Sunset Overdrive Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Sunset Overdrive.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Posted on 09 April 16 at 06:49
Please use this thread to discuss the Sunset Overdrive walkthrough
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Posted on 21 April 16 at 14:29
If there is anything i can do, i would love to help out with this walkthrough
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Posted on 01 May 16 at 13:52
How's the walkthrough coming?
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Posted on 08 June 16 at 03:59
will this include all the title updates as well?
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Posted on 18 June 16 at 15:43
Why does the "walkthrough progress" in the top right corner keeps saying 0% ..?
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Posted on 18 June 16 at 15:51
Just wondering,don't wanna rush the creator/writer in any way,I'll always take a delayed walkthrough (or game for that matter) compared to one that's been rushed & therefore have an increased probability of faults/bugs :)
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Posted on 18 June 16 at 20:59
EverStoned77 said:Why does the "walkthrough progress" in the top right corner keeps saying 0% ..?Because the author hasn't updated it to say how far through the walkthrough they think they are. the percentage isn't an automatic thing, it's up to the author to decide if they wish to use it or not.
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Posted on 07 September 16 at 21:28
This would be very helpful :)
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Posted on 30 September 16 at 09:39, Edited on 30 September 16 at 23:21 by Kerman7
For those waiting, here is my version. Feel free to use it or you can wait a few more months until a list grouping achievements by types gets released as the walkthrough.
This was wiped up in 10 minutes and is not aiming at holding your hand for the long haul, you don't need it.

This is based on my playing it currently and having beaten the single campaign, including the vast majority of the miscellaneous achievements. You pretty much cannot miss anything and have to do everything, so:

Step 1: Play as you please and without worrying much (i.e. complete story missions and side missions as they become available, pick up collectibles as you find them, buy weapons, clothes, amps and overdrives as you feel). Doing so, make sure you use a variety of weapons and swap a weapon for another when you max one to level 5. But don't play too many Challenges, leave them for step 4, and don't spend all your money on clothes, leave enough for maps in step 2. Also don't bother replaying missions yet. Complete until end game.
Step 2: Buy collectibles maps for shoes, tp, cameras, holograms & fizzie balloons, then go pick them up (could also be done during step 1 so to spread out the collecting pain and benefit from being able to purchase better amps)
Step 3: Look at the misc non-chaos-squad achievements you have left and get them done using solutions if needed, including the rest of collectibles with small numbers (not buying maps for them will save you game money). This is also a good time to replay Floating Garbage mission and bag a few more from a title update.
Step 4 (repeat): Go offline and complete a handful of Challenges to gold standard, then delete local save and go back online to retrieve local save from cloud, then repeat until 50 Gold challenges has unlocked.
Step 5: Play the online component of the game, Chaos Squad
Step 6: Rejoice and delete the game from hard drive, or keep playing if you love it, try to unlock all overdrives if you like

All in all, the game is straightforward and not as difficult as ratios would suggest.
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Posted on 22 April 17 at 17:28
Kerman7 - your solution sounds good to me.... I like knowing I can just play a game and not miss any achievement without having to worry about how i play, or the need to replay the entire game.

THANK YOU!!!clap
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