8. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Campaign (Bounties and Miscellaneous Achievements)Update notes

Miscellaneous Achievements

On this page, we'll cover all the miscellaneous achievements that can be acquired via main campaign loop, but which do not need any specific circumstances to be active to unlock (i.e., a specific map, a specific leader type, etc). You'll find the VAST majority of these achievements will unlock on their own while just simply playing the game, although for a few you'll have to perform some out of the way actions to obtain them. The good news for this latter group of achievements is that you can perform them on any map you choose (and often, on the Daybreak and/or Heartland maps as well), so you cannot "miss" these achievements.

Freebee "Gimme" Achievements

Let's start with the "gimme" achievements, aka the ones you'll unlock within an hour or so of starting the game without really trying, and their subsequent achievement for doing the same everyday activities a few times more. Almost all of these will unlock during your first playthrough without trying, and will definitely be unlocked by your second playthrough. You really don't need to plan for any of these, as they'll unlock during the natural course of gameplay.

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Switching Characters

An achievement that can be unlocked right after claiming your first home base. Simply stand in your base, open the community menu, highlight a different member of your community, then press cn_X to take control. You'll unlock this about 15 minutes max from game start.

Searching Buildings

When you enter a new building, your HUD mini-map will show little black boxes inside the building - these are the rooms you need to enter to "explore every room". Occasionally, rooms will have zombies in them, if so, simply kill all zombies in the building to "clear" it. You'll now see a whitish-grey safe-zone circle around the building now, meaning no zombies are in the building and none will spawn around it. Do this five times to unlock this achievement. You'll probably wind up unlocking this within 30 minutes of starting the game without even realizing what you're doing.

Do this 20 more times to unlock:

Again, you'll loot way more than 25 buildings in your first playthrough, and you'll probably wind up accidentally clearing most without really thinking about it. Only the large warehouses, fire stations and residential houses are large enough that you have to make an actual effort to clear the structure out of zombies.


As looting is a core function of the game, I unlocked this first achievement before the tutorial was even finished.

Loot 90 more times to unlock:

You'll complete this sometime during the early to mid-game on your first playthrough, again without really having to try.

Speed Looting

You can get this while "working" on the above achievements. When searching (pressing cn_Y near a loot-able container), you have the option of holding cn_RB to speed up the search, with the possibility you will accidentally make a loud noise and attract zombies. It's usually worth it to do this unless you're severely injured as it makes searching much faster, so feel free to speed up searches until you fail the first time and this unlocks. Five minutes max into the game if you're actively trying for it, maybe an hour if you're being more cautious.

Rucksack Delivery

Once your first base is established, go into any other building and start looting until you find a rucksack. Simply return it to home base to unlock this. You'll get this within the first 10-15 minutes of game play.

Now do this 49 more times to unlock:

50 sounds like a lot, but you'll be most likely be finished or close to it by the end of your first playthrough. Consider that on a loot outing you usually return with two or three rucksacks in your trunk, suddenly 50 doesn't sound so bad.

While working on rucksack deliveries, make sure you transfer your rucksacks from your car trunk to your home base inventory by highlighting the rucksack in your trunk menu and pressing cn_RT while parked in a base parking lot space. Do this once and you'll unlock:

The last achievement takes a bit longer than the first achievement since you have to find a car, fix it, and fill it with gas. Once you do this (and you should almost immediately, as cars are both great transportation options, great storage spaces AND great zombie killing weapons), you'll get this without thinking. (NOTE: The current 1.57 ratio on this achievement is baffling considering how easy this is to obtain. Guess some people never figured out you can transfer stuff from your trunk directly into your base inventory. Ah well, more TA Ratio for us!)

Facility Building

Simply build a facility at your base to unlock the first achievement (pro tip: go with the Infirmary first). Simple and easy. Should unlock about 20 minutes into the game at max unless you're really confused about how bases work (in which case, see the General section of this guide for details).

Build facilities nine more times to unlock:

Considering you'll build three at your original base and from four to six at your mid-game base, you'll have this done by the time you move into your first end-game base, or right at the beginning of your second playthrough. That, or just destroy and rebuild a facility over and over until this unlocks (though why bother as you'll get this one very easily naturally!)

