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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2


"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2" is a game developed by Lucasarts. It is the sequel to the original "The Force Unleashed" released back in 2008. The events in the game are set 17 years after the events in the third movie in the Star Wars series, "Revenge of the Sith" and two years before the events of "A New Hope", the fourth movie. You fill the role as Galen Marek, or possibly a clone of him. Throughout the game Galen Marek is refered to by the name Starkiller. This time he's on the side of the Republic, but he also has his own purposes for doing what he does. Trying to track down his former pilot Juno Eclipse, Vader realises kidnapping her could be the only way to lure Starkiller back to him.

(contains spoilers from the first game)
The game is set 6 months after the events of the first game, which ended in Darth Vader stabbing Starkiller, leading to his supposed death. You start out on the planet of Kamino (for those of you out there who have seen the movies, this is the so called missing planet from the second movie). Vader has you under his command, he gathers a bunch of droids dressed as Starkiller's former friends. You're asked to slay all of these. While doing so you're getting all kinds of flashbacks to the events of the first game, you stop just in time to not kill a droid dressed as your former pilot Juno Eclipse and that is when Vader confirms what he had thought. He tells you that you're another failed clone of Starkiller, that is when you in a flashback sees Vader stab you, and escapes from him in anger.


Much has been improved from the first game, the graphics first of all are absolutely fantastic, the light saber fights are more smooth and it's all a huge improvement from the first game. You have a new ability, the "Mind Trick" ability. This makes alot of the human enemies that occur throughout the game pretty useless as the Mind Trick ability can make them attack their own allies, this makes the game very simple even on Unleashed difficulty. On the levels you'll see pretty much the same robots or stormtroopers attack you all the way, and just as in the first game the button combinations you use to destroy some of your enemies leads to the same animation every time. You also have something called force fury which will regenerate after some time fighting. You also save this even if you die, so if you're stuck at one point in the game this could be really helpful as you're gonna be invincible as long as it lasts.

It does get slightly repetitive, maybe once in a while you have to force grip some objects to be able to get further, then there are aircraft attacking you where you have to dash for some time to avoid them. The game only has five true levels, but the menu categorize it as nine. Some levels are split in two and even three, which is of course acceptable since there are cutscenes in between and the enviroment changes a little. There are some bosses in the game, two which has their very own levels. These are the only ones I would refer to as actual bosses as the other two that are in the game are just one fraction of the level, but I guess that is enough.

I do assume that this game would only be enjoyable for you if you're into Star Wars or like to grip some storm troopers, impale them and zap them before throwing them skyhigh or into objects. I mean that is of course entertaining... for some time at least. It does get old pretty quick in fact.

(contains a couple of spoilers from the first game's ending)

Story-wise this game isn't as good as the first game. I mean, you die in the first game, but now you're alive again, your Jedi friend Rahm Kota tells you there is no way to clone a jedi but apparantly Vader has pulled it off. Alright, that is acceptable but this does sound like a cheap excuse to make a sequel to a succesful game. There are also several falling sequences in the game where you survive falling from really high elevations. Twice of these times you actually land on an aircraft, which of course does soften the fall for you. I guess there are some new superpower that these superhumans are now capable of that I can't recall making sense compared to the movie. In the first game you also did fight a couple of fights against other jedis and even characters that had appeared in other Star Wars products. In this game however, this is not the case. You do get to have one fight though, but the others are just against droids and monsters. The voice acting though, is superb. It adds another dimension to the game and it is truly enjoyable.


The achievements in this game is a bit different compared to the first one. You still have the ones where you have to beat the game on difficulties and all that but now you also have a bunch of achievements where you do stuff that you don't really have to do to complete the game. The achievements in the game are very doable, the only ones I'd say might frustrate you are the ones for the challenges and beating the game on Unleashed. If you're struggling with Unleashed you could always just grind untill your Force Fury meter is full and then you can easily get to the next checkpoint. However, it's not that easy at bosses. With some good guides though, you'll be able to defeat them quite easily.

The holocrons are back aswell and there is of course an achievement to get them all, with a guide this is very simple, so this is only a time consuming achievement which I recommend doing one of your first playthroughs as playing the whole game again to get this after completing the game a few times isn't the most pleasant experience.


The challenges in this game are different from the ones in the first game, this time they are time based and you'll be able to get medals depending on how well you've performed. It is possible to get Platinum but still alot of the level's gold requirements are really frustrating. The achievement to get gold on the first ten, (which means all of them unless you got the Limited Edition) is probably the hardest achievement in the game. If you pull of a good time, you do get some nice bragging rights as well as your times do appear on the leaderboards. On most of the leaderboards close to a thousand people (as of the time I wrote this review) have beaten the gold requirement, so it should be pretty doable aswell.

