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    It has been a whole decade since gamers were able to be a part of the Star Wars universe when Battlefront 2 dropped. There have been a lot of mixed feelings about this new installment and many feel the 10 year wait hasn't been worth it and while their points are valid, the game still has a lot to offer!

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    Graphics- Let me start by saying this game looks incredible. Its finished to a high quality and truly helps the player feel like they're part of the universe. The characters look incredible and the maps truly feel like their movie counterparts. Whether you're storming your way through the clustered forests of Endor, smashing down trees and dodging speeders or trudging across the snowy mountains of Hoth you really feel like you're right there. There's a lot of detail in each map too, like downed fighter ships and AT-ATs and the Ewoks tree top homes to name a couple of highlights. Also, keep an eye out for some familiar characters throughout each map! Each of the weapons in the game look fantastic and identical to their movie counterparts. They also did a great job on all the vehicles in the game too from the gigantic AT-ATs to the X-wings everything looks great. DICE did an incredible job with the look and feel of the game and I really can't fault them.

    Sound- A lot of care was taken over the sound effects of this game and it really shows, each blaster sounds fantastic and unique and each vehicle sounds fantastic. They did their homework and really nailed the iconic sounds from the movies from the Lightsabers activating to the haunting sound of the TIE fighters as they shoot through the sky. Coupled with the graphics the sound effects really do a lot to immerse you in the game and make you feel like a part of the epic battles you witnessed on the big screen.

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    Gameplay- This is where most people have a problem with the game. There is very little in the way of single player gameplay and no campaign at all. This is what hurts the game the most. The idea of a single player campaign where you play through some of the classic movie moments with a game which looks and sounds like this one does is fantastic. Also, since the universe is so vast, there is almost unlimited potential in what could be done! New characters, new planets, new threats, they really missed a huge opportunity by neglecting a single player mode. It does harm the game, a lot, that can't be ignored. However, what we do get is a lot of fun and deserves credit for being an enjoyable multiplayer experience! The various power ups make matches interesting and the vehicles make the battles more intense. Plus, there's nothing quite like seeing Luke and Vader crossing Lightsabers in the middle of a battle. There are several different modes, some are great, some aren't so good.

    Survival- This is a horde mode where you have to survive 15 rounds of enemies which increase in difficulty. You can either do this solo or with a buddy. Its nothing impressive really, just standard horde type gameplay.

    Battle missions- This is a point based match against either AI bots or against a human opponent. You need to score points whilst denying the enemy points. First team to 100 points wins.

    Walker Assault- This is, in my opinion, the best game mode. It's a huge 20v20 game, the Imperials have to protect the AT-ATs by deactivating uplinks and killing rebel scum. The Rebels have to activate uplinks in order to bomb the walkers and destroy them before they reach their destination. The maps are a good size and the battles are crazy due to the amount of players on the map. Adding heroes and vehicles to the fray makes it a huge battle to behold. The game is balanced and neither team have an unfair advantage.

    Supremacy- This is another huge game mode where you need to try and capture objectives whilst denying the enemy points. It is similar to Walker Assault in many ways with heroes and vehicles frequently adding to the madness.

    Heroes vs Villains- This is another great mode where 2 teams of 6 compete on smaller maps, 6 people are in control of the heroes, Luke, Han, Leia, Vader, Palpatine or Boba Fett and the rest are in control of storm troopers or rebel soldiers. Its a fun, fast paced mode where everyone gets a chance to play as a hero and you get to see plenty of heroes fighting it out.

    Fighter Squadron- This is a fast, action packed game mode where you fight in the sky in spaceships trying to be the first team to reach 200 points. It's a 10v10 game mode and there are AI crafts too and at regular intervals large AI ships appear which can get your team a lot of points if destroyed quickly enough.

    Blast- This is essentially team death match with 2 teams of 10 fighting it out to try and score 100 points first.

