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Trumbull Valley Introduction

NOTE: There is a "bug" in the Trumbull Valley story mode where if there are too many enclaves on the map, the story missions may not spawn. This is directly caused by story missions needing to create a new "enclave" when characters move or appear on the map (especially Mickey Wilkerson), and there is a maximum number of enclaves that can be on a map at any one time. It's easy to hit this cap when playing using best practices, so if you notice story missions not spawning after a day or two, try eliminating an enclave (either through recruiting an enclave member or killing the enclave survivors) - this should solve that issue.

There also may be the possibility that an enclave has spawned on top of a place that's needed for a new enclave to spawn to move the story forward (e.g., Mickey Wilkerson needs to spawn in the Spencer's Mill Bar, but a enclave has already moved in there). Again, if you find that the story missions are no longer spawning, and clearing an enclave or two has so far not helped, check the lists below and make sure any building involved in the next quest in the questline has been cleared of enclaves.

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Welcome to the final run-through of the game (at least, most likely). We saved Trumbull Valley until the end, as the map operates as a hybrid campaign map and story mode, with said story occurring some time (probably months) after the events from Heartland. Therein, since you should play Heartland once you've gotten used to the game campaign (as it operates like a Super-Nightmare mode), this map should be played last. Given that, there's no reason you can't play Trumbull Valley as one of your main campaign playthroughs, other than for narrative reasons. In fact, swapping out Trumbull Valley with one of you campaign maps may save you many hours of playtime, should you not like this game (which is, of course, impossible).

Now, this campaign map will operate exactly the same way other campaign maps do, except there will be missions that spawn specifically for the Trumbull Valley map. These missions will come in order, once you trigger the starting condition of the questline. These quest lines and starting triggers include the following:

  • The Santos Legacy -- Should be unlocked upon starting the map. If you hear a radio calls between Lily Ritter and Ray Santos on Day 1 or Day 2, you're starting this questline.
  • Meeting CLEO -- This questline unlocks the first time you travel to the extreme northeast portion of the map, through the tunnel. Surprisingly missable, as there is no real reason to drive up into that part of the map, other than for nostalgia reasons (or if you know about this questline). Finishing the first quest in this line will subsequently unlock the Wilkerson Reckoning and Izzbee's Mystery quest lines.
  • The Wilkerson Reckoning -- Technically starts at the same point the Meeting CLEO quest line starts, as The Wilkerson Reckoning and Izzbee's Mystery quest lines unlock the first time you travel to the extreme northeast portion of the map, through the tunnel (technically, doing the first Meeting CLEO quest unlocks this quest line, but since you have to travel to the extreme northeast portion of the map for that to start, we'll count that as this one's starting point as well).
  • Izzbee's Mystery -- Same as above, with the big difference being this quest line and the Meeting CLEO quest line begin to interleave once started, meaning you have to finish a mission in one line (Izzbee's Mystery) for a mission in the other line to begin (Meeting CLEO), whereas The Wilkerson Reckoning appears to operate on its own timeline.
  • Tressie's Quest-- Unlocks the first time you approach Marshall, which is the city to the southwest of the map. Since you'll be heading there on other random missions a lot, it's really hard to miss starting this quest line unless you're going out of your way to do so.
  • Fairfield Stories/Marshall Stories -- Unlock when you approach the town(s) indicated by the title. These mission are one-shot missions that do not affect the overarching story of the campaign.
  • The Trumbull Guardians -- Unlocks after completing The Wilkerson Reckoning line of missions (so after the Trumbull Valley achievement pops). These mission are part of some short "coda" missions that let you know what happens after the main missions are complete.

Of these six, it sounds like you only need to complete one of these quest lines to unlock the Trumbull story achievement, but because several of them are interwoven you'll need to complete four of the six to unlock the Trumbull Valley quest achievement. The odd quest lines out are: the Tressie Huerta missions which are all self-contained; the Trumbull Guardians missions, which starts after The Wilkerson Reckoning is complete (and the achievement unlocked); and the Fairfield and Marshall Stories missions, which are self-contained one-and-done missions. Therein, Tressie and the Fairfield/Marshall stories can all safely be ignored (though I'd advise you play them anyway, as they are interested in their own right). The Izzbee, CLEO, Ray Santos and Mickey Wilkerson quests all need to be completed for the final Mickey Wilkerson quest to appear and for the Trumbull Valley quest line achievement to unlock.

