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Posted on 25 November 17 at 09:56
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With so many licensed properties out there being made into games with low budgets and by people who clearly have no idea what the property is about, including South Park games in the past, it comes as no surprise that most people were cautious to say the least when we heard that a new South Park game was being made. But hearing that Matt Stone and Trey Parker we're going to be involved every step of the way gave us hope for the Stick of Truth.

When the Stick of Truth came out, fans of the show were blown away by the attention to detail, the references that the casual fan would recognize, and the references that probably only the most die-hard fan would catch. It showed us what a licensed property could be properly made into a game. So when Ubisoft announced a sequel we were all expecting an amazing game. And quite frankly, the Fractured but Whole delivers on that promise.

I found myself laughing at the story as I would any episode of the show, as well as the references to past episodes, and even the off-handed and sometimes visual references to the previous game. And rather than just sitting on their laurels, Matt and Trey and the rest of the team at Ubisoft made a stellar game with updates and improvements from the previous entry.

Basically if you would like South Park and/or if you enjoyed the Stick of Truth you will definitely enjoy this game!

Not that the game is without it's flaws. Since I've completed the story I find that the only reason that I want to play the game a second time is because I messed up the difficulty achievement the first time, whereas the first game, I wanted to play it multiple times. I believe that a large part of this is the difference between the two games: how the game handles skills/abilities. In The Stick of Truth you choose a class and play that class, with it's abilities, through the whole game; the clothing/armor and weapon options edit your stats allowing you to customize your character to your play style. If you want to play a different class and try it's abilities, you have to start a new playthrough. This isn't the case in The Fractured But Whole; As you progress through the game, you gain the ability to be "multi class" adding the ability options of another class. This happens multiple times and near the end of the game you are given access to all classes and their abilities. The stat adjustments made by the clothing/armor and weapons have been replaced by "Artifacts" and "DNA", which works well as a super hero character, but this leaves the costume options as purely cosmetic; their only in game use is to work on one of the "Titles" in the Character Sheet for XP; once you've maxed that, it's just collecting them for the people who wish to try and get everything in the game. Of course, I've not found any way to keep track of what I'm missing, if anything, which makes doing that harder.

With that said, I still love the game. Just like it's predecessor, it feels like you're involved with an episode of the show. I just wish that I felt it had as much replay value as The Stick of Truth did for me.
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