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  • Gingr HailGingr Hail40,685
    25 Feb 2010
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    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a game full of crazy kart racing action. You can choose from 20 Sega characters from several Sega games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio and even some appearances from classic Sega games like Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone and even Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue. The 360 version has the additions of a certain bear and bird combo plus the ability to use your Avatar in races too.

    There are 24 courses to race on from about 7 different Sega franchises, each with several music tracks and hidden shortcuts, Scattered around these tracks are power ups that will be useful during a race. Every character has an All-Star Move, a powerful move that can be used to get ahead of the competition. Sonic goes Super Sonic, Amigo makes a conga line and Billy Hatcher rolls in on a giant egg.

    The game has several modes including the kart racer standards Grand Prix, Time Trial and Mission Mode, but also includes online play. The online play is smooth and is tons of fun. There is a lack of All-Star Moves in online play, so it's not as easy to catch up to others.

    In conclusion, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a great game for those who want the best kart racer on 360, or just really like Sega. It's a bit harder than the usual Mario Kart, but I think us TrueAchievers can take a little extra challenge, right?
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    14 Jul 2010 05 Aug 2010
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    This is my first review I have ever written so please give me feedback so I can learn how to improve my Reviews.

    When you see Sonic and SEGA All-stars Racing on the shelves of the store, you might be thinking: "Sega has enough stars to make it's own racing game?" Well, the answer is YES. Most of the roster consists of characters from Sonic games but there is a good number of characters from other games such as Virtua Fighter, House of the Dead, Super Monkey Ball and many others. You can even race as the bonus character Banjo & Kazooie. The game even lets you race as your xbox live avatar.

    Graphics: 9/10
    The graphics in this game are very good. Each character looks like how they're supposed to, and old characters are brought to life like never before. The race tracks are very detailed and fun to race on. Each course represents whatever game they come from very nicely. Every character has their own unique vehicle that they drive.

    Gameplay: 8/10
    This game is reminiscent of Mario Kart. If you enjoyed playing the Mario Kart series you will love this game. It has basic driving controls with RT to accelerate and LT for reverse. This game also supports the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel for the optimum driving experience. There are multiple Power Ups and Items that you can collect by driving into item boxes. Here is a list of all the items and what they do:

    All the descriptions are taken from the intruction booklet. Anything in brackets is a comparison of the item to Mario Kart if the item is similar.

    High Speed Shoe: Increase your speed temporarily and smash your way through rivals.(This is like the mushroom from Mario Kart)

    K.O. Glove: Launch a projectile that bounces off the sides of tracks and sends your rivals spinning out of control.(This is basically the green shell from Mario Kart, except with a faster speed)

    Rocket: Launch a homing rocket at the nearest rival ahead of you, flipping them over temporarily.(Like the Red Shell)

    Mine: Place a mine in the path of vehicle to your rear that explodes on contact or after a short time, spinning nearby vehicles. (Like the Banana Peel, except with a larger radius)

    Shield: Makes and energy shield around you for a limited time or to withstand a single attack

    Giant Rocket: Launch a giant rocket down the center of the track. Press the item button once to launch the rocket and then press it again to detonate while the button icon is displayed.

    Mega Horn: Create a destructive sound wave that spins surrounding rivals.

    Confusing Star: Targets the nearest rival and confuses them by flipping their game screen upside down.

    Pocket Rainbow: Temporarily obstruct your rivals' view with a rainbow of dazzling colours.

    All Star Items: If you are struggling in the race, you might get lucky and get an All Star item. Each character's all star move is different, and they all can get the character back into the race in a matter of seconds. Some allow characters to fire projectiles or bombs at other racers, or get a HUGE speed boost to launch them right into first.

    Projectile weapons can be fires backwards by holding down on the left stick or D-pad them pressing the item button. Some items can also appear in sets of 3. This lets you use 3 of the same item at different times or launch them all at once by holding the item button.

    Roster: 7/10
    This game features most of your favourite SEGA characters. Although there is a huge overhaul of Sonic characters. Here is a list of all the characters in the game:

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Amy Rose
    Dr. Eggman
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Billy Hatcher
    Banjo & Kazooie
    Knuckles the Echidna
    Big The Cat
    B.D. Joe
    Zobio & Zobiko
    Ryo Hazuki
    Jacky Bryant and Akira Yuki
    Mobo and Robo(Bonanza Bros)
    Chuih, Chupea, Chubei & Chubach(ChuChu Pilots)
    Alex Kidd
    Metal Sonic(DLC)

    Multiplayer consists of Splitscreen, Public match and Private Match. In Splitscreen up to 4 players can race on one screen. The screen will be divided up depending on how many players there are. Public match is where you can match up with up to 8 players around the globe to race online. There are actually quite a few people online on this game, and they are quite friendly. However, just like Halo, the majority of them are kids under 10 years old. Private match is just like public match except for someone to join, they have to get an invite or go Join Session in Progress to play. You can make the option so people cannot join in progress if you wish.

