4. Star Ocean: The Last Hope Story Walkthrough - Disc OneUpdate notes


The Story Walkthrough pages will cover everything you need to do to achieve the 1,000 G. The walkthrough will be structured so that you can proceed as quickly as possible through the game, which means leaving some things behind (like most of the Quests). Most of the things that can be left for the post-game will be ignored partially or entirely, because this is the fastest way to proceed and can literally save you dozens of hours of farming.

Another general suggestion to cut down the gaming time is to skip the unnecessary fights. In this game you really "need" to level up only for the post-game dungeons, while the rest of the game can be played virtually (and practically) even on Chaos without having any non-mandatory fights, provided you know the mechanics of the game. Of course feel free to level up a bit, especially if this is your first playthrough, since things are easier (but not faster, which is the priority in this game's completion) with higher stats.

This should make you understand that this walkthrough aims for maximum efficiency to cut down the completion time of this game as much as possible, and this will be possible if you follow every instruction step by step. Do not anticipate anything, do not postpone anything: stick with the guide and we'll do everything together in due time.

Also, make good use of the maps provided in this guide, since they help in finding the way to go and this will let you complete the game even more quickly. If the zoom level does not suit you, press CTRL and +/- to zoom in/out to adjust it.

Every region/area of the game will be introduced with summaries for the chests, Harvesting/Mining Points (you'll learn what they are soon) and enemy info. The text will usually be very rough indications on where to go to simply advance with the story, since the maps (the in-game one, but especially those provided here) will cover the position of items and other general points of interest.

The Shops and Quests will be listed with text shifted to the right, so you can see them better and separately from the main text. If a Quest (like it is in most of the cases) can't be completed as soon as you start it, then you will find a "Quest # NNN Start - [Name of the Quest]" entry first, and then a "Quest # NNN Complete - [Name of the Quest]" later, when it will be completed. I will always remind you when it's time to complete a quest, i.e. you will find a total of 201 (that's the amount of quests) "Quest # NNN Complete" entries in one page or another of the walkthrough. Make sure to complete them as soon as you see a "Complete" entry of a specific quest in these pages.

The "Collection Data" (Spaceship Data, Weapon Data, Monster Data) are written in a format like this: "[Spaceship/Weapon/Monster] Data # XXX/[22/147/154] - [S/W/M]ID # YYY - [Name of the data]". The "XXX" is the "walkthrough order" of the acquired data: the first you will find will be # 01, the second will be # 02, and so on. On the contrary, the "YYY" is the game's order of the data: by opening the "Collections" sub-menu of the main menu in-game you will see the collected data in a specific and preset order, which in the case of Weapons and Spaceship Data will basically never be the same as the chronological order. For example the first weapon data you can acquire has a Weapon ID ("WID") of 122, and that's its position in the in-game official order. There's no need to pay attention to these numbers and IDs, unless you need to find a specific data: in that case, use the CTRL+F search function of your browser to immediately find where the desired data is (for instance if you see that you're missing the third weapon data, search "WID # 003"). We'll get everything sooner or later though, so don't bother carrying out a personal hunt for data to avoid wasting time anticipating something that can likely be done more easily in the future phases of the game.

Lastly, as mentioned in the first page of this guide the first two Story Walkthrough pages will be spoiler-free. In the rare situations when a location or a boss name (just one, really) mean something, the text will be hidden like these words (highlight the previous "empty space" to reveal the text). Just highlight the text in these situations.

Disc One


Map of the Calnus

After the first intro scenes you will be immediately prompted in the "Battle Simulator". Since the game's mechanics aren't obvious at first, it's a good idea to give it a full read to learn all the basics of the gameplay. Learning how to Blinsdide is particularly important, since it's the key to victory in any fight.

Once you've finished practising, you'll take control of Edge on the field. You start in the Calnus, your airship, in the western-most room which is where the Battle Simulator is available at any time for more practice. Here's a summary of the basic field control movements:
- If you press RT you can change the walk/run speed movements (there's no need to walk, so just set it to run all the time)
- If you press X you'll be able to sprint, and this is a useful way of cutting down the exploration time through the areas
- If you press Start you will access the in-game map
- If you press Back you will turn on/off the mini-map and/or the compass in the upper-right part of the screen. The compass isn't important; the mini-map is

Before going anywhere, open up your main menu (press Y) and access the Settings. You can change the Blindside Animation, one of the options of the Gameplay Settings, and set it to "Off". This will save you quite some time in battles, avoiding the same slow-motion animation over and over every time you Blindside your enemies.

Then go to the Character entry of the main menu, then select the "BEAT" sub-entry from here. Change every character's beat to BEAT B. This will pay off later, since many bonuses given by this BEAT are more important than those given by BEAT S, and this is valid for the offensive and the defensive phase although BEAT B gives you lower ATK at first.

Now let's do a quick tour of the Calnus.

Crew Quarters

Upstairs, where you start, other than the Battle Simulator room (on the West side) there are also four rooms (on the East side). In one of them (Room 001; it's Edge's) there's a Save Point and a Bed that you can use to sleep. Sleeping fully recovers your HP/MP and clears any status ailments from your characters. Outside the rooms there's also a control panel displaying the Rooms (the "Room Directory"), but it's of no use right now.
Since there's nothing important to do here, go downstairs.

Recreation Room

There's another Save Point here. From the stairs, locate a hallway that takes you to the East side of the Recreation room, in the Meeting Room.

Meeting Room

Reach the Northeastern room and examine the blue shelves/boxes to collect a weapon data:
- Weapon Data # 001/147 (WID # 122) - SRF-Issue F98 Assault Rifle

You can check the collected data from the main menu (open Y to access it): select "Collection" to find some sub-menus for all the data (Weapons, Spaceships and Monsters will be those we will collect).

The Meeting Room will be a very well-attended place for you later in the game because it's where the Item Creation feature takes place. Right now the Item Creation terminal is disabled though, so you can't do anything. Get out of the Meeting Room, and head West through the Recreation Room to reach the last area of the Calnus.

Flight Deck

Either talk to your female friend (Reimi "the bowgirl") or examine one of the control panels here and decide to leave when you're ready to go. A cutscene will trigger, and you'll make acquiantance with Welch, the pink-haired "computer girl", and Crowe, the "you're never going to be as good as him" rival of Edge's. Keep watching the many scenes until you take control of Edge again.

When you're able to move again, "speak" with Reimi again in the Flight Deck to trigger more scenes, at the end of which you will find yourself on the first planet of the game.

Planet Aeos


Before exploring the planet, go back in the Calnus. In the Recreation Room, speak with the crew member Van, standing before the hallway that takes you to the Meeting Room. He'll give you the Recipe Memo 05, used to unlock the Storm Blade "Smithery" recipe in the Item Creation.

Then enter the Flight Deck. In here you can now examine the Western-most control panels to gain a couple of the spaceship data:
- Spaceship Data # 01/22 (SID # 001) - SRF-003 Calnus
- Spaceship Data # 02/22 (SID # 004) - SRF-001 Aquila

Then go back outside onto Planet Aeos.

Planet Aeos - Map of the areas (lower zoom here)

Landing Point

Chests checklist:
A* - Sniper's Bangle
A - Broken Metal Cutting Blade x 1
B - Blueberries x 3
C - Blackberries x 2
D - Iron x 1
E - Insect Egg x 2
*Speak with crew member Rich to obtain this one. It doesn't count as a treasure for the achievements.

New enemies datas:
- Monster Data # 001/154 (MID # 001) - Adephaga (292 HP, 1 EXP, 16 Fol)

There's a Save Point here. After saving, speak with the crew member Rich, one of the two soldiers walking Northwest of the Save Point, to get Sniper's Bangle x 1.
Explore the Northwest side of the area to loot the first "chests" (they're actually glowing flowers here on Aeos, but we'll just refer to them as treasure chests) which contain generic items. You will also notice that you're awarded with a few EXP and "Party SP" points when opening a chest. Refer to the General hints and tips for more info about them.

Speak with every crew member/soldier you can find (they're all marked with yellow icons on the in-game map), then talk to Reimi (talk to her again, if you already talked to her) to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, a fight will trigger: it's just 2x Adephaga enemies, and you won't have any problem defeating them (start getting used to Blindsiding them, just to practise some more advanced fighting styles).

After winning the fight you'll have automatically obtained monster data for the enemies you just defeated (the Adephaga) and weapon data for Edge's default weapon, which has been added to your inventory:
- Weapon Data # 002/147 (WID # 001) - Workman's Blade

You will also probably obtain your first battle trophies (such as those for hitting/defeating enemies with Special Arts).
Go back to the Calnus.


Reach the Flight Deck to trigger a cutscene, at the end of which you'll be back outside again.

Landing Point (Extended)

Chests checklist:
F - Bigberries x 1
G - Wind Gem
H - Iron x 2
I - 103 Fol
J - Insect Leg x 1 + Warped Carapace x 1

Harvesting Points Items (3x Harvesting Points + 1x Secret Harvesting Point):
- Aquaberries
- Blueberries
- Insect Egg
- Lemon
- Pickled Plum
- Vegetables
- White Rice

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 002/154 (MID # 002) - Adephaga Drus (351 HP, 2 EXP, 33 Fol)
- Monster Data # 003/154 (MID # 003) - Killer Wasp (228 HP, 1 EXP, 33 Fol)

Other enemies: Adephaga.

You will automatically get weapon data now that a new character has joined your party:
- Weapon Data # 003/147 (WID # 020) - Short Bow

I suggest sticking to Edge as Leader, since you can benefit from Blindsides when you control him manually (on the contrary, the new character can't Blindside enemies effectively because of the ranged weapon he/she uses, and the AI does a good enough job with him/her).

The new entry also has one of the "Field Skills" (you can check them in the main menu) that can be used to interact with the environment: Harvesting. This skill allows you to harvest materials from "Harvesting Points", which look like shining spots of grass/green (like this one not far from the Calnus). The harvested materials are randomly obtained from a preset list (as written above), so getting a better or worse material is mostly a matter of luck. Increasing the Harvesting skill level (max is level 10, like any other Field Skill) will also increase your bounty.

You should invest your first Party SP to increase Reimi's Harvesting Skill, since it's a Skill you will need and use widely and frequently. Harvesting Points will reset if you enter the Calnus, and they can sometimes net you extremely good items: try not to miss any opportunity to gather extra supplies from these sources. Even the common items found by harvesting can still be useful to complete generic quests, which is another reason not to miss any harvesting point you come across. They also earn you some EXP and Party SP, so you have everything to gain and only a few seconds to lose.

Just for your information, the Item Creation is now available, though you don't have much to mess around with right now. Moreover, the few items you have (the default equipment) can be very useful to get some nice bonuses via Item Synthesis later in Disc Two, so it's wise to keep them untouched.

As you keep going on Aeos, loot more "chests" and defeat the enemies here and there to level up a bit. As you continue, you may notice some light coming out of rocks. That light indicates a "Mining" point, which is very similar to a Harvesting point, except that you need another character (currently not in your party) to access the Mining points, so don't worry about them right now.

You can also find the first "Secret Harvesting Point" of the game: there will be many of them here and there in the areas, and you need to find them first by standing in the correct spot to make them look like "shiny grass" spots. It's not important to find these spots, but more sources equals more items, and since I'll show you where they are with a picture in the summary you should simply go find and loot these secret Harvesting Points too.

Grab everything you can, fight the enemies to collect their Monster Data (the Adephaga Drus look very similar to the normal Adephaga, so just keep defeating all the bugs you come across until you come across them). It's advisable to try to fill up your Bonus Board with some Pink Tiles (kill enemies with Special Arts only; special attacks/arts are those connected to the LT/RT buttons), so you have some HP/MP recovery at the end of every fight, but most of the tiles should be Turquoise Tiles to increase the EXP obtained. Don't fight too much though, as already said in the introduction of this page you really don't need to waste time levelling up and fighting.

Keep going East to find and enter the cavern on the East side.

Urd Falls Cave

Chests checklist:
a - Iron x 2
b - 203 Fol
b* - Blueberries x 2
c - Fresh Sage x 2
c* - Blackberries x 2
d* - Fresh Sage x 1
d - Blackberries x 2
e* - Defense Seeds x 1
*Examine the green holes on the rock-walls. These items don't count as a treasure for the achievements.

Harvesting Points Items (1x Harvesting Point):
- Aquaberries
- Bizarre Fruit
- Blackberries
- Blueberries
- Insect Egg
- Seaweed
- Vegetables
- White Rice

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 004/154 (MID # 004) - Giant Bat (259 HP, 2 EXP, 25 Fol)
- Monster Data # 005/154 (MID # 005) - Gerel (327 HP, 1 EXP, 27 Fol)

Other enemies: Adephaga, Adephaga Drus, Killer Wasp.

As soon as you enter you will see an "Adephaga" and a "Killer Wasp" enemy-type roaming close to each other. This is a good opportunity to engage an Ambush fight (trigger the fight when they're both close to you, so you fight them one after another), which earns you +1 Green Bonus Tile for your Bonus Grid. After winning the fight, exit this area and enter again: the enemies will be respawned, so you can immediately get another Ambush. Thanks to these enemies you have a very fast way of filling up your Bonus Grid with these Green Tiles, which earn you +1 Party SP each. Of course this is not necessary (nor recommended) at all; I'm just mentioning this place in case you want to increase your skills early on (Harvesting, for example; it takes 280 SP to max-out).

Explore the cave and fight the two new enemies to get their data. As you continue, you will probably notice some green holes in the walls (the first one will be on your right as you go). If you examine these holes you can get some extra items, but if you examine the holes again after getting the item they held you will get hit by a poisonous steam (which deals -2 HP of damage) instead of getting more goods -- avoid examining the same hole more than once.

At one point, on the right as you continue North, you will see some rocks blocking your way, preventing access to a large area East of the barricade. It's an unavailable place right now, and we'll need a special "Ring" to break through it. We'll find more of these "nature obstacles" during our journey, and they can all be overcome with one of the special "Rings". They'll be introduced in due course (most of them are story-related anyways), and you'll need to backtrack in these areas to get the goodies.
In another accessible area on the East side you may notice a higher cliff. You can't climb up it, but you'll later be able to jump off the cliff itself.

Keep going North and West until you make your way to the opposite side of the cave.

Northern Coast

Chests checklist:
K - Natural Water x 2
L - Attack Seeds x 1
M - Wind Gem x 1
N - 81 Fol
O - Seaweed x 1 + Warped Carapace x 1
P - Iron x 3
Q - Fresh Sage x 2
R - Seaweed x 1

Harvesting Points Items (4x Harvesting Points + 1x Secret Harvesting Point):
- Blueberries
- Defense Seeds
- Fresh Sage
- Insect Egg
- Lemon
- Pickled Plum
- Seaweed
- Vegetables

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 006/154 (MID # 006) - Polyphaga (447 HP, 3 EXP, 58 Fol)
- Monster Data # 007/154 (MID # 007) - Killer Chelae (374 HP, 4 EXP, 29 Fol)
- Monster Data # 008/154 (MID # 008) - Armaros (Boss)

Other enemies: Adephaga Drus, Killer Wasp, Gerel.

The Northern Shore is a large area on three levels of height. The Western-most part, the highest one, is currently not available (you'll be able to access it soon). The middle-level one is where you start, and here you will find a bunch of enemies, treasures, a Save Point and a Healing Point (it's the green-looking symbol on the map; it fully recovers HP/MP/status ailments, and it's a clear sign of upcoming danger).
Make sure you heal and save before continuing. When you feel ready, jump down onto the shore (the bottom level of height).
On the shore, keep walking Northeast until a cutscene triggers -- it'll be followed by the first boss fight of the game.

Boss Fight # 01 - Armaros
HP: 4,000. Resistant against: Water, Wind. Weak against: Earth. This enemy is a Grigori (see General hints and tips for more info).
You'll be backed up by a new character, a "black mage" character with decent melee attributes too: he's Faize. This new character has an Earth-based spell by default (Earth Glaive). In order to start working towards some Battle Trophies for Faize (those for killing 55 Grigoris and 130 different enemies), you want to land the final blow on the boss as Faize (while controlling him as Leader).
This fight is divided into two parts. During the first phase the boss will be almost invulnerable to most of your attacks, and will only take a few HP of damage because of his armor guarding his weak spot. During this phase you should set the new character on Manual (to do so, press Y to open the battle menu, then switch among the characters with LB/RB and press the D-Pad_Left/Right to change their status), let the AI (Artificial Intelligence) control Reimi in any way, and take direct control of Edge. You want to repeatedly Blindside the enemy (feel free to stay close to him), then attack him with three simple attacks (AAA). It's possible to perform more fancy combos too, but this simple combo works good when he's in Rush Mode too (and he will be on Rush Mode a turn every two or so), so just repeat it for a lazy but safe approach. Repeat this process until you clearly see that the shell armor on the boss's right side breaks.
When this happens, he's about to die: he still has half of his HP, but they will go down much faster than the first half since the weak spot has been exposed. Now put Edge and Reimi on Manual, so everyone is on Manual. Still as Edge, Blindside the enemy once and attack him three times (AAA, as usual) to deal enormous damage (you should deal about 250 HP of damage per Hit on the weak spot, which is the glowing spot on his side) very quickly. Repeat this if you want, but make sure you don't exceed 1,500 HP of damage in total from the moment when his armor broke.
Then switch characters (everyone still on Manual) and take control of Faize. Keep your distance from the boss and repeatedly spam your special attack (press LT/RT) Earth Glaive on him. You will deal 150+ HP of damage every time, and the boss will go down in just a few turns. Feel free to use the "Rush Combos" when you can, if you want (to do so, when your Rush Gauge has 100/100 points, press and hold X and then immediately press LT/RT to launch a series of attacks with double their normal strength), but in this case make sure that you've removed all the Special Arts of Edge and Reimi's (open the battle menu, select Config, remove the attacks from the "Combo" lists), so they can't participate in the Rush Combo attack and only Faize can hit. It's not really necessary anyways, he'll go down with regular spells too.

By killing this boss you will unlock:

At the end of the fight you will receive the Meteor Fragment key item, as well as the boss's Monster Data and Faize's default weapon data:
- Weapon Data # 004/147 (WID # 039) - Eldarian Rapier

Afterwards, follow the shore Northeast (loot a real "chest" in the sea, as well as another "flower chest" on the way; find another hidden Harvesting Point on the right too) to reach the entrance of a cave.

While walking onwards, make sure to defeat a unit of each different enemy as Faize: as we anticipated a moment ago, he has a Battle Trophy for defeating 130 different enemies, and by now you should have noticed that the monster IDs go as far as 154, including missable enemies (those on Aeos are not missable) and one-time-only enemies (bosses), meaning that you must defeat basically every monster you come across to achieve such result, especially those that can't be fought again/anymore at the end of the game (this is why I insisted for killing Armaros with Faize). By "defeat enemies as Faize" I mean that you need to control Faize actively (he has to be the Leader) while he lands the finishing hit on the enemy you're killing. Enemies killed by the AI-controlled Faize will not count, and this is a general rule that applies to most of the Battle Trophies.

Enter the cave on the Northeastern end of the shore to continue backtracking.

Urd Falls Cave

Chests checklist:
e - Blueberries x 3

You find yourself Northeast, on the upper cliff of this area. Simply follow the path South (make sure to get an item from a flower before jumping down to backtrack, or you'll have to walk all the way through the Northern Coast again to go back on the cliff!) to return to the first area of Planet Aeos. While strolling through the cave, have Faize defeat one of the Giant Bat enemies and maybe also the Adephaga/Adephaga Drus ones.

