2. SteamWorld Dig General hints and tips


  • The pickaxe and drill can reach a little over one tile away. If you stand directly on the edge of one tile, you can hit across a tunnel to continue going horizontal.
  • The game only saves in Tumbleton, either when you return, cash in minerals, or buy something from a store. During a speed run, you can return to main menu in order to restart that section with no time loss.

Money and Orbs

  • It is possible to miss all upgrades. If you buy too many consumables such as teleporters, dynamite, ladders, or health restores, as well as let too many minerals get destroyed by rocks or magnets, it is possible to end up without enough money to buy everything. On my first playthrough, I barely had enough money to buy everything, and that was due to liberal use of dynamite and ladders, along with topping off health at every opportunity.
  • To track how many orbs you need for the achievement, note that all upgrades will cost 149 orbs. Use the upgrade appendix at the end of this walkthrough to determine how many orbs you need to finish upgrading. If you bought a single teleporter, once you have more orbs in your wallet than you need for upgrades, you have over 150.


  • To reiterate from above, the game only saves when you go back to town. If you die, you can hit the guide button and close the game. When you restart the game, you will have lost the last trip's progress, but you will not have a death on the file. This is very useful for completing the game without dying should you misstep.
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