Stranglehold (JP)

Xbox 360

Stranglehold (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Hong Kong Marketplace Completed
Hong Kong Marketplace Completed10 (10)Complete the Hong Kong Marketplace level on any Difficulty setting
Meet John Woo
Meet John Woo5 (5)Visit the Unlock Shop
Tai O Completed
Tai O Completed12 (10)Complete the Tai O level on any Difficulty setting
Untouchable12 (10)On any difficulty setting, complete a Standoff by defeating all enemies without taking any damage

Least Earned

Game Completed - Hard Boiled
Game Completed - Hard Boiled138 (70)Complete the entire game on the Hard Boiled Difficulty setting
Game Completed - Hard
Game Completed - Hard115 (60)Complete the entire game on the Hard Difficulty setting
Hardboiled Killer
Hardboiled Killer38 (20)Kill 307 opponents in Multiplayer matches
Be the Master
Be the Master37 (20)Kill 100 opponents as John Woo in Multiplayer matches
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