4. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro the Dragon - Peace Keepers

Homeworld 2: Peace Keepers

Gems: 200

Dragons: 3

Eggs: 1

Skill Points: 1

Fodder: Rabbits

Head forward from the quay the balloon drops you on, and free Titan (Dragon 17/80). He'll explain you need to focus on collecting treasure to unlock the next Homeworld. Flame the Foot Soldier (blue Gem) at the far end of the room, and exit through the door to your left into the main part of this homeworld. From this point, the level is basically a circle, which we'll progress around in a generally clockwise direction (to the left of this doorway).

Take out another Foot Soldier (green Gem) directly in front of you, then veer right and flame the Cannon Patrol Gnorc (blue Gem before collecting two red Gems on the ground at the edge of the sludge (14/200). Turn back around and head back into the level (going clockwise around the map again).

Collect the three red Gems in a line in front of you, and follow their path to see two more Cannon Patrol Gnorcs (two blues) manning their cannons. Take them out, then head towards the Dry Canyon portal to the left of the cannons, collecting two red Gems on the ground and the Chests (blue and two greens). Head further into the level, and you'll encounter a group of four Foot Soldiers; Flame or Charge the nearest one to make the other three flee into their tents. You can get another Skill Point if you make three more Gnorcs flee into their tents. Once these Gnorcs are inside, Flame the tents and defeat all the Gnorcs (three green and one blue, 49/200).

Collect two red Gems and one green Gem on the ground nearby, then head past the Cliff Town portal and towards three more Foot Soldiers. These should also flee into their tents, netting you Skill Point 4/14 (Scare 6 Gnorcs into tents). Flame the tents and defeat them too (blue and two green). Head from there towards the Balloonist and destroy the Spring Chests nearby (blue and green). There is a 1-up Chest at the opposite side of the pool to Gosnold the Balloonist.

Free Magnus nearby (Dragon 18/80), then head down the ramp into the tunnel behind him and collect seven red Gems (76/200 Gems) on the right side of the tunnel which leads to the Ice Cavern portal. Head back out, and flame the two nearby tents in front of you. Two Foot Soldiers should have fled into them: DO NOT defeat them yet though! Instead, head to the cannon behind them (further into the level away from Magnus), defeat the Cannon Patrol Gnorc (blue Gem) and push into the cannon so that it is turned to face one of the Soldiers you just revealed. Wait until they turn around and start showing their backside, then Flame the cannon to fire it and kill them, and you'll unlock:

S1 | Shoot the Moon

Peace Keepers: Use a cannon to dispatch a taunting Gnorc

S1 | Shoot the Moon
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If you did happen to defeat the Foot Soldiers without using the cannon, don't despair - they will respawn every time you re-enter the level, and can be defeated at any time in the manner described above.

Whilst still by the cannon, move it counter-clockwise to face and fire at the two Strong Chests near here (one is on the small island nearby, further into the level; the second is on the larger island near the Doctor Shemp portal). Do the same with the large rock column with the red target on it also, then jump off to collect the Gems dropped by the Gnorcs in the tents (green and blue).

Jump to the small island where the first Strong Chest was and collect one red and two green Gems, then jump again to the island with the Doctor Shemp portal, collecting the Gems from the second Strong Chest (one green, three red) and the three Chests (three blue). Head away from the portal towards the rock wall that surrounds the level, and jump across to collect three red Gems and two Spring Chests (two greens) on the ground near the edge of this section (120/200).

Jump back to the island with the Doctor Shemp portal, then onto the platform that had the column with the target on it. From here, you should see the platform it was hiding with the Night Flight portal. Jump over to it and flame another Foot Soldier Gnorc (blue Gem) as you land, then collect a blue and two green Gems, plus the two Spring Chests (two blue, 144/200).

Jump back to the platform that had the rock column on it, then jump to your right to the new section of the level. Jump to the platform sticking out of the sludge here that has three green Gems on it, then jump back. Turn around and head into the section in the distance where you can see a Dragon (away from the Night Flight portal), then collect the three red Gems here and free Gunnar (Dragon 19/80). Make your way around the sludge pool behind him to collect the Golden Key and the Chests (four blue Gems, 173/200). Next, chase the Egg Thief around the pool as best you can without falling into it and Flame him to collect Dragon Egg 3/12.

