2. SpongeBob's Truth or Square General hints and tips

There are a few things that are helpful to know:

Every happiness coin you collect sticks with you, even if you die. However, you have to either hit a checkpoint or finish the level to keep the coins.

Each level has to be replayed twice since the Tiki Challenges only unlock when you finished the level once.

Although you have a large variety of attacks, the best attack in the game is the spin attack. It interrupts enemies spinning AND deals damage with an area of effect. However, this attack has a short cool down which might result in hammer bots hitting or killing you. Make sure to concentrate ALWAYS on the hammer bots first before you take out other enemies to prevent this happening. NEVER use the shot against the spinning enemies, they will reflect it and damage you!

There is only a limited variety of enemies, so there are not too many tactics to follow. However, getting close is ALWAYS the key to success.

When you find power coins (especially the muscle pants) make sure to activate & keep them as long as you can. Especially the muscle pants as they make your life significantly easier when utilized, so keep that in mind when you touch them.

One hit ends the super pants but normal attacks don't disrupt any other coin powers, so use that to your advantage.

There are 3 different Tikis scattered through the game, which are Plankton (smashable through every attack), Squidward (only with super pants) and cats (explode when hit AND self-destruct when touched, handle with care!).

Tiki Challenges look like tutorial statues but they glow a little bit and have a deeper colour than the tutorial tips. Be on the lookout; it's better to activate one tool tip too many than to miss a challenge.

There are only 3 kinds of Tiki Challenges: destroy enemies, destroy targets or collect coins. Since these are always easy and straight forward, I won't go into detail on them. Use the tools you have at hand and you should succeed first try at every challenge.

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