Starlink: Battle for Atlas Achievements

Full list of all 41 Starlink: Battle for Atlas achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • We Have Liftoff

    Enter space from a planet for the first time

    1 guide
  • New Frontiers

    Discover your first new planet outside the Trade Sector

    1 guide
  • Xenobiologist

    Discover 5 Animal Species

    1 guide
  • Dolittle

    Discover every animal species in Atlas

    3 guides
  • That's The Spot

    Defeat 10 targets by shooting at their weak spots using Precision weapons like Shredder

    1 guide
  • Counter Master

    Time Active Shield perfectly to reflect an attack 10 times

    1 guide
  • Close Scrape

    Defeat an Extractor or Prime with your shields down

    1 guide
  • Cryogenic

    Shatter 5 Frozen targets

    2 guides
  • Blowing Off Steam

    Thermal Shock 10 targets

    1 guide
  • Having a Blast

    Hit 5 targets with a single Stasis blast combo

    5 guides
  • Singularity

    Trap 3 targets in a single Gravity Vortex

    2 guides
  • Firefighter

    Use Cold to defeat a Fire Giant

    1 guide
  • Antifreeze

    Use Heat to defeat an Ice Giant

    1 guide
  • Helping Hand

    In COOP, repair your partner after they get shot down

    1 guide
  • Tag Team

    In COOP, defeat a Prime together

    1 guide
  • Science!

    Build your first Expedition workshop

    1 guide
  • Strength in Unity

    Ally with all 5 Outpost types

    1 guide
  • Prosperity

    Gain 100% alliance on a planet

    1 guide
  • Diplomatic Network

    Get at least 25% alliance on every planet

    1 guide
  • Ship Mastery

    Earn 3 skill points from mastering ships

    1 guide
  • Weapon Mastery

    Earn 6 Pilot Skill points from mastering weapons

    1 guide
  • Mentor

    Invest in a pilot's Mentor skill, to make your whole crew stronger

    1 guide
  • Ace

    Spend 14 Skill Points on a single pilot

    1 guide
  • Home Sweet Home

    Build 8 Equinox Upgrades

    1 guide
  • State of the Art

    Upgrade two sections of the Equinox to their maximum level

    1 guide