Now head out of this area and you should see a large rock formation that forms a ramp jutting out into the sludge. Walk up to the top of it, then glide off it to the small platform with a door ahead. Walk through the door to find a cave with more Spring Chests (one green and three blue), and the Strong Chest you have the key for (two red and four green, 200/200). With the level now 100% complete, head back out the cave and glide to your left to return to the start of the level. Head past the cannons and enter the Dry Canyon portal.

Dry Canyon

Gems: 400

Dragons: 4

Eggs: 1

Skill Points: 0

Fodder: Rabbits

This first area is a loop with a few enemies and an Egg Thief who runs around it. To begin, Flame the Fanning Chest (gold Gem), then turn around and follow the narrow path past the sludge pool. You'll find a larger area with six Chests (blue and five green Gems) and two Gnorc Musketeers (two green Gems): Charge them if they have their shield up, or flame them if they don't, to defeat them.

Follow the taunting Egg Thief back to the main area, and take out two more Gnorc Musketeers (green and blue) as you veer right back to the starting area. Pick up three green and one red Gem loose on the ground, take out another Gnorc Musketeer (green), then get the Spring Chest (gold) and three Treasure Chests (blue and two golds) behind him (80/400). Chase after the Egg Thief now, and you should be able to catch him around the area you first spotted him in (Dragon Egg 4/12).

Now head onwards through the level in the direction of another dragon and collect the three Spring Chests against the left wall (three greens). Take out another Musketeer (green Gem), then jump onto the small raised platform to free Conan (Dragon 20/80).

Jump down and head onwards again. Jump over the small sludge river, charge the Gnorc Musketeer (gold Gem), then approach the first Vulture in front of you. Vultures fly off the posts they are perched on to try and attack you. Whilst they can be defeated by your Flame attack, you need to Charge one of them for an achievement. Get this Vulture to fly towards you and try and Charge it, either when it is close to the ground or by jumping in the middle of your Charge, and you'll unlock:

S1 | Bird Brained

Dry Canyon: Charge a Vulture

S1 | Bird Brained
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If not, there's another Vulture here and more throughout the level to try again. Defeat both Vultures (blue and gold Gem) as well as the Bird Wrangler (gold) - Flame him before he can hit you with the Vulture he's holding. Collect the two green and four red Gems here as well (132/400).

Jump up the stairs and take out another Musketeer (gold Gem), then jump up the small platform to your left to free Boris (Dragon 21/80). Walk past him up the slope behind him. You should see a ledge to your left with an arch flanked by two towers; glide down to it. Follow the path to the top, collecting four red Gems, a Spring Chest (blue) and defeating another Gnorc Musketeer (blue) on the way. From the left edge of ledge, jump off and glide further around to the left, following the rock wall. You should land on a platform below a curving slope. Jump up onto it and follow it to collect four red Gems (160/400), then free Maximos (Dragon 22/80) and collect the Golden Key by him.

Turn around from where the Dragon was and glide to the large tower ahead with the Return Home transporter on it. Take out the two Musketeers (blue and gold) and smash the four Metal Chests (two greens and two blues). On the opposite side of the tower to the platform that Maximos was on, you should see a platform with a Fanning Chest on it. Glide to it and destroy it too (blue Gem).

Drop down now and you'll be back in the starting area. Retrace your steps to where you freed Conan back at the small sludge river again. This time, jump to the far left, against the outer wall of the level, and jump up the rocky stairway. Defeat the Musketeer (green Gem) at the top and collect the two green Gems behind him (200/400). Glide to the large platform ahead of you with two grey towers and drop down between the towers into a tunnel.

Collect the Spring Chests (blue and two greens), then defeat a Bird Wrangler (green) and the Three (Gnorc) Musketeers (three greens) behind him. Collect the three greens and four reds near here as you enter the next area (227/400).