Trumbull Valley Walkthrough

Start a game in Trumbull Valley via a fresh playthrough (i.e. start a fresh game from the main menu, don't move an already-existing community from another map to this one). New characters or veterans will both work (though it may be best with new characters in case the glitch indicated above kicks in and you have to restart). Difficulty doesn't matter, though I would recommend at least Standard difficulty, as Green difficulty slows down radio mission calls (which is what you definitely do not want). Feel free to skip the tutorial. Tutorial or no tutorial, upon entering the Trumbull Valley map you'll unlock:

Begin your early game just as you normally would - secure your new home base (the terrible Checkpoint Delta), and start scrounging for supplies in the local area. Make sure to pay attention to your radio - sometime on Day 1 Lily Ritter should talk to Ray Santos about your community moving into the Valley. If you do not hear this radio chatter by Day 2, you'll need to restart the game.

Speaking of which, towards the end of Day 1 or sometime in Day 2, you'll need to take a car trip to the very northeast of the map. This is the method by which the Meeting CLEO, Wilkerson Reckoning, and Izzbee's Mysteries quests will start. You'll get a radio request to head to the hunting lodge where you started State of Decay 1, and upon arriving, you'll meet up with Dr. Hoffman, Izzbee, and Mickey Wilkerson from Heartland. Dr. Hoffman will ask you to bring Mickey Wilkerson to a warehouse on the far side of the map to find a CLEO Memory core. Drive there, search the warehouse for the memory core, then give the part to Mickey to end the quest (and now have three quest chains started simultaneously).

With the above done, over the next several days, the Izzbee, CLEO and Mickey quests will start popping up periodically. Complete them as they come in. During this time, what you're waiting for is the start of the Ray Santos quests - specifically The Santos Legacy: All Good Things mission (NOTE: the mission will be radioed in from Lily Ritter, who wants you to search for Ray as he has gone radio silent). If you do not receive this quest by about a week into the game (aka Day 7) you may have to start over as a reported bug may prevent Ray from spawning on your map. Fortunately, it looks like the bug has been fixed as of late so it's unlikely to happen nowadays, but to be safe look for this signpost and restart if needed.

From here on in, once you've seen the first Ray Santos mission pop up, your path to the achievement is now open. All you have to do is complete the story missions as they come in, with the last one being The Wilkerson Reckoning: A New Coalition (this triggers after finishing the Ray Santos and Izzbee/CLEO quest lines). Some of these missions can come in random order, and some come after certain other missions complete (for example, a Meeting CLEO quest will always be followed by a Izzbee's Mystery quest, and vice versa). Therein, the missions are presented below in checklist format.

One final note before getting into missions - feel free to move out of Checkpoint Delta as quickly as you can, since this starting base is the worst in the game. Pterodactyl Ptark is a good mid-game choice, as well as Tranquility Warehouse (my personal choice). When you have enough survivors around mid-game, make sure you move into the Farmland Compound in the middle of the map as your late-game base, as it's one of the best bases in State of Decay 2.

Required Missions

Ray Santos:

The Santos Legacy: All Good Things -- Lily Ritter will ask you to find Ray Santos, who has gone radio silent. You'll travel to his last known locations and have to scavenge a few sites looking for a note. Once you find the map, you'll travel to Ray's location, who will then ask you to escort him to a medical clinic. Upon doing so, mission complete.

The Santos Legacy: Going Home -- Will trigger sometime after The Santos Legacy: All Good Things. Ray will call you on your radio and ask you to come over to lend him a hand. Arrive at the clinic where you last left him. Talk to him, and Ray will want you to escort him to the Church of Ascension. Do so, and clear out all the zombies infesting the church. Once done, talk to Ray to complete the mission.

