14. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Tatooine DLCUpdate notes

In the second DLC, you find yourselves as Palpetine's apprentice with the mission of finding R2-D2 and C-3PO. Head up the path, killing off Jawas as you go, until you find a sandcrawler blocking your path. Just simply get along side it and push it out of your way. Finish going up to the path to Jabba the Hutt's palace, making sure to dodge the Tuskan Raiders that try to snipe you on your way up. Open up the door blocking your way by zapping the security eyeballs jutting out of the door.

It seems that Jabba did not like you letting yourself into his palace. He lock you in the entryway and sics his guards at you. Mow them down and it seems Jabba is pleased with you. Head down into his throne room and make him an offer he can't refuse. Which of course he does, dropping you into his rancor pit. Easiest way to kill him is to lead him to the back wall, rush over to the gate, raise it up and then drop it on top of the rancor. Doing so will net you:

Head through the dungeons making sure to destroy the shock gate as they come up. At the end of the dungeon you come across a droid torture room. Grip the red hot irons and pull them down onto a droid three time to unlock:

Use grip to disable the shield walls and at the end of the droid workshop, you'll come up against some hacked Purge troopers. Just push them into the moving doors to take care of them. Fall down into a garbage pit. Make sure to throw 5 Jawas into the grinder to unlock:

In a pile in the middle of the room, you'll find the remains of Proxy. How he got to Tatoonie from Corellia I will never know. Anyways, Grip him and move him in front of the security eye to disable the grinder and give you a way out. Head into the grinder dodging the flamethrowers and the crushing walls. At the end there will be a tunnel to your left that will let you escape. Follow the hallway and prepare.... FOR BOSS TIME!!!!

Against the "mighty" bounty hunter Boba Fett. He is an absolute pushover. Just hit him with a fully charged Lightning attack and impale him when he is on the ground. Hide behind cover when he recovers, but becareful as his flamethrower can destroy your cover. When you Force meter is full again just zap him again to finish him off.

Head off to Mos Eisley to come face to face with the mighty Obi-Wan Kenobi. Just fight him like any other Jedi boss. When he brings out his training droids, make sure to destroy them first as they seem to protect Obi-wan. Once you make him extra crispy, he comes back as a Force Ghost. In this form he is immune to normal attacks. Just zap him with Lightning or use the Sith Saber line of attacks to finish him off.

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