Landing Point/Base Area

Planet Aeos - Map of the areas (updated) (lower zoom here)

This area has changed quite a bit since the last time you were here, and the game refers to it as "Base Area" now (though when you save the game here it still calls it "Landing Point"). In particular, the West and Northwest sides are different, and offer a passage to two new areas. Before accessing the facility on the West side, let's go Northwest first, crossing a bridge that has been recently built.

Northern Coast (West)

Chests checklist:
A - Bigberries x 1
B - Protection Seeds x 1

The two new items available are found in the new part of this area, the highest of all the three portions of the Northern Coast (the West-most, previously unavailable).
In addition to these two flower-chests, you can also find (far North in this upper-height plain) a strange treasure chest surrounded by a pink aura barrier. This barrier can't be taken down anytime soon, but we'll later be able to unseal it thanks to the Ring special items. Yep, those very rings that also unlock new paths through natural obstacles. Right now we can't do anything about it, so simply head back South to the Landing Point/Base Area.

While you're here and there's a lot of Geral/Killer Chelae enemies around you, kill these enemies until you get a total of Seaweed x 5 (if you don't have these items already), since they'll be needed for a quest soon.

Landing Point/Base Area

Reach the Exploration Base camp (the new facility that has been set up).

Exploration Base (Outside)

Chests checklist:
a - Lemon x3
b - 193 Fol x 1
c - Blueberries x2
d - Skill Manual "Scan Enemy" x 1

Loot the treasure chests here and there on the outside of the Exploration Base.
The Skill Manual "Scan Enemy" you'll find in one of them is your first "manual". These "manuals" are precious items that can be used from the main menu (open it with Y, then select Items, then Use Items; the manuals are among the "Usable Items" category) to teach your characters new skills. Manuals can teach passive and active skills; in this case, it's an active skill. Not all the characters can learn the skills from a manual. In fact, most of the time just one or two characters can learn a specific skill (this is typically the case for the active skills), so you don't really have to worry about making the choice of "who should I give it to?".

What we just said is true only *most* of the time. However, it's also true that sometimes making a thoughtful choice, especially for the important skills like "HP Boost" or "Berserk", can substantially modify your chances of surviving harder fights with less effort. By the end of the game you will find enough manuals to teach everyone every skill that they can learn, with the sole exception of "Faerie Star" (the most powerful healing spell) which is a unique manual that can be given only to one of the three characters able to learn it.

I will tell you to plan the use of manuals carefully when necessary: if no indication is added in the text of this walkthrough, feel free to give the manual to whoever you want. As for the one you just got, simply give it to Faize to teach him this cheap but good skill (Scan Enemy), which is already at max level (1/1) by the way. He also has a Battle Trophy for scanning a total of 10 different enemies (there are plenty of opportunities to do so of course), just so you know that.

When it's all collected, enter the inside of the Exploration Base.

Exploration Base (Inside)

Chests checklist:
e - Blueberries x1 + Blackberries x1
f - Uncooked Pasta x1 + Olive Oil x1

Inside the Exploration Base you can find another Save Point and two more chests in the far South hallways. Near the chests there are also some "beds" where you can take a rest to recover full HP/MP/heal status ailments if you need.
In the Southern hallway you can also speak with a NPC (Non-Playable-Character) to gather some info about the Exploration Base if you want. Moreover, you can examine some monitors in this same hallway to get some spaceship data:
- Spaceship Data # 03/22 (SID # 016) - Sol (Eldarian Shuttlecraft)
- Spaceship Data # 04/22 (SID # 015) - Rednuht (Eldarian Battleship)
- Spaceship Data # 05/22 (SID # 012) - Zagzagel (Eldarian Cruiser)

In the Northwestern hallway there's a guy that can provide you with some battle tutorials, although you have probably already learned everything (or almost) about the gameplay by now, also thanks to the Battle Simulator.

From the circular central area (where the Save Point is), head through the Northeast hallways to find the first two Shops of the game. The one marked with a blue icon is the Item Shop "Alpha", which sells common items and materials. The other one, with a sand-color icon, is the Weapon/Armor/Accessory Shop "Omega".

As you check the items for sale, you will also notice that in addition to the Buy Items/Sell Items options there are also two more entries: Accept Orders and Deliver Orders. These are related to quests, and most of the shops you will come across have "shop orders" to complete (we'll refer to them more generically as "Quests", since they are part of the 201 Quests necessary for the achievements). The mechanism of the shop orders is simple: first you accept the order (there's no limit to how many orders you can accept and hold at once, so you should always accept all the orders from the shops where you pass by to add them in your memo); then you complete the required task (typically collecting some items); then you deliver the goods you've collected to complete the quest.

Keep in mind that some of the quests are missable (and indeed those in the Exploration Base will expire after some story events), and therefore you should try to complete them as soon as possible. I'll keep track of each of them as we continue, and I'll warn you when you must do something related to Quests before it's too late. You can watch your "quest log" in your main menu too: press Y, then select the "Data" entry and choose the "Quests" sub-menu. Let's have a look at the shops then.

Item Shop "Alpha" (alphabetical order):

- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Blackberies - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Common Egg - 30 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Olive Oil - 80 Fol
- Raw Animal Meat - 60 Fol
- Seasonings - 20 Fol
- Uncooked Pasta - 100 Fol
- Vegetables - 60 Fol

Quest # 001/201 Complete - "Base Shop Alpha" Shop Order: White Rice
Task: deliver White Rice x 3. This item can be harvested on Aeos (Landing Point and Urd Falls Cave areas).
Reward: 300 Fol, 30 EXP, 32 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 002/201 Complete - "Base Shop Alpha" Shop Order: Pickled Plums
Task: deliver Pickled Plum x 5. This item can be harvested on Aeos (Landing Point and Northern Coast areas).
Reward: 500 Fol, 20 EXP, 20 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 003/201 Complete - "Base Shop Alpha" Shop Order: Seaweed
Task: deliver Seaweed x 5. This item can be dropped by the Geral and Killer Chelae enemies (widely found in the West-most part of the Northern Coast area, reached as you go North from the Landing Point area), and can also be found in Harvesting Points (Urd Falls Cave and Northern Coast areas).
Reward: 800 Fol, 30 EXP, 22 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 004/201 Start - "Base Shop Alpha" Shop Order: Gambleberries
Task: deliver Gambleberries x 3. This item is not available on your current location, but it will be found in Harvesting Points on Planet Lemuris. Just accept the quest for now, I'll remind you to stock up on these items when you can get them.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Weapon Shop "Omega":

- Eldarian Bow - 500 Fol

- Silver Bangle - 800 Fol

- Skill Manual "Anthropology" - 800 Fol
- Skill Manual "Botany" - 900 Fol
- Skill Manual "Entomology" - 600 Fol
- Skill Manual "First Aid" - 2,000 Fol

- Repair Kit - 100 Fol

Quest # 005/201 Start - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Iron
Task: deliver Iron x 5. This item can be dropped by the Polyphaga enemies, but it's more easily obtained (it's even for sale) on Planet Lemuris. Feel free to leave the quest uncompleted if you don't feel like hunting down Polyphagas.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 006/201 Start - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Silver
Task: deliver Silver x 4. This item can be mined on Aeos (any area). You can also get it as a drop from the Stone Golem enemies on Planet Lemuris. You don't have access to either of these sources, so just accept the quest for now, I'll remind you to stock up on these items when you can get them.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 007/201 Start - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Lizardskins
Task: deliver Lizardskin x 5. This item can be dropped by Lizard Soldier and Wise Lizardmen enemies, found on Planet Lemuris. Just accept the quest for now, I'll remind you to stock up on these items when you can get them.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 008/201 Complete - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Lemons
Task: deliver Lemon x 5. This item can be harvested on Aeos (Landing Point and Northern Coast areas).
Reward: 300 Fol, 30 EXP, 26 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

You shouldn't need to purchase generic items from the "Alpha" shop, so save your Fol and check the weapons instead.
There are some interesting items in the Weapon Shop, but the highest priority must go to the Eldarian Bow. Make absolutely sure to purchase at least one Eldarian Bow, and don't ever sell it! This item will soon be required for another Quest which will expire before you have a chance to get another Eldarian Bow. In other words, if you miss this opportunity to buy and get an Eldarian Bow, that Quest won't be completable.

The rest of the items are good, but not particularly interesting. If you're not very high on Fol, avoid purchasing the First Aid Skill Manual (it's not reliable, nor very effective; just expensive), and give priority to the Botany and Entomology manuals over the Anthropology one which can wait. You should have enough money to afford a couple of manuals and an Eldarian Bow anyways. Let's add it to our Weapon Data collection too, while we're here:
- Weapon Data # 005/147 (WID # 021) - Eldarian Bow

As for the quests, most of the items required for these first quests are available from harvesting/mining. You will be able to go back on the Calnus (doing this respawns the Harvesting Points) after some more story-related events, thus making it easy for you to farm more items. Right now you should be able to complete about half of these quests (Quest 001, 002, 003, 008 and also 005 if you don't mind farming a bit), while Quest 004, 006, 007 will have to wait until later. You can leave them all temporarily uncompleted if you want, since there's still time to complete them later. I will assume that you've completed Quest 001, 002, 003 and 008 (notice the "Start/Complete" differences in the above text), since there's no reason to leave them for later.

When you're satisfied, head to the Northern-most room of all and speak with the captain of the Calnus, standing in the middle of the room. A bunch of cutscenes will trigger.

After watching them, some new items and quests will become available. In the same room where the captain was, examine the monitors (the Southwest, Southeast and Northeast ones) to get:
- Spaceship Data # 06/22 (SID # 007) - SRF-004 Dentdelion
- Spaceship Data # 07/22 (SID # 008) - SRF-005 Eremia
- Spaceship Data # 08/22 (SID # 006) - SRF-002 Balena

You may also notice another monitor on the right (East) side, between two that earned you spaceship data: this one tells you that the Eldarians have been gathering info on Aeos right now (nothing important), but soon enough this very monitor will earn you another Spaceship Data.

Speak with the green-haired Eldarian (Supreme Commander Gaghan) in this North-most room to hand over the Sol's control unit (Faize's ship). This is necessary to proceed with the story. Please note you may need to exit the base interior, try to board the Calnus, then re-enter the base before you can speak to Gaghan and progress the story.
Then speak with your own captain (Grafton) again in the same room to find yourself in the Calnus.


Do NOT continue with the story just yet. Instead, exit the Calnus from its side narrow hallways to go back to the exterior of the Exploration Base, and then go back inside.

Exploration Base (Inside)

Head back in the Northern-most area, and now examine the monitor on the right (the one that previously told you about gathering info on Aeos) to get:
- Spaceship Data # 09/22 (SID # 002) - Calnus-II (w/Eldarian Upgrades)

From the central area of the base (the one with the Save Point), head into the small room in the Southeast (the nursery) and speak with the red-haired Eldarian "Airi", and accept her quest.

Quest # 009/201 Complete - The Missing Patient
Quest giver: Airi, Eldarian Physician. She's found in the nursery, the small room Southeast of the central one with the Save Point.
Task: find the missing patient. He's located not far from where the Calnus is "parked", Northwest in the outside area of the Exploration Base. When you find him, decide to tell him about Airi of course. Then go back to Airi in the nursery to complete the quest.
Reward: 10 EXP, 24 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Then head to the small room Southwest of the central area, and speak with the blue-haired Eldarian "Lilia".

Quest # 010/201 Complete - Leg Collector
Quest giver: Lilia, Chief of Analysis. She's found in the lab, the small room Southwest of the central one with the Save Point.
Task: get and deliver 10x Insect Leg. These items are dropped by the Adephaga/Adephaga Drus/Polyphaga enemies. While farming them, farm also the items for the next quest.
Reward: Blueberries x 1, 20 EXP, 18 Party SP.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

Quest # 011/201 Complete - Egg Collector
Quest giver: Lilia, Chief of Analysis. She's found in the lab, the small room Southwest of the central one with the Save Point. This quest is available after completing Quest 010.
Task: get and deliver 8x Insect Egg. These items are dropped by the same enemies that drop the Insect Legs.
Reward: Aquaberries x 1, 30 EXP, 20 Party SP, Recipe Memo 20 x 1.
WARNING: this quest will expire after your first journey towards En II.

The Recipe Memo 20 unlocks the Earth Charm "Crafting" recipe in Item Creation. It's still too early to make anything within Item Creation; the info on the recipes are just for your information.

This is all about Planet Aeos for now. Make sure that you have an Eldarian Bow available before leaving; if you haven't, purchase it at the Weapon Shop. When you're ready, go outside the Base. From the outside area, walk all the way to the Urd Falls Cave, in the larger Northeast area, about where the cliff that you can't climb up is.

Urd Falls Cave

Private Action # 01 - Reimi+
This private action triggers if you examine the glowing flowers in the spot we just mentioned. A scene with Reimi will trigger, and a three-option choice will be prompted: pick the choice you think would make Reimi happier (there's no trick, it's the obvious one) (if you can't guess it, then just pick the second answer) to increase Edge's affinity with Reimi, thus working on the achievement for viewing "Reimi's" secret ending (this is why I wrote "Reimi+" a couple of lines ago).

When it's done, finally head back to the Exploration Base (Outside), and then Northwest of it to go back into the Calnus again, and reach the Meeting Room.


Enter the Meeting Room (the big room on the East side, downstairs) and approach the Item Creation terminal to trigger an optional scene with Welch and Faize. While you're here, interact with the Item Creation terminal again and select "Launch Interface". Explore the menus if you haven't already, then quit out to automatically get:
- Weapon Data # 006/147 (WID # 118) - Gesture Rod

You still can't do much with Item Creation right now, so leave it there.

Reach the Flight Deck when you're ready to leave (you are if you have an Eldarian Bow).

Speak with Faize in this area to receive Monster Jewel x 1. Monster Jewels are rather uncommon items (they become easily obtainable only in the latest phases of the game, so save/use them wisely in these first phases) which can be used to create special Neck Accessories by "using" the monster data you've collected. If you open your main menu (press Y) and check the Monsters entry among your "Collections", you will see that the monster data has a certain "percentage of acquired info". This percentage goes up by +1/+2/+3% every time you defeat a regular monster (depending on the monster you may gain more or less percentage after every kill). For bosses, the percentage goes up by +30% every time you defeat them, but thanks to the fact that the "Collections" are all saved on a common hidden "Collection Save File" (so to speak), you can get 100% monster data on bosses too in a single playthrough. To do so, save the game before fighting a boss, then fight a boss, save the game on a different slot to add +30% info to your Collection Data, then reload the save before the boss fight, defeat him again, and save the game on a different slot to add another +30% info to your Collection Data (which now has 60% info on the boss). Doing this two more times earns you 100% data on a boss.

Anyways, if you have a monster with 100% data, you can use a Monster Jewel to create an accessory (called "[Name of the monster] Jewel"). The stronger the enemy, the better his jewel will be. You consume a Monster Jewel when you create a jewel accessory (one is consumed for every accessory you want to create). On the other hand, you won't "consume" (reset) the info acquired on the monsters after creating a jewel (it wouldn't make much sense after all). For example, if you had 100% Data on the Adephaga enemy and you had 2x Monster Jewel, then you could create 2x Adephaga Jewel without changing the percentage of acquired info on the monster.

Also note that having 100% monster data doesn't necessarily mean that you have all the info on that monster. For example, the drops listed in the Monster Data Collection (in-game) are updated only after you receive a specific drop from that enemy. If you never received, say, an Insect Egg from the Adephaga after killing 34 of them, you would have 100% monster data (each kill earns you +3%) but the info on this monster would not show you that he can drop the Insect Egg.

With that being said, none of the enemies encountered so far is worth the time of making a monster jewel for it, and this will be the case until the post-game, where a few enemies will finally deserve to be hunted down until you can make their jewel.

Now you're really ready to go: examine the control panel in the Flight Deck (the one up the small stairs) and decide to leave.

Calnus - Travel to Lemuris

After some scenes you'll start your first journey through the universe. Despite the "warp speed", the travels through space still take some time to be completed. The time is not related to "real" time, but instead time will pass as you do "things". In particular, you can either interact with your characters or go to sleep (upstairs, in the Crew Quarters area) in order to advance. The latter is not an advisable option, since it means skipping many extra dialogues and scenes, most of which are Private Actions useful to boost your characters' affinity.

Every flight is divided in different parts according to the "distance remaining to destination", a parameter that you can read by examining the control panel in the Flight Deck). For example, the first flight is divided in six parts: at first you're at 10% of the travel (90% distance remaining), then 20%, then 40%, then 60%, then 80%, and then you will finally arrive. You can advance to the next "part" one by one by completing the Private Actions or by picking up the "Rest" option upstairs (again, this is NOT recommended), which is prompted by examining Edge's bed. You can skip directly to the arrival by picking up "Rest until arrival" option upstairs, also prompted by examining Edge's bed (this should be done only if you're making a speedrun and you don't care about the secret ending achievements).

Private actions are important, so I will tell you to do them every time they are available. I will also write the "distance remaining to destination" when a specific Private Action takes place, for reference -- most of the time they just trigger one after another, and you will always proceed naturally if you follow every step indicated. Other times things will be a bit more complicated, as we're going to see.

On a side note, you will hear a very typical sound every time you complete a Private Action here on the Calnus (just in case you wonder what that is when you hear it).

Private Action # 02 - Reimi+, Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 90%.
Speak with Reimi in the Flight Deck to trigger this Private Action.

Private Action # 03 - Reimi+, Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 80%.
Speak with Reimi/Faize in the Meeting Room.

Private Action # 04 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 60%.
Speak with Reimi in her room, upstairs (in the Crew Quarters). Her room is opposite Edge's, which is the one with the Save Point.

Speaking of rooms, you can now access the "Room Assignment" panel in the Crew Quarters, and re-arrange the crew's position. You can't really mix them up very much right now, but later, when the affinity between your characters will be higher, you'll even be able to put two characters of opposite sex in the same room. We'll see about this in due time; right now you can leave the room assignments as they are.

Private Action # 05 - Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 40%.
Speak with Reimi/Faize in the Meeting Room. A two-choice dialogue will prompt: pick the obvious sympathetic choice to boost Faize's affinity with Edge (it's the second option).

Private Action # 06 - Reimi+, Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 20%.
Speak with Reimi/Faize in the Meeting Room. A two-choice dialogue will prompt: pick the more "interesting" choice to boost the affinity a bit more (it's the second option).

End of the journey -- enter the Flight Deck again to trigger more scenes. After them, speak with your friends for some extra dialogues, then examine the door of the Flight Deck to go outside, onto Planet Lemuris.

Planet Lemuris


Before exploring this planet, go back in the Calnus and reach the Crew Quarters. Enter Faize's room and speak with him.

Private Action # 07 - Faize+
This one is available immediately after landing on Planet Lemuris. Simply speak with Faize in his room.

Private Action # 08 - Faize+
Speak with Faize in his room again after the previous Private Action to trigger this one.

Private Action # 09 - Faize+
Speak with Faize yet again in his room to trigger this last (for now) Private Action. A two-choice dialogue will prompt -- pick the obvious "good" choice (it's the second one).

We're ready to explore Planet Lemuris now.

