1. Stick it To The Man Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Stick it to the Man!Stick it to the Man!

Welcome to the walkthrough for Stick it to the Man. This is Zoinks!' first game to come to the Xbox One. You play as Ray, a hard-hat tester whose world is made of paper. When a top secret military package hits him in the head, he wakes finding he has new powers and begins to doubt his sanity. You guide him through hallucinations and confusion to save his girlfriend and "Stick it to the Man!"

This is a pretty easy game that shouldn't take too long. All of the achievements are missable, but follow the guide, and you shouldn't have too much trouble. You only need one playthrough, but if you miss anything, there is chapter select. Just make sure you are on the lookout for minds to read. Don't worry, there are plenty of checkpoints and an in-game map with collectibles if you ever get lost.

Alright, it's time to dive in and let the sticking begin!

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