    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Originality: 5/10
    This game will give you a pretty easy 400-500 gamerscore with just casual playing. The others are a bit difficult such as completing all missions with AAA rank. There is also an achievement for obtaining all the other achievements in the game, which brings the originality rating down quite a bit. Some achievements are fun and simple such as winning a race in reverse and using certian character's all star moves on certain characters.

    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    Roster 7/10
    Multiplayer 9/10
    Achievements 6/10
    Overall: 39/50

    This game is very fun and should atleast be a rent for any fans of the racing genre or fans of Sonic and SEGA. Although if you dont like sonic that much but like other sega characters, there isnt as many from other games.
  • GoGoAkimboGoGoAkimbo122,845
    02 Apr 2010 26 May 2010
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    In short this is the best Kart racing game i have come across that i would slot into the "Fun Racing," genre.

    As i myself am not to adept at the mainstream "serious" racing game i found this a great relief. Going back to my days of playing "Crash Team Racing" and "Crash Nitro Kart" i thouroughly enjoyed the gameplay. Each character has their own all star moves which are awarded throuought races, and you collect "Sega Miles" as a type of currency to buy the extra content in the shop.

    There are a few modes in game. The first being single player where you are given the choice of Grand Prix, Missions, Single Race or Time Attack the standard stuff. The missions start easy and gradually get more difficult, Though not so difficult you start pulling your own hair out.

    The Multiplayer is quite easy being able to choose Online or Split screen, The split screen can be then customized to different game types, such as Race, Battle, Knockout, Kind of the hill and so on. The online multiplayer is quite fun and is what you would expect from this type of game.

    As for the achievments some will come through gameplay, Such as the various coloured licences and playing on every track and time attack achievments, however some will have to be worked at. (Such as using specific All star moves on Specific characters.

    All in all i thouroughley enjoyed playing this game and will be bringing it out on many a gaming night with friends as a bit of a fun thing to do to diver from all the serious racing games out there.

    (EDIT) After completeing all the achievments for this game i realised that the actual achievment for doing so had not unlocked. When i checked the in game achievment progress menu i realised that for some reason it wa registering that i had not done everything (even though i clearley have a i have the actual achievent for it) I do not know if thi is a glitch or if its something i have done. But i am now going to have to re do the whole game as one of the ones i have already done is impossible to do again. ( I need to buy an item from the shop and i have already brought everything so there i nothing there for me to buy)
    Although this has not ruined the game i am lightly disappointed as i feel i have been cheated out of my 1000/1000 gamerscore
  • LockAndLukeLockAndLuke355,137
    01 Dec 2010
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    Well, what can I say other than sheer brilliance?

    The Sega version of Crash Team Racing, and we all loved that right?

    I first got my hands of this nice little game when I was browsing a list of pre-owned games at my local GAME store, £20 I thought why not? It's Sonic my favourite game character of all time, and the Sega cast which is damn right fantastic.

    The controls for this game are simple and easy to pick up in a heartbeat, simplistic racing game with a huge addiction that you pick up, even the newest people to games like this will see how easy it is to manoeuvre your way through the course dodging and attack foes with an awesome arsenal of weaponry.

    Brilliant, plays like an arcade racer, feels like an arcade racer, all in a 360 on disc title.

    I adore the graphics on this game, every time you play the game you feel a sort of nostalgia and feel as though you've seen the graphics before, but they look polished.

    Where do I start, the characters are from my childhood, which makes them simply brilliant, ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Ryo Hazuki.
    The courses in the game are taken from other Sega titles, such as Sonic Heroes and Super Monkey Ball.

    The game features a shop mode where you can (state the obvious) buy extra characters, courses and music.
  • xxW0LFxx TFDxxW0LFxx TFD183,075
    02 Apr 2010
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    Sonic has had a bad record with games lately, never managing to capture his former 2d glory, but now he’s back and he’s brought some friends in Sega’s latest release.

    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is a kart racer that has been been compared to Mario Kart, but let’s get this straight.

    Xbox 360 does not have any real Kart style racers and games should never be compared to other games.

    All Stars is more than capable of holding it’s own in this world of bleak, realistic games that are currently dominating the market, instead this game offers bright visuals and large selection of weapons and Sega characters to go nuts with as you racer around the fantastic tracks.

    Instead of a brake button that most race fans are familiar with, All Stars gives you a Drift button which is what makes this whole game tick.

    As you drift you fill up your boost, so the more you drift the more speed you get and of course, drifting is a much quicker way around the courses anyway.

