3. Stacking Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Royal Train Station (Part One)

After the opening cinematic, you'll find yourself in a derelict section of the Royal Train Station. The train station is basically the main hub in the game and you'll come back to it often. Begin by walking forward and then press X to talk to Levi the Hobo. Once he moves out of the way, go forward and walk around the corner to the left. A cut scene will start and you'll be informed that you'll need to end the Coal Union strike in order to find your brother Albert.

During the cut scene you may notice a typo (manged instead of managed) and it won't be the only one you see during the game. Game developers spend a lot of time testing for bugs but they can't seem to use spell check. *facepalm*

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Head forward and another cut scene will play showing you the layout of the first area. One it's done playing, progress further and you'll start a little tutorial of the game's mechanics. Head to the right and take note of the doll in the corner with the orange hair holding the 'Union Leader' sign. Notice how he he's a bit different than the others in that he has a sort of shimmering effect? That means he's a unique doll and will need to be stacked for the collection achievements. We can't stack him just yet, but soon enough!

Now walk into the next area and you'll be prompted to talk to the gatekeeper to get more information. He'll ask you to go find the Key Master so he can open the gate. Gatekeeper... Key Master... Where do I know that from? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! He'll now be standing directly behind you in the middle of the room. Believe it or not, he's the guy with the big key on his head. Walk behind him in order to stack into him.

Collection: Key Master Dawson (15)

Use his Unlock ability to unlock the gate by pressing A. Now proceed down the hallway to the left and then to the right. The next area is called the Main Concourse and I'll refer to it several times during the walkthrough. Continue on to the far end of the Main Concourse.

Now, on one side of you is the Royal Lounge. A short cutscene will play once you walk towards it. This is the game's first challenge called 'Empty the Lounge'. You'll notice that there are 3 solutions to this challenge noting by 0/3. After the cut scene you'll want to look to the right of the Royal Lounge; where you’ll see a male doll holding a wrench; stack into him!

Collection: Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper (6)

Now, use Jasper's “Maintain” ability on the fan that's close by. Walk through and talk to the host in the middle of the room. Congratulations, you've completed your first challenge!

Challenge: Empty the Lounge (1/3) – Fan-tastic

Near the door the Royal Lounge, you'll find a doll with long blond hair shaking her hips and holding a fan; stack into her.

Collection: The Widow Chastity (7)

To complete the next challenge, use the Widow Chastity's Seduce ability on the guard to lead him away from his post. Unstack from the Widow and walk behind the guard to stack into him.

Collection: Guard Perry (5)

Next go back to the Royal Lounge and use Guard Perry's Open ability on the door. Walk through the opening and talk to the host a second time.

Challenge: Empty the Lounge (2/3) – Unauthorized Entry

Head down towards the nearby restrooms. In this area you'll find a bald doll dressed white. If you have trouble finding him, he's the one farting on everyone else! Stack into him once you locate him.

Collection: Meriwether Malodor (1)

Now head back to the Royal Lounge and use Meriwether's “Flatulate” ability on the fan. Everyone will vacate the lounge due to the foul stench.

Challenge: Empty the Lounge (3/3) – The Fug of War

Since you've completed all of the solutions for this challenge you now can freely access the lounge. You'll notice that the 3 members of the train guild are outside of the Royal Lounge; for now you'll now want to stack into all 3 members of the train guild in order.

Collection: Ticketeer Frederick (9)
Collection: Conductor Orville (10)
Collection: Engineer Ulysses (11)

You'll now need to head down the steps back towards the trains, then go up the stairs to the right, and head into the Coal Room, where you’ll find a doll beating a drum; stack into him.

Collection: Drummer Perry (14)

Unstack from Drummer Perry and restack into the members of the train guild. If you take too long they'll walk back to the Royal Lounge, so you can find them there. Now head back to the trains and find the Union Leader we saw at the beginning. The two sides of the strike will reach a comical agreement and you'll have saved your brother Albert!

After the cutscene walk toward the people to begin a new cutscene where a carrier pigeon brings you a message from Levi and you receive an explanation about the Secret Hideout. Once that has completed, follow the objective marker back to the train station and speak to Conductor Orville to take the train to the next area, the Gilded Steam Ship.

Gilded Steam Ship

OK you land-lubbers, this is a ship, so I will be using some basic nautical terms. The front of the ship is the bow, the left is port, the back is the stern, and the right is starboard. Moving forward is towards the front/bow, and moving aft is towards the back/stern. Here’s a handy guide.

Off the Port Bow


Off the Starboard Bow






Off the Port Quarter


Off the Starboard Quarter

The opening cutscene tells you that the children are being put into forced labor on the ship, and in order to rescue your sister, Agatha, you must rescue the children by stopping the cruise. In order to do this, you must get four very special cruise guests upset enough to confront the ship’s captain. The level begins with you at the starboard bow. Follow the objective marker to the bow of the ship where the Seaside Safari is located. On your way to this first objective, a tutorial screen pops up to introduce Hi-Jinks. Your task here is to “Cause Chaos at the Safari” and makes Safety Inspector Ludd stop the safari, which makes Hunter Darby complain to the captain. Your first challenge requires you to stack into the doll sitting in the cannon.

Collection: Field Commander Appleyard (24)

Then, turn the cannon to the left and fire into the steam pipe.

Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (1/4) – Misfire

Next, stack into one of the large dolls with a boxing glove (there is one on either side of the Seaside Safari, standing in front of a paper lion). This pops up a tutorial screen informing you of a newly available doll size. Use this dolls ability to give a “Proper Uppercut” to each of the three paper lions, breaking them and stopping the Safari.

Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (2/4) – Wild Animauler

Next, go up to the 2nd deck and aft towards the stern where a shark jawbone sits on the railing. There you should find a dog in an argyle sweater. Stack into this dog.

Collection: Illusion Family Set: Prestige (8)

Take Prestige and stack into a pelican (there will likely be one near you once you stack into Prestige, if not there will be one near where you started on the starboard side of the ship). Next, return to the Safari while still in the pelican and fly to the nest in the window at the Starboard Bow side of the ship, just behind the Safari.

