Subnautica Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello everyone!

Today I'll be guiding you through the fastest way to get the achievements in Subnautica, an open world survival game set on the water covered alien planet 4546B. The game tasks you with collecting resources and discovering blueprints to craft items, vehicles and even bases to find a way off the planet. Originally developed for PC and put on Steam in 2014 it later joined Early Access on Xbox One in May 2016. With a full release of the game coming over 3 years later on December 4th 2019.

While the game received positive reviews, I found a few choices made by the developer to be in poor design. From a very lacking tutorial that has very hard to spot (small arrows/text leading to your next task) and the all around general lack of a map of any kind even on its easiest mode.

This put me off on its estimated 40-50 hour completion (at the time of this writing only about 1/3 of the completions were under 50 hours with another 1/3 over 80). If that sounds like a game you'd enjoy then, by all means, play this game legitimately. For the purposes of this walkthrough though, we'll be doing achievements using a developer menu, some console commands and one save game/reload to pop all the achievements. In this walkthrough, use the corresponding page for either Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, because there are some differences between the two versions of the game.

First things first, I initially tested this with strategic saves and reloads and with the load time of the game, this would have taken a couple of hours at least. Then, I used another alternate account (RoaringSun31464 on this site) to try a roadmap that I came up with to do everything in one single save and reload and I ran into an issue of some achievements popping that requires doing their teleports again. Still, I completed the whole game in under an hour, so my guide and the process has changed from my original write up which I had. The reason I bring this up is because originally achievements would pop when they were supposed to and you'd know you did what you needed to correctly because there were about 9 saves/reloads that would correspond with an achievement or two popping. This one contains one save at the very end and a reload that should pop all achievements but might require seeing which ones you missed, loading up the last save, teleporting to them again and trying the suggestions following the location and then saving and reloading again. I've tested this guide on multiple accounts. As of this writing this, it is 100% working.

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