Clear out the enemies on the ground level in front of and to the left of the castle here. You'll encounter four Vultures (four greens), two Bird Wranglers (two blues) and a Musketeer (blue Gem), plus three loose green Gems. Go back and enter the castle to collect five loose red Gems and free Ivor (Dragon 23/80). Exit and head to your left to encounter another two Vultures (green and blue) and a Bird Wrangler (blue). Grab two green Gems on the level below you, then start climbing the ascending platforms, collecting six red Gems on the way (283/400).

At the top, jump up onto the castle roof and collect one loose red Gem and the two Chests (two greens), then walk to the edge facing the tunnel you entered through. You will see a small platform with a 1-Up Chest and a green and red Gem; glide to it and collect them all. Drop back to the ground and head back up to the castle roof. This time, go to the left (if you are on the roof facing the tunnel you entered through) and glide to a ledge with an Explosive Chest (it looks like a box of firecrackers). Flame it, and retreat to a safe distance to watch it explode, then glide back to collect its Gems (green, blue and three reds).

Now jump up to the highest platform in this section to flame another Explosive Chest (five red Gems). Once you've collected them, line yourself up with the large platform in the distance and glide over to it. Make sure you press cn_A at the very top of your jump to make it safely. Collect all of the Gems from the Chests, Fanning Chests and the Strong Chest (gold, three greens and five blues, 347/400), then glide back to the main area. Return to the roof of the castle, and glide back to the ledge that had the first Explosive Chest on it.

Jump back up the platforms, but this time, head right and collect the Metal Chests here (three greens). Drop down and you'll be back near where you freed Boris. Defeat the two Vultures (two blue Gems) and the Bird Wrangler (purple Gem worth 25!) here before collecting the 1-Up Chest and the six loose green Gems, four of which are on the walkway leading to the Return Home Transporter (400/400). That's the level 100% complete, so jump in the transporter to return to the Peacekeepers Homeworld.

Take out some of the Foot Soldiers if you want to get some more pearls, then enter the Cliff Town portal nearby.

Cliff Town

Gems: 400

Dragons: 3

Eggs: 1

Skill Points: 0

Fodder: Lizards

After you land, turn around and flame the Treasure Chest (green Gem) behind you, then charge the Pueblo (green). Before crossing the bridge, follow the wall of the building you start in around to the left, then to the right, to collect two red Gems on each side. Now head across the bridge and charge another Pueblo (green Gem), then flame the Fat Lady (blue Gem) and her cooking pot (blue). Collect the three red Gems near the edge here, then turn around and head towards the two buildings and flame the Treasure Chest behind the building on the right (green Gem, 25/400).

Heading further into the level from here, you'll see a second bridge. Head to the left of the bridge on this side of the gap around another building to find two red Gems. Head right of the bridge to Flame another Fat Lady and her cooking pot (green and red) and a Treasure Chest (blue). From the cooking pot, turn around to face the starting area and head towards the building that's blocking your view of the level's start, jumping up to collect the blue Gem on the platform. Jump up again to the roof and collect three reds and the Treasure Chest (blue, 48/400).

Cross the second bridge, charging the Pueblos on it (green and blue), then make a loop around the building in front of you for three reds and another Treasure Chest (blue) on the other side. You'll also run into an Egg Thief who laps around this building. Stay as close to the building as possible while continuing to Charge after him, and you'll eventually catch up and collect Dragon Egg 5/12. Now free the dragon you will have seen while pursuing the Egg Thief: Halvor (Dragon 24/80).

Head further forward from Halvor's spot, to the left of a building, to find another two Pueblos (green and blue Gem) to defeat. Head to the left to find three green Gems near the edge of the giant sludge river, then turn around. As you head back the way you came, follow the left wall into an alley with two Treasure Chests (two blue Gems). Head forwards past that the way you were going and you'll find another alley on your left with a 1-Up Chest. Head forwards past that again and Charge into another two Pueblos (green and blue) and find two loose blues (103/400 Gems) near the small stone square.