Hi-Jinks: Nesting Instincts – Use pelicans to fly to all nests (1 of 4)
Note that the other three nests are located: On the port quarter railing of the 2nd deck near the shark jawbone; on the starboard quarter railing of the 3rd deck above The Commander’s Buffet; and on the 2nd deck in The Commander’s Buffet.

From the nest, go into the room and stack into the bear that is inside.

Collection: Kodiak Bear (1)
Hi-Jinks: Animal Stack – Stack Prestige, any pelican, and the Kodiak bear together

Take the bear back to the Seaside Safari and “Growl” at the guests there.

Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (3/4) – Un-Bear-Able

For the final solution to this challenge, stack into a doll with the “Make Way” ability, and use it on the dolls tied to the paper zebra to cause them to move over onto the yellow line. Then stack into the cyclists on the bicycle built for four and “Pedal Bike” into the paper zebra.

Challenge: Cause Chaos at the Safari (4/4) – Penny Lane

Before moving on, briefly stack into the doll wearing the orange safety vest to add him to your collection.

Collection: Safety Inspector Ludd (23)

Now, look for a small doll wearing green. He can usually be found on the first deck running around the forward section. Stack into him and use his ability to “Toot” on other dolls for your next Hi-Jinks challenge.

Hi-Jinks: Lil’ Stinky – Toot on dolls (5)

Next, follow the objective marker to The Argyle Ballroom on the port side of the ship. Your task is to disrupt and close down the exhibit being held there, thus sending Professor Ramses to complain to the captain. For the first solution, stack into the security guard standing next to the mummy.

Collection: Exhibit Guard Walter (14)

Use his ability to “Escort Small Doll” and move the children out of the way so that you can stack into the mummy.

Collection: Mummy (4)

Once in the mummy, simply leave the exhibit.

Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (1/5) – Mummy Dearest

For the second solution, stack into a boxing doll again (there should be one just outside of The Argyle Ballroom, next to the railing) and give a “Proper Uppercut” to the sarcophagus that is wearing boxing gloves (The Fighting Pharaoh).

Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (2/5) – Fighting Pharaoh

Remember Prestige the dog? Good; go stack into him. Take him to the Artist Makeover shop inside the forward section of the 2nd deck (just forward of The Commander’s Buffet). Just outside the door to the Artist Makeover shop is a female doll in the same argyle sweater; stack into her.

Collection: Illusion Family Set: Gwendola (7)

Take Gwendola to the guest quarters immediately below you on the 1st deck. Stack into the doll that looks like a Gypsy/Romani.

Collection: Illusion Family Set: Peatrice (6)

Next, stack Peatrice into the magician standing at the entrance to The Argyle Ballroom.

Collection: Illusion Family Set: Ronaldo (5)

After the cutscene, stack back into Ronaldo and use his ability to “Perform Illusion” on the large sarcophagus next to the plaid wall, hiding it.

Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (3/5) – Queen of Argyle
Hi-Jinks: A Mass Effect – Perform the Argyle Illusion on dolls (1 of 12)
Note, depending on how close you are to other dolls, the number you have done may vary.

For the fourth solution, go stack into the sarcophagus next to the stage in The Argyle Ballroom.

Collection: Gilded Sarcophagus (15)

Use the “Shine” ability to attract a larger doll to you and stack into it. Again, simply leave The Argyle Ballroom.

Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (4/5) – Relic Rustler

Now, stack into a violinist and return to the starboard side of the ship, just aft of where you started. You should see a doll standing on a chair. Use the “Play Violin” ability next to him to get him down and stack into him.

Collection: Pied Piper (2)

Use his ability to “Play Flute” near the mice at the stern of the ship (near The Buried Treasure club) and lure the mice into The Argyle Ballroom and to the cheese sphinx.

Challenge: Sabotage the Exhibit (5/5) – Curd of the Ancients

Before moving on, stack into the little doll that kept shutting the exhibit down.

Collection: Ferdinand Reginald (13)

To get to the next challenge, follow the objective marker up the stairs on the starboard quarter, up to The Commander’s Buffet. The cutscene will explain that you need to stop the caviar service, causing Madame Habitant to complain to the captain. After the cutscene, stack into the doll that is wearing a chef’s jacket and carrying a spoon and sack.

Collection: Gruel Chef Hornsby (10)

Take him into the kitchen through the small cutout doorway and “Poor Gruel Thickener” into the rolling caviar holder (it looks like a fish with wheels and a hat).

Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (1/5) – Caviar Porridge

Stack into Gruel Chef Hornsby again. This time, “Poor Gruel Thickener” into the water that is moving the little caviar boats between the kitchen and dining area.

Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (2/5) – Seas of Gruel

Stack into a large doll and head aft to the large shark jawbone. Enter the kitchen via the double doors located there, and use the large doll to push the caviar out the doors and to the shark jawbone.

Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (3/5) – Eggs Overboard

Stack into the Pied Piper and return to the large doors to the kitchen. Next to them are three mice; use the Pied Piper’s “Play Flute” ability to lure the mice into the kitchen through the double doors.

Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (4/5) – Rat Eggs

For the final solution, you must stack into the maitre’d / host, who is at his station near the entrance to The Commander’s Buffet.

Collection: Buffet Host Yves (11)

Without moving, use his “Summon Caviar Chef” ability, and when the chef appears, stack into him.

Collection: Caviar Chef Vladimir (9)

Go into the kitchen for one final time, and “Dump Caviar” to complete this challenge.

Challenge: Stop the Caviar Service (5/5) – Summons to Appear

Follow the objective maker up the next flight of stairs to the Towel Service Map Room where you learn that your objective is to muddle the maps and force Doktor Exakt to complain to the Captain. First, stack into the doll that is scrubbing the walls.

Collection: Mess Officer Morris (12)

Simply “Scrub” the towels.

