12. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Training roomUpdate notes

The training room is where you can go to test out your powers as you unlock them. When you finish a tutorial, a corresponding challenge will unlock. Also as you unlock new levels, new combat scenarios will unlock. Try doing them at the end of the game when most of your stats are maxed. Here are some tips for various challenges.

Power Tutorials/Challenges:

Push Tutorial/Challenge: Do not charge up Force Push as it will eat away your time. Make sure to push the Stormtroopers into the exploding crates or the other way around.

Sith Flurry Tutorial/Challenge: The trick to this is the timing. Focus on only your Lightsaber, not the enemy or else you’ll get distracted. Be patient, the window for the Flurry attack is long, but you have to wait till AFTER your swing finishes.

Grip Tutorial/Challenge: During the challenge, try to use Stormtroopers to smash the panels and then throw them into exploding barrels.

Lightning Tutorial/Challenge: Make sure to have Lightning level 2 and max Force energy before starting this challenge. Quickly zap each enemy and you should have no trouble surviving.

Repulse Tutorial/Challenge: During the challenge, once again do not charge up repulse. Try to focus on the enemies with miniguns to help survive longer.

Once you have done each tutorial and challenge for your powers you will unlock:

Combat Modules:

StormTrooper Combat Module: This one is a breeze. If your Defense Mastery is high; just hold block and reflect the blaster bolts back at the Stormtroopers.

Rodian Scavengers Combat Module: Use mainly Repulse and Lightning and the battle will be over before you know it.

Felucian Combat Module: Take out the Chieftains as soon as possible. They will be major headaches otherwise.

Imperial Assault Squad Combat Module: Many of the enemies here use shields, so be careful using force powers.

Imperial Armed Recon Squad Combat Module: Take out the Jumptroopers and Snipers first. Also try to stay away from Incinerators as they will eat away your health quickly.

Imperial Royal Guard Combat Module: This will be probably your hardest module. Use Lightning Shield Lvl 3 to help protect you and eat away at other enemies health while you focus your main attacks on one.

AT-ST Combat Module: Use a full charge of Lightning on him and then run around while your Force Meter recharges.

Junk Titan Combat Module: Pretty much the same strategy as the last one, but make sure to take out the smaller droids first.

Kota’s Militia Combat Module: Spam Repulse. That is all.

Rancor Combat Module: Repulse away any warriors that get close to you and unload Lightning on the Rancor to finish it off.

Raxus Droids Combat Module: They are very weak to Lightning. Just make sure to use Dash to avoid being surrounded.

Once all of the Combat Modules are cleared you unlock:

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