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Force Powers

The bread and butter of any Star Wars game is the Force powers. You are armed with 6 of them in this game. Each power has three levels of strength, and require you to kill 500 enemies with it to get 2 achievements.

Force Push

One of your two starting powers. Hit the B button to send your enemies flying.

Rank 1: A simple blast

Rank 2: A charged blast

Rank 3: Enemies take more damage.

Force Grip

Second of your starting powers. Hold RT to pick up your enemies and throw them around like a ragdoll, or to drop them down a giant pit.

Rank 1: Grab 1 enemy at a time.

Rank 2: Grab up to 2 enemies.

Rank 3: Grab up to 3 enemies.

Force Lightning

Personally my favorite power. Received at the beginning of Raxus Prime. Hit Y to shock an enemy.

Rank 1: A simple shock attack which damages and stuns an enemy.

Rank 2: A charged lightning blast for a wider attack.

Rank 3: Lightning now chains between enemies.

Force Repulse

Recieved at the beginning of Felucia. Hold LT and press B to surround yourself in a bubble of force energy and then unleash it in an omnidirectional blast.

Rank 1: A simple omnidirectionl shockwave.

Rank 2: Charge for a wider and more damaging shockwave.

Rank 3: The strength of both normal and charged repulse is increased.

Saber Throw

Received at the beginning of Cloud City. Hold LT and press X to hurl your lightsaber at an enemy.

Rank 1: A simple lightsaber throw.

Rank 2: Charge for a more damaging and quicker throw.

Rank 3: When your lightsaber hits a target, it will release a burst of energy.

Lightning Shield

Personally my least favorite power. Recieved at the beginning of Kashyyyk. Hold LT and press Y to surrond yourself with a dome of energy.

Rank 1: A simple shield that also increases saber damage.

Rank 2: Charge up shield causing it to arc out and damage enemies.

Rank 3: An increase in the damge reduction.

Note: You must have at least rank 2 to obtain the above achievements.

Force Talents

Putting points into these will modify your character's natural abilites.

Foritude: Increases your overall health.

Force Focus: Increases your overall Force energy

Force Affiity: Increases the rate at which your Force Energy comes back.

Vitality: Increases the amount of health you get back from defeated enemies.

Resilience: Reduces the damage you take.

Battle Meditation: Decreases the amount of time it takes for your Force Powers to charge.

Saber Mastery: Increases the amount of damage your lightsaber can do.

Defense Mastery: Increases the likelyhood that you will deflect blaster shots.

Combo Mastery: Decrease the force energy needed for force combos.

Force Combos

These are your attacks for the game. To avoid a giant list, I'll only show moves that are required for achievements.

Saber Flurry: X(pause)X(pause)X(pause)X This move is required in order to complete one of the sith trials.

Leaping Slam: A X(hold) if you manage to get a kill with this move, it will cound towards the Launched achievement.

Sith Flurry: X+A if you manage to get a kill with this move, it will count towards the Grappled achievement.

Sith Master Note

For those going for Sith Master, may the Force be with you. To have an easier time, remember that not all battles are required, if you have an openning to run past a group of enemies, then cheese it. Try to fully upgrade force lightning, fortitude, vitality, and resilience as soon as possible to make fighting a little easier. Also unlock the moves Sith Strike, Sith Slash, Sith Saber Smash, and lightning grenade, seeing as these moves are guaranteed to stun bosses, opening them up for a more powerful move.

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