Standing (i.e., your popularity score amongst your community, not literally standing around)

Your first "standing" achievement should be described as "do stuff for 5 minutes". Should pop on its own literally right after the tutorial, as you naturally raise your standing by doing basic everyday game activities, such as killing zombies, returning rucksacks to your home base, and completing missions.

As you continue to use your survivors, you also naturally unlock:

You'll be done these by mid-game in your first run-through of the game without even making any effort.


One of your first optional missions in the game is to climb a surveying site and survey the local area. Simply complete this mission by following the quest marker, climbing the tower to the top, then holding the aim button (cn_LT) to start surveying the area. You'll need to uncover at least five question marks, but unless you've been driving around a lot, there will be more than enough on this tower to complete your quest. If not, just find another survey site and repeat this process.

After this, if you happen to see more survey towers when out on missions or scavenging runs, climb them and scout the surrounding areas. Once you uncover 45 more undiscovered places, you'll unlock:

Best to do this achievement earlier rather than later in your game, as the earlier you scout, the more undiscovered buildings/cars/hordes that will be around to survey (driving past buildings/cars/etc will auto-discover them, making them not survey-able from the tower, hence why earlier is better). If you don't get this on your first playthrough, you'll definitely unlock it in your second.)

Radio Commands

While in character mode, press up on your D-Pad (cn_up) to open your radio menu. Select any of these options (most will cost some influence, so save up a bit if needed) to unlock this achievement. If multiplayer is turned on, you can also shoot off a flare (i.e., offering to join someone else's game) and/or ask for help in your own game, and this will count even with the cost being free.

Do this 24 more times to unlock:

"Killing Stuff" Achievements

A little less "gimme" than the achievements above, you'll still earn these without much effort if you spend any serious time playing this game. Again, just about every one of these achievement you'll earn in your first playthrough without really trying, with only a few (kill a plague heart at night, melee executing a juggernaut) requiring just a small adjustment to gameplay.

Zombie Kill Influence

Here's an easy one to start you off. You'll earn influence for every special zombie you kill, from +5 for a screamer to +50 for a juggernaut. You'll also earn more influence per special kill on higher difficulties (Dread, Nightmare and Lethal). Since many of your other achievement requires you to kill special as part of their requirements, you'll earn this without even realizing it (for example, the 10 juggernauts kills required of you in Heartland makes up half of this requirement all on its own). You'll get this without thinking on the first or second playthrough, unless you're going out of your way to avoid encountering or fighting special zombies.

Zombie Kills

Start by killing 100 zombies. Melee, ranged, close combat, sneak kill, car doors, "car-fu"... it doesn't matter what way you do it, just kill 100 and you'll unlock the achievement. You'll get this one without even trying on your first playthrough unless you are going WAY WAY WAY out of your way to not kill zombies.

Just 900 more (which sounds like a lot, but you'll once again get this naturally in your first game) will earn you:

Now you just need 9000 more kills. Admittedly, this one is a lot, but when spread this out over six campaign playthroughs, Daybreak, Heartland and Trumbull Valley, you'll once again earn it without thinking about it - just not in the first campaign playthrough. Daybreak alone will net you over 10,000, so again, no need to sweat over this:

Special Zombie Kills

The easiest of special zombie kill achievements is the one to kill four screamers. These are the arm-less zombies that cannot attack you but can scream, staggering you and calling in more regular zombies. One bullet to the head will kill these zombies, or feel free to run it over with your car. You can melee them as well if you run at them in between screams. Probably the first "special zombie" you will encounter, you'll find them out in the general world and as part of infestations. They can appear on your map as a stick-thin zombie. This zombie type is so easy to kill, Undead Labs wants you to do it four times (unlike the rest of the specials which only require one kill to unlock their respective achievements).

Next up, simply kill a bloater. These are the chubby zombies that explode when they get near you. Shoot them from a distance (but do NOT hit them with your car, trust me on this) to unlock this achievement. Probably the second type of special you'll encounter, they spawn out in the general world. Their map icon is a fat zombie with spin-dally little frog legs.

