Summer Athletics Reviews

  • ChardcoreChardcore893,482
    15 Jul 2010
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    Summer Athletics is a surprisingly unpopular game, according to how few people on TA have played it. You would figure that a sports game that's been out for 2 years, with fairly easy achievements, would garner much more attention than this. But alas, not even 400 TA members have it at the time of this writing. I would try and use this review to spark some interest in the game, but I do not want to lie about how underwhelming the game actually is.

    Gameplay: 3/10
    The first thing I noticed on the back of the game's case was "intuitive controls" which actually gave me some hope. You can put the turbo controller away for this one, there is absolutely zero button mashing. I actually kinda like that, but most of the events are just the same controller scheme in a slightly different variation. The sprinting events all have you wiggle the right stick back and forth to gain speed. The spinny throwing events (Discus, Hammer Throw, Shotput) all have you rotate the right stick. I will say that the High Jump and Diving events did well in the control department, though. High Jump has a "press button when it crosses the circle" type of control scheme, and Diving has a mixture of that and other things. If the events were more varied or at least had some different control setups I would've scored the gameplay higher, but my left hand is kinda mad about having to wiggle the right stick back and forth all the time.

    Aesthetics: 5/10
    The graphics and sounds are not terrible, but they could've definitely been improved. No real complaints though, they do the job.

    Challenge: 5/10
    A lot of the challenge in this game is in not tearing various ligaments or muscles in your hands, or breaking your controller trying to squeeze out a little more running speed. The career modes scaled up nicely in terms of challenge, but I felt that your character developed a little bit too slowly to keep up with that. When your stats are low, it doesn't matter how skilled you are at wiggling the stick, you will lose those events. Luckily, the competition and single event modes do not have this skill system, and you pretty much use a maxed out character from jump.

    Achievements: 1/10
    The 1/10 doesn't come from how challenging they are, it comes from how stupid they are. There are two achievements in this game that really irritate me, even though they are easy to obtain. Those would be the 35 silver and 40 bronze achievements. I like the 30 gold achievement, because it requires you to actually win, and thus you are achieving something. Being forced to get silvers and bronzes has you playing the game to lose instead of win, and I personally cannot stand achievements like that. If these were stackable it would've been okay, but they are not. Past that, the achievements are pretty standard, like completing career mode, completing all the competition modes, and earning gold medals in every individual event. There are a couple silly ones that you have to go out of your way to obtain (unless you're terrible at archery) but these do not really detract from the game or any enjoyment you might have. Overall, with some practice (and taking breaks to rest your body parts) this is a very attainable 1,000.

    Overall: 4/10
    Summer Athletics should be at least mildly enjoyable for you if you like these types of games, and if you're an achievement hunter looking for a doable 1,000 to add to your collection, this will definitely do that for you. If you really hate stick wiggling type games, or you're just not all that good at them, you might want to avoid this one as it'll cause nothing but frustration.