Challenge: Muddle the Maps (1/4) – A Near Mess

At this point, you get a popup suggesting that you “Confront the Captain”, but we’ll do that later. For now, you should stack into the little red-headed boy who keeps tossing his cookies. You remember our little friend, Hans, don’t you? You’ll find that several dolls get used as part of the collection in more than one area.

Collection: Hans Allendorf (3)

Just “Toss Cookies” on the maps.

Challenge: Muddle the Maps (2/4) – Crumby Maps

Next, stack into a doll with a white glove and wearing one of those old-school political race hats, and then use him to “White Glove Slap” 10 dolls.

Hi-Jinks: Slap Happy – White Glove Slap dolls (10)

Now “White Glove Slap” the map assistant. For whatever reason, possibly due to it being a cutscene, this slap doesn't seem to count for the Hi-Jinks challenges, which is why I had you do the “Slap Happy” Hi-Jinks challenge first.

Challenge: Muddle the Maps (3/4) – Slapped Clean

For the final solution, stack into any child doll and take him to the Artist Makeover shop, and then speak to the artist there. He will “makeover” the child by placing a crayon on the child’s head.

Hi-Jinks: Masquerade Ball – Get dolls made over by the “Artistic Makeover” shop (1/5)
Note: you will return here for another challenge later, so you may want to wait to complete this Hi-Jinks challenge until then.

Now, simply “Color” on the maps in the Map Room and you will complete the final solution to this challenge.

Challenge: Muddle the Maps (4/4) – Color My World

Before we continue on, stack into the doll you have been harassing in the Map Room.

Collection: Map Assistant Gilbert (20)

Follow the objective maker towards the bow and through the small opening that leads to the Grand Adventurers as they try to get to the captain. Your task is to use each of the Grand Adventurer’s abilities, in turn, from smallest to largest, on each of the guards, and finally on the captain.

Collection: Grand Adventurer Set: Doktor Exakt (19) “Measure” the first guard
Collection: Grand Adventurer Set: Professor Ramses (18) “Mummify” the second guard
Hi-Jinks: All Wrapped Up – Use Professor Ramses to mummify dolls (5)
Note: This ability does not work on all dolls, but get as many as you can here.
Collection: Grand Adventurers Set: The Hunter Darby (17) Fire Cork” at the third doll
Collection: Grand Adventurers Set: Madame Habitant (16) “Intimidate” the Captain

A cutscene ensues where the ship returns to dock. You meet up with Agatha and learn the fate of your sister, Abigail.

A popup now appears and tells you that you can stay aboard the Gilded Steam Ship or return to the Royal Train Station to continue the adventure. Let’s stay for a while and complete our remaining three achievements for this area. Once you start up, another popup appears, this time explaining Bonus Challenges. Follow the objective marker aft to The Buried Treasure club, where a brief cutscene tells you that the club is now open, and you can begin the “Get the Gits a Gig” Challenge.

First, stack into one of the two hillbilly-looking dolls standing just outside of the club. It doesn't matter which one.

Collection: Bobby Webb (25)
Collection: Billy Webb (26)

Then stack into any fancy looking doll and enter the club. The other Webb boy will follow you in. Once inside, stack out of the fancy doll and go up onto the stage.

Challenge: Get the Gits a Gig (1/3) – Fancy Facade

Stack into a Webb boy again and return to the Artistic Makeover shop. Get each of the Webb boys a makeover. You should now have at least 3 of the 5 makeovers required for the “Masquerade Ball” Hi-Jinks challenge. Now simply go into The Buried Treasure club and climb onstage.

Challenge: Get the Gits a Gig (2/3) – Painted Black and White

Stack into Hand and “Toss Cookies” next to the Pirate, causing his parrot to move off of his shoulder. Now stack into one of the Webb boys and then into the Pirate.

Collection: Pirate Chuck (21)

Take a moment to use Pirate Chuck’s “YAR!” ability on dolls to make them faint.

Hi-Jinks: Broadsides! – Use Pirate Chuck to make dolls faint (5)

Once you have done that, go to the door to The Buried Treasure club and “YAR!” the bouncer at the door. Note that this does not seem to count for the “Broadsides!” Hi-Jinks challenge, which is why we did that first. Once inside of the club stack out of Pirate Chuck and go onstage one last time.

Challenge: Get the Gits a Gig (3/3) – Polly Got a Cracker

Now let’s finish our Hi-Jinks challenges. If you haven’t already done so, get two more dolls made over at the Artist Makeover shop. Across from the Artist Makeover shop is a place called Previously Dropped Anchors. Stack into the doll inside of that shop.

Collection: Dropped Anchor Drew (27)

Use his “Drop Anchor” ability on 5 female dolls. There should be plenty in The Commander’s Buffet.

Hi-Jinks: Anchor of Love – Drop Anchor near female dolls (5)

Head back to where you started on the starboard bow and stack into the Grand Adventurers, up to Hunter Darby. While here, stack into your final doll, the ship’s captain.

Collection: Captain Swing (22)

Stack out of Captain Swing, because it’s time to go hunting. Take Hunter Darby up to the white coated dolls and use his “Fire Cork” ability to shoot them. The Stewards include dolls wearing the lion masks.

Hi-Jinks: Steward Season – Hit stewards with the cork gun (10)

Once you complete this, stack down to Professor Ramses and continue to “Mummify” victims until you have completed the Steward Season Hi-Jinks challenge, if you weren't able to earlier.

Return to where you started and talk to the engineer there to return to the Royal Train Station.

Royal Train Station (Part Two)

Once you've returned to the Royal Train Station, and begin to follow the objective marker, you will again be greeted with a cutscene with Levi that showcases the additions to your Secret Hideout and explains your current objective, which is to get to the ticket lines and help the VIP to get his boarding pass for the zeppelin. After the cutscene, you can follow the objective marker or take the new shortcut in the corner, where you will need to stack into the coal cart and “Pedal Coal Cart” by spamming (A). Once you return to the train station, a popup tells you that Hi-Jinks have been unlocked for the Royal Train Station.

Head to the Main Concourse, and along the way, you'll soon find a little girl doll dressed completely in blue roaming the area; stack into her.