The next one is to kill a feral zombie. These are the fast, jumping zombies you cannot outrun, and are the #1 cause of player deaths (so be careful when fighting them). You'll find them out in the general map (or more likely, they'll find you). They also spawn when fighting plague hearts on Dread difficulty and above. Use the side-door trick to kill it, or shoot it in the head, and you'll unlock this achievement. Their map icon is a very squat zombie.

Finally, you'll need to kill a juggernaut. Probably the last special you will encounter, juggernauts are the big and intimidating zombies that have area of effect attacks and are hard to kill. They are also immune to fire damage. They are, however, susceptible to explosives like pipe bombs and soda can bombs, as well as the rear bumper of your car. 8-10 his from the rear end of your car and this achievement is yours. Their map icon is an extra fat zombies with fat legs (vice bloaters, which have fat bodies but skinny legs).

Unfortunately, you can't "Car-Fu" all Juggernauts to death, as you'll have to kill at least one juggernaut using a melee execution. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you have a good gun and plenty of ammo, then go out and find a juggernaut. Car-fu it for 4-5 hits so its damaged, then get out of the car and shoot it at its head until it kneels down. Once down, run up behind it and press cn_RT + cn_X to do a melee execution (you'll climb up on its back and stab it in the head until its dead). Doing this once will unlock:

If you're worried about losing a survivor from your community while trying to melee execute the Juggernaut, or if you want to save some ammo, play a game or two of Daybreak. The juggernauts will show up toward the end of round three, and continuously spawn after that for the next four rounds. Simply shoot the juggernaut in the head (you'll have plenty of ammo from the Daybreak starter crates) until it kneels, then use cn_RT + cn_X to kill it. Achievement unlocked. During your Daybreak career you'll be doing this A LOT, so don't sweat this one if you don't like taking risks, as you'll naturally get it in Daybreak.

One last Special Zombie Kill to talk about - you're required to shoot the helmet off an armoured zombie. There are two easy ways to do this - first is to simply play Daybreak. Armoured zombies start showing up in round two through round seven, and getting to the second round is pretty simplistic in Daybreak. Further, you have boxes of ammo as part of your starting setup, so simply pick your favourite gun, load up on ammo, then upon the start of round two on, you should see an armoured zombie (aka one wearing army helmets), so just aim at the helmet and shoot the zombie until the helmet comes off and the achievement unlocks.

Alternatively, if you're not playing Daybreak, you can do this achievement in the main campaign. Armoured Zombies tend to congregate around military bases, medical tents, and army checkpoints, so drive around your map, find one of these, and walk around a bit until you see a helmeted zombie. Once you do, just shoot at the helmet until it comes off (number of bullets needed to do this is dependent on the weapon calibre and map difficulty), and achievement unlocked.

(Note: try not to use crossbows, as the crossbow bolts arc, and it's easy to accidentally kill the zombie with a misplaced shot. If you're late into your campaign game, try a .50 calibre weapon - not only will you knock the helmet off the zombie in one shot, but you'll blow up the zombie head as well. Fun!


Hordes are packs of zombies that you'll find out in the world, and appear on your map as an icon with two zombies shambling in opposite directions. Simply kill most of the pack to unlock this achievement. You'll probably unlock this one without even trying, as eventually, a horde will find you out in the world when you're off doing other activities. If you want this achievement to unlock earlier than its natural unlock time, just drive around, and "car-fu" a horde to death with the back of your car. Easy.

Now kill 24 more hordes to unlock:


Infestations are the yellow "splatter" markers on your map that surround a house, indicating the house is infested with zombies. The horde inside usually consists of one or more screamers, and from about four zombies on up, depending on your game level. To unlock this achievement, simply go to the infestation on the map, and kill all the zombies that make up the infestation. A simple trick to complete is to drive up, honk your horn, then either throw a Molotov at the front door/place where the zombies are pouring out, or wait for the zombies to exit into the street, then back into them using your car.

