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  • BonxyBonxy193,767
    30 Dec 2011
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    If you have ever played Cut the Rope and like it, then this game is for you.

    I loved Cut the Rope for iOS and this is just the same type of game made by the same people. Different 'zones' with different missions in each zone.

    Really good game. No lagging or glitches and good achievements.

    I completed this game in about 1-2 hours on my HTC Trophy and enjoyed it a lot.

    Id recommend to anyone any age. Gets your mind working to get some of the difficuilt levels, but some of them are very easy.

    An update bringing some more levels for this game would be nice imo.

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    Saft Und KraftFrom a few reviews on the phone and some other forums this game has some random glitches with stars not being counted. Some got it fixed. Others like me did not. I hope i can figure it out. Thx for review.
    Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 30 Dec 11 at 20:55
    BonxyWell i downloaded it last night at about 8PM (GMT) and had it completed by 10PM (GMT) and there was no glitches at all. It seemed a bit laggy at one point when my phone decided to get a few emails and texts through, other than that it was great.

    Posted by Bonxy on 30 Dec 11 at 22:59
    ljp0390You don't really explain what this game is about. Unless the reader has actually played cut the rope this is not a very good review.
    Posted by ljp0390 on 31 Dec 11 at 21:49
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