Collection: Lost German Family Set: Luydmila Allendorf (3)

Now head straight until you reach some steps that lead down to some restrooms. You see a little boy dressed in blue standing in front of the men's restroom. Unstack down to Charlie, stack into the boy, and then stack back into Luydmila. You now have 2 of the 3 dolls in the Lost German Family set.

Collection: Lost German Family Set: Hans Allendorf (2)

Unstack to Hans Allendorf and take him into the men’s bathroom. Use his “Go Potty” ability, and then speak to the doll here, and the doll in the lady’s bathroom.

Hi-Jinks: A Little Relieved! – Use Hans “Go Potty” ability in the men’s bathroom
Hi-Jinks: Bathroom Chatterbox: Talk to dolls in both restrooms

Now, stack Hans back into Luydmila and head up the stairs into the next area. Roaming the area will be a woman, again dressed in blue with a white bonnet on her head; stack into her for the last doll in the Lost German Family Set! Guten Tag und auf Wiedersehen! A cut scene will play showing you their story.

Collection: Lost German Family Set: Ursula Allendorf (4)

Once you reach the ticket lines, it is explained that your challenge is to sort out the lines by doll size, so that the VIP can get his ticket. The first solution simply requires you to stack into the various dolls and move them yourself into the correct lines. The large dolls go in the center line, the medium dolls go into either of the next two lines, and the small dolls go into either of the outside lines.

Challenge: Sort the Lines (1/3) – Line Assembly Production

Next, stack into Meriwether Malodor and “Flatulate” onto the crowd. This causes them all to get out of line. Before we continue, take Meriwether and “Flatulate” onto old dolls standing or walking around.

Hi-Jinks: A Blast on the Past: Flatulate on old dolls (5)

Stack into the red-headed doll wearing an eye patch that is standing at the ticket line. You remember the strike leader, don’t you?

Collection: Strike Leader Chelsey (12)

Now “Organize” the crowd.

Challenge: Sort the Lines (2/3) – Gust of Order

Remember our old friend the boxer? Good; stack into him and give a “Proper Uppercut” to the dolls in the Royal Lounge.

Hi-Jinks: An Uninvited Uppercut – Give dolls in the lounge a Proper Uppercut (5)

Before leaving the lounge, stack with the host and use his ability to insult the lounge patrons.

Collection: Lounge Host Demoreuille (13)
Hi-Jinks: Patronize: Use the Lounge Host’s Insult Patron ability on dolls (5)

Stack back into the boxer, head out of the lounge and give “A Proper Uppercut” to the dolls in the ticket line, causing each one that gets hit to move into the correct line.

Challenge: Sort the Lines (3/3) – Uppercut Shuffle

Now that that’s been sorted (get it?), we will tie up some more loose ends and then leave for the next area. Stack into the Widow Chastity and use her “Seduce’ ability on a male doll so he will follow you; if you can get more than one at the same time, even better. The goal is to use the ability on 3 male dolls at one time, even if they are currently under your thrall.

Hi-Jinks: The Black Widow – Seduce 3 adult men at once

In this lower area of the Main Concourse is a doll wearing a black top hat smoking a pipe; stack into him and “Talk” to women dolls.

Collection: Solicitor Barnabas (8)
Hi-Jinks: Soliciting – Use Solicitor Barnabas to talk to adult women (10)

In the Main Concourse, look for a child doll dressed in white. When you find her, stack into her and use her “Tag” ability on any other child doll you find.

Hi-Jinks: You’re IT! – Play Tag with child dolls (5)

Now we can complete our objective and leave this area. Stack into the judge and use his “Deliver Justice” ability on 5 dolls.

Collection: Judge Meantal (16)
Hi-Jinks: Rule of Law: Deliver Justice to dolls (5)

Return to the trains and speak to the conductor near the zeppelin to take a ride.

The Zeppelin of Consequence

Once again, children are being forced into labor and you are apparently their only hope. But, good news, everybody! Your first task is to distract the bullies and help Ambassador Bon Appetite to escape, so that he can attend a summit on child labor laws and end the forced labor of children everywhere. To do this, you need to stack into the two dolls that have items on their heads. There is one in each pen and it doesn't matter which you use first. Just stack into each one and use their abilities on the children near them to bring the bullies over to you.

Collection: Hans Allendorf: (10) “Mix Batter”
Collection: Spice Girl Jane (11) “Shake Pepper”

Once both bullies are distracted, stack into the ambassador and “Rally Troops” to make the kids attack the chef.

Collection: Ambassadors Set: Ambassador Bon Appetite (5)

Now, we’re off to free the other ambassadors. Follow the objective marker to the Dining Room and cross the room to where our old friend Meriwether Malodor is conversing with a woman in pink near the entry way to the Fan Service Room and Air Exchange Room. Stack into Meriwether, unstack, and then stack into the woman in pink.

Collection: Meriwether Malodor (2)
Collection: Felicity Fowler (3)

Take a moment to use her “Pass Potpourri” ability onto 10 dolls.

Hi-Jinks: Flower Power – Use Felicity to Pass Potpourri on dolls (10)

Now take Felicity through the entry way, and after the cutscene, go into the Air Exchange Room. You need to “Pass Potpourri” into the noxious gas. Be careful, if you get too close to the gas, you’ll pass out and be pulled from the room, so try and stay out of the hazard sign on the floor.

Challenge: Get Rid of the Gas (1/4) – A Blast of Sweet Air

Return to the Dining Room and stack into the large opera singer.

Collection: Prima Donna Wilhelmina (1)

Take a moment to go up the small set of stairs in the Dining Room to the raised dining dais and “Sing” next to a few of the tables, which causes the glasses on the nearby table to shatter.

Hi-Jinks: Shattered – Use Wilhelmina to break glass by singing (5)

Enter the Air Exchange Room again and “Sing” to take in a deep breath and suck in the gas.