Use this to jump up onto the long platform with enemies ahead. Through this next part, you'll be jumping and gliding up levels that zigzag upwards. On the first level, you'll find a Fat Lady and her cooking pot (two blues) before a gap. Head over it for another Fat Lady and cooking pot (gold and green Gem) and a Treasure Chest (blue). Follow the curving ramp up to the second level for four reds.

The second level has a Pueblo (green) and a Treasure Chest (blue), a bridge with a blue carpet on which you'll be Charged by another Pueblo (blue Gem), a larger section with another Fat Lady and her cooking pot (blue and red), a raised platform with two Treasure Chests and two Metal Chests (four blues), a second blue-carpeted bridge which passes a Strong Chest which we can't open yet, and finally, a staircase curving upwards to the left with three reds at its foot (175/400).

At the top of the stairs, on the final level, there are two Fat Ladies with their cooking pots (two greens and two blues) and Enzo (Dragon 25/80). Once you free him, head up the slope towards the Return Home portal, around which you'll find two Treasure Chests (blue and gold), three Metal Chests (gold and two blues), and two loose green Gems (228/400).

From Enzo's location, turn to face the starting point of the level. Below you, you'll see two buildings with Treasure Chests on the roofs: Glide to the higher level of the two-tiered building which is closest to you, and Flame the Firework here; it will break the Strong Chest from earlier. Then, glide to the other building on your level and collect two gold Gems from the two Treasure Chests on the roof, before gliding back to the lower level of the first building to break into another Treasure Chest (gold Gem).

You'll now need to return to the Strong Chest destroyed by the Firework on the second level, either by following the same route up from the ground, or using the Whirlwind that has now appeared in the alley where the 1-Up Chest was (this takes you up to where you freed Enzo, so you'll have to drop down a level). The Strong Chest contains two gold Gems, two green, and one red (283/400).

Return to where you freed Enzo and face the starting point of the level again, but this time, glide to the right, across the sludge river to where you can see several Vultures. In this wide-open section, you MUST NOT charge any of the seven vultures here: you have to Flame them all instead for this level's achievement. If you do Charge one by mistake, you'll need to quit the level and return later to try again.

From where you land, head left towards a cactus by a cliff wall to find a blue and gold Gem. Then head to the right to Flame a Vulture (blue Gem), then head forward and around to the left to collect two loose green Gems. Flame two more Vultures (green and blue). You'll find another loose green Gem in the shadow of the tower to the left, then another Vulture (green) off by itself to the right with another green Gem by it. There's one more green in the middle of the final three Vultures (green and two blues), and a final green next to the perch of the vulture closest to the nearby Dragon (336/400). If you flamed all the Vultures, you'll unlock:

S1 | Birds of a Feather

Cliff Town: Flame every Vulture in the level

S1 | Birds of a Feather
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Now get that last Dragon, Marco (Dragon 26/80). The loose Gems in this section can be easy to miss, so use Sparx to point you towards them if you need to by clicking cn_LS.

A convenient Whirlwind will now appear to return you to Marco's location from the start of the level. Head to the edge here, and look down by the Whirlwind to see a green and blue Gem loose on the roof of a building below: drop off to collect them, then get into the Whirlwind to head back up. Next, glide over to the lower section of the roof of the building with two Treasure Chests on it (two gold Gems), then return to Marco's location via the Whirlwind.

Staying on this level, head along the cliff edge towards the starting building to find two green Gems. From here, you'll see a gap between the starting building and a tower connected to it; glide through this small gap to land on a narrow strip of land behind the starting building with eight loose red Gem, and a Metal Chest (purple, 400/400). Now head back through the level to get to the Return Home transporter near where Enzo was and take it back to the Homeworld.

From where you exit the portal, head over to the left towards Gosnold the Balloonist and head down the tunnel to his right to enter the Ice Cavern portal.

Ice Cavern

Gems: 400

Dragons: 5

Eggs: 0

Skill Points: 0

Fodder: Bats

This level is more or less a circle that you'll move around clockwise as you progress. From your starting point, collect the three loose red Gems and the Spring Chest (blue) on the bridge and hexagonal platform to the right, then double back and go behind where you start to collect three loose green Gems. Head to the left of where you started and drop down to flame a Snow Gnorc (blue Gem), then collect four loose red Gems behind him. As you collect the second pair of the red Gems, a Snowball Trooper will emerge to attack you in the gap between the two short towers; take care of him quickly (green Gem).

