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    10 Jan 2010
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    Spongebob's Truth or Square Review:


    You start out with Mr. Krabs giving Spongebob the formula. Now Spongebob obviously ends up losing it. So his friends try to remind him of his happiest moments(which you get to play through) to try to cheer him up so he will remember where he put the formula.

    Difficulty: 5/10
    This game is very easy at the beginning then it progresses to being Slightly difficult. This game was made for children after all so it wont be that hard. It just takes a matter of figuring out puzzles and defeating enemies while you do so.

    Gamplay: 6/10
    This game has pretty basic gameplay. Defeat enemies, press x to attack, a to jump and so on. This game has some puzzles to it but nothing that anyone over 10 years old cant figure out. There are various powerups which either make Spongebob stronger, invincible, or teams up with one of his friends to do some major damage to enemies.

    Graphics: 7.5/10
    The graphics in this game arent the best, but there are just right for a spongebob game. One of the major problems I have is that when Spongebob talks in game, his mouth doesnt move. The robots arent very detailed at all. When you get up close to one you can see the blocky textures. The did a very good job on the level layout. The levels are very pleasing to the eye. With the bright greens in Jellyfish Field to the dark blues and blacks in the Mermalair, this game has the right colours at the right time.

    Multiplayer: 1/10
    The co-op in this game is absolutely terrible. The second player will get to control plankton as he floats beside spongebob. With spongebob moving about and fighting enemies, player 2 will be lucky to even get a shot on an enemy. The cursor will at times be very sensative, and at other times it wont be. I recommend sticking to single player because your friend will just get bored and ask if you can play a different game. Also this game does not support Xbox LIVE multiplayer.

    Achievements: 4/10
    This games achievements arent diffucult at all if you have a guide next to you while you play. They are basically storyline and collectable achievements. If you are looking for a game to boost your gamerscore, this game gives you a pretty easy 400-500 points for 1 playthrough.

    Final thoughts:

    Overall Spongebob's Truth or Square was an enjoyable experience for me since I am a spongbob fan. I recommend this for spongebob fans, parents who have kids from ages 7-11 and achievement junkies. But if your looking for a fun spongebob game, i recommend getting a PS2 and getting Battle for Bikini Bottom.
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    matt08buzzBattle for Bikini Bottom is awesome i love that game wish they would make it for 360.
    Posted by matt08buzz on 16 Feb 11 at 05:14
    TwistAwesome review dude. Totally right on the PS2 Battle for Bikini Bottom :P
    Posted by Twist on 26 Nov 11 at 11:43
    GsO LightLove how the storyline incorporates classic episodes!
    Posted by GsO Light on 29 Jun 16 at 19:03
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    Totally Completed SpongeBob SquarePants: Truth or Square today. Achievements and everything.

    I'm a big SponegBob fan so my gf bought me the game for Christmas. Played it sporadically and she was getting on my case about it so thought I'd get stuck into it.

    No, it's not going to win any GotY awards obviously, but it's good simple fun, and as a fan it really made me chuckle at times and was nice to play something different and more relaxing.

    The graphics are OK, and the characters are recreated fairly faithfully and at least have the 'real' voices which adds a nice air of authenticity. Great little one-liners from the characters kept me amused throughout.

    The game play is a simple platform affair with SpongeBob having a few means of attack and some fun power-ups to use every now and then.

    The co-op element is the worst part of the game. Totally pointless and shouldn't have been included.

    If you're a fan then you'll have a blast playing it, anyone else isn't really going to like it all.