Challenge: Get Rid of the Gas (2/4) – Opera Sucks

Take Charlie through the small opening in the door to the Fan Service Room. Stack into the maintenance stewards and “Maintain” the panel located next to the door to open it. Take the maintenance stewards and find any steward doll that you can stack into; this doesn't need to be a maintenance steward, any steward will do.

Hi-Jinks: Steward Stack – Stack any four zeppelin stewards together

Unstack down to the smallest maintenance steward and stack into a doll with balloons. There should be one near the Fan Service Room, and some near the tables in the dais in the Dining Room. Take the balloon waiter to the dining dais and into the fan platforms on either side. Use the “Fly to Station” ability, much like you did with the pelicans on the Gilded Steam Ship.

Hi-Jinks: Floating High – Fly balloon waiters to both waiter stations (2)

Now, take the balloon waiter (with the smaller maintenance steward inside) into the Fan Service Room. Stand on the air grate and “Fly to Station”, where you will unstack from the balloon waiter, take the maintenance steward through the opening and “Maintain” the panel found there.

Challenge: Get Rid of the Gas (3/4) – Override Up High

Finally, you need to stack into a doll with a purse. Take the purse lady into the Dining Room and use the “Purse Smash” on each of the four mimes located within (there is a final mime to be found in a later area of the zeppelin).

Hi-Jinks: Mime Abuse – Hit mimes with the Northern Kiss or Purse Smash (4/5)

Now take the purse lady back to the area with the Air Exchange Room and Fan Service Room. Across from those doors is a small alcove marked as the Emergency Room, which contains what appears to be an old diving suit; stack into the suit.

Collection: Hazard Suit (4)

With the Hazard Suit, you can simply walk through the gas in the Air Exchange Room. Once on the other side, unstack to the purse lady and “Purse Smash” the emergency button.

Challenge: Get Rid of the Gas (4/4) – Bun in the Oven

Follow the objective marker towards the Summit Room, where you will be given your next challenge: Open the gate and rescue the next ambassador. For the first solution, you need to stack into the Scottish-looking doll wearing a kilt. Next, go to the bell next to the “squared circle” and give the bell a “Northern Kiss”. This is the other ability that you can use for the “Mime Abuse” Hi-Jinks challenge. After the wrestler give you a wedgie, stack into him and give a “Royal Wedgie” to the lowered gate. Before doing so, you may wish to give a “Royal Wedgie” to ten dolls, but it didn't seem to work for me until after I had completed all of the solutions for this challenge and Cromwell became available for regular use.

Collection: Cromwell the Terrible (13)
Hi-Jinks: Terrible Melvin – Give dolls the Royal Wedgie (10)
Challenge: Open the Gate (1/3) – Gate Wedgie

After the cutscene, stack into a maintenance steward and “Maintain” the panel found along the outside wall of the gate, which causes a hand on a stick to drop; stack into the gentleman-looking doll and give the hand a “Firm Handshake”.

Challenge: Open the Gate (2/3) – Shaken Up

Go up the stairs in the little room right behind the wresting ring. You will stack into a doll wearing a bright blue and green dress.

Collection: Portia Peacock (12)

Continue to the end of this walkway to the peacock, which was shown during the cutscene that took place when you first entered the challenge zone. Along the way, you will see a small boy with a teddy bear. You can stack into him for your collection if you want, but you will get another chance later if you don’t do so now. Either way, use Portia’s “Fan Feathers” ability to bring the peacock down; stack into the peacock.

Collection: Thad (22)
Collection: Peacock (24)

Use the familiar “Fly to Nest” ability, and then fall into the enclosed area; stack into the maintenance steward and “Maintain” the panel next to the gate.

Challenge: Open the Gate (3/3) – Inside Job

If you were unable to complete the “Terrible Melvin” Hi-Jinks challenge earlier, now would be the time to do so. Either way, before you proceed to the next area, stack into the newly posted guard standing at the now open gate.

Collection: Gate Keeper (14)

Follow the objective marker through the Summit Room and take Charlie through the opening in the door. Once you get close enough to the guard, he sees you and locks you up. You next challenge is to break yourself and the next ambassador out of this imprisonment. For the first solution, you need to stack into the fireman. This nets you two dolls for your collection.

Collection: Recreation Officer Chip (21)
Collection: Fire Chief Russell (23)

Use the “Spray Hose” ability on the fire, and while the ability is in progress, unstack down to Charlie, and exit through the passage in the back of the fireplace before the fire starts up again.

Challenge: Break out of the Brig (1/3) – Out of the Frying Pan

In order to complete the other solutions, you will need to walk around to the guard and be recaptured after you escape. Do so now, and once imprisoned, stack into the steward and walk into the dominos, knocking them and the birdseed over; stack into the pelican that comes down to eat and escape by means of its “Fly to Nest” ability.

Challenge: Break out of the Brig (2/3) – Birdman of the Brig

Get captured again then stack into the steward and push the roller skate in front of the door. Unstack to Charlie, and stack him into the bellows where you will call the guard, who slips on the skate.

Challenge: Break out of the Brig (3/3) – Slip Up

Follow the objective marker up the stairs, where a cutscene and a popup warn you that the guards are now actively searching for Charlie. To avoid them, be quick when they spot you as Charlie, and/or stack into other dolls so that they cannot see Charlie. Upstairs, at the Dog Race, your challenge is to stop the race and rescue the last ambassador. Stack into one of the photographer dolls. Take a moment to use the “Flash Photo” ability on dolls, and then use it on the monkey driving the car around the race track.

Hi-Jinks: Say Cheese – Use “Flash Photo” on dolls (10)
Challenge: Stop that Car (1/5) – Photo Finish

Before you are able to complete the other solutions, the game forces the story along. The Baron is trying to crash the zeppelin because the ambassadors were able to put a stop to child labor at the summit. For now, stack into the ambassadors, and be sure to use Ambassador Log’s “Pen is Mightier” ability on 5 dolls.

