1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Oh, hello there. The name's AllChristophe, and I'm here to take you through the world of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This walkthrough will provide detailed information on the story and when and where to get achievements.

At least two playthroughs are required to unlock all of the achievements, the first run I suggest be on Apprentice difficulty in order to pick up all of the Holocrons and unlock Sith Master, with the second run being for Sith Master itself. You may have to play some levels again to grind out some of the force power kills.

The Jedi Temple and Tatooine DLCs will also be included in this guide. The Jedi Temple mission DLC will require 4 playthroughs, while the Tatooine mission DLC requires only one.

I would like to thank Rooster Teeth, especially Jack, for letting me use their Holocron videos for this guide. Also I would like to thank TrueAchievements for giving me the oppertunity to write this guide.

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