3. Sonic the Fighters Arcade ModeUpdate notes

Once at the main menu, choose Arcade Mode and set the difficulty to Easy. Keep the rounds set to 2 and the time limit at 99 seconds, because two rounds is the minimum and 99 seconds will guarantee that you have enough time to win your match. Raise the attack power to +3 to beat your opponents even easier, and reduce the number of barriers to 1. Barriers are like shields in Super Smash Bros. in a way, so reducing this prevents the opponent from guarding too much.

Choose anyone you feel like for this mode. You'll be able to get through the entire set of battles easily with any character, because mashing cn_A/cn_Y will quickly cut through your opponent's health if the above settings are chosen. There's a secret character named Honey the Cat that you can choose as well, but for another achievement you'll want to choose one of the standard characters. You can check the command list of any character in the cn_back menu, and if you ever lose the required amount of rounds to someone on a stage, you can continue Arcade Mode by pressing cn_start as the timer counts down from 10.

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The story of this game is that Dr. Eggman is attacking Earth with his army of robots from his new space station, the Death Egg II. There's one way up to him, which is Tails' rocket, the Lunar Fox, but it's a single seater. Sonic and his seven friends coincidentally have a total of eight Chaos Emeralds in their possession (contrary to the standard seven that exist), so they figure that a fighting contest would decide which of them would launch into space to stop Eggman from taking over the world.

If you want to see a full run of the Arcade Mode, a video of it has been provided below for you.

Stage 1: South Island

The first stage is against Knuckles, who will barely be attacking you due to being the first opponent on the easiest difficulty. This stage should be a breeze, so you might want to use it to test out some combos and the normal controls for the character you're using.

Stage 2: Flying Carpet

Amy will be using her famous Piko Piko Hammer, which made its first appearance in this game. She won't be able to throw punches due to using her hammer instead, but she can perform a powerful hammer spin and can occasionally shrink you for a little while with another attack. Getting shrunken down will also give you an achievement, so consider yourself a bit lucky that you don't have to use two controllers to get it.

Stage 3: Aurora Icefield

Bark the Polar Bear tends to throw you a lot, but due to his size he's kind of slow, so use that to your advantage. He too won't be much of a challenge to defeat.

Stage 4: Mushroom Hill

Espio the Chameleon will likely use a bunch of different combos on you. If you're playing as someone with a weapon, like Amy, he might even take it from you and hit you with it. This might be the first time you actually lose a round, or even the whole stage, but losing doesn't really have a penalty to it.

Stage 5: Canyon Cruise

Tails is still a step up from [333], but not as hard as Espio was. His fighting strategy is made mostly of picking you up and dropping you from the air, and running behind you so he can hit you from the back. He's not really that hard to beat though; the challenge here is comparable to Stage 3.

Stage 6: Casino Night

[666] has a ranged cork gun attack, and since you haven't faced anyone with a ranged attack so far, he's going to be a huge pain in the butt. Don't forget to make use of your barrier with cn_X whenever he tries to use it on you, and try to stay at close range so he won't use it.

Stage 7: Dynamite Plant

Up next is Bean the Dynamite, who has a bomb attack with a slight range to it. He'll likely be tossing bombs throughout the match as much as he is fighting you normally, but dodging bombs is quite easy. You can naturally just walk forwards, which will result in the bombs landing behind you and put you in a better position to hit Bean, and you can also avoid damage by jumping in the air with the right timing by pressing cn_LSu when the bomb is about to land.

Stage 8: Giant Wing

This is the last round you actually need to start up, as there are no more achievements available further through Arcade Mode. You won't need to finish this round, so if you want to get this game over with, quit out with cn_back.

Sonic generally punches and kicks, which doesn't sound that bad, but his cn_A/cn_Y spamming results in a five-combo punch instead of the usual three for other characters. He might also curve into a ball and smash you into the ground, or even toss you up in the air so he can land more punches on you. Like Espio, he'll also likely steal your weapon if you're using a character that uses one.

Stage 9: Death Egg's Eye

After emerging victorious and obtaining all eight Chaos Emeralds, you'll pilot the Lunar Fox to reach the Death Egg II. Inside the eye of the base is Metal Sonic, from Sonic CD. He's got his signature move from his role in that game, which is a devastating drill attack, where he speeds toward you at incredible speeds. He also sports a laser beam attack, making him the most difficult opponent in the game. Metal Sonic is also known for copying moves, and that also originated from this small title. One of these attacks is Tails' Airplane Drop attack, resulting in this fight understandably being the hardest in the game.

Stage 10: Death Egg's Hangar

The Death Egg II will be set to explode in 30 seconds after Metal Sonic has been defeated, and the platform you fought him on will slowly descend to another floor of the facility. Dr. Eggman will rush in using his mech after 15 seconds, leaving you with only 15 seconds to defeat him. Whichever character you chose will use the eight Chaos Emeralds to go Super, which lets you deal more damage and get the job done. Just bash the heck out of Eggman and you'll soon emerge victorious.

Upon defeating Sonic's arch nemesis, you'll use the Lunar Fox to escape the exploding Death Egg II, but it looks like Metal Sonic and Eggman have also managed to flee the base, and soar off together to make their return.

Along the way to Stage 8, you should have unlocked an achievement for fighting yourself, which happens after Eggman clones you at the start of the stage. The earliest you can get this achievement would be Stage 1, of course, if you chose Knuckles, and at the latest at Stage 8 with Sonic.

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