Collection: Ambassadors Set: Ambassador Osma (6)
Collection: Ambassadors Set: Ambassador Log (7)
Hi-Jinks: Scribbled On – Use the Pen is Mightier on dolls (5)
Collection: Ambassadors Set: Ambassador Chaka (8)
Collection: Ambassadors Set: Ambassador Wroll (9)

Follow the objective marker to the Emergency Exit and use the “Key to the City” to open the door. Continue along to the Bellows Room and use the ”Key to the City" on that door, too. Once inside, stack into the bellows, unstack from each ambassador (this will automatically place each ambassador into a bellows location), and stack Charlie into the bellows below the ambassadors. Spam (A) to “Pump Bellows” until the cutscene begins, and you've saved the zeppelin. You then learn that Charlie’s brother, Archibald, was taken to the Baron’s Triple Decker Tank Engine.

The Bonus Challenge for this adventure become available now, but first, let’s finish off the last of our last challenges. Once you return to the Dog Race, stack into the bellows to the right of the bananas (you’ll see these just in front of the stairs you come up from; you'll also find the final mime here) and “Pump Bellows” until some bananas come out. Next, stack into one of the banana vendors and “Toss Banana” onto the track.

Challenge: Stop that Car (2/5) – Breaking for Bananas
Hi-Jinks: Mime Abuse – Hit mimes with the Northern Kiss or Purse Smash (5/5)

Stack into a bugle player doll and go up the set of stairs near where you entered the Dog Race. Stack into the maintenance steward who is standing near a small walkway leading from this elevated room, and “Maintain” the panel at the end of the walkway. The announcer will move from his oversized megaphone, allowing you to unstack from the maintenance steward and “Play Bugle” into the machine.

Challenge: Stop that Car (3/5) – Call to Arms

Stand Charlie as close to the track as you can get him and stack into one of the racing dogs as it passes by you. You may wish to spam (Y) to ensure that you get this quickly and don’t have to worry about timing it right. While stacked in the racing dog, spam (A) to “Fast Run” until you are close enough to the monkey’s car to stack into the rabbit. Then stack into the two monkeys so that you can use the “Apply Brakes” ability by holding the (A) button.

Challenge: Stop that Car(4/5) – Rabbit Takes Chimp

Just behind the stairs you used to get to the Dog Track is a black and white doll with a Styrofoam cup hanging from his head, and carrying a movie clapper; stack into him.

Collection: Silent Film Set: Equipment Man Leander (19)

Walk clockwise around the room until you reach a woman near a black lighting umbrella; stack into her.

Collection: Silent Film Set: Trixie (18)

Continue moving clockwise around the room, stopping to “Talk” to the steward with a spool on his head that is standing near some stairs until he sends you across the zip line to the Dining Room. Repeat this process three more times, so that you have completed the Hi-Jinks challenge and have returned to the Dog Race.

Hi-Jinks: Zippity Do-Da – Ride the zip line (3)

Once back at the Dog Race, continue clockwise around the track until you reach the set up stairs up with the camera man underneath. Stack into him and circle the room with him to use his “Rolling!” ability to film 10 doll women.

Collection: Silent Film Set: Camera Man Joe (27)
Hi-Jinks: Girls on Film – Film adult women with Camera Man Joe (10)

Return to where you found Joe. Nearby is another black and white doll dressed as if he were a Shakespearian actor; stack into him.

Collection: Silent Film Set: Donald Capulet (16)

Return to the banana dispenser, where the final member of the Silent Film Set awaits you next to another black lighting umbrella; stack into him.

Collection: Silent Film Set: Cecil Dumheal (15)

After the cutscene, the Silent Film Set will go up onto the stage near where you found Donald Capulet. Stack into Cecil and take him to the raised walkway above the race track. At the start of that walkway is a doll sitting in a checkered booth with a checkered flag. Use the “Action!” ability to make this doll waive the checkered flag. Then come back and stack into him.

Challenge: Stop that Car (5/5) – Action Flag
Collection: Flag Bearer Goff (20)

Now, on to that Bonus Challenge; follow the objective marker back to the Summit Room. Remember those bullies? They’re back, and they brought a friend to torment poor little Thad by stealing his teddy bear and playing Three Card Monte with it. It’s up to you to save Thad’s bear, Mr. Ruffles, from the bullies. If you didn't stack into Thad earlier, you can do so once this challenge is complete. The first solution is probably the simplest solution in the game. You merely need to “Talk” to the bully that has Mr. Ruffles. I've played the game twice, and chosen the bully on the far left first both times; both times this was the correct bully. This may not always be the case, but hey, why not go there first too?

Challenge: Get Mr. Ruffles! (1/3) – Needle in a Doll Stack

Next, stack into the nearby banana vendor and “Toss Banana” to the bullies until you know which of the three carries Mr. Ruffles, and then “Talk” to that bully.

Challenge: Get Mr. Ruffles! (2/3) – Peek-a-Bully

And finally, stack into Ambassador Osman, place an “Official Seal” onto a bully, and then “Talk” to him to start the shell game. Once they've stopped, simply “Talk” to the marked bully to save Mr. Ruffles for the last time.

Challenge: Get Mr. Ruffles! (3/3) – Marked Man

We will return to the Royal Train Station now by speaking to the conductor standing atop the stairs that are located in the middle of the Summit Room.

The Royal Train Station (Part 3)

Another cutscene takes place before you are able to move up to the carrier pigeon and have yet another cutscene revealing the updated Secret Hideout and your task before entering the Triple Decker Tank Engine, which is to wind the clock to that the trains can begin running again. Follow the objective marker to the area with the clock so we can complete the final challenge for the Royal Train Station. For the first solution, stack into the pelican and fly to the nest above. Unstack to Charlie and stack into the winding device then spam (A) to “Wind Clock”.

Challenge: Wind the Clock (1/3) – A Clockwork Pelican

For the second solution, take Charlie through the small opening near the door to the Clock Winding Room. Stack into the Door Override device and spam (A) to “Open Winding Doors”. Exit the Clock Winding Room and stack into a handshake man, who you will use to give “A Firm Handshake” to the Manual Winder in the Clock Winding Room.

Challenge: Wind the Clock (2/3) – A Gentleman’s Solution

For the final solution, stack into the nearby balloon waiter, and then stack into the engineer next to the zeppelin.