    Cargo- This is essentially a capture the flag mode where 2 teams try to reach 10 captures whilst preventing the other team from scoring.

    Droid Run- On this mode 2 teams compete to capture and hold all 3 droids at the same time, the fact that the droids are constantly moving makes this more fast paced and exciting.

    Drop Zone- Here the teams compete to capture and hold drop pods in order to secure power ups in order to aid their team.

    Hero Hunt- Hero Hunt is an interesting mode because there's a lot of luck involved. There is one hero in play and the other players have to try and take them down. Whoever gets the kill becomes the next hero and only kills gained whilst playing as a hero count towards the score. Its frustrating because even if you do all the work killing a hero all it takes is someone to shoot them once in order to take the kill and the point. The strength of the mode comes from the intensity of playing as a hero against everyone.

    Another thing people aren't happy about is that there aren't enough maps and its obvious EA had the season pass planned in advance in order to sell more maps to us at a later date. A lot of players felt conned by that. Though I don't agree with that practice it is pretty common place now and most developers are doing it, games like Call Of Duty sell maps to players every year so I don't think EA should get all the hate if everyone is doing it.

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    Achievements- - There's a nice variety of achievements to grab here which will require you to play most of the game types. None of them are too difficult but some are time consuming depending on skill. The hardest is probably going to be completing Battle missions and Survivor missions on master difficulty, that can be a pain. The longest one will likely be for getting the maximum rank of 50. There are a couple of glitched achievements, they are obtainable though.

    Replay Value- Like most games of this type there is a lot of replay value here if you enjoy the genre. It offers a nice alternative to games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield, if online shooters aren't for you then you likely won't keep playing after the achievements are done.

    Summary- As I said, there is a lot of hate towards this game. I understand why people are disappointed by it and their complaints are valid. A single player campaign would have helped peoples opinion of the game a lot and is a huge missed opportunity which is pretty baffling as to why EA chose to not add it. The fact that EA had DLC planned before the game was even out is also annoying but it's a business practice which is becoming far to common not just with this game, a small credit should be given to EA as they have promised a lot of free DLC and they've made good on that already by adding the Battle Of Jakku map. Ignoring those points though and focusing on what we have, not what could have been, we have a stunning, well crafted Star Wars game which immerses the gamer into the world like never before and it should get better and better as more DLC is released. If you're a fan of the genre you will likely be playing for quite some time. If you're not a big fan of online shooters I would suggest you wait for a price drop because these types of games can become repetitive.

    +Looks great
    +Sounds great
    +Immersive Star Wars experience
    +Great, balanced online gameplay

    -No Campaign
    -Lack of maps
    -Lack of game types
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    Papa El LoroThanks for the feedback guys! Sure, I'll have a game with you sometime!
    Posted by Papa El Loro on 05 Mar 16 at 14:13
    oHIGHxINxAxBOXoWhile I agree with the substance of your arguements, i would rate the Game in and of itself a 2 maybe even a 1.. very disappointed in it..
    Posted by oHIGHxINxAxBOXo on 24 Mar 16 at 22:59
    TheGreatKoalaPeople's complaints about the lack of a campaign and lack of modes stopped being valid the moment Overwatch came out
    Posted by TheGreatKoala on 06 Sep 16 at 14:56
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    This game I love. Firstly it looks great and the sounds are incredible. Endor is the most beautiful. On Hoth, the character has a more difficult time running through the snow. When a character runs on muddy ground on Sullsub or Endor, one can hear the shoes hitting the muddy surface. The online battles are insane and last at most for 30 minutes.

    The offline games are pretty weak and easily completed.

    The hardest for me to get a win is Hero Hunt. It is too easy for the first person who has a hero to get ahead and win the final game. Also, the people who play it have figured out the spawn points, and kill the hero, before the hero can go on a streak to matter.

    I would recommend this game for anyone who wants to have a shooter, but don't want the excessive blood and violence.
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