increasing the speed of Sonic's wall jumps.

Crisis City Zone

After passing through the introduction to the level, a set of boosters will soon appear on the roof of a building. Jump over these, and instead run to the left and up a slanted wall, where you'll find the first (1/5) Red Star Ring. Continue with the level until you get shot up by a spring, and the glass in nearby buildings starts to shatter around you. Enter the next building by homing in on the enemies inside, and slam down on the first chunk of pavement being held up by lava. Immediately to the right of this is a fairly large area with a few flying enemies surrounding a (2/5) Red Star Ring. Time homing attacks carefully so you can reach it, because if you don't have it and have killed all three enemies, you'll have to at least restart the checkpoint. Use springs to enter another building, and after defeating a worm, a set of four wooden boxes in the shape of a square will be blocking the path ahead. Slam down on them as far to the left as you can, and quickly jump to the collapsible platforms to the left to reach the third (3/5) Red Star Ring. From here, you can quickly skip through the building by slamming down on some more boxes, again to the left, and continue to where the fourth RSR is. It should be clearly visible from a much smaller platform that you have to slam down onto, and will be just above it. Wait for the platform to rise on its own so you can reach this (4/5) Red Star Ring, but jump off of it when it starts to shake; it's going to smash the ceiling above when this happens, so hop off until it returns to its normal state. The last (5/5) Red Star Ring will appear during the final segment of the level, where Iblis will be tossing lots of debris in your direction. You can easily take your time during this final stretch, and you really should, because you'll have to go as high as you can along the multiple roads and paths available to you. This last RSR is going to be to the right of a ramp, so you'll have to make sure to avoid it. Hopefully these Red Star Rings weren't too much of a bother to get; at least there weren't ten silver medals hiding in the level instead.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Serial Homing Skill, increasing the speed of a chain of homing attacks. It already seems fast enough as it is, so you might want to use a more useful Skill.

Rooftop Run Zone

The first (1/5) Red Star Ring appears on the very first rail of the level, so it's pretty hard to miss. Regardless of the path you take after that RSR, you'll end up in a large plaza with a little water area in the center. Use the spring to the north of the plaza and use the balloons guarded by blades to continue on the high path. If you get hit by the blades after hitting a balloon, you can still make it; the balloons will reset themselves after a few seconds. As long as you stay on the high path, some boosters will send you through a checkpoint and straight into the second (2/5) Red Star Ring. The third (3/5) Red Star Ring appears shortly after this during the first 2D portion of the Act, and is clearly visible on a wall-jumping panel to the left.

After you run up the giant tower, you'll use a rail to enter another 2D platforming section of the Zone. After using a few groups of balloons to rise upwards, you should find yourself on some stone platforms above three sets of spikes. A vertically-moving platform will help you reach the next tower, where a big spike block should be visible to the right. Jump on top of it and wait for it to return to its original position, and then jump to the next (4/5) Red Star Ring; make sure you don't home in on the rail on accident, or you might miss it. The last (5/5) Red Star Ring shows up during the final stretch of the level, kind of near the start. After you pass through a long spike-trap hall, the final stretch will begin. After a few seconds, some boosters will send you to the right; make your best attempt to stay on the right side as much as possible, and stay slow enough so that you can direct yourself into the last RSR more carefully than you would be able to at full speed.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Trick Mastery Skill, which lets you perform tricks much faster. This would make the Trickstar achievement a lot easier if you don't already have it.

A Quick Breather

Get the Red Star Ring atop the highest spot in ROOFTOP RUN Act 2 and reach the goal.

A Quick Breather
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Planet Wisp Zone

In the first section of the level, where bright green grass is abundant, keep an eye out for the first (1/5) Red Star Ring after passing through the first cave. It'll be standing on its own little island to the right, and appears before the first set of rails. Once inside the factory, climb the collapsible red platforms to reach a Rocket power-up and use to break the panels above, but make sure to hold right so that you reach the platform to the right after the power-up ends. Use a spring to reach two more green platforms, and another red one to the left. Jump to the red one and quickly grab the next (2/5) Red Star Ring at the height of the platform's ascent.

Past the two green platforms to the right of the second RSR is another platform that you can ride to get to the other side of the room. Make sure you jump up to the high path before the missiles leaves its station. The rest of the high path leading up to a spring can be very difficult to use, because it consists of several collapsing platforms that will send you straight down to the lower path if you're not fast enough to reach the next one. There's not much advise to be given here, except that you'd probably do better off if you saw what the high path looked like, which you can do with the playlist link at the top of the page. After successfully making it to the high path's spring, you'll be sent to another high path; don't boost here, and instead take it easy so you can reach the third (3/5) Red Star Ring at the end without falling off.

Further into the factory, you'll be met with a Rocket power-up, a pulley, and an enemy at the start of a curved path that leads forward. Grab the power-up before you use the curved path, and then hit an enemy standing on the moving platforms that arrive in front of you. Hijack the platform and jump through the boost rings up ahead. This will take you to another stable area, where more platforms will be moving much quicker beneath you. Take care to land on one of these, and make it move faster by boosting (this won't use up your boost meter). After the platform drops, and before a set of boost rings, a few vertical lines of normal rings will indicate that there's something up above. Use the Rocket power-up to reach the rocket panels above you, and you'll grab the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring in doing so.

The last RSR requires another playthrough. Follow the instructions in the previous paragraph, but instead of using the Rocket power-up, use the boost rings to the left. This will lead to another Rocket power-up. Within a handful of seconds of blasting through the panels above it, you should find the fifth and final (5/5) Red Star Ring at the top of a pulley.

For collecting all five Red Star Rings, you're awarded with the Ring Energy Bonus Skill, which increases the amount of boost that rings give you.

Color Power!

Get the Red Star Ring by using an Orange Wisp in PLANET WISP Act 2 and reach the goal.

Color Power!
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Red Ring Collector

Get all Red Star Rings.

Red Ring Collector
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