1. Sonic the Fighters Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Sonic the Fighters, a very quick completion which won't take you more than an hour. It's not exactly a complex fighting game, so you likely won't find anyone playing online or finding any montage videos of great plays on YouTube. The one thing keeping this title memorable is the fact that it's so easy to complete achievement-wise, but it did bring a lot of firsts to the franchise, like Amy's signature Piko Piko Hammer, Dr. Eggman's mech, later to be used in Sonic Adventure 2, and so on. The secret character Honey the Cat was even reworked to be used in later SEGA fighting games.

There are three modes to play in. First is Arcade Mode, which will put you through several battles against multiple Sonic series characters as CPU. Most of the achievements are earned in this mode, and you actually don't have to beat the entire thing to get the achievements you need. The second and third modes are offline and online multiplayer, meaning that any of the more miscellaneous achievements that you didn't earn in Arcade Mode can be earned with either a second controller, a second console, or a boosting buddy. The game is backwards compatible, so if you have both a 360 and a One, you can do it that way too. You can, however, earn all twelve achievements with only one controller, getting the non-Arcade-based achievements through Arcade Mode by chance or skill.

Overall, you shouldn't be running into many problems as you progress through the game's achievements.

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