Continue on, making sure to collect another loose green Gem just behind the left tower, then flame the Snow Gnorc (green Gem) and collect the three loose red Gems around the level's first dragon, Ulric (Dragon 27/80). Continue on to your right, collecting a blue Gem and a red Gem, then jump over to the window ledge to collect a gold Gem. Drop down to collect a green and four reds and, defeat a Snowball Trooper (green and blue), then collect the rest of the Gems in this area: three Metal Chests (three greens), two Treasure Chests (two greens), and three more reds (74/400).

Continuing on, you'll collect two loose red Gems in the doorway of the next room. On the ground level, this room has one green and four red Gems loose, a Snow Gnorc (blue Gem) in the middle of the room and another Dragon, Todor (Dragon 28/80). Behind his location, you'll see two red Gems on top of poles. You have to carefully Charge into the poles to knock the Gems down for collection. Finally, grab a single red Gem in the exit doorway.

Before you exit, turn around and head back to where you entered the room. Jump up onto the icy triangular ledge by the platform and up to the two Treasure Chests (two blues). Turn to face where Todor was, then glide across to the next platform with three Metal Chests (three blues). Finally, turn to the right to glide out onto a bridge leading to a large circular platform with six loose red Gems, a Strong Chest, and a loose green Gem (120/400). From where the green Gem was, glide out across the cavern to a platform down below with two loose red Gems and the Key for the Strong Chest. You can press Y to stop your glide and drop onto the platform if you feel like you'll glide too far.

From the platform, glide to the main path ahead of you. We'll now head counter-clockwise through the level back to the Strong Chest. On the platform on which you've just landed, there will be two Treasure Chests (green and gold Gem). Head right, picking up four loose reds, then, ignoring the Snow Gnorc here for now, turn left into a corridor with two loose red Gems and Andor (Dragon 29/80) in the next room. Defeat the Snow Gnorc (blue Gem) in the middle of the room, then collect two Metal Chests (green and red), the green Spring Chest, and the green, blue and three reds (160/400).

Jump up the stairs on the left of the room and follow them out into a cave. You'll be on a circular platform with two greens, three reds and a Snow Trooper (red). Collect these, then defeat the Snow Gnorc (green) on the bridge and break open the Treasure Chest (blue) on the other side. Head to the left here while staying out of reach of the Armored Gnorc. Once you're lined up with him between you and the abyss, Charge him so that he falls off the edge (gold Gem).

Collect the Metal Chest (green) next to where he was, then continue up the stairs opposite to where you entered, collecting two loose red Gems on the way. At the top, follow the wall around to the right to collect two loose red Gems and a Treasure Chest (blue Gem).

Continue back along the path into the room where you freed Todor. Jump back up onto the higher platforms, and head back out onto the circular platform that has the Strong Chest on it. Open it with the key (gold and four blues, 226/400). Glide back to the platform where the key was, and then back to the main path to continue with the level.

Defeat the Snow Gnorc (green Gem) you previously ignored, and collect the green and four reds behind him. Defeat the Snowball Trooper (green) who circles the column here, then collect the two Treasure Chests to the left (two greens). Continue along a curvy ice bridge, collecting five greens, then defeat another Trooper (red Gem). Now you want to jump along the walls on the edge of this platform, onto the shorter one with a gold Gem first and then following them around to the right to collect another three greens.

At the end, jump ahead to the higher ice cave with a Treasure Chest (blue Gem). Continue forward to charge another Armored Gnorc (blue) into the abyss, collecting two loose green Gems and a Treasure Chest (green Gem) by where he was (283/400). Head to the right from here, collecting two loose reds and a Chest (green).

You'll see the first Skiing Gnorc up ahead; there are three of these on the level and you need to defeat them all for an achievement. Take out the first Skiing Gnorc 1/3 (green Gem), and continue forward and to the left to charge another Armoured Gnorc (gold) into the abyss, then collect the two reds and two Metal Chests (green and blue, 308/400).

