2. SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge General hints and tipsUpdate notes

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Before we start the campaign, let's take a look at our heroes and enemies.


SPONGEBOB: He thinks jellyfishing and bubble blowing are the Seabee's knees. Super Power: Invincibility.

PATRICK: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma. Super Power: Ground Slam increases area of effect.

SANDY: One of SpongeBob’s closest friends is Sandy. She’s been ‘round these parts ever Since she moved from Texas! Super Power: Melee attacks produce 2x damage.

MR. KRABS: This deep-sea entrepreneur has worshipped the all mighty dollar for as long as he can remember. Super Power: Collects twice as many sprockets.

SQUIDWARD: He envisions himself a man of the arts, just biding time as a cashier until his big break. Super Power: Gizmos deal 2x damage.


SCOUT: A tiny, round robot that just wanders around aimlessly.

SUPER SCOUT: A larger version of the Scout which is more aggressive and actively chases after the player.

TURRET: Is unable to move, but can shoot lasers.

MORTAR: Shoots bombs instead of lasers.

BUZZBOT: A buzz saw protrudes from the Buzzbot's body, deflecting all melee and gadget attacks as it charges towards the player(s). The only way to defeat one is to ground-pound the green button on its head.

ROCKET-BOT: Will attack by trying to ram into the player(s) at a very high speed, but becomes dizzy after the attack. The attack can be dodged by jumping over the Rocket-Bot.

LANDMINE: Landmines are stationary enemies that self-destruct if you step inside the red circle around them.

FLOATING MINE: Floating Mines float in the air, and only explode if a player makes direct contact with them. Just avoid the red circle.

TAR CANNON: Instead of lasers, shoots sticky tar that can trap the player(s).

ELECTROBOT: They are basically Super Scouts whose bodies are electrified, so they can't be touched at all or else the player will receive damage.

BUZZGUNNER: Basically a Buzzbot that is armed with guns as well as a buzz saw, so it is able to fire lasers as it chases after the player(s).


Gizmos are the weapons you can use: Pickle Blaster, Condiment Cannon, Exploding Pie Launcher, Portable Tartar Sauce, Neptuning Fork, Bubble Gum Blaster and Reef Blower. You have to buy and upgrade all these weapons with every character, but first buy all the Pick Blaster upgrades so you can kill the enemies faster.


The currency in game, these are the items you grab from breaking barrels and killing enemies. Sprockets follow the same color of your current character, so if you are playing with SpongeBob they will be yellow, Pink for Patrick, Brown for Sandy, Green for Squidward and finally red for Mr. Krabs. Always use the Gizmo shop even if you have a few sprockets because if you die you will lose every one that is not stored.


Whenever you start a new area or use the Gizmo shop you can choose another character to use, but bear in mind that all the progress toward upgrading Gizmos has to be done with all characters and they do not share any progress.

Fill your Power Meter by collecting batteries from destroyed robots. Once full you can activate your Super Power with cn_Y. No time to look at your Power Meter…The characters will tell you when they are ready to use their Super Power, just listen for it.

Are there a lot of enemies nearby? You can perform a Ground Slam multiple times in a row to keep the mayhem going after you hit an enemy, just press cn_X again. This move doesn’t work on Turrets and Electrobot types.

Boss Battles have you down? If their eye is open, shoot.

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