Xbox 360

Stoked Achievements

Most Earned

Methodology10 (10)You completed all of Wolle Nyvelt’s tutorials
You’re Sponsored!41 (20)Earn a sponsorship
South American Tourist62 (30)You found the Summit Cross and signed the guestbook on Almirante Nieto
You're a Professional Rider104 (50)Hit a fame ranking of 186

Least Earned

Rider of the Year369 (100)Beat Wolle, Annie, Travis, Tadashi, Nicolas and win 2 of the Events
Professional Photographer160 (50)Take 60 single photographs / all-in-ones and 20 environmental photographs
Underdog155 (50)Take the lead in an Event on Xbox LIVE
You've Become a Phenomenon154 (50)Win all 5 Events and hit a fame ranking of 1800
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