Proceed further into the cave, knocking a green and a red Gem off the poles to your left with a Charge (be careful not to accidentally Charge off the edge!), then take out the next Skiing Gnorc 2/3 (green Gem) that will approach you. Head around to the other side of the hole in the floor here to collect two reds, a Chest (green) and another red and gold on the poles. Next, head towards the small building in front of you to defeat a Snow Gnorc (green) and the last Skiing Gnorc 3/3 (blue, 335/400), and you'll unlock:

S1 | Triathlon

Ice Cavern: Defeat all three Skiing Gnorcs

S1 | Triathlon
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There are three loose green Gems and a blue around the building to collect. When you have them, jump up the platforms behind the building and continue along the path to Charge another Armored Gnorc (blue) off the edge and collect a lone green. Head to the right and collect three more reds, defeat another Trooper (green), collect the three Treasure Chests (blue and two greens, 367/400) and free Ragnar (Dragon 30/80).

Pick up the last loose red Gem here, and drop off the ledge past it to end up in a final room. Take out the two Gnorcs (two blues), and collect the 1-Up Chest and all the Gems in this room: a green Spring Chest, a Metal Chest (blue) with three loose Gems behind it, two Treasure Chests (two reds), two reds loose on a ledge and one more red near where the first Snow Gnorc was. Exit this room near this point to see the Return Home vortex in front of you, along with four Treasure Chests (one red and three greens, 400/400) and the final dragon, Asher (Dragon 31/80). With the level now complete, jump into the vortex to return to the Peace Keepers Homeworld.

Back in the Homeworld, run up the ramp and jump over to the Doctor Shemp portal, then onto the taller platform to its right and head right from there into the Night Flight portal.

Night Flight

Gems: 300

Dragons: 0

Eggs: 0

Skill Points: 0

Fodder: N/A

In this second Flight Level, I found the simplest path here was to collect the Rings, the Chests, the Arches, and the Lights in that order.

As you start, go through the Rings straight ahead of you and follow them through a tunnel and out the other side. After the last ring, straight ahead will be the first Chests. Flame the first two, then aim upwards and quickly press cn_A to flap yourself up to the third chest. Using cn_A to flap up in this way comes in very useful for these levels. Now head left from that chest and get the fourth chest on your level, then dive down to the right for the fifth one, back up for the sixth one, slightly down for the seventh and flap back up to reach the final eighth chest.

You'll see the first Arch down to your left. Dive down to it and follow them around, flapping as you need to. After the fifth one, you have to dive down to the right to make it through the sixth one, being careful not to hit the water, then flap back up after the seventh Arch for the final one. Lastly is the Lights which you also need to Flame; head left from the last Arch to see the first Light and the second one beyond it. Turn left from that one to find the third Light, then head right and follow the edge of the mountain to find the next three Lights. Head directly left from the sixth over the roof for the seventh and left from that for the final Light with a couple of seconds to spare. That will get you the All in One bonus and all 300/300 Gems.

If you're struggling, it is possible to shave some seconds off by flaming a few of the Lights in between Arches, but this can be quite difficult and you don't have to do this to finish in time.

Once you have completed the All in One, and don't need to worry about time, hit 'Retry' to get back into the level. You now need to find and Flame the three direction fairies on this level holding neon arrow signs to direct you. They won't appear until you get close to them, though, making finding them a bit tricky unless you know where they are.

From the start of the level, head through the rings again and after the last one, turn back around to head towards the tunnel you just exited from. To the left of it, you'll see the first Direction Fairy 1/3 to Flame. Turn around again and follow the path of the Chests. After the third Chest, the second Direction Fairy 2/3 will appear directly ahead of you. Flame it and continue following the path of the Chests. Past the final one, head past the Light by the roof (the seventh one you collected) on its left-hand side; the final Direction Fairy 3/3 will appear on the other side. Flame this one and you'll unlock:

S1 | Hot Wings 1

Night Flight: Flame all of the Direction Fairies

S1 | Hot Wings 1
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Now crash into the water and select 'Quit' to return to the Homeworld.

