Star Trek: Legacy

Xbox 360

Star Trek: Legacy Achievements

Most Earned

Starfleet Academy Graduate25 (25)By completing the tutorial mission, you have proven yourself as an officer of Starfleet.
Glorious Victor28 (20)You won your first battle against opponents.
Captain Archer Award73 (50)You have completed all the missions in the Enterprise era.
T'Pol Award44 (30)You completed the Enterprise era without losing a single ship.

Least Earned

Savior of Aurelia89 (20)You saved all the refugee ships in "Anger and Mercy".
Starfleet Admiral418 (100)You have completed the single player campaign on "Admiral" difficulty.
Custodian of Phidian70 (20)You protected the sensor relays from harm in "Revelations".
Agile Predator62 (20)You completed "Behind Enemy Lines" without being hit by enemy fire.
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