Subnautica Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

The game is slightly different on Xbox One (Console) compared to the Windows 10 version (PC). This starts off with the controls. Here are the controls you'll need to know for the game:

Xbox One

cn_LS - Move (Holding down will "sprint")

cn_RS - Look

cn_Y - Jump

cn_B - Exit/Holster

cn_A - Use

cn_back - PDA

cn_start - Pause

cn_LB - Float/Move Up

cn_RB - Float/Move Down

Windows 10

W, A, S, D - Move (holding (left) SHIFT down in combination with 'W' will "sprint")

Mouse - Look

Spacebar - Jump

E - Exit/Holster

Left mouse - Use

Tab - PDA

Escape - Pause

Spacebar - Float/Move Up

C - Float/Move Down

Since we will be doing all the achievements through use of the developer menu and console commands menu the majority of your time with the game will be spent waiting for areas to load up so I really only have a few tips

  • Tip 1: We will enter a total of 3 console commands so if you have the Xbox app or a keyboard to use it can come in handy to shave some time off controller typing.
  • Tip 2: Wait until the saving game at the top left of the screen disappears before exiting!
  • Tip 3: If it doesn't look right (graphics messed up a bit or you're falling through what you shouldn't) just reload the same teleport spot a time or two and you'll find you're where you need to be.
  • Tip 4: In my quickest speed run, I had to reload the save and do 4 of the teleports over again as they didn't pop during my initial reload. Whether this was due to the game not being able to comprehend all 17 unlocks at once or not recognizing that I had visited those locations because I didn't stay/move around long enough your experience may vary. If a certain thing unlocks the corresponding achievement it is listed in the walkthrough, if I had random experiences through my 6 different runs through then I've just put down suggestions for what I tried.

Here is a screenshot of my final speed run through the game. This was all 17 achievements but shows up on the site here as 2+ hours because that profile was logged in while I did the run that's logged here at 1:39


Moreover, those who prefer a video guide can use the belowmentioned one, made by BiLLzuMaNaTi

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