Now wipe out nine more infestations to unlock:

Plague Hearts

The penultimate goal of the game - you'll need to destroy all the plague hearts on the map to get to the final set of missions. Usually, there is an early quest chain that begins with you collecting plague samples for an enclave, and ending with you helping the enclave destroy a local plague heart. Follow this quest to get an extra follower to help you with this. If this quest doesn't spawn, no worries, just load up on explosives, toss a whole bunch at the plague heart, and unlock the achievement as it explodes.

Now do the above, but at night. As you'll be killing a lot of plague hearts during your State of Decay 2 career, you'll get this one too without really trying. The indicator that it's "night" on the map (in case it's dusk or twilight and you're not sure) is if the zombies have a red glow in their eyes. If they do, upon killing a plague heart, you will unlock:

Now kill three more plague hearts to unlock:

Finally, finish off all the plague hearts on your map to unlock:

Skill Specialization Achievements

The following achievement are all related to levelling a character skill to one of two optional advanced skills. You can do this once the skill reaches seven stars (if the skill cannot reach seven stars due to a character flaw, then the skill can never become advanced, but this is rare). To level into an advanced skill, simply press down on the D-Pad (cn_down) and tab over once via cn_LB into the community menu. Now select one of the characters here to access their character menu. If a skill is ready to advance, it will be indicated via an orange icon with an exclamation point (!) within it, as well as all the stars under the skill being filled. If you see this, highlight the skill, and click on cn_A to get a set of two advanced skills to choose from. Select which one you want, and the associated achievement should unlock.

The easiest of the four skills to level is Cardio, as you can easily raise your Cardio skill by running around (via holding cn_LB when moving). Since you'll be running all the time, you'll probably max this one out without even realizing it, making this the first of the specialization achievement that you will most likely unlock.

As the second easiest of the four skills to level, you level Wits by searching containers. Since you will be doing this action basically ALL the time, you will level this without thinking. Wits also levels when doing stealth take-downs, so if you want to speed up the process, hold cn_B for a short while to have your character enter stealth mode (you'll start crouching). Now, approach zombies from behind, and press cn_RT + cn_X to do a stealth take-down. Rinse, repeat to level (or just wait for your container searches to do it for you).

Fighting may be the second most difficult skill to level, but considering how much you'll be fighting zombies in melee during the course of the game (especially early on), you won't have any trouble levelling this one to max either. If you want to speed up the process, simply fight more zombies. NOTE: the new "heavy" class of weapon levels Cardio rather than Fighting, so make sure you have either a blunt or bladed weapon equipped. "Heavy" weapons are rare, so this won't happen too much, but if you even notice your Fighting skill not rising after multiple fights, check your weapon for this type.

Shooting is the "hardest" skill to level, only because guns and ammo are rare in the early game. Once you acquire guns and ammo, however, this one will be easy to unlock - simply kill zombies with ranged weapons and this one will max out quickly. A good early weapon if you can find one is a crossbow, as often you can pick up used arrows off of zombie corpses, so you won't be chewing through too much ammo early in the game.

One, final, random achievement related to specializations - normally, when you select a specialization, you're stuck with that choice. There is however one way to go back and re-select a specialization, which is to track down the Mysterious Wandering Trader. These traders only show up on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in game, so this is the only achievement tied to real-time dates/times. The Mysterious Wandering Trader will show up randomly, so you'll have to wait until the specific mission is given to you, which may be immediately upon loading your game on the weekend or it may take hours of play. RNG fun! Once the quest shows up, the trader can be in one of three areas, so you'll have to check all three to find where the trader currently is located. When found, the trader sells all sorts of books to train speciality skills, but the ones you are looking for are the Cardio, Wits, Shooting or Fighting books. Simply buy one of these (1500 influence (!)), then have a character with the associated advanced skill use the book. You'll be given a choice now to pick between all four speciality skills (if you'll lacking a Gunslinger, this is a good way to get one), at the cost of any skill advancement being forfeit (aka you'll go back to zero stars in that skill). Once you use the book, you'll unlock:

Enclave Related Achievements

The following achievements can be earned by interacting with friendly enclaves, and if you're following the strategy outlined in this guide, you should be making a lot of friendly enclaves, speeding up unlocking these achievements.