    Mastering drifiting and chaining it all together is the key to this game and does not take long to learn before you’re blazing around the track pulling off stupid drifts.

    It’s so accesible that anyone can pick up the game and feel like a racing god after a few minutes but still offers enough for seasoned pro’s.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Along the way you can pick up weapons and shields to pummel the opposition with, these can also be fired backwards to block incoming attacks or just to ruin someone’s day with a well placed missile.
    Sadly these weapons to lack any real creativity, you have a standard assortment of mines, missiles etc but nothing that really stands out as a “wow thats cool!” weapon.

    However each character has an All Star pick-up, these awesome power-ups is unique to each character and allows them to blast past the opposition or blow them off the track and each one is cool to watch.

    It’s well balanced as well, if your leading the pack then you won’t get any of these All Stars but if your doing badly or your at the back of the pack then there is a high chance that you will, allowing you to get back into the race.

    It’s a good way to keep the race’s feeling tight without feeling cheated.

    It’s the track design that stands out in this game, each one is based off of the back catologue of Sega games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Curient Mansion and Monkey Ball.

    Because of this each one is a bright lively place filled with corners, boost pads, jumps, weapons and the occasional mind blowing corkscrew keep it feeling fresh and thanks to the bright graphics it’s a wonder to behold each track.

    Speaking of graohics they are certainly a stand out feature in this game, bright and lively these are far from the standard brown shooters of the modern era that we have to look at, the character models are all well detailed, not to mention that they move around as you race, sometimes dancing around the vehicle or other little things that help make them feel more alive.

    Each track has extensive backgrounds and a good amount of attention to detail that helps give the game a nice, polished feel.

    The single player mode is made up of missions and grand prix’s and will provide a solid 8 hours or so of gameplay. missions range from collecting rings to plain race’s and usually force you away from your usual driving mechanics.

    As you complete missions and race’s you earn Sega Mile’s, pretty much the in-game currency which can be used to buy extra characters, tracks and in game music but sadly this is not a very effective way of keeping the player playing, as the Miles are earned so easily that you can buy most of the shop very quickly and so many players may find themselves getting bored of the single player quickly,

    However the multiplayer is a major part of this game and plays exactly like singleplayer race’s except with realy people, it massively entertaining and even more so if you play with friends.

    Sadly the All Star moves are disabled in Multiplayer games which is a shame but understandable.
    For all it’s good points there are some bad one’s, considering the massive back catologue of games that Sega has the roster of characters and tracks is actually pretty limited, though DLC has been confirmed they still could of featured alot more than they did into the game.

    Sonic & Sega All Stars racing is the best Kart racer on the Xbox 360, mainly because it has no real compeition but mostly because it’s a joy to play and to look at, a great game that you can simply pick up and play for a while, most will play this for around a week before moving on but many will find a great online game that will keep them coming back and back, it’s simple, addictive and fun to play so do yourself a favour and consider this game.

    Oh, and did I mention that you can use your Avatar for the game? an that Xbox 360 players get an exlusive character, none other than Banjo & Kazooie?
  • IronInfidel47IronInfidel47425,841
    10 Mar 2020
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    I grew up on Nintendo for about 14 years of my life. I know fully well the ins and outs of Mario Kart, and I saw those ins and outs beneath the mask after my first race in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (S&S). There's no denying that the game takes much, much inspiration from Mario Kart, but that's not a problem. Someone must come up with an idea first; it depends on what someone does with that idea that matters. This review discusses the intentions the game developers had on mimicking something that already exists and how well they managed to do so.

    The S&S gameplay emphasizes drifting, notably far more than any Mario Kart game. You need to drift at all times if you want to gain a lead on your opponents if they're on a respectable difficulty. That said, drifting has been implemented largely the same way, but S&S has given it more priority to set itself apart.
    Items are incredibly similar to those in Mario Kart, almost to an insulting level. In Mario Kart, green shells (from koopa troopas) bounce along the track to hit an enemy until they travel too far. In S&S, we get green K.O. gloves, boxing gloves that have no reference to any SEGA property, as far as I could tell. Red shells hone in on whoever's ahead of you, as do rockets - also red - in S&S. Bananas originated in the Mario franchises through Mario Kart, but these too have been copied into traffic cone-shaped mines. These mines, however, cannot be thrown ahead. It is perfectly acceptable and almost expected for a kart racing game to have items like these in their lot, but the absence of relevance to the entirety of SEGA and the blatant copying (per the color scheme) makes things worse. There are other items that copy those from Mario Kart, but I feel like showing three is enough to make my point.
    Superstar moves are unique to each character. Though some are highly similar for obvious reasons, like Sonic and Shadow, there are certain categories you can place these moves in to make things feel smaller. That doesn't do this mechanic justice, however, as these moves are highly fan-service-heavy. These are similar to the special items in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
    Despite all of this, the game is still pretty fun, but this is probably because this is a lead paint coat of SEGA on a Mario Kart game.
    The multiplayer mode also exists and functions properly.