Planet Lemuris - Outside

Planet Lemuris - Map of Thalia Plains and Triom Village (lower zoom here)

Thalia Plains (South)

Chests checklist:
A - Aquaberries x 3
B - Aquaberries x 1 + Blackberries x 2

New Enemies Data:
- Monster Data # 009/154 (MID # 009) - Peryton (355 HP, 5 EXP, 58 Fol)
- Monster Data # 010/154 (MID # 010) - Dryad (341 HP, 5 EXP, 49 Fol)
- Monster Data # 011/154 (MID # 011) - Kobold* (576 HP, 5 EXP, 114 Fol)
- Weapon Data # 007/147 (WID # 132) - Kobold's Scimitar**
*Found in some groups of other enemies; this enemy is more common later (in Alanaire Citadel).
**This data is obtained automatically along with Kobold's monster data.

While you stroll across the fields of this sinister planet, make sure to kill the new enemies with Faize at least once (do it as battle Leader, as already said), so you keep working on his Battle Trophies. Some of these enemies (specifically the two "Lizard" foes) are even one-time-only creatures, meaning that they will not be encountered again after some story events: make sure to defeat them (as Faize-Leader if possible) while you can. I'll let you know when they're about to begone.

The enemies in this area are stronger than those on Aeos, and you will soon enter a very dangerous dungeon where you may suffer a bit, especially if you haven't mastered the gameplay yet. It might be a good idea to spend some time gaining EXP before moving on, although we're going to see some cheap approaches that can fix the lack of power with some skills. Before deciding whether to grind or not though, head towards North to enter Triom Village. You'll need to do it from the East side, since the path on the West side is blocked by a nature obstacle (you'll need the Earth Ring to break it).

Triom Village

Triom Village - Ghimdo's House

Chest checklist:

a! - Demon Amulet x 1

As soon as you enter, a bunch of cutscenes will trigger. At the end of them, you'll find yourself with a new member in the party: Lymle. Of course she will also bring her weapon data to your collection:
- Weapon Data # 008/147 (WID # 050) - Candy Wand

Lymle is an all-magic character who focuses greatly on offensive spells (some of her spells resemble a summoner's work more than a common black mage), so keeping her MP gauge filled is a duty to properly make use of her powers. Lymle will learn some useful skills to use during the exploration outside the fights too, as we're soon going to see.

In this small village there are three chests, two of which are in the outside area. One of them is protected by an ice barrier, and can't be opened right now. The third one is in the big building in the Northern part of the village (Ghimdo's House), and it's a missable chest (it won't be available anymore after some story events). Make sure to get it now.

Triom Village (Outside)

Chests checklist:
b - Blueberries x 2
c* - Blueberries x 1
d* - Basil x 1
e* - Blackberries x 1
f - [Fire Ring required to open]
*Examine the vegetable gardens. These items don't count as a treasure for the achievements.

You can stroll through the vegetable gardens and collect three items from the ground -- these three items do not count as opened chests, so they are not necessary for the achievements. In addition to all this, there are also three shops and a Residence. The Residence is located Southwest, and provides a free "Inn service" (speak with the granny inside and ask her to take a rest) and a Save Point. As for the shops:

Weapon Shop "Reflected Moon Weapons":

- Blessed Sword - 700 Fol

- Mystic Chainmail - 1,000 Fol

- Sniper's Bangle - 800 Fol
- Silver Bangle - 800 Fol
- Sacrificial Doll - 500 Fol

- Bowstring - 100 Fol

Quest # 012/201 Start - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Flame Sword
Task: deliver Flame Sword x 1.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Quest # 013/201 Start - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Hunting Bow
Task: deliver Hunting Bow x 1.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Quest # 014/201 Start - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Oyakodon
Task: deliver Oyakodon x 2.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Item Shop "Can-Can General Goods" (alphabetical order):

- Alchemist's Water - 300 Fol
- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Attack Card - 60 Fol
- Basil - 30 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Common Egg - 30 Fol
- Empty Bottle - 40 Fol
- Earth Paint - 80 Fol
- Fire Paint - 80 Fol
- Fresh Cream - 100 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Ge Gen Tang - 400 Fol
- Hot Chocolate - 50 Fol
- Magical Brush - 200 Fol
- Natural Water - 120 Fol
- Pie Crusts - 60 Fol
- Support Card - 40 Fol
- Vegetables - 60 Fol
- Vile Goop - 300 Fol
- Vinegar - 40 Fol
- White Rice - 60 Fol

Quest # 015/201 Start - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Custard Pie
Task: deliver Custard Pie x 2.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Quest # 016/201 Start - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Ginseng
Task: deliver Ginseng x 5.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Quest # 017/201 Start - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Crystal
Task: deliver Crystal x 1.
WARNING: this quest will expire after completing the events in the Celestial Ship, here on Planet Lemuris.

Skill Shop "Tiger Dojo":

- Skill Manual "Botany" - 900 Fol
- Skill Manual "Parapsychology" - 1,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "First Aid" - 2,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Elusion" - 1,000 Fol

This shop has no shop orders.

I wouldn't suggest wasting too much Fol on these items. Among the weapons, the Blessed Sword is a good upgrade and you will need it for one of the quests, so you should get one. This is its weapon data:
- Weapon Data # 009/147 (WID # 003) - Blessed Sword

As for the Manuals, buy the new Parapsychology Skill Manual, and also Botany if you haven't already bought one. Make sure to teach these skills to Lymle/Faize respectively, and use their own SP to increase these passive skills.

The orders from the local shops require you to create items in the Item Creation terminal on the Calnus or farm a bunch of materials. We'll take care of them all later, since some of the materials can be found only/more easily in the next areas of Planet Lemuris. After accepting the orders, exit the shops and Triom Village from either of the Northern exits (Northwest/Northeast), so you reach the North side of Thalia Plains.

Planet Lemuris - Outside

Thalia Plains (North)

Chests checklist:
C - Darkness Gem x 1
D - 255 Fol
E - Blueberries x 2
F - Vile Goop x 2
G - Aquaberries x 2
H - Blackberries x 2
I - Bizarre Fruit x 1
J - Monster Jewel x 1
K - Accuracy Seeds x 1
L - 401 Fol
M - Skill Manual "Hide" x 1

Harvesting Point Items (2x Harvesting Points):
- Bigberries
- Common Egg
- Gambleberries
- Lemon
- Nectar
- Thornberries
- Vegetables
- White Rice

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 012/154 (MID # 012) - Lizard Soldier (637 HP, 7 EXP, 76 Fol)
- Monster Data # 013/154 (MID # 013) - Wise Lizardman (628 HP, 9 EXP, 68 Fol)
- Monster Data # 014/154 (MID # 014) - Mist Grave (433 HP, 6 EXP, 61 Fol)
- Weapon Data # 010/147 (WID # 131) - Skullbreaker*
*This data is obtained automatically along with Wise Lizardman's monster data.

Other enemies: Peryton, Dryad, Kobold.

The Northern part of the Thalia Plains, much bigger than the Southern part, continues North past a bridge. After crossing it, you have a choice: either go West or continue further North. If you head West you will reach a chest, not far from the exit (another bridge) that takes you to the Van Elm Region area, which is however blocked by some rocks right now (so there's nothing to explore there).

Continue North instead, and you will reach a large frozen lake. On the frozen lake you won't be able to sprint (technically you can sprint, but you won't move from your position despite Edge moving his legs), but other than this inconvenience and slightly more sloppy commands it doesn't pose a problem: simply walk on the frozen lake to collect the chests here and there.

From the lake you can go East or West. If you proceed East you will reach either a dead end with a Harvesting Point, or the passage that leads, more North from the previous dead end, to the Wind Swallow Valley area. This area is also blocked early on (by a giant pile of snow), so you can't explore it at first either.

The only thing to do is proceed up the hill West of the frozen lake then: do so and save at the Save Point located before a large gate. After saving the game, examine the gate itself: a short scene will trigger, and Edge will learn the Healing spell -- he's not a character designed for healing tasks, so you should avoid using it unless it's extremely necessary. Then you'll find yourself inside the next area.

Alanaire Citadel

Alanaire Citadel - Map of the areas (lower zoom here)

Alanaire Citadel: 1F

Chests checklist:
A - Anti-Poison Amulet x 1
B - Shining Stone x 1
C - Skill Manual "Treasure Sense" x 1
D - Shining Stone x 1
E - Guardian's Armor x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 015/154 (MID # 015) - Skeleton Soldier (728 HP, 7 EXP, 79 Fol)
- Monster Data # 016/154 (MID # 016) - Stone Golem (1,039 HP, 13 EXP, 160 Fol)
- Monster Data # 017/154 (MID # 017) - Dragon Newt (Boss)
- Weapon Data # 011/147 (WID # 137) - Sword of Punishment*
*This data is obtained automatically along with Skeleton Soldier's monster data.

Old Enemies: Peryton (found in other enemies' parties), Lizard Soldier, Wise Lizardman.

The Alanaire Citadel is the first dungeon of the game, and in order to get past it you'll need to fight your way through powerful enemies and move some blocks wisely to open your way. Due to the large amount of regular enemies you will encounter (and the fact that they can make you run out of supplies/MP very quickly if you're not strong enough), it's highly advisable to skip most if not all the fights you can. This suggestion, of course, is valid only after ensuring at least one kill with Faize (as Leader) on all the new enemies found here (Stone Golem and Skeleton Soldier; you may also still need to land a kill on a Kobold).

Even if you want to fight the enemies to level up, you should try to reach the second floor first, since a Healing Point is found on that floor (then there's also a Save Point on the third floor, near the mini-boss that precedes your exit from this place). Keep in mind that after clearing this place now it will take a while before you can go back inside, so don't leave anything behind you (you can still come back later, it's just a long detour).

There is one item in particular that you should REALLY get as soon as possible. It's one of the items contained in a chest on the West rooms on the first floor, the Skill Manual, "Treasure Sense". Use it on Lymle, the only one who can learn this skill, to benefit from this great passive skill: all the chests, harvesting and mining points are now permanently marked on your in-game map. Opened chests will also still be represented (with a different icon from the closed chests), so it's very easy to check your progress on the chest-looting of the areas.

The "puzzle" to complete in this place consists of "pillars" (blocks of stone, altars, whatever they are) that you need to lift. You know you can lift them if you see a white gem ("Shining Stone") glowing on one of their sides. Lifting them in the air creates paths on the upper levels. No pillar should be left un-lifted, since they will never go blocking other paths after being lifted. Some of them already have a white gem attached, while others require you to place a Shining Stone first -- these items are found here and there in chests of the citadel areas.

On the first floor there are three ready-to-lift pillars: two are Southwest and Northwest in the large circular area in the middle of the place, while another one is standing on the way past the small stairs on the West side (the stairs are accessed Southwest). Grab a Shining Stone from one of the chests.
After lifting the Southwest-most of them you'll have access to the West rooms, where some of the chests of this place are, including the precious Manual we previously mentioned. One of the other two contains another Shining Stone, while the last one has a green barrier around it -- leave it there.

Now that you have two Shining Stones, use one of them to activate the pillar blocking the stairs on the East side (the other one can be used to activate either of the pillars Southeast/Northeast in the central part of this area). If you lift up another pillar on the East-side walkway you'll be able to reach the exit to the Ramparts - North area, and from there you can reach the East/South side of the second floor, where a Healing Point is. Unless you need to heal though, ignore this path at first, and (still on the first floor) follow the walkway on the West side instead (lift another pillar on the way) to exit onto the Ramparts - West.

Alanaire Citadel - Ramparts (West)

The Ramparts are small outside areas that are full of enemies you can hardly avoid, so be ready to fight or run away. Enter the door upstairs in the Ramparts - West area to find yourself on the second floor.

Alanaire Citadel - 2F (West/North)

Chests checklist:
F - Guardian's Rapier x 1
G - Shining Stone x 1
H - Skill Manual "Focus" x 1

On this side of the second floor you can open three more chests. One of them contains a weapon for Faize:
- Weapon Data # 012/147 (WID # 040) - Guardian's Rapier

Depending on whether you've raised the pillars on the first floor or not, the path may or may not be available on this floor. If you lifted all the pillars you could by default, this part of the second floor should be completely explorable, so you can reach a Shining Stone in another chest.

There are two exits to the Rampart area, on the West side. The North-most exit is where you come from. The South-most exit takes you to Ramparts - South: go there.

Alanaire Citadel - Ramparts (South)

Chest checklist:
I - Shining Stone x 1

Fight the two enemies here (you can't really avoid them), then open the only chest to get the fourth Shining Stone. Then go back down to the first floor.

Alanaire Citadel - 1F

Activate the last pillars (which require a Shining Stone) near the central circular area. You should only have one pillar left by now, and you should have two Shining Stones (so one will be spared for now).
When it's done, go up the walkway on the East side.

Alanaire Citadel - Ramparts (North)

Try to dodge the enemies (or just fight them if you can't avoid the conflict), then enter the door upstairs to continue.

Alanaire Citadel - 2F (East/South)

Chest checklist:
J - Shining Stone x 1

This is where the aforementioned Healing Point is. Make sure to use it, and try to dodge all the enemies you come across next to save HP/MP for a harder fight that will trigger soon. On the East side there's a chest with a pink barrier around it, and we're going to ignore it for now, as usual.
There are two exits on the East side: the North-most one is where you came from, while the South-most one takes you to the Ramparts - East area, which is empty: don't go there.

If you lifted all the pillars on the East side of the first floor, you can continue on the central walkways here on the second floor. Do so to reach another chest with the last Shining Stone, then proceed onwards to reach the exit South of the second floor. Before being able to proceed there you'll have to lift three more pillars: one can be lifted by default, while the other two will require, as you may guess, a Shining Stone each.
After lifting them all, step on the pillar-platform South of the pillars you just lifted, and press A while standing on it to go up to the third floor.

Alanaire Citadel - 3F

Here you will finally find a Save Point. Past the Save Point there is a closed door: you'll have to fight a mini-boss as soon as you open it, so be ready. Backtrack to the Healing Point if necessary. Also, after the next events that will trigger past the door you won't be able to backtrack for a while. It's no big deal (again, you can come back later, it's just a long detour), but you've been warned just in case. It helps to have Faize at level 12 (or higher), since he learns the Ice Needles spell then (much better than Earth Glaive at this point), and Lymle at level 6 (or higher) since she learns Healing at that level. When you're ready, enter the room on the third floor.

Boss Fight # 02 - Dragon Newt
This boss has 9,414 HP, no elemental affinities, and can be scanned. It's not a one-time-only enemy (you'll find more in the future), though you should still try to land the final blow as Faize (when the enemy has about 700 HP left, set everyone on Manual and spam spells with Faize as Leader, as usual) just for the sake of adding him to your collection.
The real deal with this enemy is that he's the first one with the ability to counter your Blindsides, meaning that the target icon around him will be "red" in his case (instead of flashing yellow/red, which is the situation of the regular enemies). If you remember well from the practice you should have had in the Battle Simulator, you can still Blindside him if you time your move when he's attacking you (when the target flashes yellow/red). The enemy's attacks consist of a charge attack (easily Blindside-able, though you may have to run after him again after Blindsiding him), a Wind-based spell, and a "Mighty Sphere" attack where he surrounds himself with an energy blast (minimal range, just keep some distance and you'll be safe).
Set Lymle and Faize's tactic (from the battle menu) on "Stay out of trouble", so they keep distance and use spells until their MP allows them to do so. Lymle will also take care of the healing of your party. Your spellcasters, Faize and Lymle, will do most of the work very efficiently in this fight. Edge's primary task is to lure the enemy away from them by catching his attention with his attacks (which also deal a lot of damage, especially after Blindsiding).

Once this easy fight will be over, a cutscene will trigger. If you try to backtrack you'll see that you can still reach the Save Point, but you can't backtrack any further. So let's just go North past the room where you fought this last boss, then follow the events to get out of this area.

Alanire Citadel - Ramparts (Northwest)

In this small area there's another chest, but it's sealed with some yellow/white barrier. Ignore it like the previous two, then examine the tents outside the balcony, where the " ! " symbol is, to trigger a scene and automatically go back outside of the Citadel.

Planet Lemuris - Outside

Planet Lemuris - Map of Van Elm Region and Woodley Village (lower zoom here)

Van Elm Region

Chests checklist (partial):
A - Skill Manual "Chain Combos" x1

Harvesting Point Items (Snow Area) (3x Harvesting Points):
- Bigberries
- Bizarre Fruit
- Caterpillar Fungus
- Gambleberries
- Ginseng
- Lemon
- Protection Seeds
- Ripe Berries

Harvesting Point Items (Woods Area) (3x Harvesting Points + 1x Secret Harvesting Point):
- Blackberries
- Ebony
- Fresh Sage
- Lacquer
- Nectar
- Tasty Mushroom
- Tasty Mushroom?
- Wooden Stick

As you can see, the way back is currently unavailable.

There is a chest near (North) from your position; get it, and give the Manual inside of it to one of your characters. Edge may be a good choice (the Chain Combos is a passive skill that allows you to combo more attacks in a row, each stronger than the previous one), but you may decide to give it to somebody else instead (like Faize), since you probably don't use Edge's Special Artes very often at this point of the game (he doesn't have many MP to spend, and his regular attacks are good enough). You'll be able to purchase more of these Manuals soon anyways. Remember that the amount of attacks you can set in your Chain Combos is limited, and depends on the level of Chain Combos (Field Skill) but also on your CP (check the General hints and tips for more info).

Before wandering off too far in this snowy land, walk West a bit and make a stop at the nearby village.

Woodley Village

Woodley Village (Outside)

Chests checklist:
a - Curing Sheet x 1
b - Blackberries x 2

In this place there are three shops and an Inn.

Woodley Village - First Snow Inn

Chests checklist:
c - Fresh Sage x 2

The Inn is a place where you can rest by paying a relatively small Fol fee (80 Fol in this case), and there is also a Save Point and a chest to open. You will probably also notice the icon of a chest which has already been opened: it's simply part of the game, and it's normal that it's already open. In fact there was an open-by-default chest even on Aeos, near the Exploration Camp (that chest appeared after defeating the boss Armaros, and is actually the chest that, originally located elsewhere, previously contained a Broken Metal Cutting Blade) that you might have noticed if you paid attention to it. Anyways, just pretend that the open-by-default chests aren't there/are just furniture.

Woodley - Thousand Gods General Store

Before starting to sell you any of her items, the shopkeeper will commit you to a quest.

Quest # 018/201 Complete - The Little Lost Girl
Quest giver: Harried Mother, the shopkeeper of the General Store.
Task: find the little girl standing near the West exit of the village, by the wooden fence. Then report to her mother (the shopkeeper) to complete the quest.
Reward: 50 EXP, 8 Party SP; the Item Shop "Thousand Gods General Store" opens.

Once it's complete, the shop will open. It has a lot of goodies, as we're going to see, as well as some shop orders. Before taking a look at them, speak with the little girl, now in this area (the General Store), for another quest.

Quest # 019/201 Start - The Curious Kitty
Quest giver: Foolhardy Girl, the little girl in the General Store (only after completing Quest 018).
Task: find her cat, in the East parts of the Val Elm Region, a bit West of the exit to Thalia Plains. We'll go there later, just accept the quest for now.

Now let's see the items for sale and quests available at the three shops (suggestions will follow the lists).

