Sonic & Knuckles Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Sonic & Knuckles.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Information Posted on 03 February 12 at 03:42
Please use this thread to discuss the Sonic and Knuckles walkthrough

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Posted on 03 February 12 at 16:38, Edited on 03 February 12 at 16:39 by
Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Sonic I don't chuckle
I'd rather flex my muscles
I'm hard as nails, it ain't hard to tell
I break 'em down whether they're solid or frail
Unlike the rest I'm independent since my first breath
First test, feel the right, than the worst's left
"You must exceed your limitations if you wish to survive..."
Information Posted on 23 March 12 at 17:14
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Sonic & Knuckles Walkthrough
Malicious Fury
Posted on 06 December 16 at 05:47
The walkthrough didn't mention that you have to get all 7 emeralds in one run. If you die, you lose your emeralds :/
Posted on 07 December 18 at 09:32
Started working on rewriting the walkthrough to add more information and whatnot. If you're looking to see it before it's re-published, this link will let you see it all, including what remains of the old work before I finish replacing it.
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