Overall not too hard to get 1000/1000GS.


Unless you really like to force grip stormtroopers and throw them around, this game doesn't really have alot of replayablity. In fact, I got tired of it after two playthroughs and was bored to death on my third one. There is one good reason though to do the last level once more. The light/dark side decisison makes a return which means there are two different endings. Other than that everything will turn out the same throughout the game and the only reason to actually play the levels again is to get one of the 45 holocrons scattered on the levels or some of the other missable achievements.

In other words, this is a game worth renting but probably not worth buying at full price unless you really want it in your collection of games.


For me, I've always liked Star Wars so the story was pretty interesting even though I expected more and some of it didn't make perfect sense the first time around. It's always fun to bully all the little stormtroopers that has no clue what is about to hit them, the achievements aren't of the annoying type but neither nothing really interesting. The story is pretty short and I completed it within the day I got the game and had all the achievements by day three while also having time to do other things. This is one of the big weaknesses of the game, the fact that it is very short and the replayability is simply lacking, but I don't regret buying it, it was fun as long as it lasted.


Value: 2/5

At full price this seems a little costy, if you rent it you'd probably have time to do as much as someone owning the game would be able to.

Graphics: 5/5

Can't blame it on the graphics, the game looks gorgeous.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Fun, but only for a while. At times the game gets frustrating and annoying going through Unleashed mode and trying to get gold on the challenges. It's also a little repetitive but awaiting what will happen next in the story pretty much makes up for it. Well it does the first time around, but a second playthrough is a whole different experience.

Replayability: 2/5

No reason to play through it again once you have all the achievements. You know everything that is going to happen, nothing new. The only thing is the pleasure of destroying stormtroopers over and over, if that is worth it for you.

Overall: 3/5

Overall, the game isn't among my favorites, but it was entertaining as long as the first playthrough lasted. The game is worth a try and for a while it is enjoyable to play, but as I've mentioned several times above, it's probably not the best investment in money as the game is very, very short. Possibly a rent or waiting for the price to drop would be a good plan, unless you really want it as a part of your game collection.
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About the game

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is a game set inbetween Revenge of the Sith and The New Hope. It takes place about 6 months after the first Force Unleashed. You play as a character named Galen Marek, or his codename Starkiller. Your goal in the game is pretty simple, figure out where a woman named Juno Eclipse is and find Jedi Rahm Kota because he might have some answers since Vader told you to go kill him. A difference from the first is that now you have 2 lightsabers. You have a new force power called Mind Trick, and you can go into a force rage with Force Fury which amplifies your attacks. The combat is much cleaner than the first one, and a bug/glitch is removed in the first one where you could actually grab and throw bosses.

Rating: a 4.5


The gameplay in this game is amazing. Everything goes well. There are none if any bugs unlike the first one. Moves are easily performed. There is only one problem with the gameplay: Repetition. Many of the stages are exactly the same. I won't go into detail but just know that you do that same thing in almost every stage. Also, moves are pretty much the same as the first. The difficulties in this one are now a lot easier. The first one was pretty easy too but there is one thing they didn't have, New Game +. In Force Unleashed 2, you can replay every stage on the hardest difficulty and still get the achievement as long as you play all of the stages on the hardest difficulty. You will have everything exactly as it was when you first beat the game. Makes the game alot easier than starting from scrap. Gamplay: 4 out of 5

The sound and the graphics are flawless. There is nothing bad about seeing purple Force Lightning zapping your enemies. It looks perfect even on a normal tv. The music that is playing through the game is ment for it. There wasn't a time when the music didn't fit.The sound makes everything seem real. The lightsaber humming, the bone cracking when killing a storm tropper, even the heavy breathing of Darth Vader is flawless. There is only one time when I see that both of these fail. When you jump off the edge to your death, Starkiller lets out a Yipe! like a dog. Pretty humerous the first time, but after it is kind of lame. The one graphics problem is at the beginning right after you finish your training with Vader. Anyone who has played the demo should know what I am talking about. Once Starkiller realizes he is about to die, he turns around, yells, and zaps Vader. His face and the lightning look awful in my opinion. They need to work on that one scene again to get it perfect. Sound 5 out of 5, Graphics 5 out of 5


Now here is where people won't buy the game. I will just go out and say the worst of this game, IT IS SHORT! 3 hours of gameplay and you will beat it. I just beat it on the hardest difficulty starting from the beginning last night. Not only is the game short, it is repetitive. Playing the same thing over and over again can get pretty tiring no matter how good the game is. Once you unlock every crystal and costume, that is it. The only thing that seems to be worth it is trying to beat your score on the challenges. Replayability 2 out of 5