Item Shop "Thousand Gods General Store" (alphabetical order):

- Alchemist's Water - 300 Fol
- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Basil - 30 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Common Egg - 30 Fol
- Earth Paint - 80 Fol
- Empty Bottle - 40 Fol
- Fire Paint - 80 Fol
- Fresh Cream - 100 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Ge Gen Tang - 400 Fol
- Hot Chocolate - 50 Fol
- Magical Brush - 200 Fol
- Mixed Syrup - 100 Fol
- Mysterious Paint - 60 Fol
- Natural Water - 120 Fol
- Olive Oil - 80 Fol
- Pie Crusts - 60 Fol
- Raw Animal Meat - 60 Fol
- Raw Fish - 80 Fol
- Rich Cheese - 180 Fol
- Rivet - 20 Fol
- Sharkskin - 80 Fol
- Special Warishita Sauce - 120 Fol
- Support Card - 40 Fol
- Vegetables - 60 Fol
- Vile Goop - 300 Fol
- Vinegar - 40 Fol
- Water Paint - 80 Fol
- White Rice - 60 Fol

Quest # 020/201 Start - "Thousand Gods General Store" Shop Order: Shortcakes
Task: deliver Shortcake x 2.

Quest # 021/201 Start - "Thousand Gods General Store" Shop Order: Caterpillar Fungi
Task: deliver Caterpillar Fungus x 2.

Quest # 022/201 Start - "Thousand Gods General Store" Shop Order: Mercury
Task: deliver Mercury x 3.

Woodley Weapon Shop VIII

Chests checklist:
d - Anti-Stun Amulet

Weapon Shop "Woodley Weapon Shop VIII":

- Blessed Sword - 700 Fol
- Torch Bow - 800 Fol
- Flame Wand - 1,500 Fol

- Mystic Chainmail - 1,000 Fol
- Bandit's Gloves - 3,300 Fol
- Sniper's Bangle - 800 Fol
- Silver Bangle - 800 Fol
- Sacrificial Doll - 500 Fol

- Iron - 400 Fol
- Bowstring - 100 Fol

Quest # 023/201 Start - "Woodley Weapon Shop VIII" Shop Order: Fire Gem
Task: deliver Fire Gem x 4.

Quest # 024/201 Start - "Woodley Weapon Shop VIII" Shop Order: Wolf Fang
Task: deliver Wolf Fang x 3.

Quest # 025/201 Start - "Woodley Weapon Shop VIII" Shop Order: Lacquer
Task: deliver Lacquer x 5.

Quest # 026/201 Start - "Woodley Weapon Shop VIII" Shop Order: Iron Saber
Task: deliver Iron Saber x 1.

Three Leaf Books

Skill Shop "Three Leaf":

- Skill Manual "Botany" - 900 Fol
- Skill Manual "Parapsychology" - 1,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Chain Combos" - 3,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Pickpocketing" - 200 Fol
- Skill Manual "First Aid" - 2,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Elusion" - 1,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Taunt" - 800 Fol

Of all the items, the manuals have priority as usual: at this point you can't leave behind Botany/Parapsychology anymore, so get one of these if you haven't already. More Chain Combos manuals are also not a bad idea, though they are expensive and not all that necessary. If both Faize and your main leader (probably Edge) have learned this passive skill, you shouldn't bother getting more manuals for now (of course you can only benefit in teaching this skill to all the other characters; it just doesn't have any particular priority right now).
The manual "Taunt" is not important, just like "Elusion" and "Pickpocketing" (read below about Pickepocketing). You should still get Pickpocketing though, since this is the only shop that can sell this skill (the shop always remains open, but it's nice to have the manual with you since you'll need it for a couple of Quests later on).

The Pickpocketing Skill allows Edge to pickpocket NPC characters on the screen by pressing the B button (it will appear in the bottom-right corner). Every NPC has one and only one item available to steal, and you can try to steal as many times as you want until you get it. Once an item has been obtained, no more items can be obtained from the same NPC. Stealing also requires Edge to have the Bandit's Gloves equipped (it's a Wrist Accessory found in various shops). The Pickpocketing skill can be levelled up all the way to level 10 (the max), and levelling it up is necessary to be able to steal items from many NPC's. As a matter of fact, if your Pickpocketing level is not high enough, some NPC's just won't get robbed.

There is one major problem with Pickpocketing though: your affinity towards your allies can be decreased every time you steal/attempt to steal (it may or may not happen, it's random). This means that pickpocketing a lot will negatively affect your odds of getting the secret endings and the related achievements. In addition to this, most of the items to pickpocket are not good at all (most of them are common items such as Blueberries or Lemon), and it's pretty much never worth it.

Long story short, pickpocketing is a bad idea, especially during the playthrough where you're aiming for the secret endings (doing the Private Actions, etc.). I will continue the guide assuming you never pickpocket unless I tell you to do so for some Quests later. Refer to the General hints and tips for more info on the affinity losses and gains.

The Item Shop holds a ton of good materials you can get to work on the shop order quests more easily than just harvesting or farming materials from enemies.
The Weapon Shop has nothing particularly important to purchase, but feel free to upgrade your equipment if you want -- the enemies on Lemuris, and even the next main boss of the story, are either weak or non-resistant against the Fire Element, so equipment imbued with this element is usually good to have. The Weapon Shop also sells the Iron material; it's a bit expensive, but you need it for quests/item creation rather often.

If you need some Fol to afford all these things, continue with the story for a while, fight some enemies on the way (especially the Apprentice Scumbag enemies that you will soon start to find) and then come back to buy what you want.

====================== Preparing For Quests ======================

Below is a summary of what you want to get here on Lemuris (shops, harvesting points and enemies' drops) for the quests we left behind us so far. In case you need to item-create more than one item, such as two Oyakodons, the ingredients listed will already be factored so you have enough to create them all. You can skip all the Quests in Woodley Village if you want, but make sure to have what you need for those in Aeos and especially in Triom Village.

Woodley Item Shop:
- Blueberries x 2
- Common Egg x 4
- Fresh Cream x 6
- Pie Crusts x 2
- Raw Animal Meat x 2
- Sharkskin x 2
- Special Warishita Sauce x 2
- White Rice x 4 (buy White Rice x 20 if you can afford it)

Woodley Weapon Shop:
- Blessed Sword x 1
- Bowstring x 1
- Iron x 5 (buy 5 more if you still need them for Quest 005 in Aeos)

Thalia Plains:
- Lizardskin x 5 (Lizard Soldier/Wise Lizardman)
- Gambleberries x 3 (Harvesting Point; also in Van Elm Region (snow area))

Van Elm Region (snow area):
- Gambleberries x 3 (Harvesting Point; also in Thalia Plains)
- Ginseng x 5 (Harvesting Point)
- Caterpillar Fungus x 2 (Harvesting Point)
- Silver x 5 (Stone Golem)
- Crystal x 1 (Stone Golem)
- Mercury x 3 (Horned Turtle)

Van Elm Region (woods area):
- Lacquer x 5 (Harvesting Point)
- Fire Gem x 6 (Man-Eating Tree)

Here are the details on the Quests involved in the above summary (skip to "Lutea's House" if you don't care, but make sure to get everything listed in the summary):

Quest 004 in Aeos - Exploration Base
- Gambleberries x 3: found in Harvesting Points in Van Elm Region (snow area) and Thalia Plains

Quest 005 in Aeos - Exploration Base
- Iron x 5 (only if you still need to complete Quest 005): purchase at Weapon Shop

Quest 006 in Aeos - Exploration Base
- Silver x 4: dropped by the Stone Golem enemies (Van Elm Region). You can also wait until you have access to the Mining Points if you want (it's a common material from them), but I'd suggest taking care of it now

Quest 007 in Aeos - Exploration Base
- Lizardskins x 5: dropped by the Lizard Soldier/Wise Lizardman enemies in Thalia Plains

Quest 012 in Triom Village
- Flame Sword x 1: craft using Item Creation
+ Blessed Sword x 1: purchase at Weapon Shop
+ Fire Gem x 2: dropped by the Man-Eating Tree enemies in Van Elm Region (woods area)

Quest 013 in Triom Village
- Hunting Bow x 1: craft using Item Creation
+ Eldarian Bow x 1: this item was available for sale only in the Exploration Base on Aeos, so hopefully you paid attention to the previous warnings and already have an Eldarian Bow spared
+ Bowstring x 1: purchase at Weapon Shop
+ Iron x 2: purchase at Weapon Shop

Quest 014 in Triom Village
- Oyakodons x 2: craft using Item Creation
+ White Rice x 4: purchase at Item Shop
+ Raw Animal Meat x 2: purchase at Item Shop
+ Common Egg x 2: purchase at Item Shop
+ Special Warishita Sauce x 2: purchase at Item Shop

Quest 015 in Triom Village
- Custard Pie x 2: craft using Item Creation
+ Fresh Cream x 2: purchase at Item Shop
+ Pie Crusts x 2: purchase at Item Shop

Quest 016 in Triom Village
- Ginseng x 5: from Harvesting Points in Van Elm Region (snow area)

Quest 017 in Triom Village
- Crystal x 1: dropped by Stone Golem enemies in Van Elm Region. If you want you can wait until later when you can easily get this material from Mining Points

Quest 020 in Woodley Village
- Shortcake x 2: craft using Item Creation
+ Blueberries x 2: purchase at Item Shop
+ Common Egg x 2: purchase at Item Shop
+ Fresh Cream x 4: purchase at Item Shop

Quest 021 in Woodley Village
- Caterpillar Fungus x 2: get them from Harvesting Points in Van Elm Region (snow area)

Quest 022 in Woodley Village
- Mercury x 3: dropped by the Horned Turtle enemies. It can also be mined from Mining Points, so feel free to leave it for later

Quest 023 in Woodley Village
- Fire Gem x 4: dropped by Man-Eating Tree enemies in Van Elm Region (woods area). It can also be mined (which you still can't do right now of course), but it's faster to farm it from enemies

Quest 025 in Woodley Village
- Lacquer x 5: found in Harvesting Points in Van Elm Region (woods area)

Quest 026 in Woodley Village
- Iron Saber x 1: craft using Item Creation
+ Iron x 3: purchase at Weapon Shop
+ Silver x 1: dropped by Stone Golem enemies in Van Elm Region/available from Mining Points
+ Sharkskin x 2: purchase at Item Shop

Quest 024 in Woodley Village has to wait until you get access to the Wind Swallow Valley area here on Planet Lemuris. We'll see about it in due course. Now let's move on with the story a bit.

====================== End of "Preparing for Quests" ======================

Lutea's House

Finally enter the house Northwest in Woodley Village, which is Lutea's House. Once inside, speak with the girl in the room Northwest to trigger a scene, at the end of which you will acquire the Symbol Stone key item. Before or after the conversation, make sure to also check the Northeast corner of Lutea's room to find a staff to examine on the right of the desk in order to collect:
- Weapon Data # 013/147 (WID # 119) - Oracle's Staff

Woodley Village (Outside)

Speak with the man closest to the West exit of the village to get some extra info on how to proceed (it's not necessary, but it makes your next actions more reasonable). Then rest/save and exit the village when you're ready to go.

Planet Lemuris - Outside

Van Elm Region

Chests checklist (full):
B - Blueberries x 3
C - Bigberries x 1 + Blueberries x 2
D - Vile Goop x 2
E - Aquaberries x 3
F - 51 Fol
G - Faerie Orchid x 1
H - Health Seed x 1

New Enemies Data:
- Monster Data # 018/154 (MID # 018) - Mana Yeti (1,291 HP, 17 EXP, 86 Fol)
- Monster Data # 019/154 (MID # 019) - Horned Turtle (1,124 HP, 12 EXP, 96 Fol)
- Monster Data # 020/154 (MID # 020) - Apprentice Scumbag (651 HP, 13 EXP, 106 Fol)
- Monster Data # 021/154 (MID # 021) - Man-Eating Tree (1,082 HP, 18 EXP, 83 Fol)
- Monster Data # 022/154 (MID # 022) - Giant Fungus (756 HP, 8 EXP, 63 Fol)
- Weapon Data # 014/147 (WID # 140) - Cheap Dagger*
*This data is obtained automatically along with Apprentice Scumbag's monster data.

Old Enemies:
- Kobold, Peryton, Dryad (these three only in other enemies' parties), Mist Grave, Stone Golem

Note: among the new enemies, the Apprentice Scumbags offer good opportunities to get Fol. On the other hand, they are also able to actually steal your Fol, and then run away with the bounty! Make sure to kill them as soon as possible, giving priority to those that might be quick enough to steal your Fol (they can do so only by coming close to your characters in melee range; you clearly see the stolen Fol as "yellow numbers" on the screen). If they run away from the battle with the bounty you won't be able to retrieve it anymore. The Fol retrieved will be added to your Fol bounty at the end of the fight.

First of all you need to obtain the Faerie Orchid key item, which is located to the far Southeastern path end. This item is marked on your in-game map with a " ! ", so locating it will be easy. Once you have it, take the other path leading East (the one North of the path where the Faerie Orchid was), and proceed towards the Thalia Plains.

As you continue, you will come across a cat, who's marked on the map as a NPC. Interact with it to "obtain" the Curious Cat key item. At this point you could go back to Woodley and complete the Quest if you want, but I suggest leaving it for later since you will go back to Woodley eventually.

Either way, when you're ready exit East to Thalia Plains, and then reach Triom Village.

Triom Village

Ghimdo's House

Enter Ghimdo's House (the house to the North) and speak with him to trigger a bunch of cutscenes. At the end of them you will finally get your hands on your first ring: the Fire Ring.

If you take a look at this item from your inventory (main menu- Items- Use Item- Valuables category) you can read its description. Using the power of a Ring is very simple: press B near something it can react with (in the case of the Fire Ring, as you may expect, you can melt frost-related things, such as an ice barrier around a chest) (the B button will show up in the bottom-right corner) and it will eliminate the obstacle/barrier. There is one condition though: the Rings have limited "ammo", represented by their "Charges". You can check the Charges of your Rings in the inventory (this parameter is written at the bottom of their description tab), and as you can see for your current ring, it has 0/20 Charges available right now. In other words, it's out of energy, and without energy it can't be used.

There are two ways to restore the power of a Ring. One is to pay a quite large amount of Fol to have some sorceress reload it for you. The other way is by using a special skill that will be learned by one of your characters much later in the game (end of Disc Two). We'll talk about it in due time.
Due to the fact that some of the missable chests (such as those located in one-time-only areas) are protected by elemental barriers (ice barrier, ivy barrier, etc.), it's crucial to try to always keep your Rings in full shape. I will tell you when you should Charge your Rings, so you don't spend too much money on unnecessary reloads, and most importantly that you don't come across one-time-only elemental-barrier chests without Ring Charges.

Triom Village (Outside)

Chest checklist:
f - Recipe Memo 02 [Fire Ring required to open]

Now that you know how things work, approach the woman with a bird on her forearm, standing near a tree about midway between the Skill Shop and the Item Shop. She will reload the Fire Ring for free for this first time, but if you talk to her again she will request money to charge it again. In the case of the Fire Ring, it takes 800 Fol to recharge it (full recharge), regardless of whether you have 19/20 Charges or 0/20 Charges. The game prevents you from reloading a fully-charged Ring.

The first "Fire-Ring Chest" happens to be right here in Triom, so let's test the Fire Ring right away: locate this item on your in-game map (it's about Southeast) and use the Fire Ring to melt the barrier and get Recipe Memo 02 from the chest (it's used to unlock the Earthsoul Bow "Smithery" recipe).

====================== Planet Lemuris - Quests Mop-Up ======================

Now that you've completed the main events around Planet Lemuris, the only thing left to do here (other than completing the last set of story-related events) is mopping up the quests and orders. At this point you're also quite close to the Calnus, and that's your destination for now. Your must-do goal is to complete at least the orders in Triom Village, since they will expire after advancing with the story. In order to complete the item creation required you will need to head back to the Calnus.

Return to the Calnus and interact with the Item Creation tool to trigger an optional cutscene. Then launch the Item Creation interface. If you don't know how it works, here's a summary:
- The first thing you need to create items is a Recipe. There are two types of Recipes: Recipe Memos and Recipes Invented by your characters
- Recipe Memos are found in chests, received for completing particular tasks, talking to NPCs, etc. . There's 30 of them, and so far you should have obtained Recipe Memo 05, 20 and 02
- Recipes Invented are those you can "discover" via the "Invent new recipes" function in the Item Creation - Creation Menu
- Inventing recipes is an automatic process: you will put 1 to 3 characters in the "Invention Group" (do so after selecting "Invent new recipes"), then hit "Start" to let a random process begin. If you have satisfied the requirements to invent a specific recipe, you will receive a message saying that you successfully invented a new recipe
- The process of inventing recipes is passive, and when you're sure that you have the requirements (see below) you just need to wait to eventually unlock (invent) a new recipe. Every "attempt to invent" is represented by a stopwatch: every lap of its dials will consume 1 Party SP, and you have a certain probability of inventing a recipe at every lap of the timer
- Some items can be invented more quickly than others, and the order with which they can be unlocked is always the same; you don't consume much Party SP, so it's basically free unless you abuse random attempts
- In your Invention Group there must be a specific member to invent any recipe, and he/she must have his/her "special" item creation skill (the Field Skill that you can view in your main menu; it's Smithery for Edge, Cooking for Reimi, Alchemy for Faize, Artistry for Lymle; we'll see more with the next game characters) at a certain level. This is one of the two requirements that determine whether you can invent a recipe or not
- The other requirement is the total "Item Creation Skills" of the Invention Group. Each character has specific, set-by-default, unimprovable, and totally unrelated to his "special" item creation skill (the Field Skill), Item Creation Skills. For example, these are Edge's Item Creation Skills (again, they are *totally unrelated* to the level of his Smithery Field Skill): Smithery +10, Engineering +4, Cooking -5, Crafting -1, Alchemy +2, Compounding +2, Artistry -5, Sense +5. The Item Creation Skills of all the characters in the Invention Group will be summed and the resulting "Group Item Creation Skills" are those that count. You can watch the total Group Item Creation Skills by pressing X to "Toggle Display". Each item requires a minimum Group Item Creation Skills to be invented (hidden values), which translates into a certain Invention Group (sometimes more than one combination of characters is possible, and so more than one Invention Group can invent a specific recipe). I'll just tell you the characters to use in the Invention Group right away, so don't worry about these values
- If an Invention Group is not going to produce any more recipes, you will receive an "Out of ideas!/No Plan" message
- Once you have the Recipe, creating the items will be like shopping, except you "pay" with materials instead of Fol

To avoid any confusion, let's see some practical examples now. Keep in mind that the "Invention Group" is just a suggestion; there might be more than one possible Invention Group for a recipe, but I'll just list one that will work. Also remember that all the Field Skill levels required (written in brackets after the name of the item) are referred to minimums: if, say, Smithery Level 1 is required for the Flame Sword, having Edge's Smithery Level 2, 3, 4, ...will be perfectly fine. It's not advisable to spend time and Party SP on inventing many recipes early in the game, and in fact I suggest inventing the minimum recipes necessary to complete the one-time-only Quests and leave the rest for the post-game, where you will have a ton of Party SP spared and you will have your Field Skills (Smithery, Cooking, etc.) maxed out (level 10), thus being able to invent all the possible recipes with every Invention Group used.

For the quests in Triom Village you need:

Flame Sword x 1 (Smithery Level 1)
Invention Group: Edge, Faize, Lymle.
Items Required: Blessed Sword x 1, Fire Gem x 2.

Hunting Bow x 1 (Smithery Level 2)
Invention Group: Edge, Reimi, Faize.
Items Required: Eldarian Bow x 1, Bowstring x 1, Iron x 2.

Oyakodon x 2 (Cooking Level 3)
Invention Group: Reimi, Lymle.
Items Required: White Rice x 2, Raw Animal Meat x 1, Common Egg x 1, Special Warishita Sauce x 1.

