Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reviews

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    **NOTE: This review was written after about 30 hours of game time, which included unlocking all achievements, on Jedi Knight difficulty during the story and then Story Mode for the collectables. Review may contain spoilers on locations, enemies but not story**

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a truly great, single player Star Wars experience, that fulfils that craving of grabbing a lightsabre, using force abilities and exploring the Star Wars universe. If you liked Force Unleashed, I would wager you would enjoy this game too. I shall break the review down into a few sections.

    First up, and most importantly, the Story. You play a Cal Kestis - , and you start on the planet of Bracca. Keeping this review as story spoiler free as possible, I loved the plot, thought it was a little predictable at times, yet had a charm to it that kept me hooked, playing late into the evening.

    The graphics are pretty, they are what you would expect from an EA Star Wars game in 2019, nothing amazingly fancy, but still very nice to look at! The model of the enemies and the rest of then entities is also really nice, with each planet having a distinct feeling to it.

    The environments themselves are good, if a bit linear, and although you do have a good few planets to explore, they can get a little repetitive due to the linear nature of them, however, some are huge, with a whole lot to explore. Personally however toward the end I was a little frustrated with navigation, and the holomap isn't much use either, take a little getting used too.

    Audio wise it has a really nice, simple soundtrack, and the opening song
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    has been stuck in my head for days. The voice acting is good, with no one sounding weird or out of place, or anyone sounding too samey. The characters themselves are well written and charming, BD-1, despite being a droid, is someone you grow quite fond off, and your crewmates too.

    Customisation is what you'd expect really. You can change your Poncho, your jacket material, BD-1s skin, The Mantis's skin and customise your lightsabres Hilt, Emitter, switch, colour of blade and material. I enjoyed customising my sabre, which, staying spoiler free, gets more interesting as you go, with lots of parts to collect and upgrades to obtain.

    Like with any game there is some negatives, sometimes it gets a little clunky to control, ropes, for example, can be hard to grab properly until you get the right ability, sometimes you try and do a zip line or walk along a pipe and just fall, instead of locking on. Bug wise I only encountered one, and it was while getting collectables, instead of dying, I just fell through the world, the game eventually reset me to the ledge.

    All in all, if you like Star Wars, and being a lightsabre wielding, force using person appeals to you, this game is for you, the story is also very much worth listening too, and playing through, for anyone fascinated by star wars lore. As mentioned previously, there are slight issues, but they don't ruin the play experience too much, mere minor annoyances.

    In summary, I enjoyed my time playing star wars jedi: fallen order, however won't be rushing to replay in a hurry! Towards the end navigation became frustrating, and without side missions to do also, it got a little tedious. Still I would recommend wholeheartedly playing through the story once.