13. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Jedi Temple DLCUpdate notes

Welcome to the First of two DLCs that have achievements. In the Jedi Temple, Starkiller heads to the abandoned Jedi Temple to find a Jedi Holocron. One thing to note is that the difficulty achievements do not stack with each other so yes it will take four runs of the DLC. Luckily it is a quick one on most difficulties.

You start the mission by jumping out of the Rogue Shadow down onto a landing pad full of Imperial troops. Once you have cleared them out, head over to the massive door blocking your way. Grip each of the lightsabers up to unlock the door, and head inside. Next you will find a massive pit with your goal on the other side. Break the statue's face to weaken it. Head back to where you entered the room and take the door on your right. Follow the hallway till you get to a Observatory. Grip the giant globe down and start tossing it at people. Once you kill 10 enemies with it, you unlock:

After finishing clearing out the room head into the open door. You should be in a side room off the massive pit. Throw your lightsaber at the statue to make it fall into the pit. Head back into the main room and head into the door across from you. You'll enter a training droid area. To pass the trail you need to destroy each droid spawner. Use Lightning to do it quickly. If you can do it in under two minutes you unlock:

One thing to note though as the droids are endlessly respawning, this is the best place to grind out all of the Force power kill achievements.

Once this trial is over head through the door that opens up back at the pit. Raise a bridge so you can safely jump across.

Head back to the beginning and cross the newly made bridge. At the end of the hallway is your goal, but first a message from your father. It seems we'll have to take the Jedi Trials before we get to see the Holocron.

First Trial:

Welcome to what I promise you is the most infuriating achievement in the game. You must grip a orb across a path without it ever turning red. To do this a bit easier, change your controls so that grip mode is set to toggle and the camera sensitivity is 1. Take your time tracing out the path and with a little bit lot of luck you should unlock:

Second Trial:

For this trial you must move the ethereal platforms into the mist to make them solid. Be careful, as you can only stand on a platform for so long. Make a path to the end for the final trial.

Final Trial:

Now you must face off a dark reflection of yourself. He comes armed with your standard Jedi attacks, but he also packs a few surprises: a Force Storm attack which surrounds you in a vortex of Force Lightning that is near impossible to get out of, using Mind Trick to scramble your controls, and turning into a clone of your father. Make sure you do not attack him while he is disguised as your father or you'll take the damage. Keep using your Sith Saber Smash attack to knock him down. After a bit, you enter QTE mode and knock off his helmet. Now he get serious. He'll knock you down a level and start throwing pillars at you, which will break apart the floor. Try to throw the pillars before he gets a chance to toss them. Once he is out of pillars to throw, he'll teleport to you and use Force Repulse. Just throw your lightsaber at him to stay out of Repulse's range. At about 1/3 of his health, he'll stop throwing pillars at you and start attacking you directly again. Once you have defeated yourself you'll unlock one of four achievements based on which difficulty you played on.

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