The Santos Legacy: Second Chances -- Will trigger sometime after both The Santos Legacy: Going Home and The Wilkerson Reckoning: Memories are both completed. You'll overhear a call between Alexis Carter and Ray Santos about a group of survivors who get car trouble out in Danforth (aka the city from State of Decay: Lifeline) and afterwards, Ray will ask you to help Alexis find some car parts. Drive out to the rickety shack Alexis is holed up in, and talk to her to have her join you. Now drive Alexis over to the junkyard in northeast Marshall. You'll be first prompted to search the warehouse building, so do so to come up empty-handed. Now you'll be prompted to search the junk piles outside. Walk with Alexis between the junk piles until she indicates you found the right one. Now, you'll have to protect her for a few minutes while she retrieves the part (this will start automatically so be ready for it). Be prepared for bloaters and ferals to attack during this time. Once the timer is up, drive Alexis back to where you originally picked her up, talk to her, and the mission will be complete.

Meeting CLEO:

Meeting CLEO: The Doctor is Calling -- This mission is triggered as you approach the very northeast portion of the map (you'll have to drive there on your own, nothing will prompt you to head up there). Once you get close, you'll get a radio request to head to the hunting lodge where you started State of Decay 1, and upon arriving, you'll meet up with Dr. Hoffman, Izzbee, and Mickey Wilkerson from Heartland. Dr. Hoffman will ask you to bring Mickey Wilkerson to the warehouse on the far side of the map to find a CLEO Memory core. Drive there, search the warehouse for the memory core, and give the part to Mickey to end the quest

Meeting CLEO: Critical Download -- Will trigger sometime after Izzbee's mystery: Jurassic Junction. Dr. Hoffman will call you and ask you to meet Izzbee at a fruit stand. Izzbee will ask you to take her to a CLEO drop point near a lake. Once arriving, clear out the local zombies, and Izzbee will ask you to protect her for a few minutes while she downloads the code from the CLEO drop. Do so, talk to Izzbee, and mission complete.

Meeting CLEO: Signal Interference -- Will trigger sometime after Izzbee's mystery: A Cryptic Signal. Dr. Hoffman will call complaining that the plague hearts on the map are interfering with CLEO, and will task you to eliminate some plague hearts (specifically, two of them). I have yet to test this theory, but I believe you have to defeat both plague hearts in the same play session, so be aware of this before you tackle this quest (i.e., if you defeat one plague heart then quit the game, you may have to defeat two more when logging back in). Once done, the quest will automatically complete. NOTE: if you've cleared all plague hearts from the map, this quest will not show up, and in its place, you'll get radio chatter from Dr. Hartman thanking you for clearing out all the plague hearts from the map.

Meeting CLEO: The Haven Protocol -- Will trigger sometime after Izzbee's mystery: Breaking the Code. Dr. Hoffman and Izzbee will show up at your home base, and ask to install CLEO onto one of you large facility slots (you'll need to have moved out of Checkpoint Delta into a larger base for this mission to trigger, though that shouldn't be a problem this late into the game). Talk to Dr. Hoffman to start this mission. At this point, if all of your large facilities slots are full, you'll have to deconstruct one of your large facilities to continue. Once you have a free large slot, talk to Izzbee to continue the quest. As Izzbee builds the CLEO Haven Device, you're home base will come under heavy zombie siege for a few minutes. Defend your base (having a Watchtower or Sniper Tower helps tremendously here), and once the timer finishes, the Haven Device will activate and kill all remaining zombies in base. Mission complete! As a bonus, if you keep the CLEO Haven Device, at a cost of 50 parts a day no zombie or special can approach your base without being auto-killed. Nice!

Izzbee's Mystery:

Izzbee's mystery: Jurassic Junction -- Will trigger sometime after Meeting CLEO: The Doctor is Calling. Izzbee will ask to meet you at an under-construction gas station. She'll want you to escort her to the old Jurassic Junction home base from Heartland, so she can loot some equipment. Take her there, and clear out the zombies in the base. Once this is done, Izzbee will ask you to protect her for a period of time while she loots a pile of equipment on the north side of the base. Do so, and you'll complete this quest.