Back there, carefully jump down the platforms ahead and enter the portal to your left to confront Doctor Shemp.

Boss: Doctor Shemp

Gems: 300

Dragons: 1

Eggs: 0

Skill Points: 1

Fodder: None

Our journey through the Peace Keepers' realm concludes with a battle against the second boss, Doctor Shemp. From the start of the level, collect the two Metal Chests to your left (two blues), then head forward to confront a Fat Lady (blue Gem) and a Kamikaze Tribesman (green). The latter enemy can be charged, but if you simply dodge them, he will crash or run off the cliff edge, leaving his Gem behind. The Gems they dropped this way always warped over to me, making me automatically pick them up, but in case this doesn't happen, do make sure to go back for them.

Once both are defeated, jump up two platforms on the left to collect a green and blue Gem and a Treasure Chest (gold). Continue forwards and defeat another Kamikaze Tribesman and Fat Lady (blue and green), then another two Tribesman (green and blue) and a Fat Lady (blue Gem). There are also two green Gems and a Treasure Chest (gold) on the cliff edge, and a platform to jump up to on the left (if you face further into the level) with two blue Spring Chests (77/300).

Head onwards through the level and you'll see a narrow passage with three blue Gems in the middle of it. Charge through here to take out two Tribesmen (two blues). There will also be another Fat Lady (blue Gem). You'll then be confronted by three Kamikaze Tribesman (blue and two greens) and another Fat Lady (green Gem, 118/300). Head to the right of the tower in front of you to defeat yet another Fat Lady (gold,) then head behind the tower to find a green and two blues at the base of a Whirlwind.

Take this Whirlwind up to a platform with a green and three blues, then glide towards a rock platform in the distance to your left with a purple Gem on it. Glide back down to the left from here onto the platform with two green Gems and a Key on it (186/300). From here, go to the nearby Whirlwind (not the one behind the tower) to proceed forwards.

Head forward down the passage to collect three red Gems and free Trondo (Dragon 32/80), who will give you a hint on defeating Shemp. Collect a gold Gem from the Treasure Chest next to him, then jump up onto the platform on which the Doctor waits.

Just a heads-up that there's a Skill Point here for defeating this boss without getting hit, and there will be for all but one of the remaining bosses in fact. If he does hit you, you can reload back into the level and try again later. On three successive platforms, the Doctor will attack you with different patterns each time. You have to dodge his attacks until his back is exposed and Flame it to damage him.

On the first platform, he basically charges at you mindlessly. Dodge out of his way (the roll is useful here), then get around behind him and flame his back (blue Gem, 204/300). Pursue him to the second platform. This time, when you get close, he'll swing his staff around in a circle before slamming it down for an overhead attack. As he's swinging his staff, he'll expose his back to you again; Flame him when this happens (gold Gem.)

Now follow him to the final platform. Here, he swings his staff in a circle again, but along the ground to hit you this time; jump as you see him start the attack, then Flame him as his back turns to you once more, defeating him for good (five blues). If you managed not to get hit, you will also unlock Skill Point 5/14 (Perfect).

Head across the newly unfolded bridge to collect three Metal Chests (three blues), two greens and a Treasure Chest (blue), then drop down behind the Treasure Chest to a platform with a Strong Chest on it. Open it with the Key you collected earlier (purple, 288/300) and you'll unlock:

S1 | What's in the Box?

Dr. Shemp: Unlock the Strong Chest

S1 | What's in the Box?
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From here, drop/glide down to the lower platform ahead which you might have seen earlier with two Metal Chests (green and blue), then proceed through the tunnel here and jump the gap to defeat the Fat Lady (blue Gem, 300/300) from earlier in the level. That's everything done here, so quickly run back through the level to the Return Home transporter to head to the Homeworld.

Once back, face away from the portal and you should be able to see the balloonist off in the distance slightly to the left. Head over and talk to him; you'll have far more than the 1200 Gems needed to progress to the next Homeworld, Magic Crafters, so go there now. Another world down!

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