This is a Star Wars game. You expect it to tell a lot of the story. The opening credits show that the story is going to be long. Rmeber watching The New Hope and feeling like it is never going to get to the movie because the credits were so long. This game gets rid of that. Not even 30 seconds of opening credits. And since the opening credits pretty much tells you how it is going to be, expect 30 seconds of story. I don't want to give away the ending from the last one but I am going to.
The first one ended, either way with Starkiller dieing in someway. The light side ending, he died completely. The Emperor killed him. The Dark Side ending, he became like Anakin Skywalker, died and became someone else. Either way, in the first one, Vader stabs Starkiller with lightsaber and he lives!? WHO lives through a lightsaber cut to the stomach!? The story in the first one made no sense after that. Okay now that you know he dies in the first one, you don't expect to play as him in the second. WRONG! You play as him, but you are a clone. Let me just ask, Does this make sense?? First of all, I don't think it is possible to clone Jedi. Second, is that the best thing they can do? A clone!? Anyway, since you are a clone, you wonder if the real Starkiller is even alive. I have already gotten ahead of myself and this pretty much tells you the story of the second.
The only way you can like the story is if you like wondering why a lot. It is very choppy. Doesn't explain what is happening. To be honest, I liked the story, a lot. I hope they make a third one. I am just telling you the truth. Story 3 out of 5

Great graphics
Great Sound
Combat is cleaner
Voice Acting is pretty much perfect
Makes Star Wars feel real

Story is choppy
Game is short

A LOT longer. More story added. More gameplay. Less repetion to where everytime you play one stage you will remeber it clearly since it is different amog the rest. Thats all that really sticks to mind.

Gameplay: 4 out of 5
Graphics: 5 out of 5
Sound: 5 out of 5
Replayability: 2 out of 5
Story: 3 out of 5

Reasons were that gameplay needs more moves, Graphics are amazing, sound is amazing, need stages that don't feel like any of the others and more levels to enjoy replayability, and Story needs more to cover in and make you realize "Oh! So thats how it happen." Not "Thats it? What happens next?"

Overall: 4 out of 5

This game is good to play for a couple of hours. I suggest renting it and playing it in that day to beat it then return. Thats how short it is. I give you the truth and I hate the truth. The worst thing is that the story is choppy and the game is too short. A real Star Wars fan would just love it because it is Star Wars or they might dislike it because it doesn't make sense in the Star Wars Universe. I am a huge fan of Star Wars and after playing this, I still liked it. It is not going to be one of those games that people are still playing from 2010 unlike the first one. I am not going to lie, I will spend as much of my money as possible for them to profit and make another game explaining all of it. When I beat it, I loved the ending because it added the fact that there will be a third one. Even though there are rumors that the staff got cut and now I am ticked off. Last thing I will say is buy the game when it is $20 which should be soon, buy the first one that is $20 because it can be a lot more fun, or rent Force Unleashed 2 a beat it in one day.
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Balsin Fase
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If you paid money for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, I just want to tell you how absolutely, positively sorry I am for you. Even if you got it at a 90% discount, I’m sorry. If you live somewhere where the barter system is still in effect, and you traded a perfectly good handful of rice, or even just an attractive looking piece of glass that you found on the beach, I’m sorry. If this was lent to you by a friend, they are not your friend.

I’m really not sure what they were thinking when they decided they were going to make a sequel to the first one. Not to spoil it for anyone who wants to play it, but they tied up that ending pretty nicely. Not that digging out that old cloning trope didn’t fix that up, I guess. Shall we have one of the clones going around doing bad things so that the main character has to clear his name? How about the whole first game just being a dream? While we’re working with this caliber of ideas, why don’t we just have Darth Vader trip over one of Starkiller’s dropped lightsabers, leaving him with a broken leg. Then, Starkiller has to go around wearing a poorly made Vader costume, pretending to be him for the rest of the game. Here’s an example of one of the quick time events:

Starkiller – “The rebels are…”
Emperor – “Your voice sounds strange, Lord Vader. It’s much clearer than usual.
Starkiller – “Uh, I have been taking lozenges. Grate-sized ones.”
Emperor – “Excellent. Have you also tried that herbal colon cleanser I brought back from Dagobah? It’s supposed to help you create less of a mess in your…waste pipe.”

I have just created a story that is vastly superior to the one in this game. If you really want a breakdown of their story, I’ll give it to you. You’re a clone. You want to see your girlfriend. That is it. I’m completely serious. You’re probably thinking I’m joking around, or exaggerating it. Well, when a game has four areas, and the fourth area is just the first area all over again, there’s not much room for a lot of story. Maybe there’s a lot of character development if the plot doesn’t do much. Nope. Starkiller whines about wanting his girlfriend no matter how many people are in danger from his selfishness. He will do this for the whole game. When he says that he doesn’t care about anything else, he really means that. He’s a hateful character, but more in a way that stems from the developers mashing just enough plot together to get the game from point to point.

