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  • DaOverUnderDaOverUnder1,545,203
    12 Jul 2020
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    The Worst Game On Xbox.

    I have played a lot of easy trash for gamerscore in the decade+ of me going for achievements. Never once did my jaw immediately drop at how terrible a game is. This game did that within my first few moments of playing

    Broken Graphics

    The first thing you will notice when loading this game up is how bad it truly looks.

    I'd love to speak about the artistic design, but unfortunately it does not exist. Everything is this game is a hodgepodge of character and enemy designs with no cohesiveness whatsoever.

    Let's talk about the main character -- You are a puke orange square with arms and a leg, with a gaping mouth breathing mouth. That's it. This character is so ugly, it is almost a masterpiece in and of itself -- assuming you were setting out to make the worst character in a video game.

    This character is completely devoid of animations, you will fly in the air as you jump, straight up. If you die there is an animation, you will teleport and fall back lifeless and rigid. It is hard to explain how truly disgusting the few animations this character does have look. It would've been better if they had removed them, which is why I'm assuming he has so few.

    The rest of the game is summarily bland, with the color palette of a Jackson Pollock painting, and with everything having so few polygons you could count them on one hand.

    Sound Design

    The first thing you'll be greated to when you load up the game is the main character doing his obnoxious impression of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison making noises at dinner.

    The music is a five second loop. Which is about all it lasted before I muted my TV so I unfortunately have to leave the rest of this part of the review blank.


    The gameplay for the most part is the only saving grace. By that I mean its not fundamentally broken. When you jump on an enemy they will die due to generous hit-boxes. Same with punching enemies. The double jump is so generous you can practically fly as if you were a super hero.

    This being said, it is not fun, at no point will you ever have something resembling fun playing this game. You just will not hate this game due to frustration while playing through soley for the achievements.

    The best way to describe this game: imagine the a game with a level creator, imagine going to the "new uploads" section and going down that list, that's what the developers did. Haphazardly and randomly placed anything they could anywhere they wanted and called it a day.

    You play all 80 of those levels and you've beaten the game.
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    I agree, really terrible game, gave it 0.5/5
    Posted on 14 Jul 20 at 07:36
  • Morgoth545Morgoth5451,220,607
    03 Nov 2018
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    Title: Spencer
    Publisher: GbR Thomas Claus und Frank Menzel
    Developer: GbR Thomas Claus und Frank Menzel
    Platform: Xbox One
    Release date: October 11, 2018
    Price: £5.38/$6.99
    Completion time: 1-4hrs
    Difficulty: Medium/Difficult

    Spencer is on a quest to try to get his Spaceship working again. In order to work the spaceship you will need to complete 80 Levels which include 5 worlds which holds 16 levels in each world. Like Mario, Spencer is 2D and is a little bit more tricky to manoeuvre . You play as Spencer which is a Sponge looking guy who has limbs. As you progress thorough the game you get upgrades for Spencer. Each world will contain at least 1 upgrade. Once you have all of the upgrades you will be able to: The punch bar will recharge a lot quicker and you will be able to double jump, although you acquire it in the first level.

    There are 10 achievements to obtain and you can’t really miss them because they are level related. This game took me 4hrs to complete and this game does involve a little bit of skill. As you progress though Spencer, you will find the levels getting tricker and tricker as you progress though the worlds. However, you won’t find this game much trouble if you are used to completing lots of levels. I am not use to it because I don’t play 2D level games that much.

    This game is good for occupying you because there is lots to do, however it is repetitive in some sort of way because you are doing 16 Levels in each world for x5.

    In conclusion, I think this game is good to get because of you want that sweet 1K then i suggest you get it but it takes time. Or if you don’t want to spend 1-4hrs on this game then pass it by

    Hope this Helps :)