Stacking Reviews

  • iksolokosiksolokos156,644
    04 Jun 2011
    22 2 6
    Stacking is probably unlike anything you've ever played before. You take control of Charlie Blackmore, the world's smallest Matryoshka doll, in an adventure to save your family from "The Baron" an evil corporate executive that is kidnapping children and using them for free labor. The gameplay is filled with puzzles that you must solve that can have between one and six different solutions to them. The game's hint system is almost too helpful, because your third and final hint pretty much tells you exactly what to do.

    The game looks great. The graphics are very good for an arcade title, but I think the cutscenes were my most favorite part. They're told in a silent film style, where you see the various characters moving about and shaking their heads or bodies, and then what was said pops up on screen, etc. It was an interesting and unique way to tie in the history and backstory of Matryoshka dolls into the game.

    There are three "plot missions" That take you on different forms of transportation, and on each you must use other dolls to solve puzzles. For example, using Merriweather Malador's flatulate ability, you must evacuate the Royal Lounge in the train station. There are many different abilities, like A Proper Uppercut, Deliver Justice, and, one of my favorites, "Poot."

    Main missions aside, each level has between 18-24 "unique dolls" to collect and find. While you may see dozens of bullies and old ladies, you'll only see Hans Ollendorf in certain levels. Also, you have quite a few "Hi-Jinks" you can complete in each level, which require using certain dolls abilities on other dolls. Perhaps it asks you to scare five child dolls with a clown, or get five dolls made-over on the cruise. Each level is relatively short if you only complete each challenge once and don't attempt any Hi-Jinks or look for unique dolls. Although, you can spend a few hours in each level if you decide you want to hunt down a unique doll or fart on a few people to complete a Hi-Jinks.

    Even with the "Lost Hobo King" DLC mission, the game can still be completed in one day, which is disappointing when you see the $15 price tag. The achievements are not difficult either, as most of them just require you to complete all Hi-Jinks and collect all unique dolls.

    Stacking is fun, enjoyable game that is perfect for when you want to kick back, relax, and have some fun. However, considering how brief the game is, $15 is a little pricy for it. This would probably be a better buy if it was on sale. Hold off on this one until you see it a bit cheaper.
  • TenloTenlo678,962
    26 Jul 2011
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    Puzzler reminiscent of the old point n click system where you have to find the right item to solve the problem

    Graphics were quite impressive. I often caught myself wondering if the dolls were actually scanned in images rather than CG. The cutscenes are all presented in the form of a stage play filmed on old fashioned film circa 1920's. This gives it a very quirky and original feel.

    Sound and music were very well done. Classical background music mainly with Chopin pieces as well. Often you didn't realise the music was playing as it blended into the game so well, which I always find is a good point.

    Difficulty: Medium difficulty at best, but it depends on how many of the in-game hints you use. If you use all of them you'll find it all very easy apart form the hi-jinx challenges.

    Ach points: Easy 200, the only real difficulty are the hi-jink achievements and some of the character dolls but if you get really stuck there are solutions on the internet,

    Brief Thoughts: I started this game hoping it would live up to the high standards of Double Fine's other games (Brutal Legend, Costume Quest and Psychonauts) and in some aspects it did. The humour from those games were there and the puzzles were both fun to do and diverse enough to stop you getting bored too much.

    The main plot of the game is you play Charlie Blackmore a tiny little Russian Stacking doll whose family have been kidnapped by the evil Baron and forced into slavery. Thankfully Charlie has the ability to jump inside other dolls and use there abilities to solve puzzles and thwart the evil Baron. Obviously like normal stacking dolls you have to stack in order so to get inside those huge dolls you need to work your way up the sizes. However with each doll having its own special ability from helpful to just downright silly its always fun to find new dolls and try out their new abilities.

    Most of the challenges can be approached form various different approaches so if your just running through this game quickly you'll finish it very quickly. However the game rewards you to find the different methods, each funnier than the last, whether it farting through air vents or scaring bullies with creepy clowns.

    The puzzles can be tricky to figure out but there is a hint option which reveals more clues about each challenge solution with the final clue telling you exactly what to do, which is great to novice puzzlers but the temptation when your stuck to just find the solution is very great. Thankfully you can usually figure them out with a little logic and if you've played any point n click game you should have no problems.

    In fact this game is pretty much a perfect way to wile away a quiet afternoon, which if anything is part of its problem. It's short!! Although this is great as the puzzles aren't repetitive you can zoom through this game very quickly which is a shame as by the time you've finished this game you'll have fallen for this world and hope it carries on. But the story is well written and ends nicely so you can't complain but you will find yourself craving for more.

    Overall Score: 8/10

    A great game well presented and an enjoyable title, however unless you have spare points or are a diehard point'n'click or Double Fine fan at 1200 points you may want to wait until its in a deal of the week before picking up