Izzbee's mystery: A Cryptic Signal -- Will trigger sometime after Meeting CLEO: Critical Download. Izzbee will radio you and ask you to meet up with Chavez (from Heartland), and work with him to track down a Red Talon Code Book. Head to Chavez's location, talk with him, and he'll direct you to the army checkpoint where his Red Talon unit was killed back before Heartland. Clear the checkpoint of zombies, search all the containers for the Code Book, then give it to Chavez to end the mission.

Izzbee's mystery: Breaking the Code -- Will trigger sometime after Meeting CLEO: Signal Interference. You'll get a call from Izzbee to meet her in Spencer's Mill. When you arrive, both Izzbee and Chavez will be on top of the Swine & Bovine restaurant (Pro Tip: The ladder for the roof is inside in the back right room, to your left as you enter. It's easy to miss). Talk to them on the roof, and Izzbee will summon some CLEO drops, with both Chavez and Izzbee joining you as followers afterwards. Now you just have to approach each the three CLEO drops, open them (you don't have to loot them) and quest complete. NOTE: each of the three drops will be guarded by a pack of zombies, and depending on your play level, this can include ferals, bloaters, and a juggernaut, so be prepared for a fight. I personally was playing this on Dread Mode and wasn't prepared for the juggernaut at my last CLEO drop, and Izzbee was knocked down once during the subsequent fight and nearly killed, so be warned. NOTE 2: one of the drops is on the roof of a gas station. The ladder is located outside along the back.

Mickey Wilkerson:

The Wilkerson Reckoning: Homestead -- Will trigger sometime after Meeting CLEO: The Doctor is Calling. Meet up with Mickey, and he'll request you take him up to his old homestead to investigate what happened there and how it was destroyed. Take him there, and clear out all the zombies in the burnt-down homestead. Now, you'll have to search a few places, both inside the house and the outside the house around the army vehicles, as prompted by Mickey (NOTE: hold on to any notes you find as you'll need to give them to Mickey at the conclusion of the quest). Eventually, you'll be prompted to bring all clues found to Mickey, and upon talking to him, you'll complete this quest.

The Wilkerson Reckoning: Buried Treasures -- Will trigger sometime after The Wilkerson Reckoning: Homestead. Mickey Wilkerson will call you on the radio and talk to you about two secret caches he has, and encourage you to loot them. Drive to the first campsite and loot it (it looks far off the beaten path, but you can drive a vehicle right up to it by just driving through the forest). Once the first one is looted, drive over to the second campsite and loot that as well. As part of the loot here, there will be a family photo. MAKE SURE TO PICK UP AND KEEP THIS PHOTOGRAPH as its needed to trigger the next Mickey Wilkerson mission. Once you loot the second site, the mission will complete. NOTE: you can safely store the photograph in your base inventory while waiting for the next Wilkerson Reckoning mission to appear.

The Wilkerson Reckoning: Memories -- Will trigger sometime after The Wilkerson Reckoning: Buried Treasures so long as you have the Family Photo from the previous mission in your personal or base inventory. Mickey will call you, and you'll be prompted to go meet Mickey Wilkerson up at a bar in Spencer's Mill. Grab the photo from your base inventory, then head over. Talk to Mickey and give him the photograph, and this will start a conversation chain where Mickey will want to look for some meds for Lily Ritter. Drive Mickey over to the indicated Tartan Mart, and the meds will be in a shed behind the market. Loot the meds and give them to Mickey. He'll radio Lily, who will send an agent into Fairfield to pick them up. Drive Mickey to Fairfield, meet up and talk to the agent (she's right past the "Oasis" sign), and mission complete.