There isn’t a lot else to drag you along, either. The graphics are passable, using pretty much the same engine the first game did. That game looked dated when it came out too, mostly due to the focus on being able to manipulate almost anything with your force powers. With that system ready from the get-go, there’s no excuse as for why this game looks like a launch title. Also, with its length, you’d think that more than one place would look different. The rest of the game is spent in metal hallways fighting stormtroopers and their minor variants. Oh, and a few robots.

Music? That’s great! It was also great when it was in the movies that this game stole them from. As for putting these tracks into the game, it only serves to drive home the theme behind this game: Laziness. How do you make 60$ off of someone with the least effort? This game is an object lesson in that, with boring, repetitive levels; a short, incoherent, lackluster narrative; a whiny, unlikable protagonist; and a final boss that could not hope to touch the end of the last game.

Maybe the knew that going in. Sure, the first one was flawed, but it reached so high and hard that you couldn’t stay too mad at it. This game is happy to wallow in the mud. It reads like a fanfic, and plays with the same amount of heart a politician would put into making a Pac-Man clone for his campaign website. If you can afford this game, tell you what. Get yourself 50$ in whiskey and download Super Meat Boy. You will never regret that purchase.
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Overview: As Darth Vaders former apprentice you decide to go on a killing rampage. And look for a woman you might have known but you really don't know anything about her besides your wierd wet dream about her. How romantic. If I went looking for every girl I had a dream about i'm sure that would have been more fulfilling then playing this game.

Gameplay: about the same as first one minus all the cool upgrades you could do in the original. Everything is so simplistic and bland that I might have lost a few brain cells while I was playing. So it's pretty much a hack en slash but your light saber doesn't even cut through anything. I mean, c''s a lightsaber! I didn't really feel like a jedi when I played this game.

Graphics: The in-game graphic can be good at times, but most of the time it's just same ol same ol. The cutscenes were pretty ipressive, but nothing to really boast about. And honestly the game didn't really have any memorable moments. The menu was kinda cool though.

Story: It's better if you just avoid it. But since I was a big Star Wars fan I payed attention. Big mistake. I might have actually like this game had it given me a "less-then-shit" story. But not everyone gets what they want. The original had some good forces behind it, but this one just totally abandons that idea and replaces it with bland boring repitition. What a downgrade.

Overview: just skip it unless you really have nothing better to do. Don't get me wrong the game does have it's moments. Their just to far in-between.
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This is my first review... I'm hoping all you TA'ers will be nice to me. ^^

From immediate impression, this game lays itself upon you as a regular hack'n'slash. You're given 2 light-sabers and told you are a clone of Starkiller, but that you must change his legacy.
However, because it's a Star Wars game, it's obviously not going to be just a hack'n'slash game. This is my first SW game on the 360, and upon first playthrough (of the first mission, keep in mind), it seems seriously advanced. I thought I would just go through blasting everything with saber combos, coming out on top... Well it turns out that wasn't the case. Lucas Arts have done a brilliant job in mixing up the combat to turn the game into a very mixed, different style to what I expected. With all the force powers available, saber combos, saber crystals, and upgrades, this combat system is extremely advanced and I commend Lucas Arts for that. Although sometimes I think it's a bit too advanced... I mean, there's an extent to which a game is just a one button masher, like Fable III (which sadly I've only played the demo of), to an array of combos that is too big for any one person to comprehend (although no examples come to mind).
The camera I also often find a little difficult to control... It doesn't exactly follow Starkiller all that well and at times I'm often confused as to why your back isn't always towards the camera. Obviously LA has their own formula for camera control but I would probably get more out of it if he actually moved to support your viewing angle.
That aside, the cut-scenes are simply stunning. Upon viewing the first one it was immediately comparable to Halo in terms of the cinematics, and it almost had me believing I was actually using a PS3.
The in-game graphics, on the other hand, are not so great. I mean, they're not as bad as the new Naruto game (because LA actually used anti-aliasing), but they could be a bit more polished... Although that said, with all the costumes, I didn't really notice. You're able to dress up your character as most of the enemies from the game, such as a storm trooper. There's not much more fun you can have than force-throwing storm troopers of the edge of a structure than being one yourself.
The audio is fairly polished as well, I might add. It certainly gives you the Star Wars feel with all the original sounds (like the lasers, etc.) and it really immerses you in the game.
I've really yet to go far in this game but I can already see that Lucas Arts have certainly created a fantastic environment for drawing me in... Although I think I need to go back and play the first one.
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