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Posted on 14 October 19 at 02:44
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Super Box Land Demake is one of those games to pass time and have a good mind activity.

The basic mechanic of the game is that you need to push bins over some pressure plates, in order to open a door for your way out. The pushing mechanism is very likely to other games where if you put the bin close to a wall you can pull it unless you maneuver it through another path. If you regret making a move you can simply press rewind and boom the game return to any previous position.

This makes the game incredibly simple on the easy setting (Believe me, you will not need a guide, like other puzzles).

This is not true on normal or hard, since you have limited energy and no rewinds. On this modes it is easy to overshoot a position and make all your progress in the level useless, having to retry it.

For us, achievement hunters, this is not a problem since you can complete all achievements on easy, in less than a hour, while only playing 40 of the 100 levels of the game.
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