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    19 Aug 2011 19 Aug 2011
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    This is a must have for everybody who owns a windows phone (ITS FREE!!)

    The levels are are just the like the ones you see in the paper, 9 number in 9 boxes and you cant repeat the number in a column, row, or box. There are 5 increasingly difficult levels (including trading mode), which can definitely test you skill.

    You will be able to use a "pen" and "pencil". The pencil is used to write down possible answers using very tiny numbers. The pen is used to lock in you answers.

    Along with the regular mode, there is a timed mode. This will add a score counter that will start to descend slowly. You must input right answers in order to bring it back up. Putting multiple right answers in a time will increase the multiplier, which will improve your score.

    One of the major thing in this game is powerups, which could range from more XP (read onwards for XP explanation), helping you, lock in the answers you've gotten right so far or giving you one answer in a random space.Using these requires tokens. You unlock by waiting certain amounts of time or by leveling up.

    One of the coolest hing about this is the ranking system. You get to level up , by earning XP (awarded at the end of every puzzle)The harder the puzzle; the more XP you get.

    Most of the achievements are pretty easy to get, even though they may be worth only 50g.

    If you even thought about downloading this, just download it!!! ITS FREE!
    05 Apr 2012
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    Much like the Minesweeper game, it transfers the game of Sudoku into Windows Phone well, and how much you enjoy it will depend on how much you enjoy Sudoku.

    Personally Sudoku is never something I’ve gotten into and while this Windows Phone version starts pretty easily it soon bogs you down into a tedious numbers game (well, to me anyway).

    On the other hand, if Sudoku is your bag I’m confident you’ll get a lot out of this version. Like Minesweeper the achievements encourage you to play through all versions and difficulties and are pretty well thought out given the limited nature of the gameplay.

    The presence of perks also helps Sudoku amateurs like me, allowing you to ‘lock in’ all correct answers or auto-fill the correct number in a particular box. Frankly this is the only thing that’s encouraged me to stick at the game to unlock more achievements.

    Just be aware if you’re an achievement junkie what you’re getting yourself in for if you’re a novice at Sudoku, because if it turns out you’re not a big fan of the games you’ll be in for quite a grind.

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