Spyglass Board Games Reviews

  • Doctor FlatlineDoctor Flatline368,080
    05 Jul 2010 05 Jul 2010
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    Spyglass Board Games is not a bad deal for five dollars. You get four games that can be played in single player or over Xbox Live, but unfortunately there's no local multiplayer-


    How much fun you have with this game obviously depends on how much you like these four games. I've heard a lot of players say they bought this just for Chess, but have since switched to Chessmaster Live.. I enjoy all four of the games, but I was already familiar with all four of them before I bought this unlike some folks.

    My favorite aspect of the gameplay is the ability to quick switch between all four games on the fly in both single player and in player matches online. Meaning you can be in the middle of each of the games and just change to one of the others if you get bored with it. This can be a problem online if you are playing with a stranger who decides they want to continuously switch the game type. But that problem can be fixed by only playing ranked matches, if you can find anyone.

    Other than being able to use the vision camera for Xbox Live matches, there aren't really any extras in this game. No challenges or tutorials or anything else to keep you interested unless you are just a fan of these games. However, I still recommend it based on the fact you get four games for 400 MS points. You will get your money's worth, especially if you have a friend you can play these games with over Live.

    And because of the lack of players still left online in this game, it is feasible to hook up with a boosting partner and knock out these achievements in an hour or two.
  • NeonCthulhuCultNeonCthulhuCult185,923
    26 Jun 2012
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    It is what It is....
    1.For 400 msp you can not beat that AT ALL
    2. Yea it will lose points for no local-multi but thats got a be a vast microsoft conspiracy holding them back for some odd reason.. chessmaster live maybe? Avatar Chess perhaps down the pipeline?
    3. All 4 games will run you prob $20.00 total in all at Wal-mart (unless you wanna make a ghetto board by yourself)
    4. Reversi aka Othello and Mancala are !Definitely! the UNSUNG heroes here and very enjoyable. These are lost games by todays standard and was a staple of every kids boring saturday afternoon in the late 70's early to mid 80's.
    Thanks for reading
    15 Jul 2016
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    I played the spyglass board games for years and got pretty good at the game too lately o cannot find any one who is playing the game any more .. i wish i can find some one who i can play them again . i will collage any one to a game ?? i like all the games in spyglass board games the game is great and fun to play with others . great fun and its to bad its not on the new xbox one system i think its would be a great game for that system . you can play

    chess ,,,, checkers ,,,. Chinese checkers ,,laugh these are just a few very fun games you can play from this game ..

    it a very fun game and i will be pleased it someone want to team up with me to play to see if you anything good happy playing your games good luck

    night for hawk laugh