1. Submerged Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hi there. I'm Ackter and I'd like to welcome you to my guide for:

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Submerged is an exploration game based on sailing and climbing. There's no combat, no death. It's just a peaceful and enjoyable journey around an intriguing sunken city. I've split the guide into 3 sections. The first section will be the introduction to the story, covering the first two buildings and the secrets found there. The second section will cover all of the remaining buildings, while the third section will cover the exploration aspects of the game.

The game comes with a very useful map. This will show any buildings, secrets etc that you've found and make it easy to spot anything you're missing when you compare it to the completed maps I've included in this guide. The story itself is very short and simply consists of collecting supplies from each of the ten buildings in the game. This can be done in about an hour. The exploration aspects will take a couple of hours more.

Let's get started, shall we?

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