Collection: Engineer Cross (18)

On your way back, stack into the engineer in front of the Triple Decker Tank Engine, and use his “Crossing Guard” ability on dolls (preferably on a group of dolls).

Collection: Engineer Switch (17)
Hi-Jinks: Look Both Ways! – Use Crossing Guard ability on dolls (5)

Unstack from Engineer Switch, and position Engineer Cross near the fans by the door to the Clock Winding Room (right by the small entrance you took Charlie through for the last solution). Use Engineer Cross’s “Blow Lid” ability, and quickly unstack to the balloon waiter. Now, float up to the catwalk above, while Engineer Cross is still blowing his lid, unstack to Charlie, and then stack into the winding device, so you can once again spam (A) to “Wind Clock).

Challenge: Wind the Clock (3/3) – Wind Under Your Wings

Talk to the conductor in front of the Triple Decker Tank Engine, and you’re on your way to the next area.

The Triple Decker Tank Engine

You begin this area in the caboose of the train. Your first task in the journey to save your family and stop the train is to free the kids who have been locked into forced labor. Follow the objective marker until the short cutscene, then stack Charlie into the dog food machine in front of you and spam (A) to “Pedal Dog Feeder” until a bone drops out. Stack into the dog that comes over for the bone, and use it to “Unlock Pen”.

Collection: Guard Dog Biscuits (1)

After the cutscene, you will see Spice Girl Jane and Thad standing next to Guard Dog Biscuits; add them to your collection for this area.

Collection: Spice Girl Jane (24)
Collection: Thad (25)

As you follow the objective marker from here, you will see one of the bullies from the Zeppelin of Consequence. Stack into him and use his “Belly Bump” on 5 child dolls.

Hi-Jinks: Belly Bumper – Belly Bump child dolls (5)

Continue to follow the objective marker to your first challenge of this area: Defeat Sickle the Sly. Go up the nearby ramp to the 2nd level of this train car. After the cutscene and Combo Abilities popup, stack into Hans and Fire Chief Russell.

Collection: Hans Allendorf (23)
Collection: Fire Chief Russell (2)

Combine their abilities on Sickle to make him sick.

Challenge: Defeat Sickle the Sly (1/4) – Fire and Ice

Return to the 2nd level and stack into the large, sneezing doll with the water bottles on his head.

Collection: Sir Sully Taintwell (5)

Use his “Infection Sneeze” ability on any of the other dolls. Unstack from Sully, and find the nearby child with a bowl of soup on his head. Stack into him and use his “Serve Soup” ability on an infected doll.

Hi-Jinks: Soup for the Sick – Serve soup to any infected doll. (1)

Stack back into Sully, return to Sickle, and infect one of the dolls nearby. Stack into the infected doll and walk right up to Sickle.

Challenge: Defeat Sickle the Sly (2/4) – Sneezing Wild Fire

Return to the 2nd level and stack into a soup bowl child. Take the child up to the 3rd level of this car and into the carrier pigeon room. Once you get close enough to the pigeons, a cutscene will show a pigeon landing in the soup. Note that another cutscene may occur where a guard tosses Charlie out the window and Charlie miraculously gets sent back in. I think it’s a glitch, but it does start:

Hi-Jinks: The Artful Dodger – Escape from the guards without being caught (1 of 4)

Note that there are guards in three other areas (I will make not of each) for the “Artful Dodger” Hi-Jinks challenge. Note: If the odd cutscene/glitch happened, you are likely Charlie with a soup bowl. This won’t help you with the challenge, so go get another soup bowl child and fowl up the soup again. Now just “Serve Soup” to Sickle.

Challenge: Defeat Sickle the Sly (3/4) – Pigeon Bisque

Stack back into the soup bowl child. This time have Sully sneeze in the soup (you can stack into him, or just stand in front of him when he sneezes on his own) and serve the snot soup to Sickle.

Challenge: Defeat Sickle the Sly (4/4) – Snot Soup

Follow the objective marker up and to the next train car. On your way to the end of this car and the ramp back down, you should see a French maid. Stack into her and continue on to the next challenge. Note that, for now, you can only get through the gated area on the 2nd level of this car as a female doll. While in the women’s only area, make sure to add the Widow Chastity to your collection for this area.

Collection: The Widow Chastity (26)

When you get to the first level of this train car, you’ll see the expected cutscene explaining that you must get past Tiberius to rescue the next member of your family. After the cutscene, “Feather Dust” Tiberius to tickle him.

Challenge: Tickle Tiberius the Terrible (1/3) – Tickle Duster

Take a soup bowl child (or Charlie, if you got the soup bowl glitch earlier) over to where the pigeons are perched nearby. Stack into the pigeon when it lands and nest on Tiberius’ head.

Challenge: Tickle Tiberius the Terrible (2/3) – Feather Face

Return to where you first level of this train car and stack into the doll with the blue tie and odd spiky hair near the doorway to the previous car. Use his “Man Hug” ability on 5 female dolls.

Collection: Gillam the Furry (7)
Hi-Jinks: The Warm Embrace – Hug Female Dolls with Gillam. (5)

Next, stack Gillam into the doll with the large top hat that resembles a factory whistle. Use his “Factory Whistle” ability on the doll sleeping in the chair near the ramp down to the women only area; stack Gillam into him.

Collection: The Tailor Wickens (6)

Return to the women’s only area and use the Tailor’s ability to measure the large woman doll guarding the gate to the women’s only area. While she is being measured, stack into her.

Collection: Rosie (8)

Use her ability to disable the gates, unstack from her, and then repeat the process with the other guard to stack into her.

Collection: Gertie (9)

Now, take the Tailor to measure Tiberius, removing his armor. Unstack from the Tailor and use Gillam to give Tiberius a “Man Hug”

Challenge: Tickle Tiberius the Terrible (3/3) – Harry A’mor

There should be three dolls in this room; if you stack into all three of them together, you should unlock:

Hi-Jinks: Evil Stack – Stack any three evil industrialists together

Return to the first level of this train car and over to the doorway leading to the next train car. Stack Charlie into the small doll at the door wearing purple clothes and a white wig, and then go back and forth across the room to get the next three similar looking dolls.