Custard Pie x 2 (Cooking Level 4)
Invention Group: Reimi, Faize, Lymle.
Items Required: Fresh Cream x 1, Pie Crusts x 1.

For the quests in Woodley Village:

Iron Saber x 1 (Smithery Level 2)
Invention Group: Edge, Faize.
Items Required: Iron x 3, Silver x 1, Sharkskin x 2.

Shortcake x 2 (Cooking Level 5)
Invention Group: Edge, Reimi, Lymle.
Items Required: Common Egg x 1, Fresh Cream x 2, Blueberries x 1.

This is the new weapon data obtained as you create some of these items:
- Weapon Data # 015/147 (WID # 004) - Flame Sword
- Weapon Data # 016/147 (WID # 023) - Hunting Bow
- Weapon Data # 017/147 (WID # 041) - Iron Saber

Once you have all the items you need, head back to Triom Village and complete all of the shop orders. It is crucial to do so before completing the next story events, since after defeating the next story boss they will expire. The Quests in Woodley Village can wait though, and we'll head there later (much later) for other business as well, so feel free to leave its deliveries for later.

Quest # 012/201 Complete - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Flame Sword
Deliver Flame Sword x 1.
Reward: 600 Fol, 80 EXP, 40 Party SP.

Quest # 013/201 Complete - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Hunting Bow
Deliver Hunting Bow x 1.
Reward: 700 Fol, 70 EXP, 50 Party SP.

Quest # 014/201 Complete - "Reflected Moon Weapons" Shop Order: Oyakodon
Deliver Oyakodon x 2.
Reward: 900 Fol, 80 EXP, 30 Party SP.

Quest # 015/201 Complete - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Custard Pie
Deliver Custard Pie x 2.
Reward: 700 Fol, 80 EXP, 36 Party SP.

Quest # 016/201 Complete - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Ginseng
Deliver Ginseng x 5.
Reward: 400 Fol, 90 EXP, 30 Party SP.

Quest # 017/201 Complete - "Can-Can General Goods" Shop Order: Crystal
Deliver Crystal x 1.
Reward: 1,000 Fol, 90 EXP, 42 Party SP.

Also make sure that you've opened the chest in Ghimdo's House, also here in Triom Village.

====================== End of "Planet Lemuris - Quests Mop-Up" ======================

Planet Lemuris - Outside Areas


Thalia Plains

At this point you can finally head Northeast, past the frozen lake area, and reach the Wind Swallow Valley.

Celestial Ship

Planet Lemuris - Map of Wind Swallow Valley and Celestial Ship (lower zoom here)

Wind Swallow Valley

Chest checklist:
a - Blackberries x 2

New Enemy Data:
- Monster Data # 023/154 (MID # 023) - Saber-Toothed Tiger (919 HP, 6 EXP, 102 Fol)
- Monster Data # 024/154 (MID # 024) - Harpyia (1,220 HP, 19 EXP, 85 Fol)

Use your Fire Ring to melt the ice on the way (there are two obstacles, each requiring a charge of your Fire Ring to be removed), and melt an optional stack of snow on your right if you want to uncover an extra Mining Point and get some more EXP/Party SP for using the Fire Ring.

As you continue you will encounter two new enemies. One of them, the Saber-Toothed Tiger, drops the Wolf Fang items. You need 3x Wolf Fang for a quest in Woodley Village, and 2x more Wolf Fang for two quests in the future, so farm them while you're here. One of the quests in the future will also require one Wolf Oil, another of this enemy's drops, so try to get one too. You will also find more of these enemies in the next areas.

Use the Save Point in this area before continuing to the next one; enter in the next dungeon when you're ready.

Celestial Ship - 1F South

Chests checklist:
P* - Plastic Explosive (11 in total)
A - Blueberries x 4 + Bigberries x 1
B - Skill Manual "HP Boost" x 1 [Fire Ring required to open]
C - Fainting Potion x 2
*They look like shiny objects to pick up. They don't count as a treasure for the achievements.

New Enemy Data:
- Monster Data # 025/154 (MID # 025) - Lizard Commander (1,351 HP, 15 EXP, 99 Fol)

Other enemies: Saber-Toothed Tiger, Harpyia, Lizard Soldier, Wise Lizardman,

In order to get through the rooms in this place you will need to pick up some "Plastic Explosive" items and then blow them up with the Fire Ring. Plastic Explosives are found as "sparkling objects" near control panels, not in the usual chests. The burst of the explosive can damage your characters, so don't stay close to the door when the bomb detonates.
Here and there you will also find some broken electricity panels: keep away from them, or you'll take some damage.

There are many "empty" rooms too, but you will always be able to find enough Plastic Explosives to proceed. In the map linked above the unnecessary areas have been given a slightly darker background color, so you can quickly find the best route to proceed.

In this first area there is a very interesting chest, just West of the hallway-exit that takes you to the North portion of the 1F. It's a chest that requires the Fire Ring to open, and contains the useful Skill Manual "HP Boost". This is a great passive skill which will be particularly useful in your Universe/Chaos playthroughs. Unfortunately it takes a lot of SP to boost it up, and there are many other skills which have a higher priority. Feel free to invest in it though. You will find this manual for sale in the later phases of the game, so give it to whoever you want now (possibly to your primary Leader, that is to say Edge, since he's the one that takes most of the damage).

After plundering this place, and before continuing to the North area, use an explosive to blow up a door on the far East side to reveal an optional exit to the Wind Swallow Valley.

Wind Swallow Valley (North)

Chest checklist:
b - Blizzard Protector x 1 [Fire Ring required]

Open the chest in this small area (it's a good piece of equipment for the next boss fight) then go back into the Celestial Ship and continue onto the next area.

Celestial Ship - 1F North

Chests checklist:
D - Cardianon Sword x 1
E - Skill Manual "Critical Hit" x 1
F - Bigberries x 2
G - Blackberries x 4
J - Wind Ring required for this chest
K - Wind Ring required for this chest

Other enemies: Dragon Newt, Saber-Toothed Tiger, Harpyia, Lizard Soldier, Wise Lizardman, Lizard Commander

In this area you will find a few Dragon Newt enemies, but don't worry: they are a downgraded version of the mini-boss you fought in Alanaire Citadel (they only have 1,700 HP now), so they won't be a problem. One of the chests contains a good weapon for Edge:
- Weapon Data # 018/147 (WID # 005) - Cardianon Sword

After getting the items here and there in this other area, examine the monitors marked with a " ! " to trigger a scene. At the end of it you will receive the Cardianon Data Disc key item, with which you can open the door near the Save Point (use it while you're here).
As soon as you go through that door, a small Ambush will trigger: it's three fights in a row, against some "Lizard" enemies (Lizard Soldier and Wise Lizardman enemies) and a Dragon Newt (downgraded version) -- nothing you can't handle.

After the Ambush you will gain access to a small room with a chest and a Healing Point. Make sure to use it, then examine the nearby consoles/monitors to acquire:
- Spaceship Data # 10/22 (SID # 020) - Cardianon Landing Ship

Then proceed up the elevator in the middle of the room to reach the last area of this place.

Celestial Ship - 2F

Chests checklist:
H - Fresh Sage x 2
I - Power Bracelet x 1 [Fire Ring required to open]

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 026/154 (MID # 026) - Barachiel (Boss)

The Power Bracelet found in a chest here should be given to Lymle to boost her MP. There is also another Save Point here. Make sure to use it before going North, since you will trigger a Boss Fight then.

Before triggering the boss fight make sure that Faize has killed at least one of each of these enemies as a Leader, to work on his usual Battle Trophy: Lizard Soldier, Wise Lizardman, Lizard Commander, Dragon Newt. Double-check that the Lizard Commander is at least in your Monster Data collection, since he won't be found again later. Make also sure to have at least 5x Lizardskins for a missable quest in Aeos (this item is dropped by the "Lizard" enemies), though having more (possibly 20x) will help for some Item Creation in the post-game.This is also your last chance to complete the six quests (shop orders) in Triom Village and get the chest in Ghimdo's House (the one which contains a Demon Amulet).

If you're ready, proceed with the battle by examining a crystal to the far North of this floor.

Boss Fight # 03 - Barachiel
This enemy is a Grigori. He has about 16,440 HP, he's resistant against Earth and absorbs Water (too bad, since Faize has just Earth/Water-based Symbols at this point of the game) and is weak against Fire (good for Lymle's attacks). Being a Grigori and a one-time-only enemy, you want to finish him off as Faize (Leader), or at least try to do so.
Make sure that you've turned off Ice Needles on Faize (you can do so in the battle menu- Symbology- press X on the spell you want to turn off while controlling the corresponding character) and Wind Blade on Lymle, so you max out the damage they land.
Barachiel is of another league if compared to Armaros and Dragon Newt. He's powerful, fast, moves around the arena a lot and charges at your characters to deal massive damage and break your actions. While airborne, Barachiel has a very strong defense, and therefore you can't land consistent damage on him. After using Dragon Tornado or Freezing Circle, he will be stuck in the floor and expose his weak spot (a circular spot on the tail) to your attacks.
There are various approaches for this fight, and one is controlling Reimi or Lymle. As Reimi/Lymle you can easily run in circle in the arena, and place yourself in a good spot (behind the enemy) to shoot arrows/Fire Bolt at his weak spot. You may even get lucky and land attacks on his tail while he's flying around, though this will occur rarely. Reimi is more advisable than Lymle, since Lymle also has to take care of the healing. The boss can also Poison your characters, but Faize's Antidote spell will take care of it.
If you decide to control Edge, don't try to Blindside the enemy directly. On the contrary, wait until he uses Dragon Tornado and then Blindside him. Try to also land an LS_Up+A attack to un-stuck him from the ground, so you can avoid his next attack (the one when he throws rocks at everyone when he raises from the ground to the air again). This is also valid if he's using Freezing Circle instead of Dragon Tornado.
Keeping count of his HP during the battle won't be very easy, though you can understand when he's close to death if he starts using Freezing Circle more often. At that point he will have just a few more thousands of HP (probably 2,000-4,000, but since it's a relatively uncommon attack it's not easy to predict how much he has left), and you can set Edge/Reimi on Manual, turn off all the offensive spells of Lymle's (just leave Healing turned "ON"), and attack with Faize's Earth Glaive once every time the boss uses Dragon Tornado/Freezing Circle (you can attack more than once if you see that he is in Rush mode; if he is not, then Earth Glaive will un-stuck him and it'd be a waste of MP to attack him again before the next Dragon Tornado/Freezing Circle).

By killing this boss you will unlock:

After the scenes, backtrack to exit the Celestial Ship.

Planet Lemuris - Epilogue

Backtrack to reach Triom Village, where a cutscene will trigger.

After the scenes, make sure to recharge your Fire Ring. This is important, since you need at least 4 Charges to open all the chests in a few one-time-only areas where we're going next. You should actually have at least 4 Charges even if you used the Fire Ring on every possible barrier, but recharging it now will avoid a trip from the Calnus to Woodley Village later. So yea, just recharge it.

We still have unfinished business in Woodley Village, but we'll come back later. Right now, head back to the Calnus to continue.


Enter the Flight Deck to trigger a story-related scene. Then, if you want, you can also trigger an optional scene by examining the Item Creation terminal in the Recreation Room.

When you're good to go, interact with the usual monitor in the Flight Deck and decide to depart for Aeos (don't go to Cardianon yet).

Planet Aeos

Exploration Base

Here on Aeos we have just a couple of things to do inside the Exploration Base.

Private Action # 10 - Reimi+
Inside the Exploration Base, head all the way North and speak with Commander Grafton (the moustached guy in the middle of the room). You'll be prompted with a two-choice dialogue box; pick the one that obviously teases Reimi the most (it's the first one).

Then go Northeast and complete all the shop orders. This is not your last chance to do so, but I'd say it's about time to complete them. After completing the quests here on Aeos - Exploration Base and in Triom Village, there is only another one-time-only quest left in the rest of the game (it will be Quest 108 "A Cherished Bangle", much later on).

Quest # 004/201 Complete - "Base Shop Alpha" Shop Order: Gambleberries
Deliver Gambleberries x 3.
Reward: 800 Fol, 40 EXP, 30 Party SP.

Quest # 005/201 Complete - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Iron
Deliver Iron x 5.
Reward: 700 Fol, 30 EXP, 30 Party SP.

Quest # 006/201 Complete - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Silver
Deliver Silver x 4.
Reward: 700 Fol, 50 EXP, 40 Party SP.

Quest # 007/201 Complete - Base Shop "Omega" Shop Order: Lizardskins
Deliver Lizardskin x 5.
Reward: 900 Fol, 50 EXP, 35 Party SP.

This is all for Aeos -- go back on the Calnus, double-check that your Fire Ring has at least 4 Charges, then depart for Cardianon.

Calnus - Travel to Cardianon

Private Action # 11 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 90%.
Speak with Reimi in the Flight Deck to trigger this one.

Private Action # 12 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 80%.
Speak with Reimi in the Recreation Room. A three-choice dialogue box will prompt, and you can easily guess (as usual) the answer that will make Reimi happy (it's the second one).

Private Action # 13 - Lymle+, Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 60%.
Approach Lymle in the Meeting Room to trigger this scene.

Private Action # 14 - Lymle+, Faize+
Distance remaining to destination: 40%.
Speak with Faize and Lymle in the Recreation Room.

Private Action # 15 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 20%.
Speak with Reimi in the Battle Simulator room, upstairs.

Private Action # 16 - Reimi+, Faize+, Lymle+
Distance remaining to destination: 5%.
Speak with any of the characters in the Recreation Room.

Enter the Flight Deck once the travel is over. After a short cutscene, you will land in the next area. Get off the Calnus to step on it.

Cardianon Mothership

WARNING: the Cardianon Mothership is a one-time-only "planet". Make sure to get all the chests in this place now that you can. Make also sure to fight at least one of each new enemy. There is also a one-time-only Spaceship Data to collect. Of course it's also a good idea to land a finishing blow as Faize (Leader) on every different enemy, to work on the usual Battle Trophy.

It's also a good idea to make a double save to have a backup in case you want to come back to this place in the future. The reason why you may want to come back here is related to farming some Battle Trophies for a character who still hasn't joined the group. More info will be given in the post-game page dedicated to the Battle Trophies -- for now just make a backup save here and continue without worrying about that anymore.

Cardianon Mothership - Map of the first areas (lower zoom here)


Chests checklist:
A - Bigberries x 2
B - Defense Seeds x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 027/154 (MID # 027) - Guard Bot "Commando" (969 HP, 19 EXP, 102 Fol)
- Monster Data # 028/154 (MID # 029) - Cardianon Soldier (1,706 HP, 19 EXP, 153 Fol)
- Weapon Data # 019/147 (WID # 134) - Draconic Smasher*
*This data is obtained along with Cardianon Soldier's monster data.

Approach the Southeastern exit to trigger a fight against some of the local enemies. It's nothing special, but you will already have a taste of the strength of these new enemies. The Mech enemies are weak against Water and Thunder, so prefer these elements when attacking. None of the local enemies, except the Lizard Warrior, are resistant to Water or weak against other elements. So as a general rule you should probably turn off Faize's offensive spells except Ice Needles.

Cardianon Mothership - 1F

Chests checklist:
C - Basil x 5
D - Defense Breaker x 2
E - Thunder Ring x 1
F - Blackberries x 3
G - Fortitude Potion x 2
H - Skill Manual "Taunt" x 1
I - Wisdom Bracelet x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 029/154 (MID # 028) - Guard Bot "Assaulter" (1,389 HP, 23 EXP, 123 Fol)

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando".

Both the Guard Bot enemies can drop the "Universal Device" item. Make sure to get at least a couple of these, since they'll be useful to item-create a good item later on.

In order to proceed in this area you first need to retrieve the Thunder Ring, a key item found in a chest in one of the rooms on the West side (it starts with 02/20 Charges).
Afer getting it (as well as getting the other chests), proceed towards the hallway that leads South until you come across a door that closes when you're approaching it. On its left you will see a yellowish control panel: use the Thunder Ring on it to tilt it and unlock the door. Before going any further, examine the tilted control panel to cheaply recharge your Thunder Ring to 20/20 Charges. This will be more than enough to burst more control panels in the near future.

Follow the path past the door, open two more chests in another room South, then exit East when you've looted everything.

Cardianon Mothership - B1

Chests checklist:
J - Monster Jewel
K - 1,020 Fol
L - Crystal [Fire Ring required to open]
M - Skill Manual "Auto Healing" x 1
N - Skill Manual "Chain Combos" x 1
O - Thunder Armlet x 1
P - Compact Freezing Bomb x 1

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando", Guard Bot "Assaulter".

Open the chests you come across in the rooms on both sides of the area (West and East), and make sure to save the "Chain Combos" manual for later (do not give it to any of your current characters). Then reach the main central area, and open a Fire-Ring-requiring chest here too. On the opposite side of the room (directly West) from this chest there is a yellowish monitor you can examine. Do so to obtain the missable spaceship data of this place:
- Spaceship Data # 11/22 (SID # 021) - Cardianon Mothership

Open the last two chests in the room Northwest, then examine the console marked with " ! " in-game to trigger some dialogues.
At the end of them, go Northeast and proceed towards the next exit (now you're able to unlock the door that was previously locked).

Cardianon Mothership - B2

Chests checklist:
Q - Silver x 1 [Fire Ring required to open]
R - Universal Device x 1 + Gunpowder x 1
S - Laser Oscillator x 1
T - Li'l Vending Machine No. 1 x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 030/154 (MID # 030) - Lizard Warrior (1,709 HP, 39 EXP, 144 Fol)
- Monster Data # 031/154 (MID # 031) - Lizard Shaman (1,382 HP, 30 EXP, 148 Fol)

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando", Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier, Dragon Newt (downgraded version).

As you continue you will come across a Shop (a vending machine actually). These are the items for sale (alphabetical order):

- Basil - 30 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Gunpowder - 80 Fol
- Compact Freezing Bomb - 800 Fol
- Compact Poison Bomb - 800 Fol
- Compact Silence Bomb - 700 Fol
- Compact Stun Bomb - 800 Fol
- Micro Circuit - 400 Fol
- Ripe Berries - 200 Fol
- Scrambling Unit - 300 Fol

Buy whatever you need (mainly recovery items), and make sure to get at least one Scrambling Unit.

Keep going on and enter the largest room to trigger a cutscene. After the story events, proceed in the small hallway East of this large room, and use the Thunder Ring on a console (marked with a " ! ") to turn off the power in the "coldsleep room".
Go back in the large room, and fight the new enemies here to get their data as usual. Then examine the "thing" on the ground (marked with another " ! ") to get Cardianon ID Card key item.
Now go back North and East, and access a room near which is a console you can tilt with the Thunder Ring: do so (then examine the tilted panel to recharge the Thunder Ring) and interact with the next " ! " to "register" your ID Card and trigger a scene.

Finally head South, where a Save Point is, and before proceeding East of the Save Point itself detour to the Southwestern rooms to grab two more chests. One of them contains the "Li'l Vending Machine No. 1", a precious item that we're going to know better soon.

WARNING: after proceeding past the Save Point you will not be able to return to the previous areas. Make sure that you've obtained all the chests and the spaceship data before proceeding, or they'll be lost permanently.

When you're ready to go, save at the Save Point and then use the registered ID card to continue East, where some scenes will trigger.

Cardianon Mothership - Map of Subterranean City and Control Tower (lower zoom here)

Subterranean City

Once the scenes are over, speak with your three friends. They will prompt questions, and you have to tell them something that suits them best to proceed (if you pick the wrong answer you'll be asked the same question again) (Lymle: second answer; Reimi: second answer; Faize: first answer).
After some more scenes, a new entry will join the party.