    Characters & Courses
    Sonic is directly in the title of this game, like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection in America, even though there are far more properties being represented in this game. It is obvious this was done to sell more copies of the game, but in this bleak 2020 future, it's a very bitter title to look at. SEGA has barely produced any new games in any of the series shown off in this game and you can easily claim that they refuse to work on any game that isn't related to Sonic. I have to ask what the target audience is when SEGA brings up old characters like Beat or Samba in their current state.
    The character variety takes a hit from having to lean on Sonic too hard, and it's about as bad as the predecessor to the series in SEGA Superstars Tennis. Approximately one third of the roster is composed of Sonic characters, but the rest of the cast is a nice sight to behold. A Crazy Taxi rep, in particular, is a perfect fit in this sort of game, and though Golden Axe is given no love whatsoever, it's nice to see something like the Bonanza Bros. here.
    The 360 version of this game boasts the Xbox Avatar (of your console) and Banjo & Kazooie, which is very fitting - two mascots of totally dead series of games (don't get me wrong, they're great to have). The 360 version is the only one to have Banjo & Kazooie, whilst the Wii version replaces the Avatar with a Mii, and the PlayStation 3 version gets nothing special.
    There are 24 courses, the 25th being DLC, and nine (or 10 with DLC) of these are from the Sonic series. Yes, Sonic is in the title of the game, but surely this could just be a title decision. We could very well have appreciated courses from Golden Axe, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Space Channel 5, and other series, but we did not get them. Hell, SEGA Bass Fishing could have had a cool gimmick course.
    The lack of inspiration and gaping hole of what could have been are multiplied threefold when you pry apart the fact that courses are often in soft groups of three; there are three Seaside Hill stages that distinguish themselves by different layouts and names, but they're all Seaside Hill. This happens to be the case for all nine base game Sonic courses and continues for many other sets of courses. Take away two Casino Park courses and turn them into Kingdom Valley or Sky Sanctuary if you had to keep them Sonic-related. We could have had these good courses to represent other series, but we got the same seven or eight courses three times each. Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Super Circuit are the simplest games of their series and they had to struggle with heavily similar courses, but the developers of S&S have failed to learn from an SNES and a GBA title.

    Music & Sound
    There are about four tracks I can think of off the top of my head: the main menu, the shop, the missions menu, and the results music. All of the 40 (+5 with DLC) music tracks are pulled directly from the games they came from, much like SEGA Superstars Tennis. There has been minimal effort in the music department, which doesn't come to much surprise after seeing the courses.
    The voice lines are all taken from previous games too, as far as I could tell. I hated hearing clips taken from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in this game to remind me of the pain I suffered in that game, but it's also just weak overall. Why not get some voice lines that actually match the action on screen? One of Shadow's pre-race lines has him ask why "you" know his name, which I assume is taken from Sonic Heroes, and it obviously doesn't fit here.

    Achievements aren't something I would rate a game on, but since this is TrueAchievements, this is more of a bonus category for me to talk about. They're fine. They require you to complete almost everything, which is good and standard affair, and nothing is too whack in regard to what they ask of you.

    Pros & Cons
    + Characters outside of the Sonic series are good fan service
    + Courses outside of the Sonic series are good fan service
    + Music used is generally good pickings
    + Big the Cat is in the game
    + All-star moves provide more good fan service
    + Achievements promote finishing the game
    + Emphasis on drifting keeps things active
    + SEGA Miles provide a bigger reward feeling to unlocking things
    - Sonic consumes 33% of the game
    - Lost potential in course variety and theming
    - Courses are very samey
    - Items are very blatantly stolen from Mario Kart
    - Doesn't do much aside from drifting to set itself apart
    - Sonic hogs the title to make it two words longer
    - SEGA Miles provide no purpose 2/3 of the way into the required amount
    - Characters that fit in the game have no other representation
    ? Banjo & Kazooie are here for little reason
    ? Strange feeling about how SEGA does nothing but Sonic anymore, and they can't even do that right

    Conclusion & Summary
    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing does what it can to copy a successful franchise, but it doesn't do enough in-house work to fulfill the promises it sets out to make. Numerous assets are pulled from other games and what's unique is triplicated to boost the total of what's here. Would I buy it in college student funds? Sure, if it's on sale. Is it something SEGA fans have to play? Absolutely not. When I get through the two successors to this game, I will forget the first entry has ever existed.