First up is the achievement for having five allied enclaves on the map. Easier than it sounds if you're following this guide, as you'll know you can basically ignore any other quests when an enclave-related quest pops up. Simply do two to three quests for each enclave, and they'll move from Neutral to Friendly to Allied. Once their "quest chain" is done, they will stay at that level of relationship with you unless a Leader quest interferes with the status (so get this one before starting your final leader quest chain).

A few enclaves will have longer or odd quest chains (The Zombie Hunters, The Cannibals, etc.) so if you don't see your enclave status moving to Allied after a few quests with the enclave, its one of these type of enclaves (another hint is that you may not be able to recruit survivors to join your community from them even if they're Friendly). In these cases, the "special" enclaves generally leave or turn hostile eventually, so feel either to finish the quest chain or murder the enclave to speed up the process of new enclaves joining the map.

There is a maximum number of enclaves on a map, currently 16, but this number also includes Cash Beaumont the Bounty Broker, and any traders on the map (or quest enclaves, in the case of Trumbull Valley). Therein, if you notice no more enclave quests coming in, that means you've hit your cap and no new enclaves can join your map, so you should think about clearing some out. With Violence!

Upon getting five enclaves to allied status, you'll unlock:

NOTE: each allied enclave will give you some sort of bonus for your community, so you want as many allied enclaves in your game as possible regardless of this achievement.

Much easier and faster than the above enclave achievement is the two enclave trading achievements - one for buying ten items from an enclave and one for selling 10 items to an enclave. You can trade with enclaves that are Neutral, Friendly, or Allied, so you can get this very early in the game with your first enclave encountered.

The fastest way to acquire both achievements is to sell a consumable stack (like ammo) to the enclave one at a time. You do this by pressing cn_Y instead of cn_A (which sells the whole stack). Then, simply buy the stack back one at a time, again with cn_Y instead of cn_A, as each individual item counts for this achievement. Do this for a total of ten items, and you'll unlock both:


Given the method above, you really don't have to do this, as you'll trade with enclaves enough that you'll unlock both achievements naturally, and probably well before your first playthrough is finished. The above will just speed up the process somewhat.

Finally, besides buying and trading, and the bonus for being allied, you can use enclaves to recruit members for your own community. First, check each survivor in the enclave to see which ones have the traits and skills you want (see Evaluating Characters page of this guide for more details), and once you find one you want, you'll have to opportunity to pay an influence cost to have them join your own community. NOTE: if you do this, the other survivors of the enclave will leave the map permanently, breaking up the enclave and discarding any bonuses you may have been getting from the allied enclave, so evaluate the value of the enclave bonus before doing this. Once a survivor has been recruited, you'll unlock:

Note that the above isn't the only way to unlock the recruitment achievement - you can use the radio to recruit a Red Talon Operative or Soldier (assuming you have Daybreak prestige currency to spend). Also, random missions (the "mysterious message" quest markers shown on your map as question marks) may result in an ending where someone asks to join your community. This will count for the above achievement as well. Given this, enclave recruitment is the fastest and most reliable method to recruit a new member to your community and unlock this achievement.

Weapon-Based Achievements

While working toward your 10,000 zombie kills achievement, 50 of these kills should come from blood plague zombie kills using a crossbow. A bit of bad news here - there is no proven method to reliably acquire a crossbow in game (minus Diana in Heartland), so you'll have to randomly find one. The good news though is crossbows are very common items, and you'll find them when looting gun and ammo shops, sheds, and even houses. Another nice thing about crossbows is that their ammo has a chance to not break upon use, and often you can loot the fired bolts off dead zombie corpses (I personally measure it as 50/50 whether you can retrieve your arrows or not). Arrows are also cheap to make, as you can craft light and heavy arrows at the Workshop (just make sure you craft the right one).

Armed with a crossbow and arrows, you'll now need to find blood plague zombies. Fortunately, the latest update creates territories around active plague hearts (and you'll have at least eight of these on your maps if playing Green Zones, or up to 40+ on Lethal Zones), with the zombies in these areas affected with the blood plague. You'll definitely know a zombie is affected by the plague when the zombie is covered in a red layer of blood all over their body. Simply drive to one of these areas, honk your horn repeatedly to attract zombies, then climb on top of your car. Let the zombies gather up, then aim at their heads and kill them from the safety of the car roof. As an added bonus, shooting down from the car doesn't cause the arrow to arc-like straight forward shooting does, making getting headshots that much easier. Once the car is clear of zombies, climb down, collect the arrows scattered around, drive to the next plague heart zone, rinse, repeat, until you get 50 kills, unlocking:

For the other weapons base achievement, you'll need to find at least two things, a cowboy hat and a revolver.

First, the revolver. Unfortunately, unlike crossbows, revolvers are much more rare, so it may take some time for the RNG to grant you a revolver. Best places to check are at gun and ammo shops, and with the Bounty Broker to see if one of his contracts rewards a revolver (see Bounty Broker section below). Of the two, the Bounty Broker is usually more reliable, and with about 50 contracts you can pick from at any one time, you'll be bound to have one offering a revolver as a reward. The trick, however, is how hard the actual bounty is - if it's a tricky one, you'll have to weigh that difficulty against just looting gun shops and police stations until you find one. You can also get one as a reward for personal missions -- for example, the Police Training personal mission rewards a revolver as part of the second quest in that questline. Given that, because these missions are assigned semi-randomly, its much easier to find a revolver via the Bounty Broker or in a gun and ammo shop.

Now the even harder part - finding a cowboy hat. Again, you can either loot one or (if you're lucky) collect one from the bounty broker as a contract reward. Assuming the Bounty Broker doesn't have one currently (the only one I've seen is the "Western Straw Hat", and at this point it's only offered four months per year), you'll have to scrounge for it. The best places to check are campsites, followed by barns - there's a good chance you may not find one on a campaign map, in which case, head to your next playthrough and check that one as well. Keep checking campsites and barns until you find a cowboy hat. NOTE: sometimes cowboy hats have slightly different names, such a "Cattleman's Hat". The name doesn't have to be exact, it just has to look like a cowboy hat. Since the last step is easy, feel free to try the three headshots with any hat you think might fit the description, as you may get lucky.

ALSO NOTE: Occasionally, recruits and enclave survivors might come with a cowboy hat as part of their default template. These do NOT count for the achievement. You need to find and use a hat found as part of scrounging or bounty broker rewards.

Once you have the revolver and the hat (you can equip the hat by going into the character screen and pressing cn_Y to enter the "closet", try placing the hat/gun combo on a survivor with Gunslinging. With Gunslinging, you can simply tap cn_A while aiming to automatically line up a headshot. Therein, find a crowd of zombies, and while nearby, hold cn_LT, tap cn_A to line up the headshot, and press cn_RT to fire. As long as the zombie isn't armoured (i.e., wearing a helmet), you should auto-kill the zombie. Do this two times more in quick succession to unlock the achievement.

Alternatively, if your survivors don't have Gunslinging, you can shoot three zombies in the same general area in the leg, thereby nearly immobilizing them. Once you do this to three zombies in one close area, simply manually line up the headshots and fire (since they're on the ground and barely moving, you can aim very quickly). Again, do this three times in rapid succession and you'll unlock:

Car-Based Achievements

You can knock this first car-based achievement out in about five minutes if you want to put any effort into it. When driving your car, hold cn_X to keep your car door open. Now, just drive past zombies and hit them with the open door. The door takes separate damage from the car, do doing this actually saves you on car wear-and-tear. The door will eventually break off the car (the number of zombies this takes is dependent on your difficulty level), so you'll have to either repair the car with a repair kit or get a new car to start the process again. Once you kill 50 this way, you'll unlock:

This next achievement is for using a vehicle upgrade kit to upgrade your car. This of course means we'll have to either create, borrow, or buy a kit. There are four ways of doing this, and here they are, in the order of most difficult to least difficult:

  • Teach a member of your community Mechanics via a skill book or recruit a survivor with the Mechanics skill. Level up Mechanics to level 7 via making toolkits, box mines and/or crossbows at your Workshop. Once you hit level 7, specialize in Automechanics. Now, build an Auto Shop in one of your large facility slots and use the Auto Shop to create a vehicle upgrade kit (preferably one of a size of a vehicle you already have). Upgrade a vehicle with the kit by interacting with the front of the parking space where the car is parked (having the kit in your base inventory), and achievement unlocked once the car is upgraded.
  • Wait for a Mysterious Wandering Trader to show up in one of your missions (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only). Upon meeting them, hope they are selling vehicle upgrade kits. If you luck out, buy one, then upgrade your car the same way as listed above.
  • Start a game of Heartland with Larisse and Aunt Fi. Get far enough in the story to unlock the Vehicle Depot. Upgrade your Repair Depot to a Vehicle Depot, craft a vehicle upgrade kit, and use as per above.
  • Beg one of your generous friends to join your game and give you a vehicle upgrade kit. Use as per above.

Personally, I went with the last option.

Good news on this last achievement! Unlike finding the cowboy hat from the Howdy Howdy Howdy achievement, the Puffy Vest is a default item in your outfit closets, so no need to search for this item! Yay! The only RNG you'll have to deal with is finding the Road Racer car, but thesee vehicles are common enough that you'll most likely find one on your current campaign map, and if not, you'll most likely find one in your next. If you have a friend with the car in one of their campaign maps that will work just as well, as the achievement will unlock for guests in other games.

When ready, put on the puffy vest via entering the character menu, highlighting your character, then pressing cn_Y to enter the "closet". With the vest on, simply get in the Road Racer, find a straight stretch of road, and floor the acceleration until you hit top speed (this will only take a few seconds). Just try to avoid hitting zombies as you accelerate.

Side note: if you can't find a Road Racer on your map, you can possibly luck out if one of your survivors gets the Action Hero quest line as part of their personal missions. You'll get a Road Racer early in this quest chain that you can use to complete this achievement.

Introduction to Bounties

Soon after starting a new map, you'll see an icon somewhere on the map of a loot sack with a set of cross-hairs over it. This is the Bounty Broker, and he has a series of achievements associated with him. You may also get a mission early in your campaign specifically to visit him. Do so, as it's worth your time even without the achievements.

Cash Beaumont, aka The Bounty Broker, offers tasks you can complete for specific rewards. Most of these tasks are for killing certain zombies in certain ways. For example, he'll offer "Kill 7 screamers with explosives" or "Kill 3 Juggernauts with close combat weapons". Occasionally, the missions will be crafting ("Craft 30 crossbow bolts at a Workshop") or scrounging ("Return 7 food resources to your community"). Each mission will come with a reward, either a weapon of some kind (both melee and ranged) or an article of clothing for your closet. With clothing, once you unlock the article of clothing, it will be in your closet forever. With weapons, upon unlocking you get the first one free, and subsequently you can buy more of that reward with influence.

You can have up to three active bounties at a time. Further, your bounties cross campaign and community lines, so if you only partially complete a bounty in one campaign you will have that partial completion still in your next campaign. And if you load in one of your other communities, the bounty will carry between different communities. The only exception to this rule is Heartland, as Heartland kills and actions do not count toward bounties, and the Bounty Broker does not show up on your Heartland map.

The Bounty Broker will have four "packs" of twelve items each open at any given time, and at the beginning of the month, he will cycle out the oldest pack, replacing it with a new pack. Therein, you need to complete the offered bounties before the pack cycles.

The first time you visit the Bounty Broker and accept a bounty, you'll unlock:

For your first three bounties, try to get the easiest ones you can find, but make sure one of them is a clothing item. Given that only two packs have been released so far without a clothing item, at worst, at least two active packs will have clothing items (and very likely at least three). Upon completing a clothing bounty and turning it in, you'll unlock:

Complete another round of bounties to unlock:

If you're trying to get these achievements quickly, you'll have to complete half the bounties on offer, plus one (four bounties, with 12 bounties each, is 48 bounties. You'll need 25 in total). Finish at least 25 bounties, and you'll unlock:

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