Bacchus, the new character, is a tremendously powerful character that you want to be in your party all the time. One of his first attacks, Galvanic Shock, can break the game to your advantage in pretty much any boss fight. We'll see how right on the next boss we'll come across. As for now, I would suggest setting up this party: Edge (Leader), Bacchus, Reimi, Lymle. Faize will replace any of your characters (typically Reimi) to get the monster kills for his Battle Trophies and/or help with his Symbology spells when he can be useful. Actually here on the Cardianon Ship he should be in your main party, instead of Reimi, since his Ice Needles spell is particularly effective against Mechanic enemies, as already pointed out. To change the characters in your party, open the main menu, select "Characters", then "Tactics", and move them as you prefer. Of course you've also received Bacchus's default weapon data:
- Weapon Data # 020/147 (WID # 064) - Maser Cannon

Bacchus should be given the Skill Manual "Chain Combos". He comes at level 24, with useful passive skills (including Mining, finally!) and 435 SP to spend. Mining is a top-priority skill to level up once you're out of this place, but right now I would suggest spending his SP all in boosting up Galvanic Shock (it takes 240 SP to do so) and Chain Combos (250 SP to take it to max); you should have the 55 Party SP necessary that along with his 435 SP let him level up both these skills to max level (10). You have just created a monster! Now check the Skill menu- Battle Config and set all his Chain Combo attacks (LT and RT; six in total) all to Galvanic Shock. Finally, make sure that he is on BEAT B to make his Rush Mode even stronger with the more frequent Critical Hits that will trigger during it.

Another of Bacchus' useful skills is "Stealth", a skill you can use from the main menu (Skills, then Use Skills), which can let you avoid enemies more easily. I wouldn't advise spending your SP on it, not before mastering Mining at least, but feel free to do otherwise (it requires 280 SP to be taken to level 10, the max).

Lastly, just so you know this, Bacchus is the character I was talking about earlier when I said that you should make and keep a backup save in this place in case you want to grind some of his Battle Trophies here.

Biological Laboratory - B1

Chests checklist:
a - Attack Bracelet x 1
b - Comet Robe x 1
c - Alchemist's Water x 2

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando", Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier, Lizard Warrior, Lizard Shaman, Dragon Newt (downgraded version).

Just open the chests (these areas are still "one-time-only" areas, so make sure to grab everything while you can!), then exit to the next area.

Biological Laboratory - 1F

Chests checklist:
d - Fresh Sage x 3

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando", Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier.

In this room you will finally find a Healing Point, as well as another vending machine. The items for sale are the same of the last one, so just buy some stuff you think you will need. I would suggest stocking up on Blackberries.

Private Action # 17 - Lymle+, Bacchus+
Examine the vending machine twice in a row to trigger this private action.

Continue to the next area when you're ready.

Biological Laboratory - Entrance

Chests checklist:
e - Cardianon Bow x 1

As soon as you enter, a multi-Ambush fight will trigger. You can actually avoid fighting if you escape; if you leave the area and then come back there won't be enemies anymore. Do as you prefer. Either way, loot the chest here to get a new weapon and its data:
- Weapon Data # 021/147 (WID # 025) - Cardianon Bow

Then continue South.

Cardianon Mothership - Subterranean City

Chests checklist:
f - Skill Manual "Rage" x 1
g - Dragonscale Armor x 1
h - EM Bomb x 4
i - Icicle Rapier x 1 [Fire Ring required to open]

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 032/154 (MID # 032) - Armed Dragon Newt (2,519 HP, 68 EXP, 159 Fol)
- Monster Data # 033/154 (MID # 033) - Cardianon General (2,048 HP, 24 EXP, 164 Fol)
- Monster Data # 034/154 (MID # 034) - Armed Dragoon (5,215 HP, 57 EXP, 270 Fol)
- Weapon Data # 022/147 (WID # 133) - Draconic Jamadhars*
*This data is obtained along with Armed Dragon Newt's monster data.

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Commando", Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier, Lizard Warrior, Lizard Shaman

Try to avoid the enemies to conserve your HP and MP: there will be some mandatory fights as you continue, and they will already involve all the new enemies of this area.
After looting the first chest, go downstairs and you will trigger a first simple fight against a Cardianon General and two Cardianon Soldiers.
Shortly after the second chest there will be a fight against Armed Dragon Newt + 2x Lizard Shaman.
As you approach the third chest you'll have to fight 2x Armored Dragoon. If you have problems against them, control Bacchus, Blindside them and spam Galvanic Shock attacks one after another. Feels good, uh?

Proceed and loot the last chest after using the Fire Ring on it. It contains a good weapon for Faize (equip it):
- Weapon Data # 023/147 (WID # 042) - Icicle Rapier

Exit to the next area.

Control Tower - B1

Chest checklist:
A - Skill Manual "Energy Shield" x 1

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Assaulter", Armed Dragoon, Cardianon Soldier, Lizard Shaman, Armed Dragon Newt.

In this area there are barriers blocking your way. Some barriers will periodically turn off and on, while others are always turned on. I've highlighted the path to take in the maps linked above, so finding the way with them should be easy. I'll add a text description too, just in case.

From the Save Point (make sure to use it), go North first, past an on/off barrier, then turn West just past it.
Then go South, through another on/off barrier. Turn West as soon as you can. Then go North through another on/off barrier. Turn immediately East past it, then go South all the way. Turn East when you can, so you go through another on/off barrier, then reach the first chest from here.
Backtrack West and reach the Southernmost of the two exits of this place (down a ramp).

Cardianon Mothership - B2 - Generator Area

Chests checklist:
B - Sturdy Bracelet x 1
C - Poison Cider x 3

In this area there are just two chests to loot. You can't access the middle area (where there's also a Save Point) yet, so don't bother trying. Go back to the previous area after getting the chests.

Control Tower - B1

Chests checklist:
D - Streaked Chainmail x 1
E - Compact Stun Bomb x 8

From the Southern-most exit, head East, then North, then East, then North, then East, then North, then East to reach the second chest.
After opening it, follow the path back West, then go North, then West again to reach the third and last chest of this area. Then follow the path South, then West to reach the next vending machine shop. It has the same items as the previous two. Take this chance to refill your characters' MP with Blackberries, and purchase more Blackberries to stock-up at 20x of them. Make also sure that you've bought a Scrambling Unit, it will make things easier in the future and this is your last chance to get one in preparation.

Then go up the ramp that takes you to the Northern-most exit.

Control Tower - 1F

Chests checklist:
F - Element Breaker x 3
G - Booster Wand x 1
H - Skill Manual "Stun" x 1

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier, Cardianon General, Lizard Shaman, Armed Dragoon, Armed Dragon Newt.

In this area there are more barriers that are always turned on. Some of them can be "downgraded" to barriers that are turned on/off if you tilt the control panels near them with your Thunder Ring. You won't be able to recharge your Thunder Ring after tilting the control panels (unlike you could do earlier), but you have plenty of charges anyways. The control panels to tilt are marked with " ! " on your map, so you should have no problems locating them.

You start on the most external of three circular hallways. Go East and tilt the first console; proceed through an on/off barrier, then go North (to the "middle" hallway) and head for the chest which is closest to the central part of the area, in the "internal" hallway (ignore the chest South at first).
Then go a bit South from the first chest, and go West to be back in the "middle" hallway; then go North until you find the next console to tilt. After using the Thunder Ring on it, reach the Northwestern chest ("external" hallway) and get its content:
- Weapon Data # 024/147 (WID # 052) - Booster Wand

From the second chest, head East to find the third console -- tilt it and continue East, but don't go all the way towards the next exit. Instead, turn South when you can, so you're back in the "middle" hallway. Continue clockwise (East, then South and then West) until you find a door that, as it goes South/Southeast, takes you back to the most "external" hallway, East of the last chest which is now at your reach.
Now make your way back to the "middle" hallway and go counterclockwise until you reach a passage that, as it goes West, takes you to the "internal" hallway, where you can tilt the fourth and last console.
Once they are all done for, make your way to the East exit of the most external hallway (from the fourth console, go North to reach the middle hallway, then Northwest to reach the external one, and then just go clockwise to the East side of it).

Control Tower - 2F

Chests checklist:
I - Compact Poison Bomb x 4
J - Skill Manual "Mindflare" x 1 [Fire Ring required to open]
K - Silvance x 1
L - Power Bracelet x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 035/154 (MID # 035) - Dragon General (11,157 HP, 135 EXP, 191 Fol)

Other enemies: Guard Bot "Assaulter", Cardianon Soldier, Cardianon General, Lizard Shaman, Armed Dragoon, Armed Dragon Newt.

Yet another area with barriers. It works exactly like the previous one.
From where you start, go clockwise and tilt the first console.
Then reach the middle hallway with the first passage you find, and head for the Healing Point, near which is the second console to tilt.
After tilting the second console, go counterclockwise to reach the first chest. Get its content, then go a bit South from it, then West to reach the internal hallway where the third console is.
After tilting the third console, go counterclockwise until you find a passage that, as it goes North, takes you to the middle hallway. Once on the middle hallway, go counterclockwise (you should encounter a Dragon General now; pay attention, and spam Galvanic Shocks) until you reach a passage that, as it goes East, takes you to the second chest (in the internal hallway), which requires the Fire Ring to open.
After getting the second chest, go counterclockwise from it and then move from the internal hallway (where you are) to the middle hallway; then go West a bit to reach a passage that, as it goes Southwest, takes you to the external hallway again, near where another chest, containing a good weapon for Edge, is:
- Weapon Data # 025/147 (WID # 006) - Silvance

Equip the new weapon, then reach the middle hallway again; go counterclockwise all the way until you find the passage to the most external hallway (Northwest). Make sure to tilt the last console and grab the last chest before exiting.

Control Tower - 3F

Chests checklist:
M - Skill Manual "Fury Boost" x 1
N - Riot Potion x 1 + Anti-Paralysis Amulet x 1
O - Bronto Armor x 1

Other enemies: Cardianon Soldier, Cardianon General, Lizard Shaman, Armed Dragoon, Armed Dragon Newt, Dragon General.

From where you start, reach the middle hallway (which is actually a rotating platform) and go West until you find the first passage that, as it goes Northwest, takes you back to the external hallway, where the first and only console to tilt is. After tilting it, open the first chest here too.
Then go back to the middle hallway, then go East a bit until you are in correspondence with North (on the middle hallway). Go South from there, so you reach the internal hallway, which is free of barriers.
From the internal hallway you can easily reach the chests to the West and East on the external hallways: take the paths that from the internal hallway go straight West/East on the middle hallway, then go towards the paths that take you Southwest/Southeast (from the middle hallway to the external hallway), just before a barrier which is always turned on, leading you to the chests.
When you're good to go, from the internal hallway go directly South.

Control Tower - 55F

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 036/154 (MID # 036) - Sahariel (Boss)

In this area there is a Save Point, the last one before the upcoming boss fight.

WARNING: make sure that you've collected all the enemy data and chests: you won't be able to backtrack after defeating the next boss, nor will you find any of the previous enemies again in the entire game. For the same reason, get a kill with Faize-Leader on each one of them. It's also your last chance to get a Scrambling Unit (from the vending machines) in advance in order to be able to anticipate the item-creation of a very useful item.

It's advisable to boost Faize's Ice Needles spell to level 10. When you're ready, head for the fight.

Boss Fight # 04 - Sahariel
This boss is a Grigori. It has about 34,215 HP, is resistant to Fire and Wind, while it's weak against Water and Thunder.
The strategy here is very simple if you heard the suggestion of powering-up Bacchus's Galvanic Shock and Chain Combos. Sahariel's weak spot is exposed when he uses his Voltage Blast attack, so you want to wait until he's charging the attack to spam Galvanic Shock on the weak spot. Button-mash LT/RT until you see that his weak spot is exposed, and you will deal an incredible amount of damage (thousands per hit with a good Bonus Combo %); when his weak spot is not exposed anymore, stop attacking and walk away until he uses Voltage Blast again. Lymle should only be set to use healing spells, while the other two characters can simply sit and watch Bacchus poking fun at the boss. He may even kill the poor Grigori in a single set of combo, if you're tapping LT/RT quickly enough to continue the combo.
Of course you should try to land the final blow as Faize (Leader), to kill another Grigori and add another one-time-only enemy to his personal collection of kills, but guessing how many HP the boss has left isn't very easy, since he doesn't seem to use different attacks when he's close to death. If you did level up Ice Needles to level 10 you can set everyone (except Lymle) on Manual and control Faize directly: run away and spam Ice Needles when the boss is using Voltage Blast, and you should land about 8 hits of 150 HP of damage each. You could do this after using five (not six or you will probably kill him!) consecutive Galvanic Shocks as Bacchus on the weak spot of the enemy, as quickly as possible, so the boss is already heavily damaged.

By killing this boss you will unlock:

After the fight, don't bother going back to the Save Point (by the way, if you check you will see that the way back is not available) and just follow the path East to reach the next area.

Cardianon Mothership - B2 - Generator Area (Save Point)

You are now in the portion of this area that you couldn't access earlier (from here you can't access the other parts of this area either). Interact with the " ! "-marked device to trigger more scenes.
At the end of them, use the nearby Save Point, then follow the only possible path.

Emergency Bypass

This is a straight-forward area with nothing to pick up. Some doors will try to shut before you, so keep sprinting with X to get through before they close the way. Should you fail, a couple of Guard Bot "Assaulter" groups will attack you, and after defeating them the doors will open again. If you still haven't obtained two Universal Devices (you should at least have one from a chest), I would suggest failing to sprint on purpose to fight these last few enemies and hope that they drop this item. If you already have two Universal Devices, just sprint forward.

A cutscene will trigger after a short while, then you'll be close to the exit to the Dock.

Reach the Dock area, and finally get back on the Calnus to leave this place.

Double Checking the Missables Before Leaving


Speak with Bacchus in the Flight Deck, so a new destination gets added to the Calnus.

Before proceeding to En II make sure you have completed all the quests in Aeos and got the Spaceship Data in the Exploration Base, since they will all (except one actually) become unavailable after heading for En II (that's the new destination). We also still need to finish business on Lemuris, and actually there are new quests available in Woodley Village, but they can wait for as long as you want -- you can't complete them all now anyways, and it would be a waste of time to go all the way there and not being able to deliver everything, so we'll take care of them in the future.

It's also important to have at least two Charges in your Fire Ring, since there will be two one-time-only Fire-Ring-requiring chests in the next locations. You should have plenty of Charges left (16/20) if you recharged it before departing for the Cardianon Mothership. If you need to recharge it, beware that the sorceress of Lemuris is not in Triom Village anymore, but moved to Woodley Village instead.

On the Calnus you can place and use the "Li'l Vending Machine No. 1" you found in a chest on the Cardianon Mothership. This is the first of a set of items that can be placed in some spots on the floor of the Calnus. Here is an overview of the situation. Of course right now you only have one of these items (the vending machine we just mentioned): put it in position, in the Recreation Room, to have a handy Shop here on the Calnus! The items for sale aren't that great for this first vending machine (at least not right now), but will be much more interesting with second one. Here are the items for sale:

Li'l Vending Machine No. 1 (alphabetical order):

- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Basil - 30 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Bigberries - 100 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Gambleberries - 200 Fol
- Glowstick - 90 Fol
- Holy Water - 120 Fol
- Hot Chocolate - 50 Fol
- Micro Circuit - 400 Fol
- Mixed Syrup - 100 Fol
- Pumpkin Extract - 200 Fol
- Red Herb - 100 Fol
- Thornberries - 100 Fol
- Void Recovery Unit - 300 Fol

About at the end of Disc One/beginning of Disc Two you will need quite some Fol spared, so try to conserve your Fol for a while. You really don't need to spend any Fol right now, and the more you save to invest later, the more you'll be able to gain.

If you're ready to go -- you are if all quests on Aeos have been cleared, if you have obtained the Spaceship Data in the Exploration Base, that is to say Spaceship Data 002, 006, 007, 008, 012, 016 (SID 015, another one found in the Exploration Base, can be found in Disc Three too, so it's not missable like the others) and if you have at least two Charges in your Fire Ring -- proceed to En II.

Calnus - Travel to En II

You'll be prompted with the "Room Assignment" menu, since you now have five members and only four rooms. Bacchus can fit in any of the rooms, and although there is no particular need to sort your characters in any order it's advisable to put him with Edge, just for some extra affinity (it's not necessary, just advisable).

When it's done, reach the Meeting Room and interact with the Item Creation terminal to trigger an optional scene.

Then we can take care of the Private Actions. In the case of this journey (and not only this one) more than one Private Action per "part of the flight" is available, and it's sometimes important to trigger one Private Action rather than another one, to anticipate and/or optimize the next Private Actions and affinity boosts. If you want, save the game before starting to trigger them, so you can reload your save and watch them all (you're not missing much anyways). I will tell you the optimal choices to make, and "shift right" the worse choices.

Private Action # 18 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 90%.
Speak with Reimi on the Flight Deck.

Private Action # 19-A - Faize+, Lymle+
Distance remaining to destination: 80%.
Speak with Lymle in her room upstairs. It's possible to trigger Private Action 19-B instead of this one, but 19-A is advisable.

Private Action # 19-B - Bacchus+
Distance remaining to destination: 80%.
Speak with Bacchus in the Recreation Room. It's possible and advisable to trigger Private Action 19-A instead of this one.

Private Action # 20 - Faize+, Lymle+
Distance remaining to destination: 70%.
Enter the side room North of the Meeting Room to trigger a cutscene and a training fight with a member of the crew. You can win or lose, but it's better for your affinity if you lose.

Private Action # 21 - Reimi-
Distance remaining to destination: 60% (must be before Private Action 22).
At this point you can go upstairs and head for the women's restroom if you want to trigger an extra scene that actually decreases affinity with Reimi. You can very well afford it, so feel free to watch this funny scene without worrying about affinity. This Private Action will not make you advance in the travel, so you can trigger Private Action 22 afterwards.

Private Action # 22 - Bacchus+
Distance remaining to destination: 60%.
Enter the room where Bacchus is to trigger this one.

Private Action # 23 - Faize+, Lymle+
Distance remaining to destination: 50%.
Speak with Reimi in the Meeting Room.

Private Action # 24 - Faize+, Lymle+
Distance remaining to destination: 40%.
Speak with Lymle in the Recreation Room.

Private Action # 25 - Bacchus+
Distance remaining to destination: 30%.
Speak with Bacchus in the Recreation Room. On a side note, if you triggered Private Action 19-B earlier this Private Action will be different than if you didn't (in which case you will actually trigger Private Action 19-B instead of Private Action 25).

Private Action # 26 - Reimi+
Distance remaining to destination: 20%.
Speak with Reimi in the Battle Simulator room, upstairs. A two-choice dialogue box will prompt: pick the second option to gain more affinity.

After the last Private Action, make sure to save the game before going on the Flight Deck. Then enter the Flight Deck again to trigger more scenes. At the end of them you will land on the next planet.

[Spoiler: Planet Earth]

WARNING: this is a one-time-only planet. Make sure to loot all the chests now that you can.

Map of the planet (lower zoom here)

Abandoned Town

Chests checklist:
A - Thornberries x 3
B - Red Herb x 2
C - Silver Amulet x 1
D - Blueberries x 4
E - Aquaberries x 2

Two members of the group have temporarily left the party. If you had anything important equipped in their Accessory slots, reload the last save, un-equip them and continue (skip the scenes with Start, then choose "Skip" to make it faster). You hardly have anything worth that at this point of the game anyways.

