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Sonic The Hedgehog

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Sonic The Hedgehog Achievements

Most Earned

Sonic Episode: Cleared
Sonic Episode: Cleared32 (30)You have Cleared Sonic Episode.
Psychic Soldier
Psychic Soldier23 (20)You have Learned all Silver actions.
Shadow Episode: Cleared
Shadow Episode: Cleared36 (30)You have Cleared Shadow Episode.
Silver Episode: Cleared
Silver Episode: Cleared37 (30)You have Cleared Silver Episode.

Least Earned

Gold Medalist
Gold Medalist192 (50)You have Received all Gold Medals of Soleanna.
Legend of Soleanna
Legend of Soleanna376 (100)You have Achieved S Rank on all ACT Missions.
Silver Medalist
Silver Medalist186 (50)You have Received all Silver Medals of Soleanna.
Silver Episode: Mastered
Silver Episode: Mastered221 (60)You have Achieved S Rank on all Silver ACT Missions.
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