1. SpongeBob's Truth or Square Walkthrough overview

Welcome to Spongebob's wonderful world!

This game is close to the TV series and anyone knowing the series might find some things which are familiar, except for the characters. Basically your target is to make Spongebob happy so he can remember where he put the secret crabby patty formula and therefore he has to remember some moments in his life which made him happy.

The game is a quite easy 1000g in my opinion and won't take long to complete. If you follow my guide, you won't have any issues to complete it in the minimum time. I will give as detailed information as possible. However, I have to mention here that the soundtrack can get annoying (not to mention the voices of Spongebob and Patrick) so I recommend to play with the tone muted.

With that said, let´s make Spongebob happy!

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