For now you have to do without Treasure Sense, but you can check the maps we provided to find the treasures just as easily. There's a chest near each of the three buildings; another chest is far West of the only Western-most building, and the last one is in the far Northeast corner.
There are two buildings where you can enter: go inside the one near a Save Point first.

Gas Station Shop

Chest checklist:
F - Bigberries x 3

A cutscene will trigger as soon as you enter, thus unlocking the house Northeast while also blocking the way back to the Calnus. Before heading there, head back in the Gas Station Shop to loot the chest on the left.

You can also open the fridge in this area as many times as you want to stock up on Aquaberries, Blackberries, Fresh Sage and Mixed Syrup.
When you're satisfied, exit the Gas Station Shop and enter the other building (Northeast of the Gas Station Shop).

Klaus's House

Chest checklist:
G - Fresh Sage x 2

More scenes will play as you enter. When they are over, one of your party members will join again. Before going anywhere, go back inside and loot the chest in this house.

Private Action # 27 - Faize+, Lymle+
Examine the fridge in the house to trigger this Private Action.

Return to the Gas Station Shop when it's done.

Gas Station Shop

Private Action # 28 - Bacchus+
Interact with the radio on the left side of the counter to trigger this Private Action.

When it's all done, exit outside again.

Abandoned Town

Chest checklist:
H - Protection Seeds x 1

You can now access the fenced area Southwest (go all the way West, then proceed South to reach it), where the last chest is found. Make sure that you've obtained all the chests of the areas visited so far. If you're ready, save the game at the nearby Save Point and then examine the phone marked with " ! " to advance with the story. Then talk to Klaus and say you're good to go.

Military Facility - Holding Area

Chests checklist:
a - Aquaberries x 2
b - Skill Manual "Scan Enemy" x 1
c - Compact Freezing Bomb x 3 [Fire Ring required]
d - Earth Ring x 1
e - Thornberries x 1 + Blueberries x 1 + Aquaberries x 1
f - Alien Arc x 1
g - Skill Manual "No Guard" x 1
h - Dragon Scale x 1
i - Alien's Robe x 1

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 037/154 (MID # 038) - Soldier Zombie (3,301 HP, 76 EXP, 102 Fol)
- Monster Data # 038/154 (MID # 039) - Little Alien (2,267 HP, 64 EXP, 81 Fol)
- Monster Data # 039/154 (MID # 040) - Bigfoot Sam (4,030 HP, 144 EXP, 134 Fol)
- Monster Data # 040/154 (MID # 037) - Genomic Beast (Boss)
- Weapon Data # 026/147 (WID # 135) - M26 Hand Grenade*
- Weapon Data # 027/147 (WID # 076) - Iron Claws**
*This data is obtained automatically along with Bigfoot Sam's monster data.
**This weapon is dropped by the Genomic Beast (100% drop rate).

The enemies of this place are quite dangerous, but thankfully there is a Healing Point in one of the "rooms" not far from where you start. It's advisable to fight the minimum necessary to gather the new enemy data (and land kills on each of them with Faize as Leader, as usual), and make good use of Bacchus' Galvanic Shock spam, since you can refill your MP very easily with the already mentioned Healing Point. Bacchus' Stealth skill (use it from the main menu) can also be useful to avoid unnecessary encounters.

First of all though you have to exit your "room": speak with each of your friends, then talk to Faize a second time to trigger some events that will open up the doors.

Then you'll be able to go through the hallways and rooms to plunder the various chests, reach the Healing Point, and later also the Save Point. A scene will also trigger mid-way through. Make absolutely sure to get the Earth Ring key item from one of the cells! Among the other chests, one has a weapon:
- Weapon Data # 028/146 (WID # 026) - Alien Arc

In the same room as the Alien Arc there is also a chest containing Skill Manual "No Guard". This is an invaluable passive skill which should be taught to one of your melee characters and raised to level 10 as soon as possible (though it will cost a ton of SP, up to 540 to reach level 10), unless you have other priorities (such as maxing out HP Boost or other similar skills). What it does is avoid you getting knocked back (interrupted) if you receive small amounts of damage. At level X (max is level 10), you need to take more than X% of your max HP per Hit in order to be knocked down. Being able to attack without being interrupted certainly makes your characters more powerful. I would advise giving it to Bacchus, so he can spam Galvanic Shock in messy situations even more efficiently, although this probably means that you'll have to remove one Galvanic Shock from your combos (you probably don't have enough CP - 15 would do it - to equip 6x Galvanic Shock and No Guard, which consumes 3 CP on its own). It's up to you anyways, you will find more of these manuals in the future.

Past the Save Point there will be a boss fight.

Boss Fight # 05 - Genomic Beast
This boss has more than 32,000 HP, but can be easily defeated by spamming Galvanic Shock (after Blindsiding, to maximize the damage output) while everyone else watches Bacchus doing the work. Scan his HP when the battle starts, so you keep track of his status, then take most of his HP down with Bacchus' Galvanic Shock chains. When the enemy is about to die, set everyone on Manual and control Faize to land the final blow as Leader on this enemy, thus adding another missable monster to his collection. Since this enemy doesn't have a weak spot like the former boss, you'll have time to admire the other great advantage of Galvanic Shock (if you didn't notice so far because your targets died too quickly): in addition to dealing great damage with quick Bonus Chains, it stuns the opponents very frequently, thus making the fights even easier.

A new entry will join the party after the scenes that follow your easy victory. This new character will become tremendously powerful in the future (not that now he/she lacks strength), and is easily a better character to have in the party than Faize. The new character is best used as Leader, since no other character's Blindsides are as effective as his/hers, although right now you may want to stick to Edge who is temporarily more powerful. The suggested party now becomes: Edge, Lymle, Bacchus, [New Entry] with Faize in place of any of them when he has to land kills on new enemies.
Some of the default SP of the new character should be spent on the Crafting Field Skill first (take it at least to level 3); you can save the other SP for other skills that will be acquired in the future (such as Orinthology). Also make sure to switch to BEAT B, as usual.
On a side note, this character is able to translate what the cats say (cats are found quite frequently in the cities and houses of the Star Ocean universe).

By now you should have all four enemies' data from this place. If that's the case, and you've opened all the chests found so far (and possibly also killed at least a unit of each enemy as Faize-Leader), go ahead and continue all the way South down the hallways. Upon reaching a larger room you will trigger some scenes and end up elsewhere.

Military Facility - Experiment Area

Chests checklist:
j - Foal Snaps x 1
k - Plasma Cannon x 1
l - Compact Stun Bomb x 2
m - Fresh Sage x 2
n - Compact Freezing Bomb x 3 [Fire Ring required]

Other enemies: Soldier Zombie, Little Alien, Bigfoot Sam.

In the room where you take control of your characters again you will automatically get these two data entries:
- Weapon Data # 029/147 (WID # 123) - SMG103U Submachine Gun
- Weapon Data # 030/147 (WID # 124) - S&T-M010 Security Pistol

Speak with your sleeping friend to trigger another scene. Then speak with Faize; then speak with Meracle for another bunch of scenes.

Then head counterclockwise through many rooms, looting the chests found just on the way. The first of them contains a very useful accessory that gives you +15% Fol after each battle, and should be immediately equipped on someone (like Edge) who doesn't cast spells (this accessory has a malus of INT -20% too). We're going to spend a lot of money in the near future.
The second chest has a weapon for Bacchus. It's a good upgrade, as long as you don't use it on enemies strong against Thunder:
- Weapon Data # 031/147 (WID # 065) - Plasma Cannon

Keep opening chests as you go through the hallways and rooms, then go through the passage Southeast to trigger more scenes and leave this planet for good. After some scenes you will unlock:


When the scenes are over you'll be prompted with Room Assignment; it doesn't matter how you sort your characters now (preferrably leave Edge and Bacchus together).

With Item Creation down and a forced route ahead, there's little you can do: examine the usual panel on the Flight Deck and depart for a new destination: Planet Roak.

Planet Roak

Before proceeding with the exploration of this new planet, there are some Private Actions to trigger: head back into the Calnus.


Item Creation is back in working order too by the way, but right now there's nothing particularly important to create. You can access the Item Creation terminal to trigger an optional scene if you want.

Private Action # 29 - Lymle+
Speak with Lymle in the Recreation Room.

Private Action # 30 - Meracle+
Speak with Meracle upstairs for this one.

Private Action # 31 - Bacchus+
Speak with Bacchus in his room, upstairs.

Private Action # 32 - Reimi+
Speak with Reimi in the Battle Simulator room, upstairs.

That's all, let's go back outside.

Planet Roak - Outside Areas

Planet Roak - Map of Northeast Astralian Continent and Tatroi Area (lower zoom here)

Northeast Astralian Continent

Chests checklist:
A - Holy Water x 2
B - Blueberries x 3
C - Basil x 2
D - 2,986 Fol
E - Riot Potion x 2

Harvesting Point Items (4x Harvesting Points):
- Caterpillar Fungus
- Lemon
- Red Herb
- Vegetables
- Wooden Stick

Mining Point Items (6x Mining Points):
- Silver
- Gold
- Thunder Gem

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 041/154 (MID # 041) - Honeybee (2,468 HP, 108 EXP, 90 Fol)
- Monster Data # 042/154 (MID # 042) - Unicorn Wolf (2,776 HP, 108 EXP, 111 Fol)
- Monster Data # 043/154 (MID # 044) - Waving Pincers (4,510 HP, 162 EXP, 163 Fol)
- Monster Data # 044/154 (MID # 043) - Kobold Bandit (3,084 HP, 162 EXP, 189 Fol)
- Monster Data # 045/154 (MID # 045) - Axe Beak (3,393 HP, 189 EXP, 151 Fol)

As you explore the areas, make sure to get items from all the Harvesting Points and Mining Points (by now you should have levelled up the Harvesting/Mining Field Skills to 10; if not, it's really time to do so).

As you engage the fights (get kills with Faize as Leader, as usual) you will notice that the battle theme has changed. It's now "For Achieve (Brass Remix)", a delicious feast of violins for your ears, totally in Motoi Sakuraba's style.

Be very careful when fighting: the local enemies can be deadly, especially when they come in large packs. The Honeybees in particular should be avoided or at least dealt with max care. The Axe Beak enemies are more suitable targets if you want to fight a bit to level up, but it's simply more advisable to skip unnecessary fights -- in one of the next dungeons you will have good opportunities to level up, not to mention an extemely useful trick that will soon become available to gain enormous amounts of EXP, so fighting and farming now is quite a waste of time (more than usual, that is). Just get the new data and kills for Faize, then ignore all the enemies you find.

While passing by the beautiful shore you can pick up some extra items from the sand. They are not really that important most of the time (Wooden Stick, Lemon), but they can hold some good items like the Platinum if you're lucky. A scene will also trigger as you're approaching the piers.

The whole area is quite huge, and there are some paths that lead nowhere particularly useful. At the first main fork there will be two paths that go South; take the one more West to be on the way to where the chests are.
Then, at the next fork, ignore the Southern path and go West instead. There will be another scene -- proceed further West and get the last chest before crossing the bridge to the next region.

Tatroi Area

Chests checklist:
F - Barrier Spiritwater x 1
G - Bunny Feed x 3

Harvesting Point Items (3x Harvesting Points + 1x Secret Harvesting Point):
- Blackberries
- Blue Seed
- Dendrobium
- Ebony
- Red Seed
- Seasonings
- White Rice
- Wooden Stick

Mining Point Items (2x Mining Points):
- Gold
- Iron
- Light Gem
- Ruby
- Silver
- Thunder Gem

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 046/154 (MID # 048) - Thieving Scumbag (3,275 HP, 163 EXP, 237 Fol)
- Monster Data # 047/154 (MID # 049) - Albero Di Anima (6,550 HP, 354 EXP, 290 Fol)

Other enemies: Honeybee, Unicorn Wolf, Kobold Bandit.

In this other area there are two more enemies to add to your collection/Faize's killing list. Beware that the Thieving Scumbags can steal 3.3% of your current Fol and run away from the battle! If this happen, your Fol is lost for good, so try to kill them as soon as possible.

As you head South you will reach two exits: one (more South) leads to the Astral Desert, a region where you can't go now (you would get stuck near the beginning of the area). Take the exit that leads West instead.


Planet Roak - Map of Tatroi (lower zoom here)

Tatroi (West Side)

Chests checklist:
A - Blackberries x 2
B - Anti-Curse Amulet x 1
C - Bigberries x 2
I - Wing Ring required for this chest

A scene will trigger as soon as you enter. Proceed forward a bit and another scene will trigger.

There are shops to visit before heading back outside as suggested by one of your party members. There is also an Inn where you can rest for 160 Fol and save the game at the Save Point inside. Below will follow the huge list of shops (items for sale and shop orders, as usual). Some of the orders are not completable yet, and some require some massive item creation/harvesting/mining. In order to save time, I strongly suggest ignoring them all and trust the priorities suggested in this walkthrough (non-missable and non-profitable quests have the least priority). The new quests from now on are not going to expire (with the exception of Quest 108 "A Cherished Bangle", as anticipated a while ago too), so you can complete them when, in the future, you'll have access to most of the required materials much more easily. Suggestions on the shopping will follow the section below.

================================= Shops and Shop Orders in Tatroi =================================

Item Shop "Black Cat Material Shop" (alphabetical order):

- Aramid Fiber - 800 Fol
- Carbon Fiber - 1,000 Fol
- Empty Bottle - 40 Fol
- Fur Pelt - 2,000 Fol
- Handspun Thread - 100 Fol
- Lacquer - 200 Fol
- Neck Chain - 80 Fol
- Rivet - 20 Fol
- Taffeta Ribbon - 200 Fol

Quest # 027/201 Start - "Black Cat Material Shop" Shop Order: Holy Water
Task: deliver Holy Water x 4.

Quest # 028/201 Start - "Black Cat Material Shop" Shop Order: Pumpkin Ciders
Task: deliver Pumpkin Cider x 5.

Quest # 029/201 Start - "Black Cat Material Shop" Shop Order: Silk
Task: deliver Silk x 10.

Quest # 030/201 Start - "Black Cat Material Shop" Shop Order: Cashmere
Task: deliver Cashmere x 8.

Item Shop "Tools 'R' Us" (alphabetical order):

- Alchemist's Water - 300 Fol
- Fire Paint - 80 Fol
- Gunpowder - 80 Fol
- Healing Paint - 80 Fol
- Light Paint - 100 Fol
- Magical Brush - 200 Fol
- Parchment - 400 Fol
- Repair Kit - 100 Fol
- Tent - 4,000 Fol
- Thunder Paint - 80 Fol
- Wind Paint - 80 Fol

Quest # 031/201 Start - "Tools 'R' Us" Shop Order: Oak
Task: deliver Oak x 5.

Quest # 032/201 Start - "Tools 'R' Us" Shop Order: Anti-Silence Amulet
Task: deliver Anti-Silence Amulet x 1.

Quest # 033/201 Start - "Tools 'R' Us" Shop Order: Silver Amulet
Task: deliver Silver Amulet x 1.

Quest # 034/201 Start - "Tools 'R' Us" Shop Order: Fire Charm
Task: deliver Fire Charm x 1.

Item Shop "Roomy Foods" (alphabetical order):

- Common Egg - 30 Fol
- Fresh Cream - 100 Fol
- Natural Water - 120 Fol
- Raw Animal Meat - 60 Fol
- Raw Fish - 80 Fol
- Rich Cheese - 180 Fol
- Seasonings - 20 Fol
- Special Warishita Sauce - 120 Fol
- Uncooked Pasta - 100 Fol
- Vegetables - 60 Fol
- Vinegar - 40 Fol

Quest # 035/201 Start - "Roomy Foods" Shop Order: Red Herbs
Task: deliver Red Herb x 3.

Quest # 036/201 Start - "Roomy Foods" Shop Order: Mixed Syrup
Task: deliver Mixed Syrup x 5.

Quest # 037/201 Start - "Roomy Foods" Shop Order: Pickled Pepper Potions
Task: deliver Pickled Pepper Potion x 10.

Quest # 038/201 Start - "Roomy Foods" Shop Order: Caesar Salads
Task: deliver Caesar Salad x 3.

Weapon Shop "Ed's Weapons":

- Blessed Sword - 700 Fol
- Silvance - 5,000 Fol
- Bastard Sword - 11,000 Fol
- Torch Bow - 800 Fol
- Icicle Rapier - 4,000 Fol
- Flame Wand - 1,500 Fol

- Dragonscale Armor - 3,500 Fol
- Mystic Chainmail - 1,000 Fol
- Blizzard Protector - 1,200 Fol
- Comet Robe - 2,400 Fol

Quest # 039/201 Start - "Ed's Weapons" Shop Order: Gold
Task: deliver Gold x 5.

Quest # 040/201 Start - "Ed's Weapons" Shop Order: Runic Metal
Task: deliver Runic Metal x 2.

Quest # 041/201 Start - "Ed's Weapons" Shop Order: Venom Sword
Task: deliver Venom Sword x 1.

Quest # 042/201 Start - "Ed's Weapons" Shop Order: Mithril
Task: deliver Mithril x 1.

Quest # 043/201 Start - "Ed's Weapons" Shop Order: Nereidstones
Task: deliver Nereidstone x 2.

Item Shop "Good Grocers" (alphabetical order):

- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Basil - 30 Fol
- Bigberries - 100 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Glowstick - 90 Fol
- Hot Chocolate - 50 Fol
- Pickled Plum - 20 Fol
- Vile Goop - 300 Fol

Quest # 044/201 Start - "Good Grocers" Shop Order: Thornberries
Task: deliver Thornberries x 3.

Quest # 045/201 Start - "Good Grocers" Shop Order: Ripe Berries
Task: deliver Ripe Berries x 5.

Quest # 046/201 Start - "Good Grocers" Shop Order: Physical Stimulants
Task: deliver Physical Stimulant x 3.

Quest # 047/201 Start - "Good Grocers" Shop Order: Tasty Mushrooms
Task: deliver Tasty Mushroom x 8.

Item Shop "Lovesong Accessories":

- Bandit's Gloves - 3,300 Fol
- Sniper's Bangle - 800 Fol
- Silver Bangle - 800 Fol
- Earth Armlet - 15,000 Fol

- Anti-Freezing Amulet - 5,000 Fol
- Sacrificial Doll - 500 Fol
- Warning Brooch - 1,000 Fol

Quest # 048/201 Start - "Lovesong Accessories" Shop Order: Green Beryl
Task: deliver Green Beryl x 3.

Quest # 049/201 Start - "Lovesong Accessories" Shop Order: Salamanderstones
Task: deliver Salamanderstone x 3.

Quest # 050/201 Start - "Lovesong Accessories" Shop Order: Shadestones
Task: deliver Shadestone x 2.

Quest # 051/201 Start - "Lovesong Accessories" Shop Order: Stallion Snaps
Task: deliver Stallion Snaps x 1.

Skill Shop "Fez's Books":

- Skill Manual "Entomology" - 600 Fol
- Skill Manual "Ornithology" - 1,100 Fol
- Skill Manual "Chain Combos" - 3,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "First Aid" - 2,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Fury Boost" - 4,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Elusion" - 1,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Taunt" - 800 Fol
- Skill Manual "Hide" - 1,200 Fol

================================= End of "Shops and Shop Orders in Tatroi" =================================

As you access the Skill Shop you will be automatically given the key item "Note from Fez", an item required for a quest that automatically starts:

Quest # 052/201 Start - Missing Brother
Quest giver: Fez, the Skill Shop owner.
Task: deliver "Note from Fez" to his brother Chaz. His brother is located in Tropp, another town on Planet Roak. In order to complete this quest you also need to have completed two other quests (Quest 086 "Desert Dilemma" and Quest 098 "The Sand Bird Strikes Back"). We'll take care of this quest in the future.