The Wilkerson Reckoning: A New Coalition -- The final mission! This mission will trigger sometime after both The Santos Legacy: Second Chances and Meeting CLEO: The Haven Protocol are completed. You'll get a call first from Lily Ritter, asking if Mickey Wilkerson is trustworthy (your community will auto-answer). This will be followed up almost immediately by a call from Ray Santos, who is worried that Alexis Carter is late with her delivery. After a flurry of radio chatter between yourself, Mickey, Ray, and Lily, you'll be directed to meet with Mickey at the Church of the Ascension. Head on over and talk to Ray, and he'll want you and Mickey to head over to Fairfield to look for Alexis. Approaching Fairfield, Alexis will pop up on your radio, asking you to rescue her off a cell tower next to a power substation. Head there, clear out all the zombies in the area, and Alexis will climb down off the tower. Listen to the dialog and mission complete. The achievement should pop immediately after.

Once you complete The Wilkerson Reckoning: A New Coalition mission, you'll unlock:

Optional Missions

None of the following missions needs to be completed for the Trumbull Valley story achievement, but is presented here for informational and completeness purposes.

Tressie Huerta:

Tressie's Quest: A Call for Help -- Triggered upon approaching Marshall for the first time. You'll get an SOS call from Tressie Huerta, so head over to the Marshall Fire Station and rescue her by killing all the nearby zombies. She'll then ask for your help in looting the city hall, so agree and head on over. Clear out all the zombies at city hall (you cannot go in, so just clear them out in front of the building). Once done, talk to Tressie and she'll offer to show you why the military was so interested in Marshall. Agree again, and head over to the Alamo Restaurant, where Tressie will talk to you about Plague Walls. When the conversation is over, return Tressie to her home nearby to end the mission.

Tressie's Quest: Barn Storming -- Will trigger sometime after Tressie's Quest: A Call for Help. Tressie will call you, asking for help in retrieving some equipment. Head on over to the fruit stand Tressie is waiting under, and she'll want you to drive her up the dirt road a bit to a barn so she can loot. Agree, and do so. Clear the barn of zombies, then search the containers in the barn until you find the Huerta Family Photo Album. Loot it, the give it to Tressie, then drive her back to her home in Marshall to end the mission.

Tressie's Quest: Data Gathering -- Will trigger sometime after Tressie's Quest: Tressie's Quest: Barn Storming. Tressie will call and ask for another favour. Head over to her house in Marshall, and she'll want you to help her get a sample off of one of the inactive plague walls. Agree, then head over to crashed airplane (where you first saw and fought a Plague Wall back in Heartland). Clear the area of zombies, and Tressie will ask you to protect her for a few minutes while she harvests a Plague Wall sample. CAREFUL HERE: starting this phase on the quest will summon a large and aggressive horde of zombies, so it's best to be prepared by putting down some minefields or activating a Sniper Radio Command before beginning. Once the timer finishes, drive Tressie back to her home in Marshall, and the mission will end.

Tressie's Quest: Throwing Down the Gauntlet -- Will trigger sometime after Tressie's Quest: Tressie's Quest: Data Gathering. Tressie will want to go on another field trip, so head over to the Marshall firehouse and talk to Tressie. She'll want to take Plague Wall samples from the "Gauntlet", (aka the area of the final four Plague Walls from Heartland). Agree, and cross the street. Clear out all the zombies by the entrance Plague Wall and wait a few seconds for Tressie to take a sample. Move on to the next Plague Wall spot, clear out the area, and once again wait for Tressie to take a sample. NOTE: the cargo container in this area is where you pick up the note for the Marshall Stories: Seeking Closure quest - worth picking up as you get a solid recruit at the end of this quest. Anyway, back to Tressie - you'll move on to the third Plague Wall location, clear the area of zombies, and now Tressie will ask you for extra time to harvest a sample. GET READY FOR A FIGHT HERE, as this is probably the hardest section of all the new Trumbull Valley missions. Talk to Tressie to trigger the timed protection event, and you'll have to spend a few minutes defending Tressie as she harvests a sample. Expect lots of zombie to attack you here, along with several specials and a juggernaut or two (difficulty dependent). As with the airplane, I recommend putting out a minefield or two, and definitely call in some sniper backup. Once complete, clear out the remaining zombies and talk to Tressie. Escort Tressie out of the "gauntlet" to complete the mission.