Collection: Piano Player Set: Gustav (12)
Collection: Piano Player Set: Sergei (13)
Collection: Piano Player Set: Ludwig (14)
Collection: Piano Player Set: Wolfgang (15)

Follow the objective marker, stopping to wake up the fifth piano player with the “Factory Whistle” ability of the nearby evil industrialist after passing through the women’s only section.

Collection: Piano Player Set: Franz (16)

On your way to the next objective at the Piano Bar, you will run into another guard. If you unstack to Charlie and let him see you just long enough to stack back into Gustav, you should get credit for The Artful Dodger. When you get to the Piano Bar and finish the cutscene, stack into the last piano player so that you can continue through to the next area.

Collection: Piano Player Set: Piano Lead Frederic (17)

As you continue on to the next objective, you should see a familiar looking doll: Meriwether Malodor. Find a French maid and “Feather Dust” Meriwether, and then stack into him.

Hi-Jinks: Tickle Gas – Dust Meriwether Malodor
Collection: Meriwether Malodor (3)

Take Meriwether into the Piano Bar and stack him into the doll with the candle on his head (he looks to be wearing a welding mask). Take them to the next challenge and combo their “Flare” and “Flatulate” abilities.

Challenge: Illuminate the Shadow General (1/3) – Fare Well

Go up to the 3RD level of this train car and into the Gas Room. In this room is the third guard for The Artful Dodger. While in the Gas Room, stack into Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper.

Collection: Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper (4)

Use his ability to “Maintain” the panel in the back of this room, then stack into a flare doll and use his “Flare” ability to light the pilot light next to the switch.

Challenge: Illuminate the Shadow General (2/3) – Cookin’ with Gas

Return to the Piano Bar and stack Charlie into one of the coin/money serving kids. Now stack into the large woman doll with the “Carbon Footprint” ability. She should be wearing a light pink outfit and a large hat. Take them into the Shadow General’s room; use the “Serve Money” ability at the coin slot of the machine near the doorway and then “Carbon Footprint” on the switch/button on the floor next to that.

Challenge: Illuminate the Shadow General (3/3) – Money Generator

Continue on to the next car and go through the Kid Workshop, where you’ll find the fourth guard for The Artful Dodger. As you make your way to the first level of this car, you’ll find a doll wearing a fedora and trench coat; stack into him and use his “Disguise” ability on 5 female dolls and any large doll.

Collection: Corporate Spy (16)
Hi-Jinks: Masked Missus. – Disguise female dolls (5)

Stack into the large disguised doll and take him/her to the next challenge, then walk right up to Simpleton.

Challenge: Scare Simpleton the Strong (1/3) Masked Mirage

Return to the Kid Workshop and stack into a sheet kid. Use her ability on 5 dolls.

Hi-Jinks: Hallowed Sheets – Cover dolls with sheets (5)

Stack into one of the dolls you covered and then go up to Simpleton.

Challenge: Scare Simpleton the Strong (2/3) – Sheet Spirit

Take any child doll (I used the toilet scrub kid in one playthrough and the sugar rush kid in another) and continually use the child doll’s ability on the doll standing in front of the Jack-in-the-Box until the clown comes out. Stack into the clown; note that to stack into the clown, you’ll likely stack into a large doll with a clock on his hat that has the “Punch Clock” ability. Use this ability on 5 dolls. Once in the clown, use his “Clown Scream” ability on the nearby children, and then go scare Simpleton one last time.

Hi-Jinks: Clocked Out – Knock down dolls with the punch clock ability (5)
Collection: Peck the Clown (10)
Hi-Jinks: Clown-a-clysm – Use the clown scream on child dolls. (5)

Challenge: Scare Simpleton the Strong (3/3) - Clownfoolery

Follow the objective marker to the Coal Car, where you are finally reunited with your family. Now you need to stop the train with your family’s help. Stack into each of your family members. You will use each of them, from largest to smallest, to get you to the next part of this section so that Charlie can get to the Engine Room and find none other than Charlie’s father, William Blackmore (via a cutscene, where the Blackmore’s decide to stop the Baron as a family)

Collection: Albert Blackmore (18)
Collection: Agatha Blackmore (19)
Collection: Abigail Blackmore (20)
Collection: Archibald Blackmore (21)
Collection: Agnes Blackmore (22)

And now for the last part of the game; you will again use each of the Blackmore’s abilities from largest to smallest, each in concert with another doll’s ability to attack the various Baron dolls directly above where you need to act.

  • “Pump Bellows” with William, then use Meriwether to “Flatulate” into the fire.
  • Use Clerk-of-the Works Jasper to open the panel and Agnes to clean it out.
  • Stack the Widow Chastity into Archibald, then climb to the Baron and “Seduce” him with the Widow Chastity.
  • Use Abigail to snuff out the three flames and then use Cromwell to give the gate a wedgie.
  • Use Agatha to parasol spin past the falling coal and then use Ursula Allendorf to scream into the whistle.
  • Stack Albert into the pelican, fly to the nest, and then use Albert to shovel coal onto the Baron.

Before you can participate in the last battle, you must use the Flare and Flatulate combo again (oh, and enjoy the action-movie style sequence that follows!). For the final battle you must RoShamBo! Stack yourself two doll sizes up, get to and stay near the appropriate third doll then wait for the Baron to get relatively close before stacking into the doll and use its ability on the doll the Baron has stacked into before he can unstack from it. (Paper > Rock > Scissors > Paper – But you know how to play Paper Rock Scissors, right?). You must defeat the Baron 4 times. I don’t think you need to use all three abilities, but why not, right?

You will now return to your Secret Hideout at the Royal Train Station. You can run around and play with any doll you wish and can freely come and go from each of the three other areas. But I’m guessing that you’ll want to return to the main menu so that you can start The Lost Hobo King DLC.

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