Despite the massive amount of shops, most of them are not particularly interesting. The weapon shop only has a nice upgrade for Edge, but you'll get a better weapon for free before the next boss fight, so save your money and leave the Bastard Sword where it is.
The Skill Shop offers the useful Skill Manual "Ornithology", which should be immediately given to Meracle and boosted to level 10 (max). You might want to get some more Skill Manual "Chain Combo" for Meracle and/or other characters who still don't have it, but saving Fol is a priority now.
At the various Item Shops, purchase 2x Handspun Thread, 2x Lacquer, 1x Repair Kit, 20x Common Egg, 20x Fresh Cream (3,300 Fol total). If you have a Lemon spared in your inventory, buy also 1x Natural Water.
Refrain from purchasing the new Tent items: although they look yummy (full party recovery; usable from the main menu, not in battle), they are way too expensive (4,000 Fol each) to be bought right now. Besides, there are always the Healing Points to help you out in the dungeons.

As already noted, it's not advisable to go after the shop orders right now. There's definitely too many of them that can't be completed/could be completed more easily later, so it's best to put them all on hold for a while (a long while). Moreover, there are two more cities on Roak, each with its shops and orders (25 more orders!), and even a bunch of local quests which involve more or less farming. We'll just focus on the non-order quests for now. If you want to do the orders now, check the "Materials for Quests and Item Creation" page to find the necessary info, but for the last time I suggest you ignore them and speed up with the story.

Outside the "Lovesong" shop you can find a swaying lady who can recharge your Rings:
- Fire Ring - 800 Fol
- Thunder Ring - 2,000 Fol
- Earth Ring - 8,000 Fol

Right now you don't need to recharge any of them, since you should have plenty of Charges left for your Fire Ring (14/20) and Thunder Ring (11/20). The last ring you got, the Earth Ring, has 0/10 Charges, but recharging it costs quite a lot. Since you won't need it anytime soon, leave it uncharged and save your Fol -- we'll recharge it in due time.

You can speak with a couple of knights to acquire two weapon data entries. One is walking by the entrance of the Tools 'R' Us shop:
- Weapon Data # 032/147 (WID # 127) - Guardsman's Lance

The other one is the red-hooded shirtless man standing by a pillar far North (just West of a chest which requires the Wind Ring to open):
- Weapon Data # 033/147 (WID # 125) - Bouncer's Sword

Enter the non-shop house on the East side of the street, North of the fountain.

Gordeau's Spirits

Chest checklist:
D - Girl's Gift Box x 1

There is only a chest to open here. The Girl's Gift Box is one of the "M-sized" items you can place on the Calnus, and after doing so you can check it every now and then to see if something has been put inside. It's basically a sort of free "harvesting point" inside the Calnus, except that its items are totally random (could be anything, from usable items to Fol to Party SP to accessories). Actually not totally random, since the best items don't seem to have a chance to show up at all :p Still, if you have nothing better to place there, you might very well put the box/boxes (there's also a "Boy's Gift Box" you can make via Item Creation) and loot them for some extra free materials. If you're lucky you may get some useful Disintegration Stones and other not-so-common materials (Ruby, Slayer's Bangle accessories). Just don't give it too much thought and keep your expectations low.

You can exit through a different door from where you entered, thus reaching the "Dock" (East) side of Tatroi. You can also reach the Dock area from a passage East of the fountain/from a secondary exit in Roomy Foods, just so you know that.

Tatroi: Dock

Chests checklist:
E - Ripe Berries x 1
F - Aquaberries x 4

Quest # 053/201 Start - The Seafarer's Treasure
Quest giver: the man bent forward near the wall by the exit of the Item & Weapon shop.
Task: retrieve and deliver the Old Pendant key item. This item is available somewhere on the shore of the Northeast Astralian Continent. We'll pass by there eventually, just accept the quest for now.

Southeast of this area there's a small boat, a sort of ferry which is currently unavailable. You will be able to use it to reach Astral City soon, but right now just ignore it and loot the chests in this area.
Then enter the two houses further North.

Queen of Inventors' House

Chest checklist:
G - Recipe Memo 16 x 1

In this house there's also a person who will be a quest-giver in the future. Recipe Memo 16 unlocks the Wide-Range EM Bomb in Item Creation.
After getting the chest (there's also a "fake" already-opened chest by the way), exit to the Dock area again and reach the last building to the North.


Chest checklist:
H - 12,000 Fol

Loot the local chest and exit this house and Tatroi.

Planet Roak - Outside

Tatroi Area

Approach the people around the tent just outside Tatroi to trigger a scene.
After that, speak with the man strolling near the tent (North of it) to get a free Glowstick x 1. Then speak with the two characters East of the tent, and pick the second choice when asked a question. Finally speak with the elder, sitting Southwest of the tent to trigger another scene.

At the end of the scenes you will get the Bunny Reins key item. Before going anywhere, enter the tent.

Black Tribe Tent

Chest checklist:
a - Bellwether's Bow x 1

There's a chest to loot here to get a good weapon for Reimi and its data:
- Weapon Data # 034/147 (WID # 028) - Bellwether's Bow

You can also speak with the girl here again for another small piece of conversation. Then exit outside.

Tatroi Area

Beware that after some of the next events a member of the party will leave for a while. You'll get the full party back before any dungeon/hard fight, but just in case, you've been warned. The character who leaves is: [Spoiler: Reimi].

Go Northeast and cross the bridge. When prompted a question, decide to start searching for bunnies (first option). The "hunting" is very simple, but you'll end up in the inn in Tatroi again after some scenes, with one less member in your party.


Reach the Dock area (East half of Tatroi) and speak with the man near the boat in the Southeast; then tell him you're ready to leave. This will trigger some scenes, and take you to Astral City.

Astral City

Planet Roak - Map of Astral City (lower zoom here)

The King's Inn

Exit the inn (the fee to sleep here is 250 Fol by the way) and enter the first item shop nearby.

Mobius's One-Stop Shop

Chests checklist:
A - 8 Fol
B - Riot Potion x 2
C - Basil x 4

Downstairs is the shopkeeper, and on the right side there's a sparkling object you can examine to get 126 Fol. Upstairs there are three chests (one is unusually big and contains a miserable amount of Fol). Here are the details on the shop:

Mobius's One-Stop Shop:

- Anti-Paralysis Amulet - 8,000 Fol
- Sacrificial Doll - 500 Fol
- Warning Brooch - 1000 Fol

- Tent - 4,000 Fol

- Skill Manual "HP Boost" - 8,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Critical Hit" - 4,400 Fol
- Skill Manual "Fury Boost" - 4,000 Fol
- Skill Manual "Hide" - 1,200 Fol

- Iron - 400 Fol
- Wool - 200 Fol
- Silk - 400 Fol
- Satin Ribbon - 400 Fol
- Parchment - 400 Fol
- Map of Astral - 1,000 Fol

Quest # 054/201 Start - "Mobius's One-Stop Shop" Shop Order: Coal
Task: deliver Coal x 10.

Quest # 055/201 Start - "Mobius's One-Stop Shop" Shop Order: Light Gems
Task: deliver Light Gem x 4.

Quest # 056/201 Start - "Mobius's One-Stop Shop" Shop Order: Ash
Task: deliver Ash x 3.

Quest # 057/201 Start - "Mobius's One-Stop Shop" Shop Order: Thunder Charm
Task: deliver Thunder Charm x 1.

Buy 2x Map of Astral, 10x Silk and 20x Wool (10,000 Fol total). Add 4x Iron to the cart if you somehow don't have already four units of Iron (hardly, if you've been getting stuff from Mining Points). Try not to purchase anything else -- we still need Fol for other business in the future; then, when you're rich, you can come back and buy everything you want.

Astral City (Outside)

Chests checklist:
D - Monster Jewel x 1
E - Swept Hilt x 1

In the middle of the street you will find two more item shops, with their items for sale and shop orders.

Item Shop "Whole Heart Foods" (alphabetical order):

- Pumpkin Extract - 200 Fol

- Common Egg - 30 Fol
- Fresh Cream - 100 Fol
- Ge Gen Tang - 400 Fol
- Natto - 300 Fol
- Natural Water - 120 Fol
- Raw Animal Meat - 60 Fol
- Raw Fish - 80 Fol
- Seasonings - 20 Fol
- Special Warishita Sauce - 120 Fol
- Sweet Fruit - 200 Fol
- Uncooked Pasta - 100 Fol
- Vegetables - 60 Fol

Quest # 058/201 Start - "Whole Heart Foods" Shop Order: Poison Hemlock
Task: deliver Poison Hemlock x 10.

Quest # 059/201 Start - "Whole Heart Foods" Shop Order: Dendrobiums
Task: deliver Dendrobium x 2.

Quest # 060/201 Start - "Whole Heart Foods" Shop Order: Curry Rice
Task: deliver Curry Rice x 4.

Quest # 061/201 Start - "Whole Heart Foods" Shop Order: Nectar
Task: deliver Nectar x 8.

Item Shop "The Happy Skip Grocery" (alphabetical order):

- Aquaberries - 30 Fol
- Basil - 30 Fol
- Bigberries - 100 Fol
- Blackberries - 60 Fol
- Blueberries - 40 Fol
- Fresh Sage - 150 Fol
- Glowstick - 90 Fol
- Hot Chocolate - 50 Fol
- Vile Goop - 300 Fol

Quest # 062/201 Start - "The Happy Skip Grocery" Shop Order: Red Seeds
Task: deliver Red Seed x 5.

Quest # 063/201 Start - "The Happy Skip Grocery" Shop Order: Blue Seeds
Task: deliver Blue Seed x 5.

Quest # 064/201 Start - "The Happy Skip Grocery" Shop Order: Bizarre Fruit
Task: deliver Bizarre Fruit x 1.

Quest # 065/201 Start - "The Happy Skip Grocery" Shop Order: Perfect Berries
Task: deliver Perfect Berries x 4.

Of these items, buy only 1x Sweet Fruit. If you have some White Rice left, buy one Raw Animal Meat, one Seasonings, and one Vegetables for every two White Rice you have (if you have 10+ White Rice buy 20 of each). Or just buy 20x of them all directly, they are not that expensive.
All the shop orders will wait like those in Triom.

Speak with the knight strolling outside (East) of Mobius's One-Stop Shop to get a weapon data entry:
- Weapon Data # 035/147 (WID # 126) - Donzel's Sword

Speak with one of the two knights (the blue-haired one) on the East side of the city to get another weapon data entry:
- Weapon Data # 036/147 (WID # 121) - Astral Sword

There's a Residence somewhere Southwest, but it only has a chest you can't open (it requires the Light Ring), so you can ignore that location for now.
Head North to enter the castle.

Astral Castle: 2F

Chest checklist:
F - Health Seeds x 1

In this area there is also an unusual Harvesting Point. It can only earn you Aquaberries/Bigberries/Blackberries/Blueberries/Lemon, a low quality compensated somehow by a high amount of EXP (about 500). You can't do much about it right now anyways, so go downstairs after opening the chest on this floor (there's also a Save Point if you want).

Astral Castle: Audience Chamber

Chest checklist:
G - Famed Sword "Veinslay" x 1

After some scenes you'll end up outside the castle. Go back inside to open the last chest in this place, which is a very good weapon for Edge (better than the Bastard Sword for sale at the weapon shops):
- Weapon Data # 037/147 (WID # 010) - Famed Sword "Veinslay"

After getting it, go back to Tatroi by taking the ferry/boat at the South end of the city.

Tatroi (West)

Reach the West side of the city. Rest and save the game at the inn before going on.

Outside, speak with an old lady near walking by the fountain to get info on your target.
Then go North and speak with a red-hooded man standing still to get more info and unlock the door of the Colosseum, a building to the North of Tatroi.
Beware that you will have to win a solo fight against a mini-boss after entering the Colosseum. You can imagine the character who's going to fight [Spoiler: Edge].

Boss Fight # 06 - [Spoiler: Black Eagle]
This boss has 37,916 HP and no elemental affinities. All you have to do here is, really, just Blindside and attack (a simple AAA combo is more than effective, though you can try a more elaborate AAA followed by A+LS_Up to launch the enemy in the air, and finally an airborne AAA combo). After a short combo, jump back to escape the counter of your enemy. Rinse and repeat with more Blindsides until the enemy goes down. You may want to make shorter combos (just AA) or even avoid attacking your opponent if you see that he's in Rush Mode, so you can be safe.

At the end of the fight you will get a couple of data entries from it:
- Monster Data # 048/154 (MID # 048) - Black Eagle
- Weapon Data # 038/147 (WID # 143) - Nightslasher

Lots of scenes will play after the fight. Then you'll end up back in the Astral City inn.

Astral City

Go downstairs when the scenes end, then exit the inn to trigger more scenes.

You have your full party back now, and some non-order quests have become available in Tatroi and Astral City. Let's see what we can quickly do.

================================= Astral City and Tatroi - Quests =================================

You can follow this map (lower zoom here) for reference for the Quests in this section.

Quest # 066/201 Start - Musical Mending
Quest giver: Teary-Eyed Girl, just outside The King's Inn (one of the two kids by some flowers).
Task: repair the Broken Music Box item (acquired as you accept the quest) by using the Item Creation terminal to create the Music Box item (requires 1x Broken Music Box + 1x Repair Kit). We'll do this in the future, just accept the quest now.

Quest # 067/201 Start - Locked Out
Quest giver: Careless Shopkeeper, a lady standing by a building East of The King's Inn.
Task: retrieve a key in Tatroi and deliver it to the quest-giver. We'll get it soon, in Tatroi.

Quest # 068/201 Start - The Latest Beauty Fad
Quest giver: Heavily Made-Up Lady, the granny walking back and forth North of the fountain.
Task: deliver Peryton Dropping x 10. They can be dropped by the Axe Beak enemies in the Northeast Astralian Continent area, but it's advisable to farm them later (when, again, you'll gain much more EXP/Fol from every fight). Just accept the quest now.

Take the boat back to Tatroi after accepting these three quests. From the Tatroi: Dock area, head North and enter the first house on the right (Queen of Inventors' House).

Quest # 069/201 Complete - The First Errand
Quest giver: Jasmine, Queen of Inventors; she's in the Queen of Inventors' House.
Task: deliver 10x Fresh Sage. You should be able to complete the quest now.
Reward: 150 EXP, 30 Party SP. Also Ultimate Bomb x 2 from the "reward chest" in her house.

WARNING: the "Ultimate Bomb" is a unique item (you receive two of them now, and that's all you can get!), and therefore should NOT be wasted for random common use. It's a VERY useful item for "item synthesis" (a feature that will soon become available), so make sure to NOT use it, or at least conserve one of them.

Quest # 070/201 Start - The Second Errand
Quest giver: Jasmine, Queen of Inventors (after completing the previous quest).
Task: deliver 9x Bee Stinger. You will farm these items later from the Honeybee enemies in the fields outside (Northeast Astralian Continent/Tatroi Area); as usual, we'll wait till you can get more EXP/Fol before farming. Just accept the quest now.

Exit and reach the West side of Tatroi.

Quest # 071/201 Start - Crazy for Grape Juice
Quest giver: Fruit-Crazy Old Man, walking by the South side of the statue.
Task: he wants 1x Grape Juice, a special item that you will find in Tropp, a location that we'll visit in the future.

Quest # 072/201 Start - The Shoddy Doll
Quest giver: Shadowy Dollmaker, the guy by a wall in the street West of the statue.
Task: deliver the Wooden Doll (key item acquired as you start the quest) to somebody in Tropp ("Pathologically Petulant Woman"). As usual, just accept the quest for now.

Speak with Tavern Bartender, the man standing just out of the Gordeau's Spirits tavern. He will give you the Weapon Shop Key key item, which is the item you will hand over in Astral City (we'll go there later) to complete Quest 067 "Locked Out".

Head for the exit of Tatroi (South). Before exiting, you can deliver the 10x Silk you bought in Astral City to complete one of the Shop Orders of the Item Shop "Black Cat Material Shop".

Quest # 029/201 Complete - "Black Cat Material Shop" Shop Order: Silk
Deliver Silk x 10.
Reward: 10,000 Fol, 900 EXP, 47 Party SP.

Then exit Tatroi.

================================= End of "Astral City and Tatroi - Quests" =================================

Planet Roak - Outside

Tatroi Area

Head back towards the Calnus. As you continue, a cutscene will trigger. When it's over, cross the wooden bridge leading Northeast.

Now you can finally catch a bunny in the fields and head South/Southwest to enter the Astral Desert (to catch one, just approach it and press A). While riding bunnies, the enemies will not notice you, but you can still trigger fights by touching them. You can open chests and access special areas in the Astral Desert while riding a bunny, but you can't access Harvesting/Mining Points. The bunnies respawn with no limits if you exit/re-enter the areas where they are, and their spawning point is fixed (there's only a couple of them on Roak actually; the one available now is hopping by a large rock near which is a Harvesting Point). If you get off your bunny by pressing B, the bunny will leave you and won't return, so you'll need to catch another one. You can't enter cities/dungeons/the Calnus while riding bunnies (if you do, you will automatically dismount), and you can't access the main menu either.

Astral Desert

Planet Roak - Map of Astral Desert, Tropp Area, Cave to the Purgatorium and Purgatorium Area (lower zoom here)

Chests checklist:
A - Silver Chalice x 1
B - Fainting Potion x 2
C - Attack Seeds x 1
D - Bandit's Gloves x 1
E - 9,865 Fol
F - Defense Seeds x 1

Harvesting Point Items (3 Harvesting Points + 1x Secret Harvesting Point):
- Bizarre Fruit
- Poison Hemlock
- Seasonings
- Thornberries

Mining Point Items (4 Mining Points):
- Iron
- Light Gem
- Platinum
- Ruby
- Salamanderstone
- Silver
- Sylphstone

New enemy data:
- Monster Data # 49/154 (MID # 046) - Skeleton Armor (3,930 HP, 236 EXP, 179 Fol)
- Monster Data # 50/154 (MID # 047) - Desert Ogre (7,205 HP, 409 EXP, 949 Fol)

Other enemies: Honeybee, Kobold Bandit, Unicorn Wolf, Thieving Scumbag.

In the Astral Desert there are three quicksand areas (three in total). Although two of them can be bypassed by walking on their sides, the first one requires you to be riding a bunny to get through. If you go in the quicksand without a bunny you will respawn near the entrance of the area from where you last came (in this case near the exit to Tatroi Area), which is quite annoying. You won't need the bunny in the next areas as well, so you can get off right after crossing the first (and only-inevitable) quicksand line, early on. Watch your steps though.

Here and there in the desert you will find chests, a couple of new enemies, and a bunch of Harvesting/Mining Points which you can't access if you are riding the bunny. You may also notice some big dried-out cacti as you continue: they are part of an optional quest that we'll see later.

The Silver Chalice, found in one of the chests, is a sort of "unlimited" Blueberries stock which is usable only once every five fights. Not very useful to be honest, but (just for your information) it's also a unique item.

As soon as you're about to go through the small tunnel leading West, a message will tell you it's time to insert Disc 2 to continue.

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