Tressie's Quest: Special Delivery -- Will trigger sometime after Tressie's Quest: Throwing Down the Gauntlet. The coda to the Tressie quest line, Tressie will show up at your base wanting to talk to you. Speak to her, and she'll give you a facility mod where you can spend plague samples to greatly increase harvest yields (works on Gardens, Farms, and Hydroponics). Once you talk to Tressie, mission complete.

Other Missions:

(NOTE: the names of the contacts for the Fairfield and Marshall Stories quests are randomly generated. Hence they will be referred to below as "a survivor" or "the survivor".)

Fairfield Stories: Family Memento -- Randomly triggered. You'll get a call from a survivor in Fairfield asking for your help. Meet up with her, and she'll ask you to find a family mementoes located where her husband and son were last seen. Drive over to the indicated place, and loot the area until you find the Stuffed Hippo. Return the Stuffed Hippo to the survivor to complete the quest.

Marshall Stories: A lost friend -- Randomly triggered. You'll get a call from a survivor in Marshall asking for a favour in finding a lost friend. Head over and talk to her, and she'll send you to the Savini House (I see what you did there!) in north Marshall to rescue her friend. Heading over, he'll be under zombie attack. Rescue him and clear the area of zombies. You'll be prompted to search the house, so do so, until you find a note indicating what happened to the previous Savini House residents. Once done, talk to your rescued friend, then return with him to the original enclave house. Talk to the original quest giver to complete the mission.

Marshall Stories: New in Town -- Randomly triggered. Yet another enclave will call asking for your help. When you arrive, they'll ask you to clear out the warehouse in west Marshall for them to set up their new home. The enclave leader will now join you on this mission, so head on over with him to the warehouse and clear it out together. Once clear of zombies, talk to the enclave leader, and mission complete.

Marshall Stories: Seeking Closure -- Triggered by finding a set of dog tags in downtown Marshall. I found them right by the area the second "Gauntlet" plague wall was fought in Heartland (aka a bit northwest of the Marshall Fire Station), inside a shipping container with radio equipment in it. If you used the "cheese method" in Heartland to take out the Gauntlet plague walls, it's the container you stand on to attack the second plague wall. Anyway, once you pick up the dog tags, a survivor will join your radio chat, indicating they may know who the dog tags belong to. Head over to the indicated location, and you'll meet up with the survivor. She'll want you to return to where you found the dog tags to see if there is any more evidence of her lost squad mates. Head back to the original location (this time you'll have a quest marker to help find it) and wait while your follower does a bit of searching. Once done, they'll ask you to transport them to one last place. Do so, and upon your arrival you'll see the spot overrun with zombies. Kill all the zombies in the area, talk to the survivor, and they'll ask you to join your community. Accept or reject as you see fit, and mission complete.

Trumbull Guardians: Trading with Ray Santos -- Will trigger immediately after The Wilkerson Reckoning: A New Coalition is complete. Essentially, this quest works just like trader quests in the main campaign, except the location will always be the Church of the Ascension (now housing Mickey and Ray). Each time this quest pops up you may get new dialog from Ray and Mickey, so it's worth it to visit occasionally just for the story.

Meeting CLEO: Farewell Among Friends -- Will trigger sometime after The Wilkerson Reckoning: A New Coalition. A coda on the Dr. Hoffman and Izzbee questlines, as these two characters will show up at you base to talk to CLEO one last time before leaving the valley. Simply talk to both Dr. Hoffman and Izzbee (they'll probably be in separate areas of your base), and mission complete.

One final note: if you still need the Landmark Outpost quests to be completed, the Landmark on Trumbull Valley is the Echo Labs, located in the very northwest outcrop portion of the map beyond the checkpoint where Chavez finds the Red Talon Code Book. You can set up an outpost here for 1000 influence to advance the Landmark Outpost achievements if needed.

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