1. SteamWorld Dig Walkthrough overview


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Steamworld Dig! If you've been around long enough, and remember a game called Dig Dug, then you might feel a little pang of nostalgia as you dig your way down through the caves in this game. The similarities sort of end there, though, as there's a lot more going on in Steamworld. Powerups, lantern-time management, dynamite, and more await you in this enjoyable and quick Indie title.

While you can technically complete the 1000 gamerscore in one playthrough, I highly recommend doing two. The first playthrough, just play through blind. Don't follow a guide or anything, and simply familiarize yourself with the way the game works as well as enjoying the ride. It will likely take you around 5 to 7 hours for this first run. After that, follow the walkthrough (especially the speedrun video included herein) to get the achievements for the various "star" ratings, as well as the one for completing the game with all four stars (speedrun, no deaths, 20k gold at completion, 150 orbs collected). Once you've done that, you will likely have all of the game's achievements. If not, you can reload your game file to mop up any you may have missed.

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