9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Imperial FeluciaUpdate notes

Imperial Felucia

Optional Objectives:

Release the Sarlacc

Earn 425,000 Force Points

Collect 15 Holocrons

With his daughter safe, our mission turns to finding Bail Organa. So we return to Felucia, and my how has it changed. For one thing the residents are much fiercer. Also the place is crawling with Imperials.

When you land, follow the right wall into a secret area. Holocron #1 will be at the end guarded by a single incineration trooper. Back at the landing site, clear out the remaining enemies. Once that has happened, find the giant tooth in the ground, holocron #2 is on top of it. To get it, you will nned to jump onto the thin part of the gum and then double jump up. Follow the path to a fork in the road., continue going up to find a glowing tooth. Uproot it to grab holocron #3.Back on the fork, head down the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, jump up the mushrooms to get to Holocron #4. Drop down and enter the small canyon. Trying to leave will cause an AT-ST to spawn. Take it down like any other. After that is done, head up onto the left ledge and do a dash jump to get across and get Holocron #5 and continue down the tunnel to get Holocron #6.

Blow a hole in the wall of debris and you'll come across a plain full of enemies. You can eliminate them or just run past them all. Either or, you will then come to the Sarlaac pit. To proceed, you need to charge each anchor point with Lightning. Head over to the right to find on of the anchor points for the Sarlaac. Climb up on top and climb the wire to get Holocron #7, and on the other side of the anchor is Holocron #8. To release the Kraken, err I mean Sarlaac, use Saber throw on the chains in the distance.

Head over to the center platform and then take a left. Once you clear the overhang, turn around and jump up on top of it to get Holocron #9. Once you have powered up all 3 anchors points, head back to the central platform and take the elevator down into the belly of the beast. Once inside, Holocron #10 will be right next to you. As you follow the digestive track, make sure to power up any lights you come across to avoid taking massive damage. At the end of the path is an open area with Holocron #11 in the distance. To reach it you must use a double jump dashing blast. Fall down to enter the creature's lungs. A strong gust will blow you make unless you hide behind some pillars. As you make your way across the room, Holocron #12 will be on your right. At the end of the room is a blowhole that lets you leave the Sarlaac.

Once back outside, climb the mushrooms in front of you and dash to get Holocron #13. Continue on the path, while climbing some stairs to get Holcron #14. Farther on you will come across a open area with a green rancor. Holocron #15 will be behind a mushroom on your left. Follow the path up and prepare yourself.....

For Double Boss Time!!!!

First off is the fight with the Bull Rancor. His main methods of attack are charging at you and slamming his claws into you. Also Marris Brood will take a swipe at you every once in a while. Just keep your distance nad throw your lightsaber at him every chance you get. Once he is dead, the fight with Marris Brood begins.

She is by far the second most annoying boss in the game. She has the ability to become invisible. While invisible, she will either throw her tonfas at you, unleash a charged Force Push, or rush you for a quick series of strikes. Your best option is to keep an eye out for the shimmer she leaves behind. When it is close to you, unleash a Repulse to knock her down and follow it up with an Impale. Keep at it until she gives up, allowing you to rescue your target.

Holocron Guide:

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