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Arcade Mode

For the "Mystery Man" achievement we need to find and defeat the character named “Q” in arcade mode. In order to find him you will need to satisfy the following conditions:

- Don't lose any round.
- Don't continue.
- Get a grade of at least a D or better on every stage.
- Get 2 or more Special Points.
- Get 5 Super Finishes

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Upon performing a Super Finish for the 1st time you will get the "Big Finish" achievement. If you are unsure about how to do Super Finishes, it is recommended that you practice in Training Mode and memorise some moves.

  • Big Finish

    Complete the first tier of the challenge “Big Finish” in any mode.

    Big Finish

Difficulty doesn't matter for the Mystery Man achievement, so change the difficulty to one star in the options/settings if you like. Q should show up after the final fight if you have successfully met all the conditions. To make things even easier, you can turn off 'guard' in the dip switches from the main menu. This will mean that neither yourself nor the AI can block, allowing you to spam away to your heart's content. Furthermore, you can plug a second controller in and press start on it if you think that you are in danger of losing a round. With all these tips you should get to Q in no time! :D

If you were brave enough to fight Q without adjusting the dip switches, you should also get the achievement for finishing Arcade Mode. However, this achievement will be voided if any of the switches have been adjusted. It's not a huge deal though, as you can simply replay through Arcade Mode on the easiest difficulty. As long as you make it to the end you will unlock:

Using continues/losing rounds doesn't make a difference with regards to this achievement, you just need to make it to the end in one piece.

Mopping Up

The other non-trial related single player achievements are cumulative. You will most likely unlock them in time if you just play the game naturally. However, if you want to get them fast, you can set up a local match with a second controller using the following settings:

1) Go to Help & Options > Settings > Dip Switches
2) RT to page 3/5, set "EX Move Energy Requirement" to "1"
3) Start a local match with a second controller plugged in

This will give you unlimited EX Move Energy, so we can spam away to our heart's content. Firstly, we need to perform 75 Super Arte Moves. Super Artes are what you select at the Character Select screen (you have three options per character). Most of which are quarter-circle-forward/backwards + Punch or Kick.

Next up are EX moves, which are easy to grind away if you are using Ryu's EX Hadouken (quarter-circle-forward + LB).

Lastly we need to perform 75 parries. This might be easier if you want to do them with a boosting partner in Multiplayer, but alternatively you can spam projectiles with your second controller and press forward just as the opponent hits your character to parry them. Repeat 74 more times once you get the timing down and you will unlock:

Mr Miyagi would be proud :)


The toughest component of this game to finish, as with most Capcom fighting games, is the trials. Thankfully, for the related achievement we only need to finish half of them (55/110). I highly recommend using the videos provided by Vesper Arcade on his youtube channel to help you get this achievement:


The most challenging aspect is getting the timing right for which these video can be really helpful.

The other advice to take into consideration when attempting these trials is that some of them are much easier than others. For example, Basic Parrying is going to be much easier to complete than Expert Parrying, so focus your attention on those first. Obviously these trials are heavily skill dependent, but persevere and you will get there in the end. I've listed below the 55 trials that I finished in case it helps you find some of the easier trials to complete:

Basic Parrying: 100%
Expert Parrying: 0%
Handicap Trials: 60%
Akuma: 40%
Alex: 80%
Chun-Li: 80%
Dudley: 40%
Elena: 40%
Hugo: 100%
Ibuki: 40%
Ken: 60%
Makoto: 40%
Necro: 40%
Oro: 60%
Q: 60%
Remy: 40%
Ryu: 60%
Sean: 40%
Twelve: 20%
Urien: 40%
Yang: 40%
Yun: 20%

Good Luck!


The multiplayer component of this game is pretty straightforward, as long as you have a boosting partner. However, first of all we can obtain one of the achievements easily using a second controller.

Firstly, change the number of rounds to 1 by going to Options, Settings, Rounds, 1. Now back out to the main menu and go to Multiplayer, Local Match.

Choose Sean and pick anyone else for the second controller. Beat up your idle controller until they have very low health. You can then use Sean's taunt to throw basketballs at the second player and finish them off. To perform a Taunt, press Heavy Kick + Heavy punch at the same time. Knocking your opponent out with a basketball will result in the award of:

Going Streaking

We're going streaking! We're going up to the quad and to the gymnasium! For this achievement you must obtain a win streak of 5 Ranked matches. You can approach this in two ways; legit or boosting. Fair play to you if you want to try and get it legit, as based on my experience there are some pretty good SF3 players still playing this online. To make your task easier you can actually back up your SF3 save onto a USB stick each time you get a win, then revert to that save if you lose a game. This will preserve your streak (so not completely legit, but not the same as boosting).

However, I highly recommend finding a boosting buddy for this. By co-ordinating in party chat you can agree who will be getting the achievement first, then when searching for each other you can back out if you get matched up with a random player and it won't break your win streak. Either way you will unlock:

Make sure to record at least one of your replays when prompted upon finishing a game too. Then from the Main Menu select Multiplayer, Replays, select 'Upload to match server' and hit Y:

Then with your boosting partner you can invite them to watch a replay and you should both unlock:

Some people report that only the host of the replay gets the achievement, although me and my boosting partner both got it at the same time.

Tournament Time

The last achievement you'll need to get requires four players. When going for this achievement the online community was pretty dead, so I had to set up a boosting session in order to unlock it. I recommend that you do the same.


Once you have four players ready to go you simply have to go Multiplayer, Tournament and invite your party. It doesn't matter who wins the tournament, as long as all four of you stay until the final. Everyone should unlock:

Congratulations on finishing Street Fight 3: Third Strike Online Edition. We hope you enjoyed the WT and revisiting a